leadership 2


Leadership 2

ONCE AGAIN: it is world law, as defined and created by “we the world” have chosen this for ourselves/ and we the world shall enforce it upon our leaders; by creating our own policing force. Whose job it is: to bring leaders who will not obey our law as a world, defending peace/ into the courtroom to face those charges of failure.

Only then will it be possible to remove “nearly all” weapons of mass destruction! OR, more distinctly; ALL BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS SHALL BE DESTROYED, and their facilities: their university creators; and all others involved in that work, SHALL be watched to insure no possibility of this; as best we can/ shall ever surface again. All such information shall be confiscated throughout the world/ and locked in a vault that cannot be opened without true world permissions. THAT INCLUDES those who claim to be “working for life”. Survival is not life/ survival today with limited resources: means you destroyed someone else s life in the future/ by saving this one. Mutilating genetics means; we all die/ and our living world is extinct.

ALL chemical weapons; shall be safely destroyed; along with their facilities and methods of distribution; as best we the world can. Along with all information regarding these things shall be confiscated throughout the world/ and locked in a vault that cannot be opened without true world permissions. ALL ELEMENTS OF CHEMICALS declared destructive to life or planet; SHALL NOT be made. Or, if you do: they must be manufactured in locations that represent the least danger to life, planet, or society. NOT as you do right now.

ONLY A FEW of the atomic weapons shall remain/ and they shall be under control of the world policing force; with each different component locked away in a different nation for safe keeping; so as not to be used unless it is absolutely necessary. To enforce world peace, by reminding those who invade: this is no game. To enforce by nuclear energy; an asteroid shall be knocked away; with an appropriate explosion occurring at the correct place; “like a bat knocks away a ball”.

The invasion of nations or peoples SHALL be stopped; by the removal of all other weapons of mass destruction as well. Reality proves: you have no right/ and this world has no resources to rebuild what you destroy. It is a foundation of misery; and we the world will help those nations invaded to insure you will find that misery so. To insure the foundations of peace are established: large nations are to be divided into smaller nations/ each representing a specific group. Because groups are identifiable; and that means individual groups can be isolated and attacked by another group. THEREFORE if you remain as groups containing “you/ not us”. Then you cannot attack another group, because it is found across the border; and we the world policing ourselves; SHALL inflict more damage on you/ than you on them. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE JOB, of policing this world? CHOOSE THE LAW THAT WORKS/ and defend this planet from its destruction, because we have no other home/ and we will not be going to any other planet to survive. Destroy the universities imagination; as it has NO value/ and exists only in their fantasy or delusions.

LAW exists as our only true weapon for peace. LAW exists as the means to identify and create JUSTICE for society. LAW exists, as the basis for freedom and rights and safety against “the enemies of life”. CHOOSE LAW, and enforce it as a world/ as a nation/ as a state, etc. CREATE AND VOTE ON THE DOSEN OR SO LAWS, WE AGREE SHALL BE KEPT TRUE, for our world.

The foundation of every human herd is their own government (the rules we, our society lives by). Predators constantly try to change these rules by corrupting every form of government they can touch. The more corrupt it is, the more they can change every rule into contempt for the rest. Within the court system of America for instance: the corruption starts at the US supreme court, and is not less than 90% corrupt in all its doing; so says the evidence of its truth. Much of the rest of government, is even worse.

When faced with all-out turmoil, or change; the constant that life will face is a war with those who do not want change to occur. They will lie/ cheat/ steal/ become traitors/ terrorists/ hateful, (as has already begun happening, or is well entrenched) and much more; before it is all over and done. To refuse the fight, is to let this entire planet of life go extinct. Simple as that/ because this is where your “everybody has a university diploma” leaders led. Not complicated, just look at the evidence of threat, and dig under the covers for all that they did hide, that has no other option but destroy us all;  as is the reality of water.

So, we will assume and assert:  through a miracle not seen or heard as of yet/ that you the people actually desire to live and not be thrust into terrors beyond your “wildest nightmare”. If that proves true, even though NOTHING says it will as of this date: then you must be prepared for what comes next/ or it will get beyond your control, and life finds horror.

