legal elements

legal elements

I no longer talk to people about any defined reality; because they cannot be depended upon to hear properly: so I write, to establish: THIS IS proven to be, “what I said”. While I can’t make you read it/ I can use it, when necessary. What people hear is based upon what they want/ don’t want/ or believe; with a little sprinkling of what was said. And I am not interested in filtering through the trash; if confronted about what I did or did not say.

Legal rights/ legal boundaries/ and ownership of “my life”. Each being the necessary mandates to establish not only freedom, liberty, and justice; but the essence of an “individual spirit”.

We then examine the disciplines and order of balancing the rights and responsibilities of others, against the foundation called my own purpose and desire.

In this element of society, it is necessary to understand; as is consistent with this nursing home: that the foundation of freedom, is not necessarily consistent with the realities of living. That being said, the essence of freedom does not change, and the realities of liberty to decide for someone else’s life; is tied directly to justice/ care/ and the deliberate actions which will either enhance or detract from someone’s life; because of what “you do”.

So then the primary discussion revolves around the tyranny of those who call themselves government/ but are not. And their intent to rule, by establishing endless rules so as to give power (I can make someone cry, fear, or rejoice). Power is never about freedom! Power is the intent to reduce freedom, or expand the claim “I am your god (nothing matters, to you: but me)”. Even so, minimal rules are necessary, because legal and reality boundaries are implied in the search for what is fair.

A legal right: is the disciplined existence of a claim, that YOU CANNOT interfere; with what I choose to do. This is my life, this is my decision, this is as I see my duty to do, this is my version of love, this is my responsibility (so long as the damage does not extend beyond me). And so on as the value of input, exceeds the destruction caused. A right granted to all; by the very existence of life itself/ proving I was not born to be your slave, or you’re fool.

A legal boundary is: that no intent whether justified or not, is allowed to change “the nature” of life, environment, or planet itself. We owe a value of living, a reality of the future: that shall NOT be broken; by what any individual may choose to do. NATURE as it is, created the body of life, the boundaries of what each individual species or individual can do; and it is sacred. Or more simply: DON’T touch, the essence of the existence that is everything, or even one thing; because it is not yours to change. What we can change, is what affects ourselves; within the specific legal freedoms that protect liberty and value, for us all.

We then come to ownership of “my life”/ even when power of attorney (to decide for me) has been, essentially given up. I am the owner/ so says “I”; each and every one. When that is surrendered, the rights and boundaries intended to be protected are:

