leadership 15


Leadership 15

Religion from various places around this world; offered an end to time/ on or about 2012. Biblical old testament text in Daniel offered: when the great abomination rises the countdown to extinction begins. The great abomination being: the first real test of a machine that could ignite this entire planet on fire just like the sun. Religion offers: GOD intervened. Human Reality offers: THIS AIN’T OVER YET, along with lies, delusions, and claims of knowledge that are mere fantasy; all effort to claim fusion has been abandoned/ and all efforts are focused on igniting a nuclear “lets burn atoms” fire. Finishing this earth by the judgment called: they incinerated themselves with fire beyond their imagination.

Biblical new testament text in Revelation offers: this has been changed by the coming of JESUS, to a new and different alternative of conceptions. That being the first eleven chapters of Revelation are a summary of what happens if men do not surrender control over this earth. While the chapters 12-22 offer an alternative of what happens if women are given control over this earth. The end result of it: consequences you won’t like/ but instead of extinction, life goes on in the second version of Revelation 12+. you can read it to assume or accept the discussion of how this applies.

Religion says: you can’t scare us/ we won’t believe you. Yet with the full force of delusion in charge; you do believe the universities are your gods/ and you do believe the universities can play god with life/ and you do believe as a cult; you need not question the universities; as they are your gods. And yet you do not believe ANYTHING about religious text; screaming at me, GOD will never let this world die. Even though “Noahs flood” proves you wrong.

Religion shouts: the universities say Noahs flood is a lie/ we believe! Yet refuse to believe: the only method of evidence that is without dispute or even the possibility of failure. Is the fossil fuels we know exist. These, living materials: were gather together into mass clumps, and then buried all at once under even thousands of feet of earth or water or realities that cannot be done: other than a flood. The record of real world evidence proves without question; as with so many things: your former classmates, are little more than failures, who use fantasy to delude you with their imagination.

Countdown to the end of our world/ according to biblical prophecy written in Daniel 12. This is a countdown to the end/ beginning at the moment “the great abomination rises”. The great abomination is: trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun/ a nuclear fire, that literally burns atoms for fuel. Regardless what any liar(story teller) says: that is a true fact. It is the great abomination: because even one tiny little bit wrong in their university theories/ and our whole planet turns into a sun. Same fire/ same result. They claim it cannot happen because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire: by pure fantasy conclusions. They can’t prove a thing/ and there are no second chances, once a fire is lit: particularly a ten million degree fire that burns atoms for fuel. NOTHING will extinguish it, as everything is in fact then fuel. Becoming a sun means the earth will then quickly explode, changing this solar system forever. No greater abomination could exist: therefore it is the beginning date of the countdown to the end of this world, as depicted in Daniel 12. A reality of actual knowledge, that was originated as would occur, because of men: thousands of years ago.

I claim ripping an atom apart releases the energy that holds all that kinetic energy together; and thereby the opposing force becomes solar gravity itself. Which makes the fire, the gravity.  I claim, that atoms cannot be recombined into other new atoms; as molecules can/ because they spin at the speed of light squared. A spinning sphere of mass, cannot simply be injected with more mass, and remain held together. Injecting mass into the center of an atom causes an atomic explosion: in which energy release, proves just how fast an atomic mass actually spins. I claim, that our physical energy is the result of affecting the electron orbit, which then affects the spin of the central mass of the atom, and slows it just a bit: to establish that reaction of energy changed. I claim, if the sun mass itself was millions of degrees hot; as they claim: IT WOULD be unstable (unable to sustain itself)/ It WOULD, mean all the fuel is involved (thereby burn out quickly), therefore not remain a sun but explode, as do supernova events prove. I claim, the particle loops on the sun surface are formed by the different energies involved being released by the fire (the destruction of the bond holding the atom itself together). Some energy goes one way/ the opposing energy goes the other way/ and the particles not yet established by direction, will swing in a parabolic circle until they are. I claim, a solar flare is caused by the injection of more fuel; as is consistent with every fire on earth. I claim, a solar tornado: is the result of fuel being denied the fire, and the result is a vacuuming effect on the surface of the sun. I claim, there is a gap between the fuel source or mass of the sun underneath the fire; and the fire itself, as is clearly determined by the laws of thermodynamics; and can be seen in a simple candle flame. I claim, thereby we know that the separation between flame and fuel source, creates a vacuum; which leaves the planetary mass of the sun, away from the primary heat so that it does remain stable. I claim, the physical laws we know and can prove: have all been discarded with their claims about the sun. I claim, if they are making helium with every btu the sun creates/ THEN WHERE is the helium (one of the most rare elements in this universe): their experiments to prove helium is made have all failed: even with 180 million degrees F/ and 500 million psi; which they grant is far greater than could exist on the sun? They have pretty pictures, and stories, and fancy cinematography: as is consistent with things like star wars (just another war story, with fantasy figures). But more important than all of that are the machines, which can now ignite a nuclear fire; just like the sun, here on earth/ releasing radiation, just like the sun:  and there is NO GOING BACK, as is extinguishing that fire. IT CANNOT BE DONE. One experiment one time ignition, and life on earth is over. Simple as that. Whereas the constant of everything the universities have done, requires “millions of experiments” to arrive at anything but a story. THAT CANNOT HAPPEN HERE. Because the sun fire, won’t allow for a change in mind or heart. Take another look at the sun; understanding it burns your skin in summer from 91 million + miles away. And they want to bring that here. Claiming it is an instantaneous rise in energy release of 4 million times more than a chemical fire can release. Which is an atomic explosion beyond your real imagination. “The cost of being WRONG”. A THINKING person, would never accept such risk/ LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS. Only a cult of believers can’t question gambling a whole world; or taking that risk away. So stop believing, or die: being personally “cult responsible”; for taking this whole planet of life with you; simple as that.

