Within the essence of every human life, are the decisions; for love or hate or survival. They are separate from each other, and construct barriers. Love limits hate, and seeks to discard it totally/ yet in this place on earth, we cannot completely disregard what time will allow. Hate demands NO love shall enter here, as the purpose to be granted identifies what can or cannot be destroyed. Survival is as the word demands: your decision to participate in time, even if this moment is being harsh to you. To participate, even if you are unloved, or abandoned, or falling on hard times: to survive can require participation, even if it is wrong/ or allows someone else to be wrong.

These three define our experience, and establish our expressions; as the barriers we create/ the doors, we have allowed in/ and the consequences we must endure because of it; or what the others have done, that we too must accept.

Each human being is now faced with the truth (whether you currently believe it or not)/ that our world is threatened with extinction; because of the decisions humanity has made. In particular the decisions universities have made, and the people have allowed; because they worship the university as “our god”. Religion is a tragic occurrence for many, and there is no greater religion in this day; than is university knows. As proven by the evidence of threat. No greater threat, than those trying to ignite sun fire here on earth. No greater disease of both mind and body, than those trying to mutilate life into something else by genetic alterations. The human mind is a terrible thing; when filled with arrogance and disrespect for life or planet or time.

The value of foundation religion is its discipline; a relationship generated by thousands of years of behavioral practice; to prove, we can survive better, “by following these rules”. The unfortunate part of that is: no one is allowed to question the rules, because that discards the practice of “NOBODY, gets to question our belief”. This is what it is, and that is all it will ever be. Because that is our security for the future, “it cannot, be changed”. Which also means: it cannot rise above, what it was thousands of years before. Or, nothing else can be learned: this is it! So each main religion remains as it was, without change/ because the people believe they will then survive: “same”.

Alas, not necessarily so! Rather all elements of life beyond the point or purpose of survival, require you to extend yourselves beyond the barriers that were made: both within and without of your own life. Because those barriers contain all the realities that prove why you cannot be free, or alive in the experience of heart & your soul. To fear, is the essence of power. The cost of power (I can make you cry), is to make the others fear. Hate builds here.

Love gets its opportunity to rise above that fear, to express freedom, and heart begins the journey to rise above time and encounter “life itself (I am alive)”; because we accept the decision called soul.

That identifies the three basic encounters, which becomes the journey beyond time:

  • To accept the destiny of life, is to encounter life itself, as a creation that lives beyond time.
  • To decide, that everything important to me; is at its core a partnership or participation in love. Thereby the truest love lives where it was created for me, that I might know its truth. This speaks to the barriers, and the doors; between human and GOD.
  • Soul is the elemental creation of our own relationship with GOD, through HIS CREATION. This expands in the values and paths of JESUS; as our guarantor “we have not been forgotten”/ but do indeed have the opportunity, to be more than simply “Human”. So the question becomes: where will my journey, as love; encounter this door? No one can know when; it is not our decision to make.


The passage beyond time is highly different, than our passage through time. Time demands survival first. Beyond time exists as the decisions we will make within our heart (the cause of our desire, to express or experience love). Therefore love lifts the essence of our lives into the experiences of our truth: to identify to you, who you really are/ or are not. Truth is the essence of the spiritual world itself; nothing else matters here, only truth.

So the critical question of life itself in all facets of time and beyond time is: what is your truth? Without truth, you are not of any importance, because you cannot survive reality. Therefore every function of life in time, must be to identify and “clean” your truth; so as to conceive of a destiny, by your own design.

Thought is the essence of eternity, the essence of experiencing life itself; because without thought, there is no recognition, no participation, no motion or freedom, etcetera. Thought identifies life. What you think, where you allow you’re thought to go: is then, the very beginning, of who you are!

We ask the question here: WHAT IS, “the spiritual world”? The answer is: a refraction of creation itself. An imprint of the various definitions, that began our lives on this planet. As is consistent with our own memories; when reality is sufficiently important to identify a “moment”/ we recall that memory “slightly bent” from its original existence. The imprint of both truth and laws governing our existence, as if by the memory of GOD; lets us examine ourselves in that truth, before we encounter eternity. Some religion call it purgatory. It is more properly known as a barrier, by which we might prepare ourselves for what comes next. If you fail this test, your life cannot go on. Because eternity is not for hate/ nor is it for the lazy, who want to possess; or want to win; or want to make the others cry.

Love is about “the deliberate heart”; the distance between what you chose as the treasury of your identity; when that love, is confronted with the desire of your own true destiny. GOD IS; everything about love revealed. Therefore a destiny that desires true love, desires the journey into GOD HIMSELF. Your purity determines how far you will go.

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Jim Osterbur

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