TIME ON TRIAL.    It comes down to this, failing to be “gods”; by changing this world according to human demands: has consequences!

Extinction, by the evidence: is the result, that comes next, for us all. Because there is no place left to hide/ making it impossible to run away from the truth universities, and their followers, did create. OUR ONLY HOPE IS IMMEDIATE CHANGE, letting what is true to life itself; lead us back from our own chosen extinction.

 Not a game, the evidence is real, and without exception validated as worthy of an investigation by all the people of this nation; for the sake of this world, and all its life. The purpose: To be certain you are willing to accept the price “of universities: playing god with life and energy, and more”. There are, NO SECOND CHANCES; past the point of no return. The cost of, these being wrong: is forever!

 Just like, the decision you make for life and world, or apathy and cult worship, the “university is god”: is also forever. Not a game, you’re eternity. I remain committed to the truth of our reality, by its own evidence of threat/ even whether you are committed to the false gods you worship as university. Truth itself will decide who is correct. Your choice is to gamble through university with EVERYTHING LIVING. My choice is to examine our reality and respect the values of life, love, planet and body we have been given; by our CREATOR. Because miracles are evident and proven without doubt, or even the slightest possibility of being wrong: as true.

The reality is simple: “I thought, that I could abandon you to your own design and decisions, that did not include; our whole world”. I cannot, a world of life is far more important than whether I am tired of you, and you’re failures. LIFE OR DEATH gives no excuses, not for a single one; and that does include me/ and it does include you. Simple and plain, so we begin again under a different, but similar directive.

It is, utterly proven true: that all but an extremely few, can do anything for themselves, other than move as a herd. JESUS was right in calling you “sheep”. That functionally means “basically animal/ rather than human”; but it is nonetheless true. To stand alone, thinking independently of the others; but not separated to any real degree, as is the element of, “Human”. Requires an understanding that is not currently accepted. While there are a thousand slightly different variations of standing alone by numerous people; they all encompass some form of discarding the others so that they or you, appear as an image “of your own creation”/ rather than a living source of truth, as is an individual soul of life. Your decisions are not the same, rather all images are a form of fantasy, and thereby a lie to some degree; because it is not “simply you”/ nor is it “them”.

The unfortunate reality of a herd is, that these must have a leader, or they fall all over themselves and become an easy prey. After endless hours of trying to ignite independent thought within the herd to establish a more deliberate humanity, in you: I give up. You need a leader to survive, simple as that. I on the other hand despise leadership, as it makes the leader responsible for the others; and has no substantial reward. Even so, to save this planet of Creation;  we both need to compromise, regardless of the fact: this dilutes and threatens to destroy the purity of what could otherwise be.

So, I will attempt to lead you a bit, at this time; rather than merely educate and inform/ IF YOU, will attempt to think a bit, and let the evidence of our reality make the decisions we require to survive as life on earth; for yourself, instead of me. It would be far superior; if we could enter within the creation of thought, as a destiny of hope together/ but clearly we cannot. So, for the sake of this world, I will compromise the disciplines of my heart/ IF YOU will compromise the herd of human possibilities, and become tolerant of truth; rather than  the constant slaves to want.

We begin with this simple translation of our time. That nothing is so simple, as the essence of life in a miracle: none can fail to see that truth. Even so, the universities have done everything they could to destroy that value, and assign you to images and fantasies so delusional: they can defend nothing at all. Other than adaption is real, the university religion of evolution is without any kind of evidence or truth. Adaption is the sign of perfect design; as in “I knew this would be needed, for life to survive and diversify”. Thereby as creator, it exists!

Nothing is so simple as is the evidence of our time: the threat universities are trying to ignite sun fire, here on earth! Even the slightest error in their thinking, and our planet is ignited into a sun: same fire (energy release, and fuel source)/ same result. Their assertions can easily be proven wrong: which means this can have only one ending, once ignition arrives.

The reason you have not responded to this information is very simple:  fear is a terrible thing, and the herd trembles at the very thought of “predators/ dressed as sheep (we cannot see them)” in their midst. You cannot see them, because like all religious people: want makes you blind.

Leadership then exists in this case: to extract the fear by offering weapons of change, and identify what is otherwise unseen, for a deliberate decision made by the herd, to move as one. The secondary truth of leadership is: when the predators see, that they are about to be revealed; they do turn against that leader, with the intent to kill, rather than be known. Hiding from the masses of predators in our midst, is then the only method to survive as a leader. That requires participation by the herd.

