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Leadership 13

We search religion and the foundations of what can be true! Demanding from the facts of life or death: what is the possibility of our eternity/ the question of whether we must face our own truth, about what we did, or did not do; for life and world.

Even though actually done; I no longer feel obligated to fight for you.

I am reminded of how little you actually know, about life/ death/ and the relationships we share with time. So, I will summarize one last time; to insure, everyone has their own “greatest opportunity”.

Everything about life, is developed from energy contained in a manner that allows thought to control its existence. Everything about living in time is developed from the mass that gives us the momentum to take that energy of life, and transform it into motion, and the freedom to express or experience ourselves, by the decisions that we make/ or the realities that we endure, that do force the mass we exist as, to accept limits and boundaries DO exist.

When we divide life from body, as is the existence of soul. We establish that the difference between a mass, and the energy supply of life itself: is greater chemicals can produce. Chemicals keep the body alive/ the containment of energy keeps everything alive; by establishing order, through disciplines: including mass. So the question is: what is the difference between life/ energy/ and mass?

Life exists within the balance of thought, as a relationship of order/ until that order fails through a descent into chaos. The disciplines of energy: form the boundaries and limits of what can and cannot exist, by determining what will be contained or released. Mass is the construction, related too: the foundation of force itself. Without the substructure of mass (no atoms/ just “something”), there is no force. Without force the elemental realities of this universe cease to exist. No further need for understanding exceeds this point.

So then we have mass as time exists. We have energy bound under our control; as our relationship to freedom. And we have thought, to construct the elevation of life, beyond the limits of our time. Given these three composites: the value of our existence, is then measured in time, by each individual soul. Those which descend into chaos; lose their connection with life. Those who ascend into thought, by its relationship with life, planet, and nature: arise to balance their living, for the sake of their eternity. All others simply get time as their reward.

Those who argue, “no soul (as the individual dimension recognized as “you”, participating in the reality of life itself) exists. Must find a way to explain what life is, without soul. Because just saying “its energy or its mass, or it’s a combination of both; is not enough”. For life to exist: There must be a component of freedom, and there must be a component of decision, and there must be a reality to move beyond where energy or mass may go. The value of that miracle called life: cannot be simply dredged out of your sewers.

The fundamental truth about death is: your ability to control the energy of life has died/ and with that so does your existence as time. The mass called a body, then simply deteriorates into the elements from which it arose. Even so, THE LIFE, that has established your ability to think: lives within the energy that you did control as time. We do not control that energy itself/ we only control what the boundaries of time itself will allow, through a body. When the energy of life exits your body in death: it DOES go back to its CREATOR. And the singular most important event in your time will be: whether you choose to go with that energy “in an instant”/ or if you look back at time first: the energy will be gone; and you will be functionally “ghosted”.

In death: every action is accompanied by a reaction. Which means: two significant directions exist. They are ENTIRELY opposite to each other, and the balance of your own individual life values, determine which directional side you are on when death cancels your right to decide. Making time “to decide”; end for you.

The foundation of growing older, by taking away the values you have worshiped as “what makes life great”. Is in fact a kindness extended; because if you are not fully prepared to leave this earth and your body behind: then you will make the wrong choice, and most become “ghosts”. Ghost means: you failed to enter within the energy that goes back to your CREATOR; when that was possible. Now you will be dissipated into nothing/ without energy or time or freedoms to measure you by. The reality of desire forever gone/ a purpose forever lost. Then even identity itself as a presence that did exist, will become extinct.

The question of fair, will always arise in life through death. The reality is quite simple: as is easily recognized today. Without balance, nature destroys itself. Nature being the ability to rise, and build the bodies of life, “out of nothing more” than things we will never understand. That nature is being destroyed in this day; and it is, “just one” of the realities, why we are so threatened with our own extinction coming soon; right now.

The reality of who dies to keep that balance intact, has always been random by conception/ rather than judgment as measured. Which would be the end of freedom to choose your destiny or fate. So death is never fair/ it merely exists, to keep the whole alive; and give each one, their own chance “as best they can”; to choose for an eternity. As to children and babies dying: that is entirely up to their CREATOR, what is, or is not “fair”.

