leadership 8

leadership 8

Leadership 8

living as life on earth/ instead of animals in time. The animal believes whatever it wants to believe; because that makes life and living whatever they want. Because truth does not matter/ the evidence is irrelevant/ and the cost of being wrong, merely a game, because it was just “belief (I have a right to be wrong)”: you don’t know either. So the living is a game of whatever I can get, and the trophy, trinket, or toy is a reality of “yes I can/ versus no you can’t”. and the power of it is: I will make you cry, because I am superior to you/ I can judge you, because I am more.

In contrast to all of that, which is living as the animals do; along with sex is just about the chemicals/ the demand for offspring. LOVE appears as the diligent building of a life shaped by sharing with those we care about; and the living becomes family, and the family becomes a home from which we can and do retreat from the world. So that being a human alive, in the miracles of GOD DID THIS for us; lends respect to every living thing, along with this world as well.

The curse of life is: “university Satan”/ wherein all that is a miracle, is reduced to “nothing but chaos/ accidentally aligning into “a trillion plus” realities of order, discipline, and balance; which they say, never included a brain until basically “men came along”. So YOUR life, was built by cellular organisms without a brain; who had no knowledge/ no tools/ no understanding/ no food or mouth to eat with/ no stomach/ no senses/ no reproduction capability/ no anything sufficient to remain alive, or build anything at all. We call that Satan, as the instigators: whose purpose in life and teaching is to reduce you; to a pitiful sludge of apathy/ disgrace/ disrespect/ and the vile forms of puke and vomit as is “the army of the dead”. Literally doing the best they can to make you extinct: as is the case of threats surround us all/ on this world so badly ravaged and raped; the future may indeed be dead; and your own lives are in jeopardy of extinction at any given time. So says the experimentation of universities/ realities of weapons of mass destruction/ and everything that is bad proves the consequences of being wrong; are horrendous.

So I turn you back to truth (no more fantasy); the quest for knowledge through evidence as a value proven by reality (law exists as truth defines it)/ the disciplines of thought (imagination is NOT enough)/ the order of building anything requires thought/ and balancing the various living elements in every body with harmony, is no accident. Or more distinctly the proof of reality, is a miracle of existence; NO DEAD WEIGHT (the blanket stupidity of failure, in the delusions of your former classmates) OF UNIVERSITY playing god/ survives the test of truth.

The value of humanity, revolves around itself/ which is primarily, why the herd exists.

More descriptively: life is a value only when presented with the options of love, thought, hope, freedom, respect, friendship, and reasonable security. Which means to achieve a necessary acceptance of the cost; that will be required of us all. Humanity itself, must conclude these things are attainable, and defendable by me.

If you do not, you will fail!

To understand value, we must understand why happiness (the summary of love, hope, friendship, and respect), wholeness (respect is earned), dignity (freedom is freedom), and the disciplines of order and balance are intrinsic to life itself (as is thought).

We begin with the single assertion: time is, the summary of our lives, by the value we placed within those borders and boundaries. If there is no value/ there is no eternity. If there is hate instead of value; by the measure of your own destruction/ you shall earn the same.

Therefore life, is about love and what we do with our time in connection with that love we did choose. Hate has no place in life, and is used merely to aid and abet the conclusion: this does NOT belong here, among our love.

Discipline states: that love is not an easy choice, because its price is to be vulnerable; beyond the limits where we are “perfectly secure”; at least in our own mind. The cost of being wrong/ or the cost of death: is a reality that enters inside to determine exactly what you believe and accept love to be. Therefore the choice of real love, is to risk the reality of who you are today. Change can be required; and that can either be “bad or good”. It all depends upon your decision to accept life is a gift, that ultimately, does not belong to anyone but GOD. Or more distinctly: the value of love is not a possession/ therefore you cannot own it. You can merely cherish the moments given to you. So the question of value, develops over moments; and the decision, of what that love (including its subsidiaries) meant to you; as time passes by.

We examine the order of those things by establishing in favor of love, the three basic ingredients that are required. Honesty means you care about me too/ hope, establishes the future by expressing the passions I have chose/ desire creates a purpose for the soul (to be thankful for all of creation/ particularly this one), and it is within the soul that love itself will arise.

To balance our lives, with the dignity of freedom; is to understand, that neither I nor you, can be bought or sold/ that is not “the gift of GOD” to our lives. Thereby if you do such a thing or claim such a thing: you are “robbing GOD” from his own work. A reality, that CANNOT have a good result. True respect is required, for every human life too: apart from hate itself.

