leadership 7


Leadership 7

What is true? Answer: truth is the destiny of those who let truth decide; an the quagmire of those who don’t. Only truth, can identify truth; there is no mercy to intervene or describe an alternate view: truth is truth, and nothing else can change that. So the critical answer to this question, in this work of life on earth faces extinction: is what do we know to be a threat against life and planet?

The foundation answer for that is: “university is our enemy”/ because their changes have had consequences far beyond anything they conceived of or cared about. Those consequences; are now threatening our lives, our world, our future, our nation, our nature, our planet, our children, our everything. And it is, that simple, with only a few alterations to an exception we must consider in this process of finding how to survive; as life and earth.

We must consider what is true, about everything as a world: choosing to survive, by obtaining knowledge, through the understanding that will promote wisdom. That does not mean you will accept wisdom, understanding, or knowledge as a majority of human animals never do/ they cannot: want/ pride/ and power override truth and reality. But nonetheless we must try to remove the blinders people wear, so they don’t have to change. The foundation of university is YES WE CAN/ the foundation of survival will be NO YOU CAN’T; because you chose to destroy so much.

Of foundation principles is the multitudes of humanity now present on this earth: that is not judgment, it is reality. The cost of that reality is: 8 billion people generate a population increase of about one quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year/ as a world. You cannot sustain that; and you might not be able to survive that/ and you will eat the seed you need for next years crop; ending life and this living earth. Because before cannibalism begins, you will literally attack everything else. As you have no choice. Such is the future you have chosen. Truth is truth; what you believe/ what you want or don’t want; is absolutely irrelevant. It is, what it is.

In this America: you believe starvation will not happen to you/ but reality does not agree; as the cost of what you do is evident and true. Mutilating every form of nature, and blending every form of species, and deliberately injecting biological warfare as was covid from your universities “to you”. The sterilization of species/ the end of biological defenses/ the risk to all plant and livestock from genetic risks being taken. The end of some fertilizers/ ocean life being disseminated by your apathy and failures. Water supplies ending across the planet. Massive upheaval in society due to university targeted catastrophes. Failure from every side, as both resources and the realities of economics collide into the fantasies that end with, because of university destruction. The collapse of government which is university run. The collapse of religion which is university dissolved. The collapse of life by university mutilation. The collapse of our living planet, by university gambles with energy and more.

Every child has been sacrificed; and even if you do your best: no guarantee can be found to indicate if we could survive. That question stands as a reality governed by your choices, and our truth as a world. These are just a tiny few of the fundamentals, that are life or death for this earth. Extinction is most likely, but not guaranteed either. So some will try to escape; but they will fail; because there is no place to run in this world being threatened by university plays god.

Examining the truth of our reality, identifying the consequences, and determining what can and cannot be done to save our lives.

While it is true, even the ground hears more than humanity, when they get what they want/ the reality of what you do not want, and cannot avoid; has already begun. It is only a tiny bit more time before complete economic collapse, and it is necessary even to pray for that.
Because if it does not come soon, then there shall be complete environmental collapse in all manner of ways, and our option to change, and survive; will end with that fact. So I tell you the reader, expect that; and do not let it be your own downfall: because at this point in time it is all that stands between life and death for our world. The economic lies are endless, the reality of truth is absolute: the only variable is whether or not, life shall be saved. That will be determined by truth/ if that truth is avoided for any extended period of time at this point: the lies win, and this earth will die. You have played your games. You have chosen to bury “a billion people and other life underneath the garbage mountains you created”: because the future life needed resources too. And even if you change, their future is lost: so you killed them with your greed, pride, arrogance, and extreme want for trophies and games; as many little children do.

The caption to this story is: the constant of human behavior is, “GIVE ME WHAT I WANT/ I DON’T CARE NOTHING, ABOUT THE FUTURE; I WANT IT ALL NOW”! Which ends as history proves; with the constant cycle of failure and then war, which causes even more environmental destruction, “because we can”. Or, listen to me, I AM MAD/ I don’t want this, so its all YOUR fault. That, Is called male leadership! Alas, women many times, want even more than men/ but they are more dedicated to life, than trophies. Whether they can lead instead of men is questionable/ but they cannot do worse, than men. As seen in our reality today: to gamble with every life, and even the planet itself: as complete fools. The cost of being wrong: extinction. The reality: without a brain among them, cult worshipers who failed existence itself.

So the critical element is: whether or not, MERCY will make humanity recognize its own truth/ before, they are given to extinction forever! I cannot tell you, if that mercy will arise. I can tell you, that it will not be GOD that causes your consequences: YOU DID THAT. I can only tell you, that I pray: if we will not be allowed to fight for life/ then please, let the lies continue until hell begins. Simply because these last few days should not be given to the endless grief of your failures;  but time instead, for those who have love, just to remember how valuable life truly is.

And all the world says: ignore him, we are doing GREAT! As they have been doing for over forty years. But alas, lies about everything, have brought you this far/ and lies, never last. It is too late to stop the consequences you chose: except for the very last, drop off the cliff into oblivion. With no chance to escape extinction.

So today we ask for mercy, reminding everyone that only truth can keep life and earth alive! The destruction is enormous; the result of ransacking and raping everything/ everywhere; to feed the volcanos of refuse, a factory must produce to keep society working. Credit is of course the means for the poor, to get all they can carry to the garbage mountains; so they can feel rich too. Doing your share to crucify the future, just like a rich man.

