leadership 6

leadership 6

Leadership 6

Governing means: “the rich get whatever they want/ unless pride takes control, and weapons rule instead”. True democracy means: we became a nation to evict government/ and become the makers of our own laws. Thereby sustaining this democracy by the unity of our own demands. Constructing freedom/ conceiving of happiness/ implementing the values we hold most dear/ protecting the future/ demanding securities for ourselves/ sustaining life and planet and resources; so that our future may be true to life and living as we define it to be.

Governing demands: BY THE MONEY we govern you; with bribes or whatever we decide to give/ taking for ourselves whatever pride and power will distribute; by the disguises of corruption, conspiracy, and collusion throughout the system called government.

Democracy decides: by the law we create for ourselves/ we then rule over ourselves, and discard leadership: because we have the power to choose for life, instead of money. We own the power to decide for military purposes, by our own definitions of what you can and cannot do; in the name of this nation: primarily that only includes defense.

Democracy decides: that we should hire those who are competent to investigate and prove our laws are being kept; as intended; by all measures of society and its economic decisions.

Democracy decides: that we the people should have the maximum ownership of this nation for ourselves, and no other. That we require the maximum business opportunities possible for ourselves/ and these things are not to be given away to monopolies under any disguise that seeks to remove our control of the future or the nation from we the people; to our enemies.

Democracy decides: that all public communication shall be owned ONLY by the public; as with a road is owned so that all may travel here, without a charge. That entitles those who have a story to share, to be enabled to share that story; while the rest will preside over what is important enough, we all must hear this news.

Democracy decides: by our vote, upon the laws most necessary, that control us all. To insure: we the people are in control over our governing employees. Using redress of grievances as the method provided by democracy, as a constitutionally approved method of testing the value of where this nation or state has been led.

Democracy decides: WE ARE, THE LITERAL OWNERS HERE/ and those employees who work for us; SHALL NOT deny that under any circumstance or method. But hold true the sacred honesty: we the people, shall decide.

Governing means: to accomplish, what the people cannot do for themselves. Nothing more, & nothing less.

So the critical question is: WHAT can the people NOT do for themselves? Because in a democracy in particular, the right to make laws/ the right to evict judiciary/ the right to decide war/ the right to control mass communication/ the right to control education/ the right to control spending/ the right to control debts/ the right to participate directly in policing and how it’s done/ the right to control business and infrastructure/ the right to be, “the foremost authority, on raising their own children”/ the right to freedoms and control over their democracy/ the right to enforce law/ the right to control the military/ the right to control the universities/ the right to establish limited capitalism/ the right to change “wall street” and those like it/ the right to demand reality in their own currency/ AND MANY MORE all prove that “government” is a limited need, with very limited authority over the people themselves.

The foundation of that governing particularly as a democracy, is literally: THE POWER to decide what our lives and our society and our world shall be, is determined by who does the work/ and who controls the resources to do that work. The reality of how the work shall be done, is given over to the evidence of truth by its consequence/ and what it does mean to be WRONG. The right to incur debt has no meaning in democracy/ no truth in governing; as those employees are given the directive to do what needs to be done: with what they are given. The people decide all the rest; including the right to remain our employee with term limits and more.

The critical defense against all of that is: “the people can’t do it for themselves/ and they don’t want too”! So, society as the powerful demand;  makes or allows it, to be a game.

But let’s review.