We now begin in the search for all that love can be. The question is: when we find the treasure that is love;  why and how, is it possible that people having touched the reality of “greatness (as is love itself)”; should turn away and be less? That functionally is the difference, between a human “being alive”/ and a human animal wanting more, by discarding the rest. It is no small thing.

There are three parts to that reality: one is fear, love limits your control, and does not surrender to your wants; only your honest desire to be “a part of me”. Fear removes that ability to respond, and it makes you hide from the reality of its draw. Consequently you have surrendered to the darkness/ until such time as you are willing to take the risk, and receive its reward.

The second is pride: you cannot be the winner/ and let someone else be the loser in love. These are opposite realities, that do not go together. If you must win/ then you cannot love; because love has no winners/ we share equally, and forever.

The third is time; as in, if I give my life to you/ then there is nothing left for me to use for myself. Not even the things I must do, for life to survive. Because true love is all encompassing, a binding with freedom, that is not completely free. Or more distinctly, every life must choose the level of love they can or will create for another living being. You cannot divide yourself, beyond what can be survived as the dignity of who and what your own true identity must and will be. Therefore time is the measure, that draws a line: between what is the very most important thing you can achieve, and all the rest. Where true love is allowed to be your first choice; that love will be deep and unshakeable. But if confronted with survival of everything else you do love comes first: the reality of division will cause you to fail both realities. There can be only one true choice; and if the world itself “hangs in the balance”; it is that world “In my mind” that comes first. Without a life, there is no love. If we all die, there is no world: and our extinction looms dangerously close.

So, the question is: how do we attain happiness? The answer comes in two distinct parts: the first reality is our world, and all its life processes which keep this planet filled with life MUST survive first.

The second is: to achieve love, hope, friendship and respect, is to be happy. Simple as that. so the question is: how do we achieve love? That reality is complex, and examines the soul to understand: real love comes only through the acceptance of miracles, and the desire to accept your own journey in discovery, to search within time, for the desire of your heart to elevate miracles into life itself.

When you have achieved that, hope comes naturally; and GOD the CREATOR of our world, will find you through respect. Simple as that.

The element of friendship is not so well defined; as people make up the cause and purpose of friendship; and they are involved in their own fate or destiny; as one decision leads to the next. That fact isolates the consequences of their own choices and yours; as the cause for why honest friends are in fact, hard to find. Media sucks you in/ electronics suck you in/ measurements suck you in/ competition sucks you in/ greed & lust & pride takes you away/ moving away/ disrespect, judgment, gossip, failure to forgive (even when warranted)/ respect lost, inequality and pride/ fear, and more all prove to be a cost, and a reality greater than friendships allow. An orderly life gives direction. When order has failed, religion offers discipline to get your life back, but if you fail to balance the realities offered to you in order and discipline: you will pass by the opportunities dedicated to finding life itself.

The question of happiness is then coupled to your individual decisions; as they do comprise the direction, and vast majority of options or paths that you may take thereafter. When you have achieved all four developments of the heart, you will be happy. When you have chosen for a world instead of self; you will face the inevitable reality, “personal happiness will have to wait”. But if you fail the world, all happiness will die, including yours.

The elemental quest for marriage is governed by the consequences of why we chose to be married. Happiness results from the truth of what we actually bring to that purpose: which is to honor each other, with the value “I desire to share my whole life with you”; adding in, at a cost that proves we care. To get to that moment: you must achieve the singular value, we do respect each other. Everything else comes after respect. NOT LUST, respect for the truth: everything I can gain, or you can receive;  is dependent upon, the honest gift of our love.

As to passion, which includes the desire for body; the foundation is, “if you are my soulmate”/ there will be, an equality between us.

As to family: it is for the law to judge/ not you. The foundation of respect is: NEVER make my decision for me, it is mine alone; even if you believe that is wrong. It is still my life, and it will become my eternity: the possession of my choice is thereby, “forever mine”. Do not let want drive your choice. Do remember: your personal choice/ is your personal responsibility.

As to society itself: the duty before us is justice, fair play, equity for the work done, and equality of opportunity for every citizen as best they can. That requires paying close attention to the courts, and evicting a judge or police or lawyer when necessary.

As to this world: our planet dies only once; and if it does/ then it will take us all, in that death. The cost of being WRONG, extends to the unborn, and every other living thing on earth.

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