leadership 3

leadership 3

Leadership 3

The reality of every society, throughout the history of this world is very simple: ONLY THE LAW, AND ITS JUSTICE, DEFENDS LIFE AND EARTH AND A FUTURE; for this NATION OR WORLD. Nothing more or less. That means when the law is corrupted, or the policing of that law is degraded, or the failure of FAIR PLAY throughout society is discarded. TREASON has occurred.

No one has more impact upon justice; than the courts. For that cause, NO ONE is more watched than the judiciary. Grading the courtroom, along with every single case; throughout all involved: is elemental to keeping justice and society at peace. Finding a judicial official to be less than required: means we the people shall evict him or her by our vote. Finding another as we decide that should be.

No one has more impact upon our nation and our future, than does a government official. Assigned to protect, when destroyed by corruption, collusion or conspiracy: is treason. Therefore the primary cause of media is to investigate the government official/ and carefully watch over all forms of business, industry, policing, people, and more. It is NOT to entertain; and as such no enterprise of communication claiming “news” shall entertain. Your job is to present evidence, for the people to decide; with a clear and present danger of what the cost of being WRONG, truly is.

No one has more impact on harmony as a nation; than those who do the policing. FAIR PLAY examines the reality of that and asserts: YOU SHALL write, vote, and sustain a true bill of rights, clearly marking out what is fair, and what is not fair; for both the public and the policing. When doing so, you will remember the cost of being wrong is no game. Even so: COURAGE is a foundation demand of policing/ but not stupidity or excessive danger, without support.

Foundations such as protecting against mass murder; can be initiated simply. Such as “let’s call it a bucket of whatever you like” on top of the entrance door to a particular classroom: which can be operated from any wall. To dump on the person entering. You will bear in mind: the list of scenarios by which any person can be attacked is long; and unfortunately, any version of defense is generally something that can be used against you as well. IF children are your main concern: then schools attached to police stations should remove some of your fears.

The elemental relationships that are human to human/ human to society/ and human to death.

Translated more thoroughly for the purposes called leadership, the values that are required to move a herd of people; are consistent with giving them what they want. Because a herd only knows, acts, or reacts because of want. The human animal is a herd creature: because want surrounds the individual with all things wanted/ or not wanted as the case may be. The assertion is protected; the reality, want is not enough to be happy or protected. Being surrounded means: they cannot think for themselves, because “of a thousand little voices” in their head. The voices are removed by discarding want, and living only with truth.

Without thought, the abyss of want leads them to believe: “I am lost, without these others to guide me/ or for a few, without these others to lead”.

The constant of human experience is: you need know only what a person wants, or doesn’t want;  to understand what they are going to do or choose. That elemental relationship to the critical mass of force that moves them from one conditional response to another conditioned response: is the result of forcing the conclusion, IF I only do or think about what I want/ THEN, I will be happy, and no one will ever make me sad again. If I refuse to accept ANYTHING that makes or could make me sad: then I will NEVER have to deal with the confusion of a thousand little voices, making me angry; in my head again. Alas, It is not so.

The human to human battleground is simple:  I want to be happy, and you or someone like you, made me sad, took something from me, or made my life hard. My response to that is: I blame you/ I hate you/ I belittle you/ I ridicule you/ I disrespect you; and I assemble the necessary behaviors “to throw you away”. The reality however is: with few exceptions, we all contribute to our own fate of consequences. Those who are bullied is the exception. Bullied means: the cursed, have found a way to make themselves more than they are/ by turning on you. Their cost to you, will be adjusted in eternity; try to avoid them, and if not simply do the best you can.

