leadership 16


Leadership 16

The search for discipline/ the desire for life, includes foundational change in humans. Nothing less will do; because the greatest threat in this world is “human”. The consequence of that is guns and war/ crime and distrust. Now overridden by universities; as humans hiding under the disguise that they can play god. The consequence of that is horrors and hell/ threats of extinction/ and weapons beyond control.

So the future depends upon: what can we do/ to alleviate these threats? With men, it is war dies by the laws we create to justify and protect ourselves as an army who enforces that law. Thereby with true fair play, simple equality of position, honest functional truth, and disciplined work for life and society; we can sustain peace and harmony. UNFORTUNATELY that ends with overpopulation/ which causes grief, starvation, disease, and every other form of competition known to humanity. So the real world answer to men in charge of this world/ is control over all human population increase throughout this earth.

That CANNOT be done; unless women decide they will do so/ because only women can have a child, and only women possess the body that then decides if a population can be controlled. THEIR CHOICE/ THEIR BODY: not yours. So the end result of that is: if women decide to limit child bearing/ by interruptions to their body; then men must pay them for their choices: when in fact that choice is made as a relationship to our human need and decisions to make this so. If they do not: that too, is their choice; even if, like men the results fail life and earth. THEIR CHOICE.

As to the universities and their extreme threats to all of life and planet: A FOUNDATION TRIAL, DEMANDING FULL COOPERATION AND DISCLOSURE OF ALL INFORMATION REQUIRED; to understand the threats we face/ the consequences of being WRONG/ and the realities we have destroyed must be formed in the realities of a world trial. That shall then decide what level of, and opportunities for: “university, SHALL BE left”.

It is ultimately simple and plain; that life on earth will collapse do to humanity/ unless humanity finds a way to deal with itself, by the realities of truth; without want. Want avoids reality, by demanding I can have whatever I want, or refuse whatever I don’t want: because I can lie, cheat, or steal! More simply “it’s mine all mine/ or, it’s unfair you took everything, and I have nothing. Do you see the conflict? Because in human terms; the majority see life exactly like that. The American transition, began with genocide of the American Indian tribes. Men declare war on those considered weaker/ so they can claim “it’s mine all mine”; and don’t need to share or care, by making someone else the enemy. “see, history of this world”. Nonetheless, overpopulation demands: people are going to die or move. That is nearly always going to be the minority, because unless you can be identified as a group: the war can only be against individuals, and that is not nearly as easy; because men, look at YOU too then. “see the reality”?

The end result is: it does not matter where population rise occurs, once the competition has increased to “I DON’T want this”; among a majority of men, there will be war on the weaker group: “a massive number of people must die or leave”.

The minority are targeted, because they can be visually separated into an alternate group. The secondary cause is: that when the minority has sex with the majority group; changes in their own very nature “of the species” occurs. And that changes the group, into something that we never were, forever. Consequently, the essence of it becomes: the prejudicial demand, “we are protecting ourselves” from your invasion into more than our lives. We are protecting the future of our kind. While the minority claims equality, and that is true/ the reality is, each representative species change erupts due to environmental conditions. When the group destroys its own ability to survive where it is: they move into a new environment taking with them all the things that caused their own environmental collapse. Changing nothing, and expecting their new home, and the people who live there: to be changed into exactly what they left (this is what we do); because they had no environmental choice. Bringing the exact same cause and effect, to wherever they go. Every nation (group) on earth is guilty of doing the same. With just one certainty, “we don’t intend, or want to change”. So there is war, because the new group doesn’t want to change either/ and they don’t need the competition; and they do want to protect the environment, because their own children need it. While humanity tries to adjust, they fail; after allowing maximum infiltration. Which means when the majority begin to understand, NOW we can be targeted, and we can lose our rights, our property, and our ways to these others: genocide ensues, once the collapse (life cannot continue as it is) is eminent.

Want is, looking at your life and demanding change because you don’t have everything you want. Thereby digging a hole, to collect everything you don’t have, so you can decide how best to lie, cheat, kill, or steal. Ultimately  this is: Let it steal your heart, and you fall into the abyss of hate. Let it cheat your soul, and eternity fails in you.

To discard want, means to accept the value of your own life, that is literally your life to own. If you accept that reality by its truth: then the essence of every living miracle on this earth surrounds you with the truth. I am only one tiny piece, in the essence of everything beyond the description of self, as is miracles! In that creation of reality: No one has more than me/ we are, and can only be equal; unless hate destroys you. No want means you are accepting of “being alive, is more than want can be”. Consumed by want means: you are lying, or hiding, or attacking the others; because life is nothing more than “winner/or loser”; all the time.

And the majority of this human world all divide: saying “I ain’t equal to them/ and they ain’t never going to be equal to me”. Which is just another expression in pride. So, if you desire to be or have friends/ pride must be discarded as well. Or war cannot end.

