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Over the years, the constant battleground, between what we must do to survive ourselves, and keep this planet alive/ and your absolute avoidance of any reality that is now what you want it to be. Can be summed up in the following statement: the vast majority with only a tiny few excepting, is described by a balance scale. One piece of information, no bigger than a tiny grain of sand, and it tips to either running away to hide from our truth, OR it tips to the other side which is to ridicule me in order to assemble a mob like influence, with the intent to drive me away, so that reality will then again “not matter”. It is impossible to find the balance point, because each is a little bit different; and the herd will not assemble or care unless they all accept the same basic things.

Therefore the videos of www.justtalking6.info are not greatly influential, because I don’t want you to fear/ or become a mob (we know enough to recognize THESE are the enemies: even when they are not, it doesn’t matter to a mob); they only want what they want! The videos are then intended to be somewhat bland; so as not to influence you greatly; asking you to think for yourself instead.  Other than to provide information for your own consideration: no intent for Temptation/ manipulation/ the potential for fear, and other means of control over you, are  intended or expected to be present here. Elements are limited or left out: for instance, because like any means of self-defense, a weapon can be used against you, just as easily as by you. But reality itself is reality itself, and there is no avoiding the truth of what we face as threats which will become our own extinction. Not even if you run away and hide/ or make me the enemy, to avoid your own realities.


EVEN SO: today means, we have now run out of time, for you to play, fear, or any other means of avoiding the fate we must change; or we all die, the future too/ even the planet itself. Not a game, simple and plain the evidence is clear and certain; and YOU can see that too. Fear keeps you from it/ but fear will not save a single soul, including you.

We are then down to leadership, rather than elevating your own existence, as an independent identity who does think for themselves. Nope you can’t think yet, the television has not told you what to believe, say, or do: so you just get to stand still and moan/ or ridicule to make yourselves feel better. While you let life and time itself slip into the grave.

Leadership means: I will accept the responsibility, to do what I can, to help the others define and create their own way. Any other form of leadership is power, and it is not my purpose “to make you cry, or give you pride over the others, or toys”/ so, power then has no value to me.

I am through with bland, but not through with teaching: because the one reality that is distinct in terms of creating hate, tragedy, disgrace, disrespect, separation, and all the rest that is:  making a decision that substantially affects someone else, and their life/ instead of letting them make their own decision. Because you do have to live with the results of every decision made, and that includes the reality of dying with every decision that you have made: no small thing!

Today we discuss the cost of “being you”; particularly in America where the foundation of failure, is led by a university diploma; and these are the religious leaders (we believe) that you worship most.  This starts with a review of our reality, and the realization that not more than one or two percent of everything the universities are responsible for, were anything other than:  a fight to destroy life, in favor of selfishness, playing god, or for their own toys. That leaves us with changing 98% of everything this society is. No small feat, and every citizen with the exception of a tiny few will say: HELL NO/ we want what we want, and this is what we want; because it is ours, so to HELL WITH YOU! So say the people who believe themselves “rich”; but alas, the currency is a complete lie; easily proven by the evidence. A reality propagated, and disguised, to remain a lie: by media/ the courts/ and the elderly determined to make the children; grandchildren; and even now complete fantasy: pay! Truth is truth, and like a balloon popped: you are out of money.

Alas, you will never survive anything (damn little) your university gods did do; and all the older population says: IT WILL LAST MY LIFETIME/ so who gives a damn; let every child fight for him or herself. Been told that distinctly many times. Selfish to the end/ then HELL FOR THE REST; is your plan! Even so, your expectation of time is without foundation, and it will not last. Just the fact university is trying desperately to ignite a nuclear fire, “Just like on the sun” here on earth establishes that fact. Just the reality of a population explosion which now threatens with another five billion mouths to feed within 5 years; by the facts of evidence and historical reality. The universities lie about population growth; because nothing supports an assumption that it is less than the constant;  one hundred years of just over three percent per year. That results in soon to be another billion in four years. And we eat other life, which requires space and food and water and everything we do. You won’t even survive the oxygen depletion that is being consumed by all your fire: whatever 8 billion people do, MATTERS. And the evidence proves atmospheric oxygen depletion. It won’t take much longer to be noticed; and it cannot be reversed: which leaves the truth, no more air conditioning/ no more frivolous engines running (70% of vehicle traffic must soon be removed)/ or heating where it is not essential; etcetera.