The second element of human to human relationships is 999 out of one thousand people; are functionally blind, deaf, and without the ability to think: they live only by want, or don’t want. And nothing else is allowed inside, until the consequences of their own wants, have made them sad. That means you can’t do anything for them, until they fail/ and too late, is often simply too late to make a difference. The constant response of “I have proven myself to be wrong is”:  YOU should have made me do what I should have done/ ITS ALL YOUR fault. I have a right to expect, you would save me from myself: ITS YOUR JOB. That of course is impossible to do, unless I take control over your life, and make your decisions: which is why cults and religions exist. Because they do take control over your life, and tell you what to do/ robbing you blind, & making you deaf; by establishing belief. Belief is the decision to believe something greater than just your own personal want, is going to protect you/ guide you/ make you happy/ and keep you safe. Cults establish a leader which cannot be questioned. A valued religion establishes a book as the path to your own salvation, from yourself, to the rules and purposes, of that book. True religion DOES establish a value in their books, which is why they have continued to exist throughout human time. It is teach me to think/ but alas few want to think; and nearly all shout: JUST GIVE ME WHAT I WANT, I DON’T need nothing, or want nothing else. Just give me what I want, period; and I will give you a few pennies or more in return for my own guarantee: life and eternity are now secured. That fact is the primary cord that holds religion in check; so as not to gain more insight; because the people DON’T WANT, what they don’t want. They just want what they want: as in GIVE ME WHAT I WANT/ DAMN YOU, give it to me now, for nothing but a penny; so I can claim I don’t owe you nothing (I gave you a penny) debt resolved. And of course if I didn’t get everything I wanted: ITS ALL YOUR DAMN FAULT/ as in I hate you, etcetera. Something more serious went wrong: then its I hate GOD. Someone died that was important to you: then it’s I hate JESUS; because you taught me to love. And so on.

The human to human relationship of male to female is more complex. Women exist to experience and express feelings. Feelings are the elemental definition of what the rhythms and realities of life beyond survival can be. Men exist to survive, and express the values of living and life through their ability to keep life from dying. When mixed together properly; both benefit greatly. But alas: everybody wants “the best one” for me. And they fight with each other to make that happen. Men seek to own freedom with sex included, and women seek to trap that freedom into a relationship dedicated to them, commonly by using sex for a chain; as is a constant of dating. More serious methods are used as well.

The reality is: men say to themselves, “if I give away my freedom to you/ then I will not be free”. While women say to men, “if you give your freedom away to me/ then I will make you happy, and your life will be better together, with me”. Too often that becomes a value related to sex, and sex cannot sustain happiness without love. Often times sex disappears as well; because the reality of being used; instead of sharing existence, with the essence of your care and concern for “me too” is discarded as well. Children desired bridge the gap, of feeling my life has happiness; until they are gone/ or something else disappears. It is then that the question of do you love me, for me: becomes real. Children used as a trophy, an excuse, a paycheck, or a reason without love; open the door to all manner of human tragedy. Not because of the child, but because of you! When you fail to talk, “because you are certain an answer CANNOT be found; you know what the response will be”/ the relationship is diseased. The question then becomes: are you willing to fight, because the reality is, without change we will die as this relationship between us, ends. The reality of male to female relationships is then, as simple as: can you make me happy?

In the realities of human to society, the foundation of our ability to tolerate each other/ benefit from each other/ or war with each other: all stem from one single ingredient. Did you steal the possession of my time. Causing the consequences of your actions or reactions: to invade my life, and force me to do, what I would not have chosen for myself.

When this line in the rock, is crossed: the consequences will always be an encircling desire to make you pay. To get outside that circle, requires the individual to accept: thought elevates life, not time. Therefore to discard the circle, means you must move beyond the cost of being forced into an action or reaction: that did make a difference in time.

Here we must examine the difference between being an animal and a human. An animal only wants/ or doesn’t want, which in the extreme becomes fear. A human elevates life beyond want, and learns to exhibit the realities of value that have been achieved. Want has no significant value, and it cannot make you happy, for any amount of time: it is, simply an excuse to believe this is living, because I won/ or a cause to be angry, because I lost. Each identifies time, as a relationship with want/ but not life.

To be ALIVE, requires you to find value beyond the limits of an action or reaction such as animals do have. Even so, animals do have the basic understanding: “this or you, have made my life better; as you become part of me”; or worse, as you have been lost to me. Human means: I have accepted the critical truth, life is not simply about time/ but our relationship with the inevitable reality called death.

To confront death, is to achieve the basic development: that there is “Life beyond time”. If you let delusions and fantasies rule this partition in existence, from the boundaries called time: you will fail life and yourself. Therefore what is true, and true alone, controls the journey by its existence within the evidence that compiles to point us in the direction of creation itself. The question begins: WHAT can we find in life, that exhibits a value beyond death? The answer is: time represents the measurements established by body, but because a body dies, it cannot be the sole creator of life. That removes body from the equation/ and replaces that measurement of existence: with what conceives life itself?

