leadership 14


Leadership 14

Dividing the world; “removing the chaff” (in religious terms). Without hate, there is only love and survival; a foundation that limits itself with peace and harmony through justice, and the right to let truth decide for us all. Therefrom the question is: CAN HUMANITY divide itself from want, pride, and power; therefrom leaving greed, selfishness, lust, violence, disrespect, and all that makes life bad behind?

More distinctly, CAN YOU OVERCOME YOUR FEARS/ and make decisions that will enable life to go on. OR, will you continue hiding in the holes you chose to create with cowardice; to remove all potential that will allow this living world to survive? You have failed life on earth. So the question now is: WHAT WILL YOU DO, to keep this world alive?

And the animals scream: we are doing great/ you can’t scare us. But alas, I offer you no threat of any kind. INSTEAD I point to the evidence of your reality and testify: that I have searched to the point of certainty, and accept that the conclusion of truth decides: is extinction will come quickly now. Because that is what humanity has chose. Demanding instead of fear: that even YOU KNOW, sufficient threats exist/ that we cannot allow our leaders to be WRONG; because horror comes if they are.

So when screaming/ scream at yourself: for letting greed, selfishness, lust, violence, disrespect, and all that makes life bad behind: BE YOUR GUIDE? As is, the animal called; “university knows”.

“Liars and traitors, and whores, and thieves and hate”.

Life is, what it is, because humanity has made it so; and in particular the male; because as they say “it’s a man’s world”. Which means, they took the final say.

The question is why do these things exist? The answer is simple: want governs you, pride inflicts you with animal behaviors, pride forces you to cry, or makes you arrogant beyond anything reality would allow.

So the critical question involved in how do we correct these traits of male domination; in order to achieve a greater society, filled with peace, harmony, and happiness?

It begins with learning the most basic of all these traits are:  the majority of men choose to be animals instead of humans “being alive”. Women are or have been basically “along for the ride”/ because they “were not allowed, drive the bus” so to speak. Whether they could have done better, is unknown!

Even so: though it offends you greatly when I call you an animal/ and you are thrilled when the universities call you an animal. The difference is: a cult member MUST believe whatever they are told to believe, or they are thrown out or punished as a fool. When I call you an animal: you assume it’s because of a description called intellect/ although it is not.

Instead the reality of animal exists because of behaviors, not developmental thinking. So the real question becomes: are your chosen behaviors more like an animal/ or more like a human being alive (which does require balanced, orderly, disciplined thinking; with an intent for love)?

Animals in a herd are given to reasonable contentment, so long as everything seems safe. Even so, the standing commitment is: that we the same critters, belong here/ and any creature not within our group, does not. Unless you don’t compete with us for food or any scarce resource; because then we don’t care much. The reason herd animals want to be surrounded only by themselves is: when attacked, they can only function if everybody acts and reacts the very same. If not, danger and catastrophe will erupt. So the intent to drive out any individual that does not belong/ or competes when resources are scarce: is inherently about survival; even if they don’t know it at the time.

To drive the individuals out, “who don’t belong here”; a variety of tools exist. We then discuss the primary human tools for this purpose. They are gossip/ ridicule/ oppression (bullying)/ isolation/ separation/ government/ and then flattery, temptation, lying, cheating, corruption, stealing, prejudice, depression, criminal contempt, jealousy, traitor, and arrogance without restraint.

We begin with gossip: which is similar too the example “look, I FOUND a grain of sand on wall street in New York City/ therefore this entire beach is proven true”. or more simply: even if you find a grain of sand, and can prove that originates “at the beach”; the reality of claiming you now know enough to proclaim the entire street a beach. Is in fact beyond the reality of what you did find as a fact. One tiny fact, does NOT establish a reality; unless that fact can be tied to the evidence which no other can dispute. “it takes fifty percent, proven knowledge; to tip a balance scale”. Consider that, before you judge and measure each other: before you sometimes, will great harm; with that tiny piece of gossip.

