I think, that it is only fair: considering all the cult worship and propaganda of university knows religion (we believe). That a fair appraisal should be given. They have after all achieved nearly all their goals.

  • Like all insurgents, the purpose is to control society in their way, and by their decisions.
  • Like all insurgents, they use the weapons of words, discarding and disrespecting any who cannot participate in their foreign languages. If you can/ “they change the rules”.
  • Like all insurgents, they found power: by hiding the counterfeiting of money, and destroying the economy by debts which can never be paid.
  • Like all terrorists: they have created threats so heinous, it makes the people fear, and believe in foreboding; should they let out a peep.
  • Like all terrorists: they seek slaves, and to control slaves they must have fear. Consequently, we find “weapons of mass destruction/ threat to ignite the planet on fire/ mutilation of all nature/ destruction of every resource/ water supplies destroyed/ people prepared for war, in countless ways; which does include overpopulation, and the end of all sanity on earth.
  • Like thieves: they take the 9 plus trillion dollars in America that is injected by counterfeiting currency; claiming it is asset appreciation: and a tiny few spend it to control government, law, policing, schooling, the economy/ wall street/ etc; taking everything away by destroying infrastructure, and spending it on machines and “science” to literally and intentionally destroy our world.
  • Like devils; the propagation of failures, fantasies, foolishness, blind obedience in all cult members, mass hypnosis through media, and assembling the road map to destroy any person, by gathering information on each member of society; who could be supposed as a threat continues endlessly. Preparing artificial intelligence to overrule, and take away every job from humanity; which leaves “the rulers” in charge of disposing of the “worthless”; just a keystroke away.
  • Schools teach only for the college/ and the college only wants, the few they can mind control; by making them slaves indentured with enormous debts.
  • Politics are surrendered to the people who have the money, and control over media. Who more so, than those who counterfeit and spend into society in any way they wish: an asset appreciation of over 9 trillion dollars per year. In America; they say a presidential election costs a billion dollars/ because the media must be paid. So then who owns the election/ and who is the candidate of choice: as the owner of mass communication decides; or you?
  1. The courts are determined behind closed doors to destroy the constitution entirely and make it a worthless trash; so they can rewrite “government” and make themselves king or queen over the rest. Policing is given to be “its US OR THEM; and its war if we don’t herd these sheep as we are told to do by our superiors “in university”. Each version of their version of the “superior ones”; Proclaiming themselves “the nobility” just like in every other generation called human.
  2. Religion hides from the university, and bows down deeply: because they fear losing “their sheep”, to the weapons of conversation they have been unable to defeat. Even though such things as evolution, are a mere witch’s brew of absolute unproven stupidity and arrogance without the slightest evidence of truth to be found. Alas, as religion teaches: you can’t have “two masters”/ so the vast majority, accept university as their god, and whatever religion it is, as their means for power and pride; or as the case may be “an excuse”.
  3. Like SATAN himself: every possibility for reprieve, is a door being sealed shut; so that even when the sheep do awaken, just before fear and insanity overtake them. THERE SHALL BE, NO POSSIBLE WAY OUT. It is HELL that has come, because the university stole their mind, and led them to Armageddon, and all the rest; trapped in the grave with their words.
  4. Reality demands: that the consequence of “university religion” is, without believers (we won’t question this or anything), there is no religion! But every believer knows: THERE IS A LIST OF THINGS I DON’T WANT/ things I HATE; and whoever displaces these with control for me; wins my allegiance. Humanity hates death, with a passion/ even though it is the single balancing point, that allows both earth and humanity to continue in time. Humanity doesn’t want ANY RESTRICTION on selfishness; even though as reality now proves, without order and discipline: tragedy multiplies until there is nothing left of what keeps this earth alive. Therefore ALL DIE. The foundation of university knows is, trickle down economics: “everybody loves a counterfeiter; they gave me FREE money, or a job, or something I wanted (even if I did have to scream to get it. I still got it.)”/ until the bill comes due, and every penny, you sold your life for; is a fraud. The foundation of university religion is fear; particularly medical drama: so the sheep worship and believe. Even though our human numbers, are the cause of every growing catastrophe; a reality, about to cause our own extinction, along with every other life. You want what you want; period/ so you’re children ARE GOING to enter HELL, and even worse. Because the university creed is: “throw your true GOD, away”.