LAW DECIDES PEACE OR WAR; remember that, and do not forget it!  CHOOSE ONLY THE LAW, fight for it; and let no one betray you that is not severely punished or killed as a result. DON’T WAR, USE THE LAW. DEFINE THE LAW, THAT YOU NEED; BY CREATING A PUBLIC VOTE ON THAT LAW TO BE ENACTED OR USED. Simple and plain, makes it enforceable.

Society is disciplined; by its rules! Too damn many rules, and you lose your freedom. Too few, and your liberty to make the others comply with what we must do for life; will end. A rule decides what the freedoms an individual can or cannot do are. A law decides what our society itself can or cannot do; by limiting those freedoms or applying duty to each citizen will be. The court: is your answer/ but only if you enforce the law of their own SWORN OATH (to obey the constitution and it’s purposes) on them. A judge has no right to remain in a judgeship. THE CONSTITUTION says, only by good behavior shall a judge continue in that job; for no other cause. The police NEED their own bill of rights with regard to enforcement/ and so do the people, with regard to their behavior/ and so does the military itself, with regard to their leaders. Make it happen.

ORDER in society is determined entirely by the resources, and population: which is why immigration is “a hot topic”. More competition is never what business desires/ even if it wants the business people otherwise create. Order is when there are enough resources for every citizen, and they feel secured in their future; because we “have enough” for ourselves. Consequently IT IS BEST; when nobody can say “they are not one of us”.  ORDER is allowed and supported: only when justice understands we are all equal, with equal rights/ and that means you cannot control us, by refusing our needs. WE ARE, literally in this together, as one nation; state; etc. What is fair, discards righteousness (we know/ or we can/ or you cannot); by accepting reality must play a part. Which literally means: the rules corruption has made, will be thrown “into the fire”; to burn away anything the righteous made. By searching for what makes LIFE COME FIRST; and that is super-ceded by what KEEPS THIS PLANET, and all its life functioning must be before the individual need. And when it must be done: the young will come before the elderly; no exceptions/ or very rare.

BALANCING A WORLD, lives or dies based upon the purpose, and the passion to desire life must go on. A small percentage will always be trying and hiding their decision: to destroy life, in favor of self. They are to be removed to their own environment; separated and contained without a right to return. When we work together, because we know this is in our own best interest; and it will create friendship which means: this has become in everyone’s best interest. Then we have achieved balance as an individual. When society can say the same/ then society is balanced as well. Nothing less will continue the effort to survive our population crisis: we are “in this together”/ because there literally is no other way.

What we can do for each other and ourselves is substantial; but it is not wealth for the few, and none for the rest. That is final, and cannot be changed. You cannot be rich= unless you make many be poor! You cannot be proud= unless you make others, lose. You cannot have power=unless you make someone else cry, instill fear, or steal what they earned. You cannot want= unless you are willing to lie/ because want discards truth, to be selfish. These are just some of the elements required to survive.

Money is not the root of all evil. The power to make others fear or cry in some other form is. But to allow a few to be wealthy, gives them  power they do not deserve over the rest. Consequently reality, and a vote; must serve the masses, not the few. That opens the door: to an endless round of: WE WANT MORE, for ourselves/ and the blatant attack of the poor on resources that will not be survived. The rich as worthless as they are: kept human hordes from gorging themselves on resources, which then destroys environment for all (can’t live here anymore). YOU MUST control the resources, so there is a future to exist for; if you don’t/ you’re dead. To control the resources, limits housing to what is honestly enough for us all. Limits everything we all want/ to what we all need; and then discusses as a society engaged in our survival, what can be done for more to each or a few who do more for the rest. The masses will erupt in protest: WE WANT MORE NOW/ but either accept reality, by its truth; or become extinct: it’s your choice. But you take the future with you, and every life that would have been:  “will curse you into eternity”. SHOULD you resolve to be selfish.

The university has value, but it is not god other than satan unleashed in this world. To remove the “satanic part”; requires NO MORE FANTASIES/ life comes first, no gambling with life or planet, no risking the future of any child, no playing your games, no 99% of what you choose to do. However, the essence of gathering information so that the rest can decide shall remain a part of your world; unless you cross the line, and become a destroyer by any chosen means; again. At that moment, your life returns to satan: and death is the answer to your existence. This world comes first, period/ no exceptions.


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