So let’s review our options for surviving should mercy allow and grant one last chance before everything is lost forever. You can’t survive your population growth/ environmental destruction/ water crisis/ ocean destruction/ nuclear ignition of atoms/ nor all the rest. You can’t even survive your economic destruction: because you lied, and then you lied some more, and then you cursed your children, and then you crucified the future. So the critical issue is mercy, and the reality of that mercy is: whether or not you can contain the men from all-out world war with weapons of mass destruction.  Because the insanity of “I DON’T WANT THIS”; IS GOING to be extreme. The potential for violence an ever present point of ignition, that will be hard to suppress. Until you provide for yourselves world law, with world policing for justice and security, which includes environment: on  EVERY leader.

The second obstacle is: with the entire framework of human economy worldwide in collapse, from the endless lies; and countless aggravated destruction of “my life’s work”/ because of those lies. The value of human life is going to be “less”; because everybody failed me; so the claim will go. Not true of course, as I can honestly testify: GREED, PRIDE, and the assertion of power has ruled this world for the last forty plus years. YOUR  greed, pride, etc: as established some thirty plus years ago, when confronting one man physically to demand we are going to pay for this! Trembling with fear, his words were clear and certain, speaking for all; because there was no difference in the others. (not even fear, could bring you back) You raced to the university, begging for acceptance: because that, is where the stolen money/ the ransacking and rape of America, was. He said quote: “I don’t care, I am making good money for the first time in my life/ and DON’T you do nothing to change that”. It was a unanimous decision/ greed would rule, and pride would fight. So I quit fighting, here; to explore “beyond time”; and prepare as best I could, for what could, and would, and has become:  the consequences of your life. You’re greed brought us here, and you’re pride forced us into the sewer of you’re failures. So now, the decisions you don’t want to make, will soon face you and your eternal reality: as YOUR choice for life or death of all creation. Fail your world, and you will be sorry “forever”.

The third obstacle is: how to survive, even if we try? It won’t be easy, and it won’t be by want! You must follow truth, or be consumed. That means literally: no more want, and you live by want; using lies to cover everything, so you can have more “right this minute”/ regardless of the cost or consequence to your future. As the evidence absolutely does prove. Life or death is then determined by whether you remove your own wants, and control the wants of others correctly enough to survive. Violence and hate will be determined by removing your claim too: I don’t want this/ and the encircling disaster that is insanity. Fail this, and your world goes to HELL.

The fourth obstacle is: everything the universities taught you to do is wrong, with extremely few exceptions/ and if you are granted mercy, the endless work to redo living on this earth; will demand all the help you can get. Until such time as, finally some relief, as is nature is rebuilding enough, to believe in a future; begins to appear. Slack off, and it will die; but you may    “breathe a little easier”/ as life climbs above the crevice that is, your chosen “university grave”. We will describe a little difference here, between university and college. While college is now given to respect the reality of finding solutions for life, and participating directly in the foundations for a better world. University is now given to be the lack of respect for life, the arrogance and gambling which fails everything: because those who want to play, and even play god: must then find something to do/ so they aren’t thrown out into the real world of living with truth. You will control and respect the colleges, who will help you survive. And you will “destroy” the universities, to claim back your future, and your world.

The fifth obstacle is: food and water supplies, are not what you believe them to be. Just like your money is actually worthless/ the reality of your life is sustained by destroying the future, and pretending it is not so. You will investigate that fact, and identify what you can do to prevent further devastation of everything. Including all other life on earth as well. Or you will war, as if there is no tomorrow; because that will become your truth.

The sixth obstacle is: you have no respect, not for life/ not for this earth/ not for each other/ not for the future or world or seas or anything. Because you threw it all away, to follow your media driven delusions, and imagery: called a god of university, and all they did was make you a slave. That has consequences, such as: no more friends/ family driven to “not here anymore”/ enormous debts/ no more miracles, just slavery or trophies you throw away/ no more future/ no more value to life. Make a change or die.

The seventh obstacle is: you must restructure living as a society, living with nature, living with religion, living with energy and options, living with the sea, living with computers, living with “basically just everything”; because little is sustainable as it is. You will war, because life will fail you.


So, if you are up for the fight for an entire world of life/ then pray for mercy to enable truth to be forced onto humanity before it tumbles into oblivion; and cannot come back. Because it is too late now.

If you are not up for the fight, and are willing to let an entire world of life be lost; then       pray for a little more time to be happy as best you can/ because a little more time is all you now have left. So says the evidence of all the things you chose. Not a game. No I don’t wish to lead you, but I will help you keep this earth alive; as best I can/ IF YOU are working to that end. If not, you are abandoned.

As to the ignition of nuclear fire on this earth: it is the easy way out. You will simply be incinerated. Much quicker and easier than endless war, along with the inevitable cannibalism, and destruction of literally everything alive; that will take control over this earth. Because what we need to survive, that this earth provides: is literally failing, and your lies won’t change that. a quadrillion tons of oxygen consumed by human endeavors per year: gee, I wonder what the long term result could be? HOW long? Ah well, the children didn’t want to live anyway: now ain’t that right?

Please, don’t believe a word: GO INVESTIGATE, AND DETERMINE WHAT THE COST OF BEING WRONG; will be!  NO, I DO NOT “HATE” the universities/ I despise, our world and every form of life being threatened with extinction; as is the truth.

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