  • Laws govern society, and it is these which control the outcome of what a society shall be. Once a law is written properly, it need not ever be changed unless the people decide by their vote on that law; that it must. While it is a critical undertaking that requires participation from the public: the price, is well worth the outcome/ particularly after the work is done. NO MORE bribes, or prejudice, or inequality, or letting corruption rule our lives. We decide, and we live with the result. Simple as that. the politician becomes an investigator: whose job it is, to establish and protect what we have decided our society shall be.
  • Limited capitalism ENDS the power over society by a tiny few. Because we literally control how much money and resources they are allowed to obtain. By limiting their income per year/ by limiting their control over resources/ by limiting their possession of property: to the reality of what we decide as a nation over all! No more extremely wealthy people, establishes far fewer living in poverty; and with options for themselves. All wealth is: we, or I; made the others poor (be my slave; but I don’t want any responsibility for your life; so I give you pennies)!
  • World law, and its policing directed and defined to rule over rulers. Determines whether we can or cannot remove weapons of mass destruction. As we the people by our vote and our command: every single one shall be removed on our orders. Because there is no government, without the people who do the work. Removing excess weapons, establishes freedom to rule yourselves.
  • The judiciary and every participant in a courtroom: shall in fact, be graded in every occurrence as too their contribution to freedom/ justice/ fair play/ equality/ equity for your contribution/ and constitutional purposes as is consistent with liberty. That grade determines who remains a judge or lawyer in the court/ and it decides who moves on to any other courtroom. No more congress decides. Every courtroom is hereby opened: to public view, with only a tiny few exceptions. Because that is what it takes to maintain truth and the reality of constitutional law and its social purposes. We will pay the lawyers as a society, “a fair price” dependent upon their work/ no more criminal, financial gangsters allowed. As a society we will determine what the punishments shall be; and the courts, juries, lawyers, corporations, etc shall obey.
  • As has been proven mass communication is a curse on the people themselves; because in the hands of a tiny few: every disease and cult worshiper gets a voice in how to defeat life and planet. Whore’s (only power and greed matter) in charge; produce a world in decay/ and a nation under assault by insurrection; hidden in plain view.
  • Education is a failures fantasy; as the sum total of what they offer is, “either get yourselves in debt forever, and be a good little boy or girl obeying every command”. Or be condemned to an education worth nothing in life, work, or survival. Because the college says if you ain’t one of us/ THEN, you should just die, beg, or prostitute. “try drugs”, we will help; just go to the hospital where they will load you with drugs, and pretend its not to make you an addict. Its just for fun!
  • Money is not a game, it holds the value of your work/ for a time when you need it later. That trust expected from government; has proven to be too much to ask/ as the employees stole, corrupted, destroyed, buried, poisoned, threw away, pretended to be god, and literally bought every single toy for themselves that they could think of; giving primary control of all US currency; to their cult “the university is god”. Who burned it with their delusions, arrogance, and apathy: just to prove they could. Currency must be constitutionally controlled by changing the constitution itself. Making it treason, punishable by death: for an employee of any kind to subject that currency to inflation or debt. It shall not be so. Instead the currency shall be determined by population count, as in “so many numbers will be allowed” per citizen; and no more. Giving stability and the clear understanding of just where you stand in terms of the others. Divided equally we all get the same, which includes if you ain’t a life, you don’t get counted/ but since work, is an individual thing, and some are truly worth more money than the others; it will never be the same for long. As is consistent with fair play. Once every ten years or so along with a census count: that number can be adjusted by public vote; up or down, but not by more than two percent per vote.
  • Debt means: “we want it now”. But it is also the means by which the elderly (the young need it/ but the elderly need options as well) are able to get their investment back; for work done. Consequently debts are useful, but NEVER again, by the means and methods used today. The demand for a peaceful and harmonious society shall determine the way; we all get a vote on what that path shall be. What a debt shall or shall not be. What banking and other terms similar shall provide, and how much they will take. Because we own this nation, and you work for us: which makes banking open to a public vote. NO, YOU CAN’T expand without our permission, or any other act that is not conceived of by public vote as within your right.
  • Policing means: “this ain’t for everybody”/ but it is an important contribution in every society; because we can’t always defend ourselves. The clear demand is a bill of rights: distinctly outlining what is required of each citizen and each policing officer; with penalties assigned where a failure exists. NOBODY gets to play god/ or assert, I don’t have to obey our laws. Safety and security is entirely dependent upon respect. That respect is due to each and every single one; which includes both the citizen and the policing official. Define it, and insist!