So then we have in the reality of our time; that this abomination rose on the first experiment that could have ignited a nuclear fire. That was at the San Francisco Lawrence Livermore laboratories on April 1st 2012. The prophecy (did not originate in man) goes for 1290 days men will have the opportunity of law (as is consistent with the old testament) to stop this insanity (first death). That date has past, and men did not. It then goes for an additional 1335 days humanity will have the opportunity to ask for mercy (as is consistent with the new testament), and avoid the collapse of everything: that ends on July 9, 2019. Coming soon (second death)! If humanity does not, it then goes to “a time (first death), times (second death), and a half time (hell now exists)”. Half the time of mercy is 667 and a half day. Or 666 days of hell and one day for judgment; and a half day for what comes after judgment. According to this biblical prophecy; which predicts earth ends then on April 6, 2021. Although it doesn’t matter really after July 9, 2019; because nothing will stop the collapse of life on earth. Even if the ignition of nuclear fire (the easy way out) does not occur: “a thousand major threats” all say, life will end. Humanity will go insane, cannibalism will erupt, and horrors will be without pause. Until true terrors take over for those being evicted from life.

To those who will enter eternal life; it does not matter when we die/ or how we die/ because the price of life is dying from this time; for us all. Eternity itself, then begins. So discard the reality from your mind. But know this: that if you have no concern for an entire world of life/ and literally do nothing to stop that world from being destroyed by human decisions. Then why should you enter into life itself, as you earned absolutely no right to do so? This is no game; humanity (particularly men in charge) have made extremely bad decisions that have absolutely no respect for life or the living. IT IS NOT    GOD  that threatens you/ although clearly with a countdown to the end of this planet of life:   GOD IS threatening to abandon humanity for what it has been doing. Even so, it is men that threaten, and in particular it is the university diploma that built all the weapons and instructed all the directions that became our world facing crisis after crisis.

And the majority of people say: “what crisis” I am doing fine. But buried from view, are all the things propaganda has covered up. Discarded without cause, are all the things that will cause your extinction: “because humanity only wants what it wants/ and it don’t want nothing to do with change”. So the lies continue, along with the counterfeiting of governmental currency around the world; by university instruction. Stealing intentionally everything the children need to survive. Or more specifically this generation is crucifying the next generation; playing god, and believing they can be gods, and giving away a world because you don’t want to pay “one damn thing” for life. No respect/ no reality/ no courage/ no purpose or desire other than want, or pride, or power: (which includes lust, greed, etc)!   And for that cause, “YOUR time is up”. Unfortunately by your decisions you chose to crucify the children and all life without a care:  that means the future has no life/ and no care for you as well. Change now, or be condemned. Remembering I ask you NOT to believe these words/ but as always to investigate the truth of our reality, and all its threats, and the critical consequences for being even a little bit wrong. BEFORE you have no options left. That is leadership, and that leaves the decision up to you. Simple and plain: wake up or die/ is life not worth proving what is the cost of being wrong: when extinction clearly looms close.

