leadership 10


Leadership 10

ELEMENTAL TO OUR SURVIVAL AS A WORLD: is the critical foundation of male and female acceptance, within the values of love (I will share, because I care)/ marriage (let us walk together, as equals)/ happiness (I live with the freedom to express and experience my own heart, my own desire and decision that completes our lives with discipline, order, and the balance of “I love you”).

Without the values of “gender balancing gender”/ the diligence of working to achieve happiness for another/ the duties shaped by the courage of caring/ the respect owed, to those who live for love as humans being alive in the search for truth. The journey of Creation, which points to every miracle as all the evidence I do need. And a world defined by conceptions so far beyond our own capability, we need not even try to understand. Therefore we know: LOVE did this, and our gift to respect that fact: grants our own choice for love shall return as the gift we chose to give.

Every life is a living factory; creating all we need/ all this world needs, to survive. Genetic nature failing very few/ and yet the worst of the worst of human animals who have ever been: say they can do better/ they can play god/ they can inject chaos into nature, and build new life by their own choices. IS LITERALLY SATAN at work; with media forming the weaponized army of fools/ while public education forms the backbone of stupidity that is “believe/ obey/ and fear the university; as your savior”. While they kill life on earth.

The relationships, between man and woman.

There are basic steps, that produce the end result.

  • Without respect, there is no relationship/ it is a game, and the purpose is a trophy.
  • Without trust, you cannot bond to each other. Therefore every lie to someone else; stops the process of bonding. Every lie to each other produces an assault upon what was created/ to kill the relationship itself. Driving each other apart.
  • Without purpose, there is no heart. Without heart, there is no desire to love. Therefore the essence of love is desire, and the essence of heart is a purpose to care, because you chose to share “your life”.
  • The desire of love exists only in the soul. That means, unless you can experience and express the reality of “LIFE IS A MIRACLE”/ you will never learn to understand the miracle love itself is. That desire to accept the essence of every living thing is in fact, a true miracle: is based upon respect for what you have been given as a body of life, and a mind granted freedoms, to choose.
  • Commitment is based upon destiny rather than fate. Destiny is a chosen path forward into a future dedicated by truth to the consistent direction of love. Fate is the reality of want leading your life, and the consequences you will then endure. Commitment is shared, when we accept that our mutual desire is dedicated to love/ and that love can share the journey of life, as we need it to be within ourselves.
  • Responsibility is the distinction of mutual consent: “we are, in this together”/ and I will do my part, as best I can. Anything less is not responsibility, because it avoids the truth; that life, nor the decisions we make, are free.
  • The decision, to share time (between man and woman)/ even to share a lifetime: is determined by the critical knowledge, that I can be safe with you! Same for man as woman; just different formats. I need to know, that everything I am/ and everything I am not; will be accepted by you as best you can. Equals, but different in all things. To achieve this knowledge, the common response is to date each other over time, establishing the reality of what you will or will not do, with our lives, and my body or yours. The common response of woman is to chain (through a variety of actions or reactions) a man she desires to herself/ so that there can be no conclusion but “me”. But that means: you do not intend, that I should have “free choice”/ and it lacks respect in all things; therefore most of these relationships die. No decision is true, unless it is free. In contrast to that the common response of male in dating a desired female is “to buy her things” and purchase her body and life, by proving: “I want you bad”. This is commonly constructed as desire/ but it is not, and conceives only as lust (I will use your body for my purposes). Lust means, “you, as a person are unnecessary/ just your body is desired”. That too is a chain of sorts, demanding if you want to stay with me: I want sex. Or, “purchase me, with your body/ I purchase you with these things”; does not conceive of respect, just lust. Once the sex dies down, you will be left with “this is not the same trophy I bought”/ unless, there are others trying to obtain it. Which brings all manner of grief to humanity.

So the question is: what can we do, to be true lovers, and not simply animals hunting each other with bait?

As is the constant throughout human existence, you cannot rise above an animal; unless you discard want! It is that simple, because without the abyss of want, what is left becomes, “I am alive/ I am the value of my heart”.

The essence of “lover” begins right here!

Without want, a human being becomes the essence of their own true identity. That fact drives the value of living, to an expression in love that respects the reality of what sexual differences actually mean. To shape our lives, by the experience of how we express the joy, “of being my key to your lock”. Or more distinctly, the sexual honesty required to be more than chemicals in each other. Lover means: a value, that cannot be matched by any other person in life. Lover extends, to the reality each person is their own identity, and cannot be measured against another.

The critical complaint in all sexual encounters is: “I wanted more/ or I wanted less”. The term want, is used: because the reality of each sexual act is constructed on the question, “can you build my heart”. Want refuses that, to become: “what did I get out of this”! limiting life by body; to “its good or bad”.

So, let’s begin with the conception of “building a heart”. Extending desire, to the purposes of finding the value that is more, than I ever knew life could be. That desire ascends from the search, to know your soul. The physical elements are then set aside, to assemble the rise of life from me to you/ and you to me; when joined, there is love. When there is love, the very essence of life becomes real; and in that reality the search becomes a destiny for each one.

Few are able to attain this level of respect, desire, love, and trust: because it is a dangerous place to be. Finding in the other, that they could not accept this risk/ or finding in the other, that they intend to steal; is heartbreaking. But for those who do, life will never be the same. Love, the cradle built for your heart; will not allow it!

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