leadership 11


Leadership 11

The physical realities of our time.

Wishing will NOT fix anything. Prayer will NOT turn away the realities of what you chose. Only GOD can do that, and it is HIS choice/ not yours! The list of your failures are long, your disrespect is extreme, your worship of “Satan; as in destroyers of this earth” is excessive: and I suggest, before you get any consideration beyond the minimum required to keep this planet alive; you will prove, CHANGED!

So then, we are what we are, and that is the foundation of it! You did what you did, and if we are to survive as a world/ you WILL in fact change that: to prove LIFE COMES FIRST FOR OUR WHOLE PLANET. No more “utter disrespect for life on earth, or planet”. As is the reality of this day!

Given that: we now look at the possibilities which can and cannot keep us alive on earth. Endless drivel will occur claiming “we are doing GREAT”. BUT, as every lie proves eventually: this is death talking, your fantasies will end. The only decision you can make now is: to accept truth must lead you to the laws we must enforce/ or let the whole planet die, in one big collapse, none survives. Simple as that, so says all the evidence.

Since your god is both university and money, while you worship both pride and power/ dividing your individual purposes between lust and whoring (nothing matters but the money). We are left with an endless parade of failure that must be addressed properly, or we all go extinct. Lies cannot save you/ and neither can I. But unlike the lies, I can help you discover the choices that you can make. Only you will decide: if you will or will not “fight for our world”.

Therefore this is to help by assembling some of the probabilities that must be addressed in order to make a knowledgeable decision.

  • We begin with money, because you have bankrupted yourselves as a world; with only a tiny few exceptions. Bankruptcy means: YOU MUST start over from point zero/ in order to achieve reality returns.
  • That leaves us within the reality of people and their hate constructing war against the possibility, and probabilities of keeping this earth alive. The scream will be: I AM OWED/ the game declared this was to be mine! Some will never let go of their claim/ and will end in prison or death. So you must be prepared for the consequences of university breed, delusion and lies.
  • As to all the rest, there are no options for life, but to return reality to its verifiable truths. As begins with the constitutional change in America for instance (used as the example throughout): the currency shall be tied to the population count (so many numbers per citizen)/ while international currency shall be tied to something true and real, such as gold.
  • The next reality to be addressed is: a constitutional change eliminating every governmental employee from creating debts for their constituents; they proved unable to handle the job. Thereby every debt of a nation or less shall be determined by the people: but only after they have previously collected not less than fifty percent of the entire job cost. A failure in recognizing what the true cost will be: shall not be accepted. Only a true and all needs met or exceeded reality shall be deemed worth paying for after construction or other begins.
  • Banking shall be held as a trust between citizen and bank employee. We the people shall then determine both on a case by case reality/ and by law created: exactly what a bank can and cannot do/ along with charges they can collect. Investment scams, such as “wall street”; shall be taken apart at the seams, examined by the public “with a microscope”/ and either held in pure contempt, or rearranged by the laws true democratic vote shall apply, and hold as felony treason for any who discard.
  • All business and industry including utilities, shall be “frozen in place” as much as is possible: until all realities of money have been sorted out, and resolved by the public. You shall continue as best you can, so that nothing can collapse, past the point of no return; until such time as we the people are ready to make, and have created our own decision. The universities are owed nothing, unless your diploma resulted in a true job that produces enough: to make your debt worthwhile. If they failed you/ you owe them, only for room and board (like measures, not including sports), plus five percent.
  • The public mess of endless numbers and debt: cannot be undone without destroying the current currency itself. You failed, the earth is flooded with lies and numbers about American currency: it is entirely Ponzi scheme: and we the people have been duped by the university diplomas which created the trap; governmental entities too proud to stop it; and submerged to drown in it, by the reality by media corruption.
  • So now, within about 6 months or less of time: you have no viable currency; other than coinage. At that point: you will have made all the necessary changes to create a new currency using only verifiable numbers; as will be “personal debit cards” to all who work. Work shall be available to all above the age of 18, and all who are homeless: a reality appropriate for the child. The biggest immediate job is recycling/ insulating/ replanting forests/ rebuilding seas/ supporting those facing catastrophe/ and so on. The federal government shall provide a specific amount: same for all, monetary amount per month in these accounts. That shall remain the only money accepted beyond that date: until this national crisis is resolved/ at which time, it will end thirty days past the resolution accepted by vote among all the citizenry. Even the kids get a vote through their parents/ because it’s their life too. International claims shall wait, just like business and industry; as much as is possible to do. Limited capitalism shall be voted upon as the method most likely to produce the greatest good: yes or no!
  • Personal Debts and assets: shall be resolved by public auction, clearly and deliberately and completely informing the public about that auction, and auctions coming. So as the most truly informed people can exist; and have an equal chance to make the decision they can, and will live within their own future. Bear in mind nothing is functionally fair; when dealing with a sea of lies; as is consistent with America today. This is, as fair as it gets: every property shall be assessed to the seller by the percentage of investment that they have made. For instance: If you paid fifty percent back/ you have a fifty percent stake in whatever possession you purchase: but owe the rest. ONLY CITIZENS are allowed to participate, and they shall NOT buy for foreign interests; or we will confiscate both the money and the property. If you are a foreign owner currently: you shall receive the entire amount the property is sold for; but you will not be an investor here, or participate in these auctions; unless you are a citizen.
  1. The question of money to buy: rests upon the decision to change the currency, and accept the conclusions of limited capitalism. Currency tied to the population count identifies exactly how much money each one would have, if all the currency was divided equally to each one. Thereby you know, what the future shall hold, with realistic definable accuracy. Limited capitalism shall determine exactly how much property you can obtain. GOLD, SILVER, shall rule the auction, and be delivered to the national vault: for international trade. This will mean: even if you win the auction, if someone comes with gold or silver/ whosoever has the most of that, will win the prize. But they can do so only once. Gold or silver shall buy nothing else for them; doesn’t matter how much you have. The owner of the property receives “the new currency”.
  2. As to the reality of investors: the actual real value of your stock or other interests SHALL BE DETERMINED BY FACT/ not by numbers. In other words the reality of financial value in real terms by a corporation or other: by being sold. Or appraised for sale is less than what you paid. You get only your portion of what that reality actually is: all will divide equally, if this is the case. The wealthiest shall not get more.
  3. The value of resources is “inestimable” to the future: the children have needs too! Therefore all raw materials shall be held in trust by the government; who will provide access, by leasing back to the individual (as is a tax). But that lease shall be governed by the decision of public vote as to how much of any specific raw material can be used within a year. Those who surrender their property, to that claim/ then surrender their right to buy another. It is a one-time deal, and you decide when it is time to sell: by entering into an auction. You may trade, rather than sell. This auction shall only be: Run by public venue, with public supervision, in the public interest: and with harsh penalties for failing this democracy with traitorous acts.

These are the fundamentals, and after you accomplish them; the realities required for survival shall proceed.

Bear in mind: YOU SHALL DICTATE AND ENFORCE,  a complete moratorium on university activities that threaten life or planet immediately/ as well as all other business, industry, military, government, or other realities of gambling with our lives and our planet.

   When the economics are separated out/ THEN, the possibilities of enforcing the death penalty on terrorists, who fail to stop, with absolute truth:   shall commence. What does or does not continue beyond that point, shall be decided by public vote on each specific reality of threat that we face. WORST first!


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