Existence proves: we are, by every form and element of grace, an experience of thought. Without human thought: which is the conception of a throne (the body itself); that gives us control over life/ the right to rule this body. We have no control over ourselves, as a body; and therefore die (the throne is taken away). With thought: which is the critical path following truth itself, by the laws which govern it; into the creation of life. We become involved in the making of our own expression of desire, by its purpose called love. Every path into creation itself, identifies love as the cause for why we exist. Therefore love is the essence of our living, and the quest for why are we loved?

The answer is happiness and joy: the relationships formed when my life is joined to your life, and we share this experience; because we care as a value that gives us a living to express. Eternal life has no great value, unless there is love. Love expands the heart, to encounter all that love can be; encouraging all to participate, and be blessed by that love.

So the question of life, the existence of eternity, and the values that are consistent with the laws that govern life: revolve around love. Love therefore is: the critical moment, when you accept the destiny of where love will go. That desire to participate where love exists, inside the elemental path of CREATION itself. Explains who can or cannot find in joy, the existence of eternity.


This is leadership by design, NOT by force. The constant of human time is: an invitation to participate in life, by the choices you make/ and the consequences they will exhibit, in you; and for, or against:  society.

Leadership extends to the development of force, by the realities involved with hate. While justice, equality, equity, fair play, opportunity, understanding, and acceptance all participate in creating a peaceful society, friendship, and a happy life. The reality of hate fails us all. Those who hate, hide but do not go away/ they must be forced, because life without a prey has little value to a true predator. Sooner or later, they will attack. To remove this threat, it is hate that must be removed from society itself. While the prisons hold many who hate, the majority are those who are angry, or were simply abused in one form or another. Finding hate, is as simple as establishing the difference between those who are angry (this can be fixed)/ and those who hate (this cannot, you/ them/ this, are worthless to me; even though their lies say it will). Hate is not a freedom or a legal right, unlike other forms of decision: hate is the intent to do harm, to life, society, or other. Justice has no place, only revenge for what may or may not be “just a reality of life and living (as is, no one is perfect)”. To force someone out of society, and into an environment described by their own choice: as NOT a friend/ but clearly an enemy of us all. Is legal! Legal being the demand to keep society at peace; protect environment for our securities and survival; or even the demand for harmony, when you have no true right to complain beyond being angry. To separate, hate from love: is the essence of life in time. To separate time, from those who hate; is the essence of a humanity that decides to share, and to care. Because hate and love do not live together/ they are opposites! Pride is a pathway to hate, and it should be taught: life, and its value, is more than just you. These are beginnings that point in a direction, we can survive; if simply not too late to try.

You should remember this, as it is consistent with all aspects of leadership, mine included. The story is: that a young man who needed help to establish his life desired me to help. I did begin to help, and I gave him one single thing to do, for his own description of work. Even though I told him several times over a week, he failed to do the one thing I asked him to do for himself. He just figured, I knew; so all he had to do was wait me out, and get what he needed “the easy way”. That attitude proved to me, this is not about learning to live/ but learning to get; and I was not going to carry him (just take, whatever you can get); so that was the end of this working relationship. A student of life, literally does need to search for him or herself. With guidance that becomes much more safe. The reality of humanity, if you are like the vast majority, is the very constant human animal demand: “DON’T tell me NOTHING, I don’t want to know/ DON’T teach me nothing; I don’t want to know, I JUST WANT what I want. As in give it to me NOW, I want it; how dare you make me work, even a tiny little bit! “I am god here”, and I don’t want, what I don’t want. While that may sound like an extreme description, I assure you it is not. The primary cause is: I am trying to survive and find a way to be happy here; and I can’t stand one more single demand on me/ I am making a demand on you, so I can be happy: I need to be happy. Alas, it rarely lasts long; so people want contentment; as is “I got my share, and a little bit more”. Even if I stole it, lied to get it, cheated the others, or traded my life to prove I can hate you instead.

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