leadership 5


Leadership 5

Challenging the cult: MEANS, every courtroom in this state of IL and this nation called USA: CANNOT discard a valid argument for protection of its people; by proclaiming. WE, THE JUDICIARY cannot hear a case of university theory or otherwise; because we are not educated to be the experts against them/ and neither are you. Therefore discarded, regardless of the cost that is being WRONG. Which included in several cases; the end of life and earth. As is mutilation of nature which is genetics; the predicted Armageddon/ and igniting a nuclear fire, which unless it extinguishes itself; WILL turn this earth into a sun. the predicted; judged by fire.

These are not insignificant charges, and they are not outside the realm of judiciary responsibility: because they are about life or death, of everything. Which means WE CANNOT allow them to be wrong/ regardless of any claim they make. THE EVIDENCE MUST BE EXTREME AND CONCLUSIVE AND WITHOUT DOUBT; or the gamble cannot be done. Is the proper reality of law.

But since the courtroom, all judiciary respondents, all government officials, all business, banking, industry, manufacturing, and every thing else as is defined by “university expertise”. As is they took control; enforcing the indoctrination of all public schooling; to fear/ believe/ and obey the universities. As is the control over every student with massive debts: and you cannot graduate UNLESS YOU MIMICK WHAT WE SAY, BY MEMORIZING IT ENTIRELY; AND THEN REPEATING THAT DOGMA AS IF WE were gods. Only then do you graduate/ and only those who worship the professor, will get the job they desired. Which means: this nation is owned by the university, and their subsidiary component which is the media, which broadcasts whatever the universities want; as with covid/ evolution/ “it will be great; no matter the gamble” etcetera.

So fighting back against the religious cult, of university is god/ never question your leader; which has overrun America. Demands that all expertise shall be questioned with clear and certain, by the evidence, searching for fraud: NO, YOU DON’T know/ you only imagine. Demands every form of evidence shall be constructed for maximum penetration of the public understanding/ SO THEY KNOW, WHAT YOU CLAIM TO KNOW. Shall be: all diplomas shall be determined by what industry and other real work elements of this society require their workers to know. The diploma shall NOT exist as a university given device/ but all shall take their test as formed by the public decision of same for all/ NO mention of university required or allowed. Either you know/ or you do not know; what we, NOT the universities are demanding that you do. NO MORE OWING the universities a debt. They shall receive a percentage of income BASED UPON the job they studied for, is granted or earned by them. NOT for work from which you did not fully prepare them.

The human resources version and all like versions of controlling society by controlling their access to work: shall be abolished. Reality demands equality searches for the evidence of yes you can/ and no you won’t: to qualify the candidates, and establish a random selection in all organizations requiring jobs filled; with over 50 employees.

Combatting the cult!

While every cult member shouts, “we are the superior ones/ we cannot be wrong”! The reality of simply following the leader, or even being the leader identifies you as a member of the cult. Or more distinctly: a refusal to question the consequences of these decisions leads to a reality called fate. Fate is: “WE DIDN’T want this/ WE FAILED ourselves, because we were foolish, blind, ignorant, and would not listen to, or accept truth”.

In America, nothing is more blatantly “cult” than is the university defined/ university led religion called evolution. Or, as evolution says: life arrived from chaos/ bodies were selected “by shopping for things right off the shelf (we just took what we wanted)”/ nothing is orderly, because it is entirely made by accident/ nothing is disciplined, because thought doesn’t exist (not even a brain)/ nothing is balanced, because want, or don’t want; rules the world and life. And with control through manipulation and propaganda through media, that sewer refuse has been poured down the throat of every citizen; that refused, or could not stand:  to question the reality.

The absurdity is stupendous, and without equal; not even the Satan worshipers trying to ignite a nuclear fire “just like on the sun”; are as blatantly absurd. They are the culmination of arrogance so extreme; the university now says of itself, “they are god”; period (what better proof, than to control; the sun). Whereas the religious who worship chaos as their god through evolution are merely: the worst of the worst, the people who image themselves by lying continually, and deciding “playtime is forever/ and we the university cult shall never grow up”. And humanity is proud to be: the greatest generation of fools ever to be born. Because they have no answer that can exceed the noise and words of the religious siren that is media.

So let’s review:  LIFE as a human being is the body of time we inhabit for the duration of our stay in this environment which does measure our value to each other and to existence itself. The gift of life is elementally proven to be a miracle beyond question, and without the slightest doubt: because the evidence is absolute and proven true in every conceivable way. Not only is the planet balanced/ ordered/ and disciplined in everything it does. Our bodies exist only from the orderly transition of conception through the building of an extremely intricate body (600 independent muscles MUST be produced and strung in exactly the right way; or it won’t work properly), the wiring and software of an extremely intricate brain (a trillion connections or more), miles of blood vessels, recirculation equipment, utilities and plumbing, motion and means to establish survival, sensual recognition, which includes sex and gestation. A quadrillion cells of various kinds that must all cooperate with each other, contain each other and themselves, be fed; bones that sculpt themselves into distinct independent structural components, with movement and balanced growth; and more. AND MUCH MORE; just to make you work as a living body of life. A reality so far beyond human comprehension and brain power; that none dare to challenge its complexity.

