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A reality formed, when the extremes are blocked, and life must exist through the development of what can or cannot be “in me”.

What is female, fundamentally lives in the middle of life; as a participation with body through the elements which control that envelope of time. Envelope means: to be transported, rather than to be entirely free. What is female in me, is a relationship formed from having female tits; on a male body. The functioning reality is like: “living on a roller coaster ride in the ocean”. When you are alone, life has minimum swells and surges/ but when you are approaching an obstruction to that flow over time (such as a coastline). The tide can rise and fall substantially, even striking the coastline/ only to fall back (as water does) into the sea; to do it all over again. It just sucks you back in; you can’t get off the ride, or you drown! And all that just from having “female (they invaded my brain) tits”. The chemicals involved, or whatever it is that directs the flow; “is like a nightmare to male/ and yet it is none of that”. In fact, everything is like an extreme that does not exist; and yet it sort of does: as is you can’t grasp anything, yet it is all there. Or more simply just having tits, has proven to be: female is so different, man will never understand/ because he has no clue. Male existence is nothing like that. Rather the body is simply alive, and if you are athletic the body does whatever you ask it to do; and that is your relationship with time and experience is largely limited to pain. Which is perhaps why men choose war: to expand bodily experience with pain as if “I am here”/ and I know it now. Women need none of that. As to the rise of pleasure, most consider that “a penis thing”; the chemicals are impressive, but nothing like female endures. Real life exhibits pleasure as love expressed; but with both male and female in constant competition with each other; there is little of that to be found. When you do find it, healing (I was injured, and afraid) must always come first.

So, the question is: WHY?

The answer to a large amount of concentrations due to mental anguish; is found at university. University is: “we know/ we know; now we are gods (there are no consequences for me)”. Which then becomes, “I Know/ I know; listen to me”. Which then becomes: “I want to be listened too as well; so I will just make up fantasies and delusions, and hide their illusion in the images I make to disguise what I have done”. Which then becomes an endless reality of consequences due to the fact: YOU chose not to care about anything, but what you want! No facts were important, no reality of purposes or passions or desire or life could dissuade the endless rant:  “now we are gods”; we know some grain of sand, worth of knowledge, and now can make changes to our world. So you did, and all the followers said: all praise and worship shall be to you, our university is god. To your shame.

So let’s examine the consequences of your decision to play god.

  • The world is now overrun with humanity. Habitat is being destroyed, and everything on earth is being ruined: because that, is how men fight to survive. And that is what women expect from men: GET ME, what I want! Soon you will be extinct, because contrary to the delusion nothing is wrong: everything needed for you to survive is being destroyed. Once you know it cannot be evaded anymore: you and life, are dead. It is now too late. All praise the university; “isn’t that so”?
  • WE DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE NOTHING WE DO/ we are gods, and we will change this earth instead. Such are the energy experiments to ignite atoms on fire; as will soon occur. The consequences being: with atoms as fuel, “there is no end to the fire”; just like the sun you wish to emulate. All praise the university; “isn’t that so”?
  • “We are gods”; and nothing proves that more than “making life change” as is the purpose of genetic mutilation. To be responsible for making nature CURSED, into abandoning discipline, order, balance, and changing all that life is or can ever be; from this moment further. Because the university wants to prove they are gods, and not mere men or women. Claiming evolution (we just went shopping for what we wanted our bodies to be; without, even a brain) through chaos (the destruction of everything complex, down to its most simple form) built life; a reality of nothing more delusional, or insane can exist. All praise the university; “isn’t that so”?
  • The constant of university is: WE ARE here to manipulate, control, tempt, flatter, deceive, alter, change, destroy, lead, curse, infect, propagate, corrupt, collapse, and invade; the values and realities of human life/ so as to enforce, “WE ARE gods” now. We are the superior ones; the nobles, in charge of everything. Therefore all life must be forced to accept our ways, by our design, for our purposes, and our privilege, our beliefs, and our leadership; because compared to the rest, “we are gods”. All praise the university; “isn’t that so”?
  • As gods, the foundation of their purpose is to judge, measure, defame, demean, disgrace, disrespect, annihilate, and destroy the opposition: as a consequence to that. Every religion must be controlled. Every human being must be measured and placed in their labeled prison cell. Fear must arise: “so let them all be afraid of their shadow, stranger danger”; is the method; and it will separate them into chaos comes now! Every life on earth must be a resource, that can easily be thrown into the garbage; so we gather the information, to strike “like a snake” when we desire. All praise the university; “isn’t that so”?
  • When every option is taken, and every job the reality of BEG YOUR UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA OR STARVE. The reality of enclosure exists, and the insanity of being trapped comes to mass mobs now arise: what better way to use weapons of mass destruction could there be? They asked for it/ and we have no option, but to destroy them. As the world itself, can no longer sustain us all! All praise the university; “isn’t that so”?
  • So the true consequence of humanity is god: becomes identified by the cost of what you chose to do. That reality is: to become extinct, and take this world of life, even this planet with you: in the hell you created, by playing god. All praise the university, and their worshipers; “isn’t that so”?