Fail to correct any of these, and you know: you will die, and that is just the beginning. Time is running out to make any change that matters/ because once you are forced, and you know it: NOTHING YOU CAN DO, will change a thing. It is now or never, because HELL (the people all, went insane) won’t stop.

So, let’s look at traffic: we can’t we can’t, is a fools dream! Until a hundred years ago, there were no automobiles: you can, and you will live in a similar way; with much more than that had. How is that unfair? Village centers so you can walk to whatever you need and do is the answer; a demand to business, that you will display the percentage of markup that is the maximum you will charge; on every single item you sell. You will declare the cost of every item in service work; and put it on display; so there is no mistaking what the cost will be. You will, never participate in marketing (to avoid the truth, with words or deeds); but be absolutely clear about the entire cost or have your business dissolved by society. These things make it possible for the small business person, to survive; and allow the public to feel confident in there purchase. That is necessary for a village economy.

There should be a division of money. The three things required are: that government shall not be allowed to create a debt/ nor shall it be allowed to advertise or in any way precipitate a debt: only the public on its own terms is allowed to consider a debt once at least fifty percent of the money for the project is collected. The power of government is thereby crushed: when the military cannot do more than defend our own nation/ unless the people themselves declare a war. The government employees shall not inflate the currency (or claim asset appreciation); it is not fair to the people. Let the people decide how much currency will be used. If a debt is incurred beyond one year’s income for the nation itself/ state, etc:  they shall devalue the money; rather than trying to repay the debt. So that the process stops here!

Limited capitalism: lets society declare for itself what is, or is not fair to all the people. Taking the power away from the few, so that all can live the best life this earth and this society can provide. That means simply:  all the people vote on what is the maximum amount of income that will be allowed for any one person in the nation. Revote, every ten years or so; to keep thieves out. The people will vote on what is the maximum amount of real possession; as in property or other realities called wealth: will be allowed in any ten year period. In other words we the people have rights and needs too: and you will not take control over our lives anymore. We will control you, by our vote.

There should be: dividing the money as well. Which means: the money itself will come in three forms:  the base level of payment used in society is for food. This is the money you earn first/ and it is limited by society and its vote to a very specific amount for each individual; and no more. if you want more, someone else has to sell you theirs/ and that means they will take less or even starve. But it also means: rich or poor, the food shall be divided equally; same basic truth for all.  The money in the middle is used for other realities of living. The money for frivolous things is different, and found to be earned last. Only frivolous money can be spent on vacations for instance. The right to work is elemental for all life, including yours. Excessive realities of “put life and living and habitat back together” for a future; is already more than you can handle, without real dedication. The responsibility and duty to work: do your share, is also elemental and shall not be avoided. Right to work means basically: move over and make room/ NO, you may not have an excessive amount more; because the others need a job too! Extra money is earned only by those who teach their own competition/ not simply a teacher, but someone who does do more for society itself, even at potentially a cost to themselves.

Overpopulation is for women to choose; because they bring life to earth, while the male contribution can be covered by only a tiny few. So making the vast majority sterile, has no true purpose. Simple as that; while a vasectomy robs both sexes of the desire or reality as in “all the chemicals that make this worthwhile are gone”. Their body/ their rules. But make no mistake without real HUMAN birth control, ALL life on earth is dead! That functionally means:  every nation is responsible for itself/ and NOBODY immigrates unless the entire nation has found, and established the methods required for zero population growth. Nobody gets food assistance without true zero population growth: stop or we all die is the foundation, and it cannot be undone. We are too many people for any other way, and that means: the majority of those who have immigrated need to move back to their own country. Because you will be picked on mercilessly if you do not; is that not how people are when faced with their own truths? Make your decision, because past the point of no return:  your university terrorists will release weapons of mass destruction on you, and that too, cannot be turned back.

Without resources there is no future; so every decision that you make, will be about the retention of a future for each and every child; including those who have not yet arrived.

The list is so DAMN (you made hell for yourselves) LONG; it is pointless to continue. DO THESE FIRST, and find your soul; so that life first, can become your own truth.

There will be those who refuse, demanding “me first forever”. That becomes hate quickly as they realize: that possibility has died! Those who choose hate (anger can be fixed/ hate cannot) will be removed to their own tiny portion of this earth; so they can live or die together by their own design. World law elevates life, and removes the military excuse “we must”. World law is by we the people vote: we will determine the law our leaders shall follow. And if they refuse or disobey us: we and our world policing, shall bring them to justice/ by judging for ourselves according to the laws that we made, and will enforce, on them.


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