leadership 9


Leadership 9

So the question is: can we survive the leadership of men/ as this is, “the best they did do; for our world”; which does stand on the edge of our own extinction; because of choices made/ and the consequences that are true.

The answer is: NO, we cannot survive men in charge/ because their finite answer is, as history proves: WAR.

The critical question then becomes who can lead if not men? Pointing directly at women: the quest to determine if they can resolve anything without greed, selfishness, and war being the end result? Finds its answer as: NO, they are little better than men; however life made them understand: LAW/ NOT war must be their answer. And that foundation of everything we can decide; is elementally required, for even a chance life on earth does not soon become extinct. So we consider the challenge, and understand from the beginning: that it is BOTH men and women “combined equally”, that surrenders the most likely response to our survival, by balancing each with the other in order to form the most likely disciplined decisions humanity is possible to make. With the caveat; that women must functionally lead; because law is better than war.

Men will erupt into “violent outbreaks of refusal”; because yes we can is their game plan/ and no you can’t represents “the enemy”. But truth responds to that with evidence: the earth is a finite source of everything/ and without resources there is no life, because there is no future. One simple world wide search; will prove life is limited. The boundaries you impose today, will decide how many children/ how long this earth will live: even if you do your best, the destruction is massive; because men chose apathy/ not respect, and led each other to ruin. The sacrifice of every child. The curse of extinction upon every living thing that is, this planet of Creation. Which DOES make you the enemies of life itself. Shaping your death into war, as intended and led by universities: with GOD .

The seven elements of living human.

The critical construction is: WHY, after thousands of years under male domination; have we failed as a society of humanity throughout the world/ to become “safe, happy, peaceful, loving, respectful, disciplined, and orderly” in all that we do?

The consequence of being safe is: “I don’t need you anymore”.

The consequence of being happy is: “the struggle is over, and I have everything I need or desire”.

The consequence of being peaceful is: “no you may not be aggressive or competitive or prideful” we won’t allow it.

The consequence of being loving is: “there is no room here for hate”.

The consequence of being respectful is: “you cannot simply discard the law, or deny justice to everyone”.

The consequence of being disciplined is: “that we do have a duty and a responsibility to life, self, and each other”.

The consequence of being orderly is: “that want must die, and all the lies that go with it/ granting, the steps you have taken, will guide the way to your future destiny; not, the fate of your lies”.

In these seven simple elements of time, we can then understand; by the description “it’s a man’s world”. That men as a majority, or as a reality of consequences they create as a whole: do not desire the values each element represents. Instead they want what they want, and they do what they do, and they war as they war: because they want the games created more.

Therefore we ask: WHY, would men choose, a game for themselves; that inevitably leads to destruction, tragedy, chaos, war and all the rest/ be more desired than the foundations of a life that provides none of that?

The answer: if you are not safe/ then you need someone to protect you; and their individual value goes up. So women are then forced to choose those who can or will protect; as best they can. The foundation response is then: men want women, and to make them choose men create situations that force their decision.

The answer: if you are already happy, I represent no great possibility, and therefore have no real value to your life or situation; because you are already happy, and that as an essence of life and living grant the stability to be free. The foundation response is then: men want women, and to force them into acceptance of a life they might not otherwise choose: women must be somewhat unhappy/ or they don’t need men, for more than sex.

The answer: men choose aggression instead of cooperation and peace.  To attain greater things than their own abilities will allow; making themselves “more”. Men choose competition, to create a game which gives to the competitor the pride which demands: I AM the superior one/look at me/ listen to me, I am like a god compared to those others. All women must then, admire and want me.

The answer: men choose to hate, because they can then force an acceptance of their ways, and thereby pretend;  “not only a winner (or a man to fear)/ but a god, to you”. Therefore every sexual demand had better be met with obedience and submission.

The answer:  men choose to deny respect and avoid the law by creating war; to get more for themselves, without admitting to justice, fair play, equality, or life has a right. If life is just a toy, it can be measured and destroyed; ending competition before it begins. If a woman has no respect/ then she can be used for sex/ abused by sex/ destroyed if she does not submit to sex/ or measured worthless, and abandoned to death. Which says: FEAR men, a reality that then becomes, “don’t challenge me”.

The answer: men take what they want and go, discarding the responsibilities inherent with what they do: to claim freedom has no price. I can take whatever I want, simply because I can take whatever I want; as all criminals do. The price to women is: find another way to deal with, and survive “the criminal element”.

The answer: to why men destroy order instead of establish it. Is found in the games they play; because the play for who must be the slave. And when the slaves become too many lost/ they revolt by war, hatred, violence, and tear down what the rich man depends upon for his wealth. So they can be more equal and needed by other men once again. Women are required to endure, the tragedy that is this game; just like men.

Thereby, the understanding is simple: humanity cannot accept and sustain peace, love, respect, happiness, values, or discipline/ primarily because men play games with life, earth, women, and everything they touch. Even if one nation does/ another nation does not; and they then attack that nation, instead of themselves: demanding it’s better to steal and murder and rape and ravage their nation, than ours. While the historical reality of women is: we must endure and survive, for the sake of our children; because these belong to us.

Now faced with extinction, and a world so filled with humanity we dare not have a world war/ or weapons of mass destruction will destroy us all. The crush, and the reality of men abusing men and disrespecting life in every sense of the word: demands THERE WILL BE WAR. Because soon, no water/ no food/ no future/ and no way out will invade every life, and render us all incapable of sanity. At the historical one hundred year average of just over 3% human population growth per year:  kill a billion people, and they will “return by the numbers” in just five years. Which means: without change;  to sustain the population of today, 225+ million people need to be killed, or simply not born; every year. Insanity WILL say: weapons of mass destruction are our only hope. But alas, they can only produce extinction for all! If you say, we can vaccinate ourselves, and release biological weapons on them: they will answer “with true TERRORS” ON YOU. If you assume, you can escape to the far corners of this earth/ and survive:  only horrors and hell will be your end. Together we live, by peace, love, and law/ or together we die; because we are simply too many people, for any other way.  KNOW, that is true!

So the question is: CAN YOU REMOVE YOUR GAME, and accept: the value of your living, is literally found in the desires of your own heart. Can men accept, that women were not born into this game; even refused to play/ and thereby stand, by the decision of their vote;  as the most likely remedy to remove it.

So the question is: can the majority of men, remove the possibilities of being ruled by the few. Thereby constructing a new way of life, that lives for peace, harmony, respect, the values of life and the essence of love; instead of playing games to their own eternal death.

The decision “is human”. The reality is time ends/ or not!

The simple summary: “I want what I want” is not enough to keep this earth alive. The simple truth: demanding “You don’t want the game to end; you don’t care; you don’t have to participate for life or value; love and law is not enough to replace what you don’t want”/ all exist to say, you are at death’s door. And if you don’t turn from it, you will go extinct.

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