The third truth is: that every member of a herd wants to be the leader/ NOT, because they want to make the decisions; but because they want the best of everything; and you cannot get that at the back of the line. So many will watch for openings, and will choose even discard or destroy some of the others; to take all they can get for themselves. The consequence of that is: the herd does not trust itself, and all determine to be vigilant and remain selfish, so they survive too.

The fourth truth is: fear is the difference between peace and violence/ love and hate/ life and death/ or a body of miracles, rather than a life house, filled with, or determined by chaos. Therefore the question that MUST BE ADDRESSED is: can you survive as you are? Truth by the clear and deliberate evidence declares, with absolute certainty: that you cannot! That fact, once realized by the herd itself; presents each one with the single question: if we cannot survive this way/ then we must change now. OR, the only thing left is, to fight “so that I die last”; even though the cost of it will be horror, terrors, and HELL. That fact makes fear an irrelevant herd truth/ even if it remains an individual reality.

These are the parameters, which fence us in; and must be separated in order to release the possibilities of who we are as a “created human being” designed for eternal value, among the loving;  not death.

THE RULES are simple:

  • Accept truth by the evidence/ let reality understand the cost of being WRONG. AND DON’T ACCEPT, a fate that cannot be undone.
  1. Respect our reality, the absolute certainty; NATURE MADE LIFE GREAT. It is men in charge, that destroys. And let no accumulation of predators change that into chaos, as they play god, and dream of their own fantasies to pretend they are god over you or anything else.
  • Over population is a terrible thing, and we cannot by any cause or consideration allow it to continue; not evermore. Decisions must be made.
  • Resource loss is the end of life/ the end of chains that continue to produce the living. Once gone, all life dies/ the earth goes extinct.
  • What you don’t know can kill us all; and that includes the distinct and true definitions that prove our water supplies are on the verge of collapse. To save them, it is literally now or never again.
  • Weapons of mass destruction, and all their biological counterparts can be removed: by establishing world law through our own vote as humans on earth. World law means: this is the law that governs our leaders, and we the people, through our own world policing organization: will bring them to court if they fail us. To judge for ourselves what is right or wrong.
  • The cause and consequence of money, as has ruled this earth by the choice of men. Must be dealt with; by establishing limited capitalism. Which means: by our vote, WE THE PEOPLE will decide exactly how much wealth or income any individual can earn or hold within their own possession. Simple as that. Limited wealth or income lets the rest participate as equals under the terms: it shall be, what you can collect, is limited to your own design.

Elemental to the cause of truth; is a jury to determine your own fate. That jury is composed of every adult member, and even every youth which can understand the consequences of being wrong. The question is not what do you want/ nor even what might your future be, which you want or don’t want! But whether life itself can survive without change? As is considered in the 7 basic rules above; the value of a life is determined by its own desire for living. The value in every living, is determined by the elemental securities that grant peace: instead of fear, a future instead of extinction, and its cost.

Realities now exist, that will soon decide the fate of this entire world; because they cannot be undone/ past the point of no return; there is no coming back to life. Unless these few are stopped from deciding the fate of us all, “with their science”; by their playing god with life and earth: we are also dead. They are not worthy to make that gamble for us, nor are you worthy to allow that to be done. But you are then worthy to die at their hands, if you fail to stop this extreme arrogance/ the destruction of our whole world. Life is not a game, and neither is it so simple people can fantasize they are gods/ they are not. Their fantasy is instead evidence of hate, and the demand to make you cry; because they themselves are not happy. It is a fools’ choice. It is OUR ENTIRE WORLD, including every life, and every future life; is AT RISK. Therefore, no matter who you are: this is YOUR concern as well as mine.

YOU are the jury, for whether this world lives or dies!

YOU are given the opportunity to curse, or save yourselves from extinction. Simple as: IS LIFE WORTH YOUR TIME/ or, more simply, DO YOU CARE ABOUT LIFE ON EARTH? If so, then you must determine what is true! NOW, because time is literally running out: the experiments are running, and will soon overtake all other reality with chaos, death, and destruction. No second chances, past the point of no return: life on earth is over/ because of what humanity did do. That is not GOD, who threatens us:  we are the people who allow or deny “gambling with our entire world, and all its life”; particularly in America.

GOD IS NOT going to save you as a world, because you are free; and demanded to be so! Freedom means:  you chose to accept the consequences, of making your own decisions! Simple as that. IT is humanity that threatens our extinction! Therefore it is humanity that must save itself/ from itself! No blaming GOD, because you refused your duty, to life.


   We begin: with the lessons that are most apparent and useful.

The laws of becoming a true world democracy is very simple:  ONLY A TINY BIT OF FORCE, can be useful or necessary. It is the law that decides if we live or die. Therefore it is the law that must be learned.