  • DON’T make a decision that I can make for myself/ it is my right, to do for myself & to decide for myself; what will be the limit of what I can do. Proven by example, or surrendered by fact.
  • DON’T change my world, because these are the decisions that I have made; they prove what is valued by me. They are what I sacrificed, or spent my life for. What I chose, is the identity of my life/ and that fact should never be trampled upon; just because you would have chose something different.
  • DON’T interfere with the values of my heart. My interaction with those who are valued by me; are formed in the foundations of what I believe must be true.
    Even if it is not true, the reality of those decisions, and how that interaction is established. HAS NOTHING to do with you. Unless you are family or friend or accepted by need; to me.
  • The purpose of discipline is: to define the duty, and establish a path forward that will not produce tears, beyond what is a necessity. Thereby the duty is: to sustain peace and harmony as best I can/ as best you can. The path is: created by reality, the destiny I/we seek; is determined by each directional turn in this time. If you make that turn, and I cry/ then it is your fault. If I make that turn and I cry/ then it is my fault; and the destiny or fate I achieve or must fall into: is in fact “my truth”. Not yours. A reality that should achieve respect (this is important, even to an eternity) because of the consequences: in, or for each of us.
  • Elevating and identifying the “individual spirit” in each life, is distinct from the living of that life; and ascends past the destruction of our own mistakes, into the base decisions which are true in me or you. In that essence: there are literally and truly only three distinctions of life beyond the physical. Each decision is made for love/ because of hate/ or as a need mandated by survival in time. Given that truth, we do identify ourselves: rather than as animals do, simply react or act according to behavioral traits.
  • NOW, in terms of what is necessary to understand in the negotiations consistent with a nursing home life; are the players, who believe they have rights to make decisions for others. The people who do the work, either for pay/ because they have too/ or for caring. And the people who live within that expectation of care, as is justified by, and respectful too: reality. The players are: those who make and enforce the rules/ made by those who believe themselves capable of taking control, rather than establishing discipline, order, and duty.
    1. Discipline is: the demonstration of values, accepting the responsibilities, for what is important to life or self. The common answer is my job/ my life/ my wants/ my death; and everything in between, that is mine or I believe should be mine. Common is Not actually true; as the reality of discipline is discarded for: human want or don’t want. Decisions made for others, living in a nursing home; have nothing to do with self, other than the fact you must choose it for someone else.
    2. Order is the dimensional (how far can I go) environment of what can or cannot be done: because of what I desire or someone else desires for me. Either in work, living, pain, loving, or life. Hate is controlled by law.
    3. Duty elevates responsibility, to the essence of “I am not intended to have a choice here”. In a nursing home: the state ruler, believes he or she has the right or obligation to rule. But what they rule is NOT intended to be the resident/ as would be indicative of a prison, rather than “a HOME”. MY HOME, has no such ruler in it/ except for me.
  • The people who do the work of a nursing home, are the people who do the actual work of a nursing home: and they are not players who believe they can rule. Unless they like other in society are the righteous; who believe with this rule, I can play god too. All others fall into the category of a job, and every job has with it a responsibility to the one who pays, and to the one who must accept the cost of their being wrong (in non-criminal occurrences). The one who pays, in this situation is my mom: 6years@soon to be a half million dollars spent. The one who must accept responsibility for their own actions; is at all levels in between “least and leader”. That indicates: it is an individual reality, established by personal choice.
  • The realities of this statement are:
    1. When you steal the table from mom’s room/ the demand to put her water on the table; as I have tried to relay to your workers falls through. Because she is nearly entirely immobile/ and unable to get it off the sink; where it is generally put. I have found here “practically dying of thirst” many times. That constitutes forced punishment; even though it is entirely unintentional. The end result is, seriously “thirsty matters”. She does not always get something to drink at the restaurant: because she spills it badly. Although it is now generally, better than it was. The table change was indicated because now: she has been spilling in her apartment worse than before. However after instructing the staff, that mom is suffering from “hard breathing”; their efforts have improved her well-being. She has improved some.
    2. While you are required to follow state guidelines/ and I understand that. I as merely telling you: talk to me/ rather than insisting you can play with her life, or her things. Is a much better method of responding to anything I, or anyone else does. I am NOT identifying a deliberate problem with you or the nursing home at this time. It is a state problem, “the one who makes rules”/ insofar as I know. It is true: that I said to my mother, if you give me power of attorney, we are going through these pills to find what you don’t need. So she decided to ask my sister instead: “doctor knows best”. Or, Myself and the state would have found ourselves in court several times. Unless it is truly important, and WILL matter: at this time, I am less interested in changing failures.
    3. An extreme failure is: refusing to admit, that realistic opportunities to change this one facet of life or living could improve life itself. Without change, life would be different throughout society, and individual lives. CHANGE, establishes care. Discipline recognizes if in fact this is, or is not; a value to be used. By the facts associated with each individual case. Interfering with care, is not your right to do. Disciplining that care, so as to be realistically certain this does have value or not: can be. But that does require facts/ rather than assumptions or rules. Tyranny exists, only because of rules or fear. The value of a friendship is: “we are realistically, in this together, and I will help”.It is now more than a week later, and mom’s table with a slight modification (a straw to drink from, that requires no holding) has not been returned/ even though I have demanded that very thing. Although failing to find the director personally. The conclusion is: Indicating the intent is to operate a prison (you have no significant rights here) rather than a home (family decides).It is unfortunately true, that my mom has deteriorated to the point where a side table to her chair: will help little now/ although access, when thirst is real; cannot be considered “a little thing”. Alternately making this a fight for others, than for her: Is not necessary. I am no longer interested in minor or major legal battles; as they simply consume my time. At a point when this world, thereby me and my time; have very little left (by biblical prophecy or the reality of extreme threat evidence is clearly defined). I offer you a beginning to that www.justtalking7.info but nothing more. So, as has been my way over these last months: I will put the information on the site above, and I will send this information to the corporate board, and state of IL. But I will not pursue it to any great degree; because my time no longer needs a fight, that will produce no long term effects. Because democracy and justice are dead. Unless by some miracle mom “perks back up”. If she does, then the reality becomes:  a billing for that table at $1000.00.  A statement of theft.  Plus the appropriate penalty for depriving her of sustainable drinking supplies: those being, within her grasp, at the time of her need: as she “approaches dying”. Let’s call it $700.00 per day.  We would begin with a demand for the rule you choose to support as law sufficient; to invade my mother’s life, death, and home.I hold the staff of this nursing home at no fault! They are not perfect/ but neither are we. Only the rule, and those who believe they can be god (I can rule you)/ and enforce that by judgments, they have no TRUE legal right to make. You have failed yourselves, by letting the university diploma “play god over life and family”. Shame on you! They are a tragedy, and are simply too arrogant to recognize that fact; “sewer bile”. Or more correctly, the destiny of life or its fate; should not be tampered with by rules. Family should not be tampered with by your measurements, instead of their decision. Reality does not dictate “one rule fits all”/ rather it decrees, that every single one, is an individual with the right and freedom to decide for themselves. Family or even friend comes next, and that includes the values, methods, and ways we hold dear. None of that invites an enemy or a traitor to invent ways, to destroy the paths of friendship or family: just because they are given the command “rule them”. Order is not a dimensional prison by rules. Order is the deliberate ascent, into purposes that fill the desire for love. Hate merely adds in chaos; as is consistent with all, but a tiny bit: of what the university diploma does by the evidence of fact.Dated 12/5/18James F. OsterburTo:  nursing home, corporate, state.