And humanity says: “it can’t be so/ we will wait and see”: IF LIFE WILL BE CONDEMNED TO EXTINCTION.  A reality that cannot be reversed. So, what you are really saying is: “we DON’T give a damn, about life or planet”/ and we won’t care, until the situation is grievous, and the cemetery grave threatens to consume us.

So as I have said for forty years plus:  it WILL be too late to reverse, when you know death, by horrors and hell; is all you have left.

You say to me: I am unworthy, to tell you anything; period, you ain’t “good enough”> to be a messenger: to tell us any such thing.

And I repeat, “I am not good enough”, just a plain human being/ that literally cannot be your savior. But I can be educated, and I can be used by my own acceptance: to declare to you. LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE, AND DON’T LET THIS WORLD DIE. How is that not so? You cannot wait to see. You must actually use your brain, and shake “the cult worship of university from it”.

BECAUSE EVEN YOU can understand:  trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun/ can be a CATASTROPHE with no reversal. You know that is true! But you trust the cult of university worship; even though their theories have no basis in fact. Reminding me, “I am nobody”.  So I remind you: playing with a nuclear fire, that cannot be reversed; that will end this earth once ignited, even destroying this portion of the solar system itself. IS NOT A LEGAL RIGHT ANYONE HAS ON EARTH. So if you can’t face the consequences of their being even a tiny bit wrong: WITH NO SECOND CHANCES to play a game. Once the fire is lit/ it cannot be extinguished because everything is fuel. JUST LIKE THE SUN.

So regardless of me literally: your choice is absolute cult worship of university declaring them to be your gods. OR, finding the truth about what they are doing/ to save this world; if you cannot agree, “that this is safe enough for all of life, and all of future life to do”. If you can’t remove the yoke of their tyranny (just believe) against you; as is required by every cult member who will escape. Then you don’t deserve to live. Simple as that. DON’T BELIEVE:   PROVE WHAT IS TRUE. in a language everyone can be made to understand. They can/ they don’t, because then you would know, how absolutely foolish and blind they are!

You need to think, to survive! The universities do not think, it acts against life, and reacts against anyone who threatens their fantasies. The evidence of that is in every threat we face: they simply said “yes we can/ without the slightest regard for longer term consequences”. And as history proves true: men all agreed, “today is all that matters”. HELL, nature will fix it/ OR, we immigrate to somewhere else! Now ain’t that so?

The dispute about global warming is the evidence against media. As propaganda distributed has now increased the threat: by discarding the evidence; and proving we don’t care. Global warming is evidenced by the current trend of sucking cold air off the poles/ by creating warmer, therefore faster currents above the US for instance: because of heat released. Take another look at all your traffic: think for one second, and understand every single vehicle consumes oxygen. A compact at about the volume of air needed by 34 people in a 24 hour period/ per hour it drives on the highway. While a semi-tractor uses a volume of air equal to what about 124 people need in a 24 hour period: per hour it drives on the highway. “just look, at all those vehicles”/ and remember no oxygen, equals no life for you; a bad way to die?

In America, they stole your money; by counterfeiting the currency: claiming asset appreciation equaling over 9 trillion dollars per year/ every year. While demanding debts don’t matter. Disguising reality by media propaganda which limits your introduction to debt realities: “just to those few in congress” who spend more than America makes, by trillions. Debts include what the American public, business, industry, medicine, education and the rest ADD TO THAT DEBT. They are liars, one and all. In the rest of the world, nothing is so plain as the derivative market: over one quadrillion dollars equivalent: said to exist, “just in derivatives”. Divided by 8 billion people (babies and all) and that equals just for derivatives divided equally among each person on earth= $125,000.00 dollars per individual breathing human. NOT including American debt/ or other debts. YOU CHEATED your children, and YOU STOLE their future. As thieves you then say, “we are fine, because we ain’t never going to pay: let the children fight”. One trillion dollars is ten thousand dollars per each one of one hundred million people. Still think you are doing just fine? The list is long. The consequence WILL BE WORLD WAR, with WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION;  when everyone cheated realizes what they sacrificed their lives for; “was just another delusion” perpetrated by university led media, and the politicians”. As to the American court system: I tell you true, if you threw them all in a tank and made them come up with a justified solution to any problem that existed. I would not bet one single penny, that even together they could make the correct decision. They rule, by the university purpose: we get all the power, pride, money, and choices: that don’t leave no room for justice, democracy, or reality, as has been proven. Such is the disease and corruption of a failed, illegally operated, criminal system.


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