LAW MEANS: that we the people have inherited the right, and the means, to rule over ourselves/ OR, someone else has used force to steal that right, and destroy our freedom. One or the other is true, for you.

The law of force is: make them fear.

The law of democracy is: by your vote on the laws which govern ourselves, each one determines for themselves, what that law of society shall be. NOT a vote for someone to vote for me/ but my own vote on the laws that become our government; and its justice, equality, definitions of society; or its freedoms and its liberty to decide for the whole.

The law of government is: that we determine for ourselves what the limits and boundaries of our nation shall be through a constitution. Which is then our government as instituted by we the people. There are NO PEOPLE, who consist of or comprise “the government”; not one single one. Rather those who are employed to represent the values and decisions consistent with our democracy and its constitution for the work of establishing society as we have seen fit to describe it:  are only employees, and nothing more. Except for those who are sworn by oath to keep that democracy and its constitution, “as pure as possible”. They are not the government either/ but they are, the sworn representatives who stated: WE WILL do the work you have asked us to do/ without making any decision that is contrary to our oath.  As literal and true penalties will attest: this oath has meaning, and it is not frivolous for a single person who takes it.

The law of changing government is determined by the following descriptions:  you shall not engage in “what we want/ or what we don’t want”; as is the fantasy of fools. You shall determine by the most reliable methods possible: what is true, what are the consequences which can be determined, what is the risk of being wrong, and what we are willing to accept if that risk is taken, and life or planet is lost because your disrespect for miracles was too severe to survive. That is done in a court of law, with the entire population granted critical access in every conceivable situation. With deliberate and severe penalties for misleading or misdirecting the information that is necessary so that as many as possible shall in fact understand what they have been told: BY THE EVIDENCE, not the propaganda of news.

The law of a courtroom is: nobody gets to play god, to play with the information or determine to manipulate that information to achieve their own goals. Corruption is the enemy of every nation, it is a disease fermenting into treason. While traitors enlist rules to deceive and destroy the foundations upon which we depend. The method most reliable in thwarting corruption is an oath. That oath which means: our law, now holds power over you, and our judgment now controls the future of your life:  establishes the cost of choosing to be wrong/ when you knew better, and life needed you to confirm the democracy we chose for our lives, and many even died for. It is no game. The failure to respect our government, as is represented by your oath to support, affirm, and obey: is treason.

The law governing freedom, value, discipline, and purpose: is as it always has been, YOUR DUTY to the rest, is to respect our world, our lives, and our future from damage caused by you. From risks, that are too destructive, or potentially damaging; to be allowed. That does limit your freedom to the realities of: what is personal to me (I bear the greater burden or cost), is my right/ but what is the liberty to defend ourselves against damaging actions, lies, foolishness, fantasies, or betrayal:  belongs to us all. more simply; you may gamble with your own life/ but never ours, unless we know the risk and truly accept the cost of being wrong. That, takes a true and real public vote, after sufficient information exists to make your own decision. Until that day exists, NO SUCH GAMBLING shall exist: instead it will be called by its own true description, TERRORISM. And so judged accordingly.

The law of changing the lies of currency back to reality: are very simple. Only truth is allowed here/ no games/ no lies/ no temptation/ no manipulation/ no tears/ no innuendo or the disgrace of a mob. ONLY TRUTH, and the realities that are allowed to be conceived as our method back, to a society built upon the securities: that we did exchange our time and labor for something of value, to our own future. The elemental drive to accomplish that fact is simple as well. You will stop using all currency of a nation/ and you will start by suppling the nation with an alternate currency (choose your method). In this scenario, EVERYBODY working, gets the same amount/ no exceptions. With that money, you will then assess the damage that has been done, and establish the decisions that will become: your economic future. When you have succeeded in that, the reality of greater economic freedom as designed by limited capitalism will begin. MONEY is the promise to pay someone else, in the future with your labor today. Your employees, under the direction of the cult of university knows worship; have destroyed the future with their lies, theft, cheating, and playing god by believing they are the superior ones who should rule all the rest by and through their own fantasy beliefs. The insurgency of university knows, has been a true rebellion, complete with the intent to destroy everything; as is consistent with extreme science and the curse of propaganda (believe/ just believe) through media.