Then comes power: the demand that I CAN make you fear/ or I can make you cry/ or I can lavish you with gifts, and make you happy “for a moment or two”. A reality that requires punishing, enslaving, or stealing someone else’s life; demanding, what they need for themselves; or what they love; is worthless to you or us. Since it is without doubt that humanity or more especially men: will never surrender the intent to get more/ as is the purpose of “money, without the true violence of war”. Then it is without doubt that the rest of humanity must limit and control their money supply: so that everyone else can be at peace, and live in reasonable harmony. That requires the decision called limited capitalism. Which is we vote, on income and property limits per each one. But again, it makes absolutely no difference: UNLESS, there is true population control. At this moment, that requires a zero or less population increase: or something must be done to remove the yearly “another 225 million more mouths to feed/ resources to consume/ habitat to ruin: etcetera”. A reality defined as: either someone has to die/ or someone else cannot be born; or a combination of them both. Otherwise we all go extinct. It is that simple, because this earth is full!

OUR ONLY OPTION, for a life built from peace, once population control is established: becomes, a true relationship between men and women, as is consistent with love and respect. Nothing less will sustain this planet. Love or hate will rule. That means if love has a chance/ hate must be separated from them; these are opposites. Meaning love never desires hate/ and hate always intends to use, abuse, destroy, or punish love; “it is predation; and like all predators, that reality keeps them alive”. Humanity gets to choose/ but when death demands your choice is over; so is your excuse/ truth now decides.

We then come to lust, as an element of failure. Lust is: I will use and abuse you, for your body; tempting, manipulating, controlling, raping, or whatever it takes: to have what I want to have. These are realities of hate: which must be separated out from the rest. For change first, but if not successful: discarded from the rest. Because opposites do not live in the same environment: love does not lust. Love identifies, and establishes trust.

Society needs to resolve all, its issues with sex, and all the rest: which does become, the consequence of human relationships: must end with respect/ not I got the prize, or failed to get what I wanted. To determine what WE must decide to make a better world for those who do love, or at least don’t hate: REQUIRES your participation. To choose life as a miracle/ rather than to act, or react as is consistent with an animal. The universities have cursed you, degraded you, and caused you to fail; with the dribble of delusions such as evolution.

An example of that truth, consistent with the demand: YOU MUST THINK! Becomes a reminder of what happened in Bhopal India: when the chemical plant there, became a chemical weapon against the city; some years back. It is blamed on “workers were on the roof/ where they weren’t suppose to be; and one, dumped a tiny bit of water; down a relief tube. Into a tank of thousands of gallons, which started a chemical reaction: which then declared war on the city/ causing thousands of deaths, and endless harm.

So the question begins with: is this true? The answer is no: because if there was a relief line on the roof open to the sky/ then rain would have entered the pipe at any time causing the same reaction. But even so: let’s assume it is so/ and then look to the chemicals men make, and the genetic mutilations universities cause: asking deliberately, since the human body, and in fact all living bodies of life are a chemical manufacturing plant/ to build an sustain life! Then those who are infiltrating that chemical base of life with their own “cup of coffee” or whatever is claimed: CAN INDEED cause the same type of effect in all of biology itself. WITH EVEN MORE, HORRIFYING RESULTS!

We then come to the realities of what can keep us alive, even if THE CONSTANT HUMAN DEMAND IS: we want, “an endless amount more”. Or its companion pride which says, “look at me/ listen to me/ life is all about me; I am the superior one, I can play god; and so on.” The cause of power is to prove pride, by establishing MY want, rules you.

Since want is used to modify behavior and escape the human element of mind, by acting and reacting; continually competing for more. Instead of confronting life itself with thought. The reality of more exists, because the brain fails to sustain it’s purpose, without a sufficient prize. That prize is constructed by the terms of both pride and power to understand: what I really want is to prove I am the superior one, YOU must: “JUST listen to me/ look at me/ or do whatever I tell you to do; because now I can play god”. At least with you! Which of course requires you, or everyone else to “be their slave or servant” as the case may be. Slave can be measured worthless, therefore open to the tragic realities of violence; as you declare superiority over the potential you call garbage. Servant is less likely to be measured as worthless, because they are harder to replace. But: Both can then easily be judged, by want or its companion called hate: just to prove power. I don’t want, is the circle of mental descriptions; where insanity grows hate. Hate is where the living stops, love is discarded, and the realities of “you made me do this”: begins to lie directly, to you. Liars always want more, it is an abyss: therefore hate begins to enlarge. The only way out: is to discard what you did not want (it’s over now, can’t be changed) without judgment/ and forgive. Or if it is something which continues; then either find a way out, do what you can legally do, or accept the reality of a fate you cannot change.

In contrast to that, is a brain without the demand for a “sufficient prize”. It becomes delusional or depressed. Delusional allows: if I could create this image/ then my life would be like that image, and I would then be happy. If I could obtain control over another life/ then I could use or abuse them and take their happiness for myself. If I were not “a man or a woman” as life made me: then being what I want instead, would make me happy. If I had control over sex, and they had to do whatever I wanted (as children must)/ then I would be happy. Etcetera. Depression is: if I were suicidal then people who notice me, and make me happy. If I used drugs to make me happy/ then I would not be me. If I wanted to prove myself more valuable than they are: all I have to do, is work to be happy. If I proved myself to be a slave willing to do anything sexual someone else wanted/ then they would want me, just because I did what no other would do for them. etcetera, and more. These are behaviors built around the assumption: that life is not worth living, “without a sufficient prize” (to prove I am a winner too). Hate takes all of these tools, to twist and encircle you, with what you don’t want life to be.