Ridicule exists to push another individual out of the group;  because the end result of it is very simple:  we have only so much room, for any individual portion of life to be shared; or even truly cared about. The consequence of that is: people who don’t or won’t share their time with you/ are also going to try to stop you from sharing your time with someone they want more of in their own life, and in their own time. Family exists, for this distinct purpose. But when distributing it on others, bad things can happen even to you.

Oppression or bullying is the literal intent to enslave:  I want you, to do what I want you to do for me/ against me/ or anything else, that I want. But it is not as simple as it sounds: because a large number of bullying events originate in schools/ and a large number of bullies have been isolated and in other ways separated from the rest. A percentage among them, don’t know how to say, “I just want a friend”; another percentage, finds this works for me, and I am content with fear; while the last percentage is driven by hate, and they want the violence to prove “I just plain hate your life”.

Isolation is a grievous tool; inflicting the maximum amount of harm, to the least able people who can fight back; without violence. That does not mean they are less/ it only means, you have chosen to make them less. The ability to participate in a group, is determined by that participation. A wide variety of causes, including death/ injury/ isolation at home/////////// and more all contribute.

Separation is another venue used by the herd, to keep a member from competing for anything among us. Its intent is to cripple and disable the victim, by harboring ill will. The herd uses it primarily to enforce “the whip”. BE, exactly what we tell you to be/ OR face our punishment.

Governing games, force groups to divide into groups, thereby we get political entities. The point of the game is to get more than the other groups/ thereby destroying the intent of government, which is to achieve social harmony, by participating in deliberate order through the balance and disciplines that life, in our own reality; will allow.

These are the little efforts to achieve herd status/ and remove the competitors from “our food source”. A reality not unlike the description: “we don’t want to eat your shit”/ theirs is bad enough! So the stakes are multiplied in the following version.

We begin with: flattery, the least version of multiplying influence. Flattery means to inflate the truth so as to gain a foothold in your life; by influencing you to accept whatever it is, we or I will later ask or demand. Flattery is commonly used in dating; to gain a trust, by displaying a variety of keywords that are deliberately intended to make you think and create “an image” of me. Thereby the image, rather than investigating for the truth guides you to the trap.

Temptation is an alternate form of flattery, and is intended to broaden the circle of bait; thereby finding, or selecting, the greatest prize to be captured. Temptation results from “I know YOU WANT this”/ or I know you don’t want this. Therefore, since I can describe it: I can help you with your wants/ just trust me. That of course is, merely extending the bait, by creating a more imposing image of what is more likely than not;  untrue. Marketing/ advertising, does this at an even greater level.

We come to LYING; the foundation of every want; because without a want either for or against/ no lies will erupt. Therefore every lie, is directly tied to a deliberate want/ and that lie is the disguise intended to keep you from seeing “my purpose” until it is too late for you to change your mind. Instead of you get what you want/ I get what I want. Simple as that.

Cheating is the extension of lies, to include the principles of any and every other thing that can be disguised in order to make you believe: that I will give you what you want or stop you from getting what you don’t want. So long as you “trust me, and accept what I ask”. I get what I want/ and you lose more than is otherwise possible to get from you.

Corruption is the determination to extend a lie, by hiding it in plain sight; so as to make it appear legitimate. As in we made this the law/ even though the foundation of law and society prohibits this very thing. We did it, by taking power:  as we closed the door, to every public view or purpose that cannot be manipulated or controlled as we want it to be.

Stealing is: the singular event wherein nothing matters but me, because I am more important than you, or anyone else. I am entitled, because my life is not perfect/ and I fundamentally hate that. Therefore I have the right, to make my life better/ and you have no right to refuse. You owe me, because I didn’t get everything I wanted/ or I got what I didn’t want, and you refused or could not stop that. Simple and plain.