The law of religion is simple: each, has a right to believe whatever they want to believe. Simple as that! What is not allowed, is to believe whatever you want to believe is true. It is not! What is true is defined by real evidence, consistent with what the world of life shall show as repetitive, thereby we can depend upon this. Nothing is so extremely well defined and designed; as true to life itself:  as is NATURE.  The miracle of body itself, a reality so complex/ so disciplined/ built entirely by order, through exceptional balance/ and absolute thought, as is proven by design and its functions:  that our CREATOR is literally without doubt or the possibility of a university excuse to be fools. Religion is then about what people learned about themselves thousands of years ago, which does remain consistent with this day, as people remain people throughout. But it is not, the summation of law, or GOD;  as in “this is life itself”.  Which means, no religion holds the keys. Christianity comes closest; because JESUS did what no other could or would do/ and he became our guarantor that we were not simply created, and forgotten. Simple as that.

The law of our humanity is simple:  time grants the right to choose and define your own destiny, through the decisions that you make. ETERNITY is simple in its elemental concept, as is:  we are the energy life gives us to use. We are the essence of thought, as it is our only connection with freedom, relationships, or reality: the body is a house, within which we live in this time. Energy is transformed (therefore life is transformed), or it is dissipated into “nothing consistent with reality”. Thought exists, as the transition between what can be, and what is. Therefore destiny is, the meaning we have given to the value accepted, as our one true hope. You have only one true destiny: what exists behind that closed door, is forever. Whether you call this belief or reality, is your own decision. In contrast to that, this is my testimony to you; as to the elemental journey I participate within. The decision to put GOD FIRST, and HIS whole creation here in time; as second. My salvation belongs to JESUS; because it is by his teaching, I came this far.

The law of leadership is:  that followers must be directed, so that the whole does not trample itself. The reality of mass hypnosis is: all must believe and accept they have a right, to make this decision as a group/ because now they know something; so they can, then judge. This is a fallacy of stupidity, and acts like gossip to insert a disease into the group; for which they will be sorry later/ after the damage is done. The difference here is: you must NOT believe/ therefore you cannot measure and judge/ proving the only right you have is to gather the evidence for yourselves as best you can. Thereby earning the knowledge that will become the foundation of your own new life. Or more simply: the direction given is to gather the people together to demand a trial under redress of grievances; a constitutional law already in existence and prepared for this type of emergency. Once you do that, everything else falls into place; leader or not. IT IS THE LAW, THEREFORE YOU CAN ENFORCE IT BY “WE THE PEOPLE, literally do, OWN THIS NATION”; AND OUR GOVERNMENT AS IS THE CONSTITUTION SHALL DECIDE, rather than our employees. It is our LEGAL right! THOSE who stand against our constitutional law, and declare their insurgency against that law: shall be judged as traitor.


The rules for participating in this need, and communicating to the public at large that we must learn what is true, for the sake of life on earth/ even the planet itself; are these.

  1. With diligence, communicating the threat to life, nature, planet, and more must be identified; in a way people will understand, the evidence is true.
  2. The constant disgrace of humanity is: “I want only what I want/ and I know what I don’t want”/ and I don’t want nothing, to do with these threats; which will just make me sad. Therefore the essence of communication is: you CANNOT ESCAPE the consequences of a world itself in crisis. The evidence is real. Your life & your future life & your child/ everything you love or desire to survive; stands in the balance, to be determined by what we the people do for ourselves.
  3. With grace, the respect for law, rather than force; becomes our only true weapon against the others who are determined to destroy us all. The evidence of what law can do, is equally consistent with the reality of what every military has done: the law, holds power over every individual, with that “justified force”. Unlike the military, which holds power over the individual by fear.
  4. The religious believer: cannot be resurrected/ because they do not accept truth. They only believe what they believe, and have hidden themselves in that hole, with contempt for everyone else. Because then they need not understand or accept anything other than, what they want to be true. leave them be, the foundation is simple: only truth matters to the living. Only truth can keep us alive/ or present eternity itself: want cannot!
  5. Confronting the courts, their lawyers, and its policing: is understood to be. In full sight of all, the law itself will rule/ the constitution shall judge/ and the reality of an oath of office shall be determined: making us all, “judge over you”. By the terms and conditions consistent with democracy itself, as written under constitutional law, and by true constitutional intent; so help us all.
  6. Confronting the politician: means to ignite respect for “our power as a nation, called we the people” in them. Their oath of office comes with penalties for disavowing that sworn “right of office”; and becoming an insurgency against the nation itself. Their job comes only through their oath. Their oath of office diligently requires: they shall put the realities of purpose and desire by design as a nation, in the constitution itself, FIRST in everything they do or do not do. Any deviation from that task, is considered to be: an act of war against the nation itself. The penalties for treason are consistent with “what have you done”. Simple as that. read and understand the evidence of our nation through its constitution and the two other primal documents of incorporation; as is the declaration of independence and the “Virginia bill of rights”. Learn what was expected of every employee; in that oath, so that you know what is true to that purpose.
  7. Confronting the media: means to assemble by all means necessary, the realities they cannot avoid. By courtroom actions/ by creating every kind of media contrast possible/ by contradicting their gods (only the universities know anything)/ by proving we the people have the freedom to LEGALLY communicate through the courts under redress of grievances; a first amendment law. Which means literally you do take control over all media outlets to instruct them: this will come first and foremost, by legal decree of our democracy. By “a million person march”/ sit down strikes, and all the rest you currently use and expect the media to address; because this is the nation speaking to itself. Reminding each media outlet: in a true democracy, as will come; the ownership of every media source shall come under our own control. We will remember you!