There is no doubt that true love lost, is a great tragedy to the individual life, and lives affected; even more. But love is not equal to life/ rather life comes first. Because without life, there can be no love. Therefore life always comes first, and love always creates the reality of desire, that lets life be eternal. That fact turns the truth of life itself, into a servant of love. The values of your heart, are the seeds that change “the soil of your time”/ into the treasury of a life “worth keeping”.

Life does not exist without order, a fact that is entirely supported as true. Thought does not exist without discipline, a reality that requires your participation to prove.

Those who use evolution as their excuse to destroy this world with chaos: are then adequately proven to be “satan’s cult”; as their own true intent is to worship their god of chaos. Chaos literally means: to take everything complex, and turn it into the most simple thing possible. How is that life, or thought? Answer the question. To pacify themselves: these invaders of ignorance; create fantasy, and fill their life with toys, or violence; always trying to prove themselves to be gods. What better way than to play with the same fire as is on the sun. Becoming death to our world, as is impending for their soul.

The constant excuse or chant, is “science”: but the reality of science is, “nature did this, and nature teaches us all with common sense (no you can’t fantasize), that if we only look, the essence of thought does exist”. University science, is limited too: we measured/ we destroyed/ we broke down the limits which keep life and earth safe/ we are the gods of death and destruction; even making weapons of mass destruction, to prove “we can kill life”; without opening the door: to reveal hatred. Our world only dies once/ nature can be crucified by those who will not care/ none of this is a game.

James Frank Osterbur        11/19/2018

There is of course, the endless demand: “that any man, who claims to have a spiritual woman inside” has got to be out of his mind, utterly delusional, and without sense.

In regard to that: is the evidence I have created in these words, and on the websites I have provided. Which do prove, order/ discipline/ balance/ truth/ respect/ love/ forgiveness/ hope/ courage/ reality, and the desire “I will not let this world die, without a fight”. That foundation of purpose, follows the evidence of where truth must lead, without any assumption whatsoever. That path led to the spiritual world of women/ because man has no answer; he will only just war: ending life. So the question is: if man and woman cannot be joined/ can they survive? The answer to that is, absolutely not; we will survive only by working and fighting for life and planet together as if one. Even if women must ultimately take the lead; as a true and real contrast to the demand of men which is, as history proves: always, war. That joining, is no small feat. That reality of change is elemental or we die as a world. It is apparently “my new job”, to assemble, or more correctly accept: the change in myself first. From always free/ to now, someone else is basically in charge of the “real” important realities of how we both, will live. No small change, but it is necessary. A ten year search proved “man has no sustainable answer, for how to keep earth alive”. The other men will defeat him, because they choose war, cheating, and lies, over truth; and they are many. By their vote as a force of life massing together as one; women can rule. IF, they choose peace, respect, justice, hope, and the value called love: which does equal “LIFE FOR EARTH” comes first. Simple as that/ men did not.     Make your decision/ NO second chances.  That day is gone.

I made my fight with men, and failed: they want what they want, and that is all they want until forced by reality to change. Which always reverts back to why the change was necessary in the first place: because this is, inherently “what men want”. asked some women for advise, and they refused.

The spiritual world allowed me to: ask the essence of woman, what would you do, to save this earth! Their subsequent answer was, “to control man”. The battle ever sense has been to save this world, by communicating a need to change: we fight together, truth decides. She has been right from more than I. The battleground is now, up to woman; as man did fail: nothing has changed. She is demanding control, to fight for herself: within the law. “its complicated”; I don’t understand (its woman), and am being forced into the “back seat”! I tell you, as simple as possible; in advance, and in detail; so you have no excuse to fear. I literally have NO, idea what this change or direction, will mean in me. “Woman, is a very strange world”. I never intended to stay. She can and does enforce change on me/ and I CANNOT dispute the truth, life on earth is too precious, not to go along; and accept her chance to make a difference, by using me. “It’s woman”/ I have NO idea, what the future holds. My literal contribution is becoming, “along for the ride”. No clue?