      It is now roughly 14 days, since mom’s little table, to aid her ability to eat and drink, went missing/ taken I am told by the director of the nursing home; who has since failed to return it. Providing the conclusion: he wants to avoid the reality of care; by keeping it away, until she dies. Your assumption the problem then just goes away, can easily become magnified instead. “fear of the ruler (state employee)” is a terrible thing. Regardless, I am through begging/ as a consequence to that we now face the possibilities of what can become a choice.

      We then begin with this demand: place before me sending to my address by mail, the rule by which you assume, that caring for my own mother in my own way: is against your law. I will then address that, and proceed to the conclusions that identify: why you are not “god”/ and I am entitled to care for my own mother as I see fit: within realistic and fair conditions describing “for care”. I no longer care about what my siblings are concerned with: they are irrelevant to this effort/ discarded and without a say. That falls upon you the director/ and those who placed him in charge/ and those who gave him a rule to play “ruler” with.

      As to court, in a nation, a state, a court, and other leadership; as is governed by “baby minds in diapers”: the foundation for asserting life is greater than a rule. Can be met in alternate ways. Such as is community organization, political conceptions, public disclosures, and various other foundations which would conceive of “national news, by means other than primary media”. Not directed to hurt the nursing home as such: but to disentangle the lies that we have no power or right to care for family or even friend in ways that are not within your guidelines. This is again: not a prison, and you are not the warden. This nursing home is the place where my mother has lived for over 6 years at a cost of $7,440.00 per month. She does have rights, and among them is the right to have her family, or any part of her family, assist in ways they deem fit. She has the right to dismiss or deny that help/ from family or friend. Just as she has the right to dismiss or deny any help from the nursing home staff.

      So, let’s be plain: given the state of this world, and this nation; the collapse of democracy as is “we the people have rights”. The reality of destruction, and even the biblical prophecy of Daniel 12 which is now established; by the appearance of “the great abomination”. Which is clearly those who are trying to ignite a nuclear fire (burning the bond in atoms to release a fire); and about to destroy our living world. I have no further use for a court. Unless you “even whisper” the concern that would be to evict mom from her “six year home”, or deny her the care she deserves, or threaten her in any way. I have not threatened you to date: I have only warned you of the possibilities. At that moment: we become legal enemies/ I strongly suggest you “stay away” from that decision.

      We continue with the simple things, the assertion of public perception: that deliberately assert, “those traitors in power” have taken away our right to give care, as we see fit:  to ourselves, our family, or by the dignity of our love, the value of life.