SOCIETY EXISTS, because love exists. Simple as that. Hate cannot exist within its own environment/ it will fail, without violence: or the love that hate preys upon to keep itself from dying. Survival is without a purpose, unless there is love. Hate survives only to prove itself as god; “you can’t kill me”/ which in extreme realities will enter eternity as war with GOD.  So, they aren’t killed; but moved into their own environment, to be with all those who hated, and warred with life.  Hate is completely useless to life, except as a lesson of what it means both to life and to you:  to refuse love.

Therefore the key to our existence, as a thinking representative of life: is love. The difference is: thought seeks a destiny through choice/ while the brain chooses fate, as it acts and reacts according to, and as the programming requires. The question is: WHY, would humanity be programmed with behaviors, rather than the purity of thought established in us from the beginning? The answer is:  LIFE, does not look “for numbers”/ but the purity of heart and soul, which attributes love to the miracles plainly in evidence: when surrounded by truth. To find these “one’s” out of the multitude; you are tested, by granting the freedom to decide what you can and will prove yourselves to be. Those who die as an infant or more; are entirely given to “GOD’S  MERCY”.  As they cannot decide for themselves; as is consistent with our own lives. Death keeps the whole environment alive/ rather than the individual. It is the essential ingredient, for a future.

The question then returns as: what does thinking have to do with love/ and why is love so important that life itself, ultimately depends upon love for its own survival. Hate merely enforces why love is desired.

We begin, to think:  means to conceive of the value in living, and to accept or achieve the understanding that miracles exist (this ain’t, from human); as is the truth of life itself.

Life, without value as is consistent with hate, in all its various categories: becomes a search for power (I will take your life to survive).

Love lives for value, and builds a foundation for life through that value. Thinking applies the relationship of love to life, thereby giving “the living” their value. So, we then ask: what is value itself? The answer is: “something worth living for; even dying for (such as is, this world)”!

We then ask: what is love itself? The answer: being able through desire, to achieve a purpose beyond the limits of time as the destiny we share with care: the evidence of a soul. This presents us with two distinct problems: what is such a purpose or desire called love/ and why or how can we assert that love discards time: in order to prove love does not end life?

Purpose applied, is to intertwine ourselves in the life of another, through our mutual desire to share the same journey, and care about each other as if we were in fact “just one”. Equals, or without measurements of each other, by grace. Thereby we live together, and share the distinction of love binds with trust.

The difference between time and life is: life envelops the mass called time, with energy. Time itself, merely measures an action or reaction; and it is not ultimately, “the life inside”. We then compress that life, as an alternate experience: expressed by the energy that makes the body move in time/ and experienced by “the Energy” we changed, through directional choice; rather than let it be destroyed.

We then ask, if we are energy: how is that energy contained, and at our disposal to use in freewill decisions? Both are answered with the same conclusion: thought identifies life and its essence of environment, which is energy itself. Or thought grants containment as well as use.

So the question is: what is thought, how is it delivered to us, why, and when can it be used? Alternately, is it different than thinking; with our brain? Why does thought exist at all?

These questions desire a simplified answer:  which would construct a playground for the worms of science to further disease. That would be another university catastrophic horror, to all life existence on earth. Just as they are doing today; with far lesser things:  as is proven and asserted by the endless threats to our very existence, and even the intent to kill this planet itself. So we are not going to discuss those questions, in any detail whatsoever.

Instead we return to state: if the basis of life is love/ then friendship should be “always pleasant and kind”! Such is the reality of love.

Unfortunately humanity is not defined by love/ but by want, and want is the basis of all lies; thereby the foundation of distrust/ disrespect/ destruction and more. Which makes the reality of living human on earth; a measurable impossibility, to trust each other. That reality forces human existence apart. The consequence: Without trust no bond will remain. Without respect no relationship will remain. Without a shared journey no “grand connection” can occur. Without love, there is no true joy. Without forgiveness; loneliness comes. Without equality, there will be corruption; and so on.

We then ask: HOW do we attain and accept each other as friends, and then achieve and retain, even more? Reality begins: The value of a friendship in time, is time shared; “I was there”. Because if you are not/ then loneliness is! The value of friendship itself is: I was not measured, nor did I judge: we are equals. The reality of being a friend is: you are important, to me, just as I am important to you too. A shared expression. The reality of having a friend is: “I am more than the sum of what you did take”. Even more is the friendship that establishes a male to female/ female to male relationship: as we are “lock and key” to each other. Both sexually and as life expanded into soul.

Soul exists as, “you’re participation, in the construction of destiny”. Or, more distinctly, what you can contribute, to the values of life”; in its expressions called living. The experience of love identifies your contribution, to “our eternity”.

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