leadership 4


Leadership 4

Human society REQUIRES happiness to survive; simple as that! The foundation of all happiness begins as freedom, to express and experience life, and living, by the decisions we make for ourselves. Happiness is, an individual element of our own existence. Nobody can make you happy, only you. But once the laws of motion have been exhausted, the reality of isolation in life; MUST explore the values of participation as do begin with love.

Love shapes our future, our time of living, our courage in dying, our values in society and grow by ascending beyond self, as the realization of: everything I love has been shared with me; and my option is to share everything I am with those whom I will love as my own gift of care.

Love forgives and lets mercy decide by understanding only truth repents; and without truth, nothing can be forgiven. But unless you forgive honestly, you will be alone in that description of living. Let the law judge, NOT you. Because the law protects and defends as equals; or it is unjust. Let honesty guide our path: one of those value is, that each identifiable group is a subspecies of human existence, and deserves the sanctity of their own description. HOWEVER truth allows, that the intermixing of those groups; WHEN HONEST LOVE has been found, is an ever present value which must be preserved with respect. NOT because “it is the best we can be”/ but because it may be “the best these two, can become”: it is their right to choose.

Love remembers we are: either friend/ enemy/ or stranger; life gives you no other option. Which makes apathy a version of cowardice, and the reality of the best we can be: your description of self. We cannot “save the world”; and at times we should not interfere. But the essence of choice provides: if it were you, what would you expect me to do?

Love brings harmony, and in that harmony society finds its own happiness: because acceptance, is a value given to participation, and participation removes isolation to involve the destiny of others, is part of our own description of this world. Love is not fear, but neither is it stupidity: be fair to yourself/ be kind to yourself/ be a little generous to yourself; but avoid selfishness (me, only me) as a plague. Because it can infect society and change your world; as “university is god” has done; destroying harmony to produce the cult that is America this day.

How do we stop failure, to assemble happiness for ourselves and our world?

The answer to that involves four distinct directional purposes: to find love/ to establish security/ to construct harmony/ and to search for destiny.

Participation begins with: what does happiness truly mean, why does it exist, and where can I find it for myself!

FAILURE begins with an ignorance of the law/ a failure to respect the law/ an avoidance of truth/ or a simple disregard for reality as is determined by both law and truth. Without truth by its laws: we cannot survive. Therefore to assemble from truth, what that law is: identifies the foundations for happiness and health in both life and world.

The law of human life is: our decision to rule over the body of time we are given; IS LIMITED TOO, just the body of time that belongs directly to ourselves as mine or “me”.

The law of human discipline is: I am free to be me, but it is my duty to be responsible for the decisions that I make, even if led to that conclusion/ I still made the decision to follow.  Even those decisions I refuse to make; because there are no excuses, prayer is NOT a valid replacement for reality. This is human time, and that means: it will require your human decision/ because you CAN’T blame GOD. Not HIS job/ yours.

The law of human order is: the acceptance of truth, as the only competent evidence/ valid leader;  which establishes life without unintended consequences. Acceptance is then based upon “the value of the evidence”/ not your assumption or belief.

The law of human balance is: participation among the imperfect; REQUIRES forgiveness, or you will be lonely. Simple as that. Loneliness is the sign crying out loudly, that love is the only answer to this occurrence. Therefore love is the balance that grants the shared response: we care/ I care/ you care; as the essence of our time. Judgment other than by law, is a measurement of pride, and pride is the enemy of balance and life. Because pride stands for, selfish/ not life.

The law of human love is: without value, we are as nothing to this existence. Value extends from the decision: I am the miracle of my existence/ and every miracle does have value. Unless true hate has taken it away. Therefore I begin as the treasury granted to me by GOD; and I end as the treasury of decisions and acceptance that became my way. The identity of my heart, by the blessing of my soul.

The law of survival is, divided into four distinct parts:  to survive mentally/ physically/ spiritually/ and eternally.

To survive mentally: requires you to accept discipline and order as a duty/ life is not free, it is a gift that needs your own participation. There are no excuses.

To survive physically: requires you to accept your duty to participate honestly, and provide for yourself, your world, and our society as best you can. There are no excuses.

To survive spiritually: requires you to live only by truth, and accept only what your heart truly desires as the foundation of your own direction. If not, you will fail.

To survive eternally: requires that you accept love as the destination provided by your soul. More distinctly, to understand the decision to value love is your contribution. Everything else is entirely up to GOD, “who owns” eternity.

The law of truth is: belief shall not rule/ reality will. In testimony to that, the evidence of our world, our living, our lives, our universe, our everything including religion; is given to the examination or investigation that constructs a pathway beyond the limits of time: so that all of creation itself can be revealed.

The law of life is: nothing is beyond the government of thought, unless we choose to disavow truth.

The law of GOD is: you shall respect/ be abandoned to dissolution/ or receive your reward for the chaos and destruction you caused.

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