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It may be of some interest to you; that an inappropriate tax on the property in Shelbyville. Can and must be addressed as a reality of the extortion called criminal protection. As in pay me, or something bad is going to happen to your business. A common racketeering angle, used to gain something, just because you can: so long as fear is associated.

In terms of city employees who intend and do extrapolate money from a few individuals; claiming you have no choice because “they are” the government. Is a ludicrous excuse. They are individuals hired as in a job/ governed by we the people: who have decided to use their position as a means to act in criminal ways, and create felony consequences by assuming a political job; is all the protection they need.

It is not legally so!

But it is nonetheless gotten away with: because media communication has lost its value. That is because people no longer truly believe they can make a difference with their vote or their opinion. Even the law dies, without proper public supervision: which has occurred.

The solution in this particular case would be:

  1. Media can still contribute a volume of truth to the conversation IF they are willing or you pay. The force of “US”; is the force of extortion or in contrast, LAW.
  2. Examining the property tax files (generally open to the public). Hiring an outside tax appraiser such as Earl _________ for instance; provides a critical truth to who is and who is not paying 4 times more than a property was recently sold for. The public does NOT like the idea, that they could be forced to pay 4 times more than what would otherwise be considered fair.
  3. Within the property tax files: you should pay particular attention to the reality of tax being paid by those who sit on this tax court; to make you pay. What are they paying for their property, and is not the same: FAIR?
  4. The assertion of fear is critically true: because if you DON’T pay what they demand they will confiscate the property, take it away, and sell it, in its entirety for the tax debt they created “just for you”. That establishes extortion. The demand for protection money is established by “you have been singled out”. Racketeering is assembled if any other person, group, or other; has been singled out as well.
  5. The elemental reality of force, is associated with the dollar amount; and what is consistent with in business: called the income.
  6. The failure to use justice in determining the tax cost per individual and per situation; is a constant of democracy, that has been illegally reversed. What is fair to one/ is fair to all: which means, if you pay 4 times more/ then they must establish that same tax burden on all the rest. OR, they have defeated, and consumed the law, for their own purposes.
  7. So the fundamental resolution of the tax itself; comes down to WHAT are WE paying for? Is it a your salary or perks/ so you can play games, with individual life/ the destruction of democracy, by enflaming revolt/ or simply “the criminal rules here”.
  8. The fight for democracy is not “over a flag”/ but freedom, and the liberty to demand: I DESERVE justice.
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Jim Osterbur

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