Such is the consequence and reality, of burying yourself in a cult; called “university knows”. No brain, is a terrible thing to surrender too. Demanding “nothing bad can happen to me or mine” assumes no one has to die: IT AIN’T TRUE. So, either random realities of disease and so forth occur/ or somebody has to make a decision about when YOU die. Which do you prefer?

I think, no one should have to die; without at least; one final moment to reflect on just how did you get here! Fail or don’t fail, I fought for you; but you did not do one single thing on your own behalf. Such is the truth, for all but a tiny few.

Without balance, there is no order. Without order, there is no living world. Without discipline, a reality of courage governed by truths that are more important than want: the foundations of life disappear. The primary contribution of university is: to destroy balance. The primary element of university knows is: to destroy disciplines, so that the earth itself can die. The primary reality of university is: to destroy order, so they can pretend to be gods. No greater example of that is: the intent to bring the same fire as is on the sun, here to this earth; gambling every living thing on the insanity “a ten million degree fire” will just extinguish itself/ because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire. Wrong is the ignition of another sun: this earth. The second example is little worse: to intentionally destroy balance, discipline, order, thought, and everything about life itself/ BY MUTILATING NATURE. For the deliberate purpose of “let evolution (chaos) reign”. The word DEVIL, lives here; “with all his followers”. The people who say: YES, LET’S MUTILATE LIFE, BECAUSE THE UNIVERSITY IS god; and they might buy me “another day”/ the people who give to support “medical science” which is and is intended to be; genetic alteration. Even though, every other life on the planet is UTTERLY destroyed by this absolute INSANITY. As is the description of “Armageddon”. 

WE CANNOT REPAIR THE NATURE THEY DESTROY! Just like igniting “sun fire” here/ there are no second chances. HOWEVER unlike a fire that terrifies you; the hordes will come, with weapons and war; to wipe away every genetic mutilation; and there will be no end to the consequences “we are without water or food or peace” forever more. 

So, reality states: they will drink your blood/ eat your flesh/ suffocate and die on this barren and inhospitable place “called earth”. Because that is what humanity did choose! But hey, “you just wanted whatever you wanted, so it ain’t your fault”/ now ain’t that right! After all, you got every right to want and demand, whatever you want/ regardless of the consequences. Cause NOTHING, is more important, than you! 

The universities “ate your brain, to spit out a fool”; and you all you had to say was: “you want salt and pepper with that”. It is without question, that the truth of this planet is clear:  “heaven, the place of our CREATOR” cannot abide with “this humanity”. You are destroyers! So, the elemental mass of humanity is given to “be itself”/ for the singular purpose of finding those few, who can live beyond the boundaries of want and selfishness to create the values of love and truth in their own heart. Hearing with discipline, the respect owed for the body of life they live within. Worshiping with courage, the order that is intrinsic to our survival; no matter where or what life is. And accepting the honesty that is balance, so that all can be nourished with peace and security; in a place, where time no longer matters.

Life is not a game, it is the path upon which we trod: either with respect for what has been given to us. OR, without respect, as is the essence of selfishness unleashed.

I AM done fighting for you alone. Either stand up and be counted as someone who accepts the cost of keeping this earth alive; or be abandoned: to the realities your university gods did choose. One or the other will occur.

This does not mean “I don’t love you as life created by GOD, through nature, to be just like me”: equals in our humanity. It means simply: that your ways are destroying this entire creation, and I cannot tolerate that fact. So, if I don’t abandon those who destroy our world and all its life, and all its future life forever/ then I would learn to hate you instead. The spiritual woman drew me back from that fact, and gave to me a new understanding; as is consistent with women. That although I can complain, the choice of our future, which literally does include my own: is not going to be made by me. It will be made by majority rules; even if it means the end of life on earth. If you are too weak to fight for an entire world of life, and all that means/ then you are too weak to live in eternity. Eternity itself, will then abandon you! I am not your judge, nor will I ever be. I am not your leader, only you as humanity united in an army to save this world, by LAW; can achieve that. I am certainly not your savior, I cannot even save myself; but am entirely dependent upon mercy: in terms of eternity. This is between you and me: a work that defines the critical message to our world. That want is not enough, and we must all accept the boundaries which give and sustain our lives; or lose life and even the planet itself. The living chains must not be broken further, or they will collapse. The failure of arrogance and pride must not extend further, or life itself will collapse. The disrespect for everything, that is orchestrated by universities around this world must end; or so does eternity for you. Simple as that.

