leadership 12


Leadership 12

THE CRITICAL QUESTION: of life or death for our world, now seeks truth! Are you as human being alive in the grace and truth of miracles. Are you as human animals recognizing the fate of wants beyond your own ability to survive the consequences of being wrong: ABLE TO DEMAND WORLD TRIAL. As is the truth: WE WILL NO LONGER BELIEVE ANYONE! Instead WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD; shall construct a trial; that is the best we can; in order to assemble the knowledge, that is truth by understanding what the cost of being WRONG; truly is. This is no game, and if you refuse: the tumble into catastrophe will increase/ the disasters you will face expand. Because truth is truth, and it has no mercy involved: it merely is, what it is.

In this USA: constitutional law already gives to you the right through first amendment redress of grievances: THE LAW TO DEMAND DEMOCRACY SHALL RISE AND TAKE BACK CONTROL, from our employees. By constructing trial as we the people are now judge and jury of those who have led us to this point in history. NO it will not be simple or cheap. YES, it is the only method the only reality, that gives even a chance; YOUR world will not end. YOUR CHILDREN DESERVE THAT/ and yes “in your lifetime”; the debts, you chose: comes face to face, “with you”.

Life or death for this planet, will no longer be determined by what men and women do/ but by their heart. We are, now too far gone, to resurrect ourselves! So the question is: what does your own heart tell you to do, for life on this earth? If your answer is, “little or nothing”/ then your GOD, will do nothing. NOT religious; simply the fact by the evidence not covered in university lies! This creation will be lost. The decision is yours!

Reality has stated in years past: with the internet, a funny cat video; went from a few people viewing to a couple million views in just two days around the world. So, your claim of there is nothing I can do/ is swallowed by your reality of possibilities. Communication, and consequence decision by the evidence is key: to changing this world. Fail and we go extinct.

That said: our situation exhibits the very real threat, that we will soon now, go extinct. Because all the evidence points in that direction. You’re failure to communicate or do anything to save our world and all its life, as well as all its future life; has been defeated by your own cult worship of “university knows”. And they played god.

Therefore what I can do best for you is: for the few who can be “an eternal life, with GOD”. A few moments of your time, will aid that endeavor.

I can testify too:

  • Endless miracles cannot be wrong/ there is no such thing as life from chaos. Life is the result of order, discipline, balance, truth, and more: as is plainly known already by us all. Only thought can build, and you know that too. You worship liars, only because you want no price to be put upon your life. Alas, reality states there will be a price to worshiping liars, or worse. The reality is quite simple: the university promised “long life (we are going to fix this)/ healthcare (antibiotics and vaccine)/ and no consequences for anything you wanted to do”. They delivered: human overpopulation to the point of extinction for every life: criminal extortion for medicine/ and consequences so extreme, the evidence will prove our world cannot survive as it is. But hey: you got what you wanted, no isn’t that everything important, “for just one generation”; of liars and fools. So, if you are going to survive the reality that has been created by humanity playing god with this earth and all its life/ then YOU are going to change in ways that do fight for life on earth. Or you will prove yourselves unworthy of life, and be cast aside.
  • But let’s talk about what is worthy of life and living beyond time.

The critical question begins with respect: if you have none/ then you are conceived as nothing but time. A reality that does not end well: as is seen in the grave.

Respect for GOD is mandatory, and without exception, needs a distinct purity to be a part of your life. The critical element of evidence that extends from miracles of life, created throughout this world: testifies to the truth, that you have no cause for anything less than respect to exist in you. At which point people scream: DEATH OR ACCIDENT OR “I DIDN’T GET THE SAME, OR EVEN WHAT I WANTED”; robbed me, of all I wanted to be. So, I am angry or even hateful: to GOD.  Some include: “I loved because JESUS taught me to do that/ and now I am heartbroken, because something went wrong: so I hate both GOD AND JESUS”.

So, let’s review: YOU, were given life in time to experience and express your own decisions, with the freedom even to make mistakes. Yet, the vast majority of;  all of humanity, throughout time has said: “let GOD, leave me alone; because I want what I want/ and that includes hate”. Or they command GOD, to do their bidding repeatedly, and few; ever give anything back, but disrespect or hate. Yet GOD is blamed for everything you wanted or you didn’t want or you hate/ because “it certainly couldn’t be you, or the things you chose to do”. As is freedom in the reality of time: with consequences.

The primary human volcano eruption is: “I DON’T WANT TO DIE/ OR HAVE ANYONE IMPORTANT TO ME, DIE EITHER”! Yet the evidence now absolute, on our planet is: that without balance even for humanity, all that is left becomes extinction for every living thing. That means your one specific curse; is the one reality that in fact allows your life to exist in this day. As overpopulation could have occurred “thousands of years ago”; rendering your life, and this time; simply “annihilated”.  Will you now say “thank you/ we are sorry”? I doubt it/ but the choice is yours, not mine.