Prejudice arises from the certainty; that a wide angle view of a slightly different group/ PROVES, I could have had more, IF NOT “for you or yours”. Immigration lives here: WE WANT MORE/ you can’t have it all. That becomes the foundation of genocide: simply WE WANT MORE, strictly for ourselves! It is nothing more complicated than greed arises from this “more”. Bigotry is the intent to contain the competition by finding “a cause, we can turn into a weapon; and a mob”. A mob is necessary, because killing people individually: “is just too slow”. So we need a “divider”. Something to prove you are inferior, and DON’T deserve to share/ because we don’t have to care.

Depression is the most unlikely of venues used to manipulate the rest. It is, deciding I DIDN’T GET WHAT I WANTED/ and then believing “woe is me, my whole future is ruined, because now I can’t get what I want”. The lie is: what you want makes life better/ while the reality is happiness is not associated with any lie or want. These wants kill or cripple the possibilities of trust, and thereby destroy the paths to love. Want is a terrible thing. Not only can it destroy relationships/ it can destroy people, as in creating the essence of why most suicide exists. The majority of suicide is: “I want more than I have”have mercy on me and get me what I want. Even if you deserve it, want will never serve you as a friend/ or deliver an honest friendship. To establish an honest and pure heart, thereby opening the door to love; it is necessary to abandon want; and remove pride. So that being honestly alive is a value that is truly precious on its own. Those who do not get what they want, commonly enter into the decision: to take what they can get. That ends with drugs or addiction, sexual lust and perversions, hiding and running away from life, child abuse, and sometimes battery with the intent to abuse or use.

Criminal contempt is: the decision that hate, will give me more than life will. The consequence of that is a removal of love; because love does not allow such decisions to be made that will follow. Thereby violence follows, and the descent into an abyss of want and all the things that represents to you; will occur. The death of a soul: your relationship with life itself/ is a common cost. Thereby surrendering your eternity to the consequences of what you did do to life and planet/ rather than the value life itself, gave to you.

That opens the door to violent jealousy; as opposed to the alternate view which is I cannot compete, which makes me sad. Violent jealousy seeks the use of hatred to prove, that I am more valuable than you. Thereby measuring another person by judging its value as a trophy or prize to be protected from the traitors. Those others, who failed to make me “their god”. As is your job!

Traitor means: that you made me believe on purpose, that you were my friend. Now you prove to me, that you were an enemy instead. Establishing the cause and consequences, that are now consuming my trust in all of humanity itself. Shame on you, for stealing my heart; either part of whole. The only true protection is: put GOD (our CREATOR) first!

Arrogance without restraint is: THE SINGULAR decision, to play god over the rest by inflicting damage and disgrace; as many times as it is possible to do. When you cannot truly build/ you play god by destruction. That destruction must be hidden, to play god long. Because the rest of humanity will respond to a “disease” they can erase. So the key is: to insure they don’t understand the reality of what is being done to destroy life or planet. Hiding it in words, bribes, distraction, pomp and ceremony, cults, and so on.

We then come to the elements of leadership, and the reality of herd (we could love)/ predator (we are too busy for love)/ over human: we are love, by choice.

Leadership advises, that it is more necessary to work with reality, than to assume it will change just because it must. Working with any reality establishes, that knowledge must be accumulated, understanding must be taught, wisdom must be respected; and then the chances for individual thought to appear will form. Even if it is trampled upon by disrespect; some value, will seep through.

The reality of each human behavioral element, is an exhibition of want (mine its all mine), pride (we can’t both be superior), or power (fear me or I will make you); in one form or another. The consequences of animal are formed from the decision: “yes, I can”/ even if you should not.  the difference between animal and human being alive is then: “I will think (enter the path that is consistent with true knowledge), understand and define the choices, accept the dignity of reality by its own truth, consider the costs of being wrong or doing nothing, and decide based upon the responsibilities these will exhibit both on me, and both life and planet; before I make that decision.”

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