      1. The most simple minded conclusion of a nursing home is this: that I paid for my home, in whatever way that exists. Therefore I do have a right to call this my home, as it is, in this case: my legal residence, my home; by virtue of my presence here.
      2. The foundations of personal possession, in terms of a rental unit; are reasonably asserted by: NO, you can’t change my property. NO, you cannot be the owner here. NO, you cannot assume complete control over anything but yourself and your own possessions; as is in accordance with fair and deliberate use/ not intending destruction.
      3. While a nursing home provides staffing to assist the resident: it does NOT attain the legal right to do to the patient anything it wants/ nor does the state. That includes: my values shall remain my values, which does include what my family or friend might do for me/ that I accept. That does include: the foundation footprint, “this is MY HOME”; as is consistent with all rental property. It is not “My house”: but it is consistent with the words; as I stay here, “my home”. Illness or whatever state of condition the body is in; cannot deny that fact.
      4. The purpose of nursing is, “to assist, and aid the body in its abilities to survive” and give the essence of care, to the life inside that body; so as to establish, “we care”. A foundation for “I can live here”.
      5. The purpose of government is: as established under constitutional rule. The demand you shall proceed as we have stated here in our document, our contract with ourselves: as you have sworn to do. The deluge of university refuse, vomit, and debris; that has altered and destroyed the virtue of that: is without doubt do to the university cult (no you can’t question the leader/ he is god).
      6. The purpose of a nursing home and all its staff, and all its directors is: to fundamentally present the possibilities warranted by those who are working for the same solution, “let this person die with dignity, respect, and honor, as best we can”. Dignity is the critical element of care, that does not seek ridicule of the life inside. Respect is, that foundation element of living, proven to accept and understand: of all the things I have done, the most important is this, “that I chose love/ rather than hate”. Love builds a society/ hate destroys it; those in the middle must be accepted as love, until the final day that will judge them/ rather than you or I. HONOR, is the conception: he or she did do, the best they realistically could/ even though it was never going to be perfect.
      7. The purpose of family establishes: I know, that your concern; your work; and your own sacrifices for me/ made a true and real difference to my life. Thereby I do share a responsibility and duty, to return a value to your life as well.

      Given these elements of our working together within a nursing home, for those like my mother; constructs the basis of what can be expected/ and what cannot be justified by a rule. You are not “rulers”/ you are employees, WELL PAID, to serve the public interest. To grant the family interest, “its rest, by establishing peace and harmony”/ NOT the current failure by fools; as is a ruler who believes one rule covers every situation, and every person/ so that life is easier for you.

      DON’T make me take you to court: neither of us will benefit. CHOOSE to be “friend”/ or regret that decision.

      Beyond that, is the reality of you’re only defense: “we have to maintain sanitary or sterile conditions”/ and to do that we must maintain the rules. So the critical issue is: DO YOU maintain sterile or sanitary conditions, in the care of my mother? The answer is no, it is absolutely impossible to do; and you know it/ or we will go through testing every surface, every shirt, every fingernail, every straw, every drinking glass, everything throughout a 24 hour period, for a week; and it better not be classified as “unsanitary”/ or you lose. So the true question is: what constitutes a reality of “sanitary enough”. The answer is, as is consistent with everyday life for us all: what does not present an ever present, substantial danger; because no risk, does not exist. That includes the food you serve, contaminated toilets, and much more.

      As to the simple straw, and container for water or other drinking fluids: all it takes to clean that device is putting an end under the faucet, and letting the water flow through the other end. A very simple task to do. A task common to nursing, or the tubing can easily be replaced by simply pushing it through its holder. Your complaint holds no substantial grounds: unless you prove water sitting in the tube poses a health risk. Which can be proven when saliva is found. A reality that is proven in your own provided drinking glass; as saliva flows down the straw and into the glass there as well. As to any other drinking fluid, the risks of serious or unknown complications are very low.

      Other elements of change as is consistent with helping “this or any particular individual”; with anything that they believe could be in their own best interest. DO establish the realities of insurance can be changed. Are issues established by the individual, or in contrast: we or I, accept the risk; thereby the right.  Freedom is NOT governed by you/ it is governed by “I” each and every one.

      Therefrom comes the statement:  IF YOU, wish to achieve a parallel experience as is consistent with the one you discard in the trash by saying “we don’t give a damn/ these are the rules”. THEN you may have a say. If not, since you have NO EXPERIENCE with that situation/ NO REALITY of expression that is equal to the one so afflicted: then you have no say. GO AHEAD:  get chained into the wheelchair/ I will lock your head at ninety degrees, arm dangling over the side: no control over the tilt of the chair or where it goes for a minimum 12 hours per day/ then to bed/ then again. No water, it’s beyond your reach. No access to the toilet because you can’t yell out, or push the button to call for help. No control over the tv or radio; and more. YOU endure that, and then we will talk about what your rules, and your sanitary fantasies mean now.

      the table is now returned, I removed the “drink hose”; so my mother could use the table. Expanding the fight, is now dependent upon whether I believe there is any hope this world will survive. To date, I see no evidence of that. I should note, that I am not the legal guardian: so the state and perhaps corporate does not send me a response, and it is not forwarded. I should also note I failed to include my address other than on the envelope in which these letters were sent. Simply a matter of this web site; the letters above are exactly as was sent.

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