The critical reality of our day is: that without true communication of threats that will make our planet extinct of all life, even the planet itself/ there is no further purpose in trying to fight for this world. YOU MUST recognize the possibilities of threat; and stop worshiping those who are destroying you. Simple as that/ not a game; past the point of no return there is no further chance to survive; and we will pass that point soon. Biblical prophecy says that day will come on July 9, 2019. “comes from Daniel 12” and ignites that prophecy on the first real experiment (April 1, 2012) that could have ignited a nuclear fire “just like the sun” here on earth. The countdown extends from there. So at least biblically, you have a few days at least potentially left.

Why believe a prophecy thousands of years old? The answer is in the description of a great abomination begins this. Igniting a nuclear fire: more machines being built everyday. The cost of being wrong, when trying to bring the same fire here on this earth as is on the sun: is very simple. The sun burns our skin in summer from at least 91 million miles away/ and without ozone, the radiation “would simply microwave us” to death. How is that not gambling with our whole world? They have an onslaught of lies to assume its safe/ but it all comes down to their theory:  “not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”. Which is dependent upon the theory, that an atom fifteen times larger than lead; can exist. While nothing in the periodic table is even close: complete fantasy. Etcetera.

Even so, their statement is: that a nuclear fire they hope to create is four million times greater; than a chemical fire. Which means a candle flame, would be multiplied by 4,000,000 times more. Think about it. Or the sun is said to have flames a million miles long: that is four times farther than the earth to our moon. And once ignited the planet will be engulfed; and by the laws of thermodynamics: it will explode soon after. Removing our existence from this universe. This is “the great abomination”; the biblical prophecy rises from the dust:  and yet you do nothing. If you desire life/ YOU WILL do something! Period, no excuse.

I offer to you, “ten thousand pages” of real life information, about all things;  as found on the websites that I have provided to you.

I offered: donate to the cause of keeping them on line for your own benefit/ and received not one penny, as expected. But, I am reminded: this is a world about to be lost/ and I have no excuses either. So the four websites which are about death remain. But the 8 websites about life and living will remain off line until such time as donations that I recognize are given. You don’t need information about life or living/ when all the evidence points to your extinction.

I have now led, to the existence of threats which CANNOT be avoided or ran from; because there is literally no place to run or hide. Which means any other fear is pointless and useless, and without excuse.

I will help you understand by leading as is required with information that lets you make your own decision/ accepting the cost as I must, as I see fit. But even leading has no further value; if you will not be led or taught: to resurrect yourselves, from the grave humanity has dug.

Life or death is up to you, and when you cannot avoid that truth anymore: I guarantee it will be too late to change anything. In other words: YOU MUST THINK, for yourselves. Investigate/ examine the evidence/ understand the consequences of being wrong/ and do, whatever you can do: within the law. Everything you do need to survive as a world has been given: make your decision, because there are NO second chances. Particularly with the ignition of “atoms on fire/ which means this entire planet is fuel”. Think about that too!

No one will force you: rise or die.

As for me, I did do my job! Even my duty, as in “everyone deserves a warning”/ even if you won’t accept it. Balancing what can be done, within our given reality; is leading you. Not my job, but since you have failed yourselves again and again: I will do what I can/ IF you participate honestly for life. This is not a game, the evidence is real. I already gave a lifetime/ therefore EXPECT, I won’t play. Be true to this purpose, for life and planet; or DON’T come to me. I don’t deserve fools.

The reality is, that I also gave away, the essence of being strictly male; because of your world insanity. The chaos & cult worship of university, that you chose, & refuse to admit led to consequences, that will destroy life on earth. I tell you true, that man or men have no solution for keeping this earth alive/ as their only real solution for any large problem is war. That’s it, literally it is all they have; because the games they insist upon playing end with separation, and the true intent to enslave the vast majority (by money or weapons or resource refusal)/ which then revolt. Women do deserve a chance to try, and the fact is: I did open the spiritual door to women, “just to ask a question: WHAT would you do”? They can’t do worse, than prepare the world for extinction. As has been written, the cost of that decision: was the end of “strictly male” in me. A reality with endless struggles, between what is the right and freedoms of male/ versus the realities of what will happen with female in charge. Answer: a changed world, literally speaking. “It’s not terrible or even bad/ but it is nothing like the freedoms I use to have.” The value is: like other men, when faced with the reality, “these men are going to kill our whole world/ and they absolutely won’t listen to the evidence or realities; as in threats and consequences: all that was left for man was force. And force would not have resolved or changed anything important/ which made it not only useless, but stupid. So, I asked women/ they refused entirely in all aspects of questioning. So I asked the spiritual world of women; and suddenly became entrenched in what I cannot escape: as is female influence in my life. Even so, without that change: all that was left was force (to prove there are consequences, for not listening to reality). That would have ended simply in death; both for me, and this planet. The lesson is the same for all men: “let women in, to the decisions that matter; or you and this world will die”. In terms of life for this planet: that is, the best advice I can give you; as a method for changing humanity. It is that spiritual female influence remaining in me today; that pried open the door, to teaching you things man never intended to do/ giving you this opportunity to change. And the world says to me: the spiritual world cannot exist/ you are delusional. While on the other side of that same coin is worldwide religions, who all claim the spiritual world does exist; so long as they can imagine, rather than test its reality. Your world is dying, because of human decisions and the disease of university knows. That is the best understanding I can give you, in a summary of terms which indicate what went wrong! Wake up, or it will be too late to cry! Because nothing can then be changed. Simple and plain, the best advice is to think, by discarding your wants/ and limiting your decisions to what can be identified as true, and definitively: chosen to be “LIFE COMES FIRST FOR THIS PLANET AND ITS SURVIVAL, AS A LIVING WORLD”. Fail, and you will soon be extinct: so says the evidence of your lives; because you chose to play god for yourselves, and disrespect this entire CREATION.  End of the work; unless you participate for living.