  1. Unlike the disease of university which has determined to kill the world, so they could have their riches, and enslave the rest. The reality of a future for every child, a consistent and secured society for each one: is entirely dependent upon what we do with our resources. It ain’t no game! Therefore UNLIKE the absolute failure of city planners as defined by the university diploma, and their arrogance. The reality of our future as a nation or world is determined by the truth of our population. WE ARE, in extreme danger from humanity exploding to destroy this whole world. Every part, and every piece, and every decision that will then become what the future does hold: SHALL BE DETERMINED, by what can or cannot produce a result that allows life itself to survive. Every life, not just yours/ plants, insects, animals, sea, etc.
  2. While it is true, by its most simple expression, “nothing is more important than a child”. The reality of raising that child is ultimately the responsibility of its parent. They are the front line, in the battle to keep this child alive. If they fail severely they are removed. But until then, your response shall be to support and defend those who have accepted their duty for zero population growth on this planet for humanity. That does NOT provide an excuse for being lazy/ but it does present society with the need for child care services and a wide variety of we can and will help you. Those who fail to accept the reality of our world, and contribute more children than allowed, will receive no help at all/ and they will be financially penalized which includes jail time. Death of a child shall not alter this reality: you made your decision. Abortion is not birth control/ but it will be allowed for approximately the first forty days: you have a right, before “the human element, is formed”. After that, it is based entirely upon whether a threat of life lost for the mother/ or critical damage to the child exists.
  3. The essence of freedom is: I HAVE the right to make mistakes, if I so desire/ BECAUSE I HAVE accepted responsibility for those consequences are my own. I recognize the reality, and I choose to make the life decisions; even if it results in my death: for myself, and no one else. That is, my guaranteed right; as a human being formed without bonds. You cannot own me, or my life! Nor can you sell it, give it away, buy it, use it, abuse it, or discard it like the trash. I am human, and I have rights. As do you!
  4. Enforcing our laws, as is the liberty of democracy defined by we the people in protection of ourselves: grants, that some things which seem free to the individual; shall not be free. Because the damage they do cause, affects us all, in one way or another. Drugs being the single most illustrative of these occurrences is used for example. You have the right to do drugs/ not steal them. But the right to sell you drugs, distinctly known to be harmful to you and others; is not a deliberate right. We have the right to confiscate drugs defined as illegal. We have the right to control access to drugs we define as harmful. We have the right to establish centers for addicts. We have the right to use confiscated drugs in those centers; letting your own freedom decide if you will throw your life away. We have the right to offer you options instead/ but if you will not provide for yourself an exit. Then we will not provide for you, an escape.
  5. Every military soldier throughout time has been faced with the reality: kill them, or we kill you (prison included). That fact does not give merit to the leaders of those soldiers; as they can sacrifice all or any they desire. The bill of rights, consistent with military duty, but defined by citizen justice and fair play: must be granted to each and every soldier.  More simply, a primary purpose for the bill of rights is: to take our leader with us, to the front of the line/ by reviewing whether or not, his or her decision was appropriate to our cost. Whether his or her life shall be thrown in prison, or destroyed. Dividing the line between leader and not: so that inappropriate behaviors or deaths, become far less likely.
  6. The universities have been at the forefront of DESTROY THIS WHOLE WORLD, GRANTING THAT NOTHING should survive, but themselves. And even they don’t believe it; which is why they fight for a “space program”. It’s their exit zone. Trillions spent for all but nothing. The reality of mutilating nature, and trying deliberately to destroy its order, disciplines, and balance. the reality of risking every food source, polluting everything, and in general being “SATAN HIMSELF: demands the chains and prison cell” that will create an entirely different experience for “the university elite”. Nobody plays god with life, it is sacred. Nobody plays god with planet, it is sacred. Nobody destroys the resources in ways that annihilate every possibility of survival; as they have done. NOBODY gets to be “the university god cult” anymore. Reality comes to truth, and truth will judge you harshly; unless you obey fully, and without consequence.
  7. Destroying business is what “wall street” is about. They offer nothing to the reality of our lives, except fake money for those who participate/ by killing business in general. A business run on counterfeiting, is no business at all. since every business in America is run on counterfeit money: they have destroyed this economy on purpose with the hidden reality of university driven government. Who took our jobs to hide their corruption/ their failures/ their foolishness/ and blind arrogance without a shred of duty. Every portion and part of investing, is then subject to real public laws by their own vote; that will obey the truth of our economy and lives, by NOT allowing any portion of those investments to be driven by how many people participate. A stock for instance is worth only what its true intrinsic provable value is. No more games/ no more gambling/ no more lies/ no more “rich”; there will be caps and limits consistent with letting all the people be assured: their currency and their jobs are secure.
  8. The public shall never forget: without resources, there is no future but death. Therefore you shall NOT plunder and rape, ravaging the world so you can continue to build your garbage mountains; or eternity will literally remember your name, and you will reap the appropriate reward.

Leadership is then about the value of what we can do together, for a world of life that lives to benefit, because we did.

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