The essence of leadership is: the consequence of these actions comes back to me, as the development of direction establishes. As a leader, I promise that I will not turn away from the purposes I have presented. What action or reaction that will take is up to me. I am NOT “your general/ savior/ president/ or any other form of supervisor” with the authority to make you do what I say. INSTEAD, “more like a spiritual leader”, my intent is to accept responsibility for what I ask from you. Or more simply: go ahead and blame me, saying it’s all “his fault”. IF, you literally cannot stand on your own, or accept the value of fighting for this world and all its life in time. Do, what you can do for this world; no matter how small or large/ do, what you can legally, do! This is my directive to you. Accept the challenge, identify your own desire, understand the purpose here is simple and plain: our world is threatened by the evidence of what human design is doing and has done. Our reality is facing consequences in everything valued as life: that we simply CANNOT UNDO/ once the point of no return has pasted. THAT, involves us all!  No blaming GOD, we did and are doing this to ourselves, and our world; by our own decisions. Simple and plain, make other decisions or go extinct; is the reality we now face. NO demanding GOD will save us from ourselves;  freedom is not that. The consequences you have chosen by your own truth, are the consequences you shall change or endure until dead. Are you not free? Freedom has a price; you chose. Is that not what you say to a terrorist on trial, who chose to murder and create mayhem: do you not say, “this one deserves to die” for what he did choose, and did accomplish by that decision, do. Indeed it is true, and it is deserved: just like you.


There WILL be, an impact formed from my own descriptions of “living with a spiritual woman inside”. A reality that began roughly 12 + years ago. A reality that changed my own direction; because as strictly male, truth began to look at the force of war as an only description to demand “YOU failed life”. I could not accept that, and began to search for the only alternative as is: “what would female do”? Finding that spiritual door, began a long journey into this dimension:  you can’t understand/ unless you do by its own reality, “understand”. The conception is: “life, as if in her shoes”: Its complicated! But it is also true, both my writing and my direction over the last twelve plus years has been distinctly chosen because of this union; believe it or not. I have no other real comment; let the evidence decide.

The rule of women would begin:


“face first”; or more distinctly, you must endure to survive; what men are doing, or have done. Life is not a game, it is a decision to participate; even if UNFAIR.

“tits second”: or more distinctly; even if the baby is far past time for it to grow up/ you must continue feeding it (what he or she needs): UNLESS, you are willing to let them die.

“heart third”:  the disciplines of love, recognize the truth; even a whisper in the dark, is better than no voice at all. you cannot make a change, unless you let that change be known. Only then can it linger in the mind, to conceive of the possibilities.

“life fourth”:  little is more clear, than the truth of human need; in thought/ word/ and deed. Without order in this world it dies in chaos. We must defend against chaos: which means we must defend, as best we can:  against men and their wars/ against university and their fantasies.

“body fifth”:  the value of our security, the sanctity of peace, and the purposes of dignity, intensity, along with the definitions of happiness and hope; are tied distinctly to the reality:  “what is truly mine, is mine and only mine, to give or to refuse”.

“mind sixth”:  the balance of heart, mind, and soul grant to me, the very essence of life itself. By understanding a warm embrace is better than the isolation of time. However “a cold heart” standing beside me, is worse than the isolation of self; as I am a value beyond measurement. I am, by the relationships of my choice;  “a human being alive, in time”. It is no small feat.

“soul lifts”:  the question of an eternity exhibits itself, with every new-born child. Life is more complex, than we can even imagine. Proving without the slightest doubt: “it is no accident”/ but encompasses an essence of thought and design; so grand and distinct, only a fool lets this truth be denied. Miracles are truth/ which makes a passage beyond time, the possibility and decision, of our creator.

These are; “some lessons learned”.

Alternate lessons include: the entire world economy exists, by raping and ravaging the resources that will then become extinct/ and all the children die; because you the elder literally did not care, and chose to make them die. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!


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