This is not unlike the scenario: where your conductors have put life and planet on a train, whose tracks go through the mountains; and everyone says “don’t worry/ be happy”. But the reality of it is: around a blind corner (you refuse to see)/ the trestle bridge, has been washed away/ you won’t be able to stop; and the cliff won’t let one single soul survive. Like a car approaching a concrete wall at one hundred miles an hour; if you don’t apply the brakes right now/ then you will die instead; even if you believe “you can play god” instead. You can’t! Everything is literally threatening, because humanity has playing god with both life and planet; especially through the universities. That means change requires humanity to accept truth, and discard their fantasies, delusions, cult worship of university, and so on: nothing survives, but truth, by order, disciplines, and balance/ YOU ARE, living in a sea of lies; spreading chaos to planet and life, everywhere you go. That is the truth, and it says you will die. Change and survive!

The problem is you/ therefore the only solution is, for you to change you: otherwise, the fate you chose, by following your leaders, and believing whatever you are told; will finish the road to Hell.  GO INVESTIGATE/ EXAMINE REALITY/ DETERMINE THE COST OF BEING WRONG; AND IDENTIFY WHAT “thinking for yourselves” will reveal. Is your life not worth that price: your child/ everything on earth? Don’t look to me, I am just human. Identify the evidence, and isolate the cost of being WRONG. IT IS your duty, you owe this world, that much for your time.

I will now say to you, “merry CHRISTmas” as is consistent with the season. Bid you farewell, unless you change that goodbye, by your actions (unless spiritually required to come back). The four “YOU are dying, sites” I have provided will remain supported until July. The question of real value, has been met/ even if the reality of your delusions and media corruption by mass hypnosis will never accept them. Once dead of course, you can and universities will: do with that information whatever you like; as all religion does. But that is of course, unless the biblical prediction of our world coming to its end: comes true instead. I, predict the bible will prove true! Not by religious belief/ but by the reality of the evidence itself. As with all prophecy, once it has been proven true: it will never be changed, truth has been established, and it is forever.

It is worth noting, and required: to admit, after a ten year spiritual war. Which I lost: my tits are still growing (like a truck running over my brain)/ my life is still changing (male being knocked off, one tiny piece at a time)/ and I feel like I am being dragged through the mud by chain; into the most intimate secrets of female. And I don’t want to go/ not a choice. Never my intent. Why, is entirely unclear! So NO, I did not do anything to “have tits”/ NOT transgender or gay or anything like it: it is simply not my choice! NO invitation to men exists; I tell you true, at the risk of your eternity; men shall only be friend. This is entirely between “the spiritual world of female and me”: I literally don’t know why. It just is! Life is otherwise “fairly normal”. This is no doubt, why religion does not go near the spiritual realm of life: one mistake, one wrong door, and life cannot ever be the same again. So they stay away, as if it is death itself. Even so, this door: became the answer to my most intense reality of “time desire”: that life gets a chance, to change. As a consequence to that: the reality I did receive what I desired/ even though it was absolutely not, what I expected. It is still true, I received my hearts’ desire. And it is true, fair play insists: I need to assist her desire as well. Even if it is not a choice, or my chosen desire: this is still fundamentally fair. The spiritual world is a wonderful, but deadly place that does not allow for mistakes. Settle your mind entirely as to the direction of your life; and if it is true to GOD, and the love HE DESIRES/ I guarantee, you will survive; and even be happy, “someday”.  I loved male, change “not so much”. If however in the spiritual world; you turn to the side, “like me”; things can become very different, and the end result far less clear.

I now “feel done”. Which means, I no longer need be concerned with “surviving until the end”. I no longer need to be concerned with: “who could be hurt, because of this work, as a result of knowing me”. I no longer need to be concerned with a duty to inform; as I have done that: within the frameworks and realities of what you did limit my life too.  Until such time as reality proves otherwise. Which could easily never occur.




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