I love the life, and bodies of life GOD CREATED, and gave us the opportunity to learn, express, and experience for ourselves. I love this planet, as the miracle of our existence allows life to be. I am honored, with the prospect of eternity; even for me. Yet the summation of human existence is now: “surrounded by threats of extinction”/ you still care more about your counterfeit money and assumed pride; than anything true. Because you want what you want; and selfishness therefore owns your soul. Change or the consequences of destroying an entire world of life, will be on you! That is not simple or plain: but it is true.

I remember: that every love is a gift I/we, were privileged to share. Every loving thing is at its core, the essence of caring expressed by the desire to participate with and within the values of our shared heart: because life, in time allowed it to be so. In contrast to that: you choose to believe, “every love is your own possession”/ and every loss of life is “god stealing from you”; which makes you angry, and even hateful. Because you want what you want, and nothing else matters, but what you want. Do you see the difference? Every miracle in time is transient; “here today, gone tomorrow”. Each is not less than a miracle, transient means: respect the value of today, respect the truth of tomorrow, and accept every heartbeat “has a mind of its own”. NOT yours to manipulate or control; as is the purpose of every university. We are not owners here of more than our own body; it is, “our only true possession”. It can be shared/ but it can never be owned by anyone else. That fact identifies the truth, everything we do share; lets us know, “that we are alive”/ not simply formed from “clay”.

If I were to teach you anything, by my own desire: it would be RESPECT LIFE AND GOD, and honor the miracle, that is you! Don’t live in the sewer, that is “an arrogant man or woman”. Life is not simple! Life is, our introduction to eternity.

If I were to warn you of anything, by your need: it would be, that the university is an insurgency against GOD AND CREATION. Their attack on life and planet to prove, “man is in charge now, and GOD has been evicted”; because we can manipulate and control “everything we need”. Or, the curse is, “we want what we want/ and now we are powerful enough to take what we want; with these weapons”: so there is now war, by the universities against everything “nature, and GOD”. Because their new weapons to mutilate life, and release energy; as always in the entire history of man on earth, has made them arrogant beyond reality itself. That would then mean:  humanity must decide, WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?  GOD AND NATURE/ or man and his arrogance, his assertion not only to play god; but to be god over life!  Choose! Simple as that, choose.

The universities and their believers literally intend to redesign life itself; throwing genetics into a blender. They literally intend to discard the limits on energy placed here on this planet; what is more god like than to control “sun fire”? And they literally intend to escape the chaos they created (because life is just a game); by moving to another planet, to proclaim themselves “superman”; when chaos takes over, as they literally know it will. What, is more satanic than that? Answer the question; or are you afraid, your university gods will ridicule you? After all: either GOD IS CREATOR or man rules by his own design means: there is no middle ground left. 

Those who cannot get beyond, “I want what I want/ and I don’t want NONE of this”; will choose to hate me. Those who accept life now has a price, and their own reality has changed; will find respect. The masses who assume “I can avoid this if I try/ let someone else”; will find anger, at being shown their world is NO LONGER safe nor secured from anything; as threats continue to encroach on their own very survival and world. Even though NONE OF IT, has anything to do with me; other than I must bring you this message of CHANGE yourselves, OR DIE! Simple as that. Assuming this work does not simply die out as a whisper in the wind. If it does, HELL will come quickly, because humanity has cast aside life. “your, decision”.

The very minimum you can do: is to communicate the need to investigate these threats, and determine what is true as society itself. If you fail that, then DONATE; to keep these sites from closing; and for the purpose of communicating by buying mass media time; as a method of doing the same. WE MUST INVESTIGATE, QUESTION, DETERMINE FOR OURSELVES, AND DECIDE FOR OURSELVES; what will come next, as humanity on earth.  While this donation is not at this time tax deductible; DOES IT REALLY MATTER?


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