Until we get to the university today, where nothing is sacred, and life comes last in every decision they make. Their evolutionary priests lead; those who are trying to destroy the very foundations of life by mutilating genetic structures (violating the basic framework of nature itself)/ invading with poisons/ destroying balance/ cursing the world with weapons of mass destruction; and making irreversible diseases, as fast as they can. How is that not SATAN. The reality simply: the university is god, by taking control over your brain: using the television and educational processes to enforce confusion, fear, temptation, manipulation, control, violence, fantasies, terrorism, failure, lies, cheating, stealing, whoring, cursing life itself, and all forms of traitorous acts as is the corruption of government, courts, and others through university control.

So lets’ review their contribution!

The foundation of their influence comes in three parts: the first challenge to life itself is fear. The university made weapons of mass destruction; and we DON’T want to be the only ones without them/ so the crowd says LIE; pretend they are our saviors instead of killers in waiting. Others say: these prevent world war! But reality knows: it is only a matter of time before a tiny few are used to end life on earth: it will happen, and we all know it is true.

The second facet of power is: the antibiotic and vaccination power to keep life alive. Each contributes to the individual truth: nobody wants to die or be destroyed by a body that does not work well, anymore. Your theory of chaos dies: because even a tiny little change in the complexity with which we are born: becomes life threatening. The reality of that medical power however has become a population explosion which now threatens all life and planet with HELL. And that doesn’t even touch the casualty, that is extortion and criminal organized crime of medical business.

The last and greatest current power of university is control over the currency of nation; particularly here in America. The university diploma held by every employee in a true government position: decides for society. They decided to destroy reality in the currency by inflating and covering with media: the reality of inflating the assets claim; by 9 trillion dollars +/ per year. Making themselves in charge of who gets the money. While media continues the cover-up and treason of pretending it is not so: even though they had been given the proof, it is. The courts deny democracy, and use frivolous rules to cover their insurgency. Liars flourish, failures rule, fantasy governs, education enslaves, the children are crucified (they have no future), the earth is being destroyed one piece at a time, endless living creatures are becoming extinct, terrorists arise, we are about to run out of water. With a billion more mouths to feed every five years; proven true/ we will run out of food: because we eat life, and it needs room too. And that is just the beginning.

So lets look at the little things university does:  ain’t computers wonderful, it makes the reality of discarding workers come true. robots even more so; how great is that. the computer phones: “don’t need no damn friend anymore; got a media screen to keep me company.” The tv is god; nobody else cares/ so let them control the brain; so we don’t get afraid. Discard ANYONE, who is not one of us/ confine them in a box, isolate and refuse even the respect called being human. HELL, we owe it to ourselves; to be afraid/ after all, they ain’t worth nothing: if they ain’t worth something, to me.

The factories are GREAT: with them we build our own mountains of garbage, and silently whisper to every child, “this is your gold mine of the future”. The ocean trawlers are GREAT: with them, the sea is emptied of all its creatures/ because there is no end to habitat destruction, or the taking of “every last one, so there can be none to generate the next generation”. Agriculture is GREAT; even though the irrigation is about to run out/ the poisons used and dumped add into the trillions of gallons on purpose/ the runoff destroys rivers and coastlines/ the fertilizers particularly potash cannot be sustained/ the factory livestock operations cannot exist without antibiotics, which their use in agriculture has made them all but completely un-effective “for you too”.

Hell: if we mutilate all the food, it will be great. If we deny diversity, so that we can control just a few that is so much easier/ who gives a damn about disease and the rest; we are gods. And we proved it by changing the little things; in preparation for making life ourselves. Just throw chaos into genetic order and something is bound to happen someday: THEN they will know we are gods. And if not/ like the military: we aren’t needed, and can’t play god/ UNLESS someone or something is attacking us. Even if we made them do it! HIDE every truth, and pretend it does not exist!

The education of slaves, insures control over the masses. Therefore, let them be “college bound”. Which literally means: don’t teach NOTHING, about what life and survival needs. Don’t teach NOTHING about work or the reality of disciplines required to participate in our own survival. JUST promise them “billions”; and let them fight to get the tiny few real jobs that college creates; while all the rest must then invade society and strip from it: the rights and responsibilities owed to those who do keep us alive. Replacing them with whores, who think of nothing, but how much money they will make or need: because the college debt, is now going to rule your life for decades. So they go even farther into debt; and cannot say no to anything the university diploma demands:  because the street as a vagrant is next. All hail the university; how is it not god: did they not force you into the life you will inherit? As all the rest now destroyed from a decent life: begin to search with fire and bombs and guns. For ways to make you cry too!  And that too, is just the beginning; as the world itself proves without balance, “there will be hell to pay”.

All hail the leaders, and their puppeteers called a university. Which is no more “like government or other”: than a few people making decisions that affect all the rest. Instead of as in democracy:  we the people make our own laws, and determine our own future, by the decisions we make as a vote for myself; on the realities that matter. Which does mean:  NOT voting for someone to vote for me/ but VOTING for myself, on the laws and the realities that will become “the fabric and foundation of our lives, our future, and our world”.

And yet the herd screams at me; as they run away to hide like sheep without a weapon: it can’t be so, we made this decision together/ we followed/ we applauded/ we paid/ we trusted/ the university is god. So we trust them as one big entity that cannot be questioned; because they are, all in this together.

If we are wrong/ then we are in trouble. If we are wrong, our world could die!  THE UNIVERSITY IS GOD, how dare you upset the cult.  Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera. “welcome, to you”! but make no mistake, truth does not care what you believe, it is literally what the evidence will prove exists. The evidence is certain: we are, literally about to become EXTINCT. By your own decision to follow and believe the university is god. Congratulations, you did do: what no other generation could. Destroy a world, and all its life!

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