So, the question is: what has “being in the middle of all this, to do with the differences between male and female? The answer is: media propagation, under university direction;  has produced a constant force to destroy all diversity: even to the point of claiming “there is practically no difference” between men and women. Demanding and installing, the university decree:  Let every human being look the same/ let all food sources be limited to a tiny few/ let nothing exist, but what we designed to control/ let the money be a fantasy, and the option to live in freedom, because there is an option: be completely taken away. Let the gun, and all destruction be their savior/ their answer/ and their grave. All praise the university and their worshipers; “isn’t that so”?


So what now? Is the university satan?

Answer:  turn back from the delusion of playing god, the fantasy and fanatics of university knows; and let life be life/ rather than the toy of people who want to prove but failed, to be god. Extreme arrogance is the framework of “satan”/ a religious word, that simply means (destroyer of our world). Alas, it fits.

But the foundation of that is far more simple: but less distinct. (apart from a tiny few), It is not the individual who form a university education that can be called “satan or other”. Most are valued citizens, and many do what they can to participate in what they believe will aid society. I have been friends with several; and they are neither more or less than all the rest: equal. OUR TRAGEDY of existence comes from the fact, with university small tragedies of stupidity and ignorance; along with an outright, “we don’t care about the consequences; WE CAN DO IT”. Quickly become worldwide troubles. Immersed in the constant human  conception: Hell, nothing will go wrong/ we just want what we want. And we sure as hell know, what we don’t want, and won’t take no for an answer; if we can change that, to what we do want.

Not true! The most obvious reality being: over population literally threatens world extinction of everything. And that does include us all! Other obvious realities include: the coming collapse of resources, which do include water, oxygen to breathe, “other life to eat”, the collapse of everything living as chains disappear and habitats are destroyed: AND EVERYTHING REQUIRED JUST TO SURVIVE. Which brings us all into INSANITY begins to surround us, as HELL itself, begins to appear. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Leaving this one final solution: which will soon end; leaving only extinction and all those consequences to follow.

Either communicate the fact that we are facing our own extinction, and accept the cost of that; no matter what it is. So that we can try our best to resurrect a future. Or just give up now, and dig your own grave; because once past the point of no return, no further option exists; because life, is dead. Nothing could be more obvious of our impending extinction: than trying to ignite the same fire as is on the sun (it burns atoms/ and the fire produces solar gravity), here on this earth: to prove extinction is coming. Yet all hide or run away.

I guarantee, a nuclear fire will get you: which means you are a fool. Simple and plain! Either stop the fire from being ignited, or be incinerated, along with the planet itself; “just like a sun”.

The universities will say: what we do is greater than that. But reality already proves, when playing god, the consequence of being “even one percent wrong”; multiplies with every year that goes by. One hundred years later (its one hundred percent change) or, you have changed life or destroyed it; and there is no going back.

They will say, this world is better, because of what we did do! But reality already proves: what you did do, is create numerous situations where all life, and planet are threatened with extinction. Even the solar system itself, is threatened with change; by adding another sun, when igniting this planet on fire. How is that “better”?

And all the worshipers grieve; because they want to pretend “god is their buddy or friend”; and we don’t need nothing else. Alas, life is a series of choices; every choice you make becomes a fate (the consequence you cannot avoid, an element of hate)/ or a destiny (the desire you proved was true to love). All the rest are inconsequential, and will dissipate into extinction itself. The only question to extinction is: WHAT will your terrors be? The answers on this planet, in this time; are easily identified;  cannibalism/ only blood to drink/ hate/ horrors/ complete and utter insanity, and more!  Now, who wouldn’t want that? Even so, the consequences you chose, do describe this fate!

Biblical prophecy establishes July 9, 2019 as the last date mercy shall reign. Its meaning is: change now, or be forever lost; a creation destroyed by those who truly didn’t care/ until they had no choice but die to life itself. Biblical prophecy is Daniel 12; the great abomination which is the beginning “time clock starts”: is literally the first experiment which could have ignited a nuclear fire just like the sun. that experiment occurred on April 1, 2012: add it up. The first death is law could have saved us; now past. The second death is mercy could have saved us: “dead on July 9, 2019”. The half death is HELL on earth, and it goes for 667 and a half days. 666 for hell to dissolve all other realities. One day for judgment, and a half day for whatever that will mean to life.

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