 Life is about to become extinct/ so says the evidence of every threat caused by humanity. That has been effectively covered up with lies and aggression; media propagation/ because men always believe there shall be another war. They are wrong! As the ending of life, surrounded by a reality of threats so severe no life survives; has no moment of surrender, “to fight another day”. It is simply the end, and there will be no more.

Nothing so dramatically death to all life, as proves this is true; as does trying to create the same fire here as is on the sun. upon ignition the earth becomes a sun, simple as that/ same fire/ same fuel “an atom”/ same result! Nothing is so horrendous to living, as is mutilating nature itself (genetics are nature; as they literally build the bodies of life on earth). Mutilating nature will make you cry until you die. Etcetera, and even more.

You can hate me, ridicule me, or even kill me; but you cannot remove the truth, that all these threats will make you extinct/ unless you change them for yourselves. You made them/ you remove them: simple as that/ or you die from them, because you would not. Even the least among you will understand, that fact is true. Which literally makes me completely irrelevant to whether you live or die. Which makes me nothing more than a messenger, sent to declare: CHANGE NOW, or go extinct!

Since the reality is life or death for this world: I do suggest, “the message itself, is from our CREATOR”!      You chose this/ HE, did not!      HE offers you, no excuse: YOU choose life or death for earth. It’s called “your freedom”.

There is the assertion: that if this was “GOD’S MESSAGE”, to all of humanity/ then HE would have sent “an army of influence” to force us into accepting that message. As is the way of men. In contrast of course is the life and time of JESUS, which held none of that expectation is true.

There is the assertion: that if you were given the job of delivering this message, “you would be wealthy beyond comprehension” so that nobody could avoid hearing or even believing that it could be denied. But bribery, flattery, and temptation are NOT methods used by GOD;   so says all religious text. It’s a bit like becoming a salesman, and finding the only people you can sell to are family and friend. If you can’t sell to strangers, it just won’t go!

There is an assertion: I AIN’T good enough; which is true/ but then who is?

There is a constant assertion:  WE WILL wait and see/ why should we believe anything you say! But as is the reality of our threat, to wait and see means it is too late now, to stop anything that is destroying our world of life. So I don’t tell you to believe me, as that is useless/ I tell you to go investigate the reality of evidence; examine the cost of being wrong; and form your own decisions. Because this world deserves at least that much; it is a duty.

Humanity runs away to hide instead; as sheep simply do, when confronted with something they don’t trust. So don’t trust me, I am NOT asking for that in any conceivable way; not in anything: just don’t do it. Instead trust the truth, and identify what our reality proves that truth of threat to be. Humanity itself has compiled the evidence, I merely relay the conclusion of it. But that too, is for you to decide: if I could be true?

Hatred hides: violence sneaks as a predator does: the intent to attack or destroy is never advertised “beware/ beware”. Instead these unilaterally, will tell you “just be happy/ no don’t worry or fret; we will save you if any danger comes”. With media today, that force of influence has changed your lives to believe they actually care or know. With university today, that force of influence has changed your lives to believe they actually know, and would care. But it is not so. Media is consumed by the desire to lead you, and make you listen: and you DON’T want to hear anything, except you are getting whatever you want. While university hides the truth: they are gambling life or death, for this entire planet; because they want to prove they can be gods/ before telling you the truth, “its only devil” they can be. Case in point as described on www.justtalking7.info the university reality of trying to ignite sun fire here on earth: is grown from fantasy/ formed by delusions/ devoid of reality/ and without a single chance to become anything but the end of life on earth; even destroying the planet itself. If you want to argue what the university is or is not:  start right here, because soon, our whole world, becomes a sun.  So then being wrong, does affect you too! Or, we can begin with evolution;  ALSO a reality of trying to destroy all life on earth with genetic mutilation. And media, calls them “a brave new world”/ hiding the truth, this is literally life or death/ horrors and hell: for every life on earth. With NO second chances/ because they literally played god with our lives.

So the critical task of leadership is:  WHAT SHOULD WE DO, as the only few, who insist; “don’t do nothing/ life is good”; isn’t enough. Discarding the future in its entirety?

As a leader, truth demands: limit your insistence for action to one deliberate thing that affects the whole/ but does not cost them anything to investigate. That would be:  demanding a full accounting of what it truly means, “to be just a little bit wrong”/ when trying to ignite the same fire as is on the sun; here on this earth. This is a world issue, and if one nation shrugs and turns aside/ another will not. Humanity will not respond to anything else; because they want what they want/ and they believe the university, media, politicians and more will protect them. To prove that is wrong, (I have done so, on these sites) and to prove this whole world, as well as their lives are in literal danger of fire: opens the door, to questioning what is true; and what will it cost? Reality will do the rest. 

If someone was threatening your life, AND OUR WHOLE WORLD; “with a bomb, you could not escape”. Would you not find a way to say: YOU NEED, THE POLICE NEED, THE MILITARY NEEDS, WE ALL NEED; TO INVESTIGATE THIS TRUTH.:

If someone was threatening your life, AND OUR WHOLE WORLD; “with a bomb, you could not escape”. Would you not find a way to say: YOU NEED, THE POLICE NEED, THE MILITARY NEEDS, WE ALL NEED; TO INVESTIGATE THIS TRUTH”

  I cannot, because you refuse to trust! but you can, because the reality is plain and simple to prove!

And the people will say: WE CAN’T stand up in court or the media and defend against those who claim to know about physics; we don’t know how! But the answer is not in winning. FAR MORE CRITICAL IS THE TRUTH OF THIS REALITY; AND WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WRONG!Therefore the investigation is literally: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE WRONG; when trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun? They will offer, “its too complicated for you to understand”; but remind them being wrong is to ignite this world in “never-ending  fire”. They must prove beyond the shadow of a doubt; that this is not true; true (that our world cannot ignite in sun fire); or they lose! It is the pebble, once proven that will ripple through an ocean of indifference. or they lose! Remind them, we cannot extinguish that fire, so there are NO SECOND CHANCES.One single ignition decides the fate of our entire world forever! Remind yourselves, that evidence which is strictly unproven theory is NOT serviceable in court; it is “merely hearsay”. Simple as that we want truth, and proven truth alone; as sufficient evidence for you: to gamble our world, and risk every life, every future life, and even this solar system itself.  That same level of truth and evidence is required: to gamble mutilating nature itself will not be tragically, and catastrophically changed/ along with every other major threat that exists. “just saying” its a brave new world: is for FOOLS.

They WILL SAY: that the sun has so much more gravity than the earth, that the fire cannot sustain itself! They base that on the delusion of an atom “fifteen times heavier” than lead: with no possibility to prove such a thing exists. Remind them: when you tear apart an atom to burn what holds it together: just like molecules are torn apart with a chemical fire. That the reality of an atom is:  SOMETHING OPPOSITE of an outward energy, as is kinetic; DOES EXIST; to hold that kinetic energy in place.Or an atom could not sustain itself. Therefore solar gravity is formed by that “dark energy”, and is expressed as a reality seen, when the atom is ignited, and the two distinct energies that balance the atom go their separate ways.That is already proven; by simply tying a string onto a rock and swinging it around in a circle. The centrifugal force, requires an anchor, or the rock flies away. Same with an atom: we know the energy is there. Consequently we know an opposing energy is holding it in place. Solar gravity is then NOT tied to the size of a sun mass/ but the fire itself.

. They have discarded me with ridicule, because I have said for over forty years: there will be consequences for these decisions we don’t want. Along with complete arrogance; “we know we can play god, and we want too”. So they didn’t have to face me in court, they refused to answer, and descended into frivolous rules. Thereby to defend yourselves, you must not let them use the same rules, to discard constitutional law. If you searched through the court cases already fought: you would know why.

in just America, it takes one out of every 335 people (children too) to reach one million citizens standing outside the courtroom shouting: WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS TRUE/ are they, or are they not gambling with our  entire world? If you can’t muster those few, you can’t save life. Communicate, and do what you can legally do! There are other nations, and these are WORLD ISSUES.  international law is completely clear: NO nation or society is allowed to gamble with EVERYONE’S WORLD, NATURE, LIVES, RESOURCES, OCEANS, OR OTHER true survival issues of life or death. NOT, for any cause or purpose!  “OURS, NOT just yours”.


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