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Letter to women #2

The construction of time, can take some very strange turns. It has been proven to me, beyond any further need to question it: that I will not choose to balance the discussion of what is needed anymore/ that freedom is taken away. But will write only “from a woman’s point of view”. That is possible, because the majority of relationship and world issues that are the subject of this forum (you have the opportunity to discuss it); are not gender specific/ although men have made them so.

In construction, it is necessary to identify the parts and process of how and why these things must be assembled as they are. While this is not from a woman’s point of view; it is essential to undertaking to build for yourselves. Because there is no such thing as “I want/ or I can” without the critical knowledge and understanding of ways that allows for that construction to be done. That part is non-gender specific; but accepts no substitute other than, you must know what you are doing/ or it all falls apart. So, I believe this is then, realistically what women desire to know.

No you don’t get a free for all, smash and grab kind of opportunity men have used throughout history: to create war/ sustain war/ and enforce war. YOU must do better: Without knowledge, understanding, and wisdom you will simply fail.

There are seven primary elements required for survival/ and five more to sustain peace and harmony. If you learn them, you can change this world. NOT because you are women, but because your numbers are so extreme, and the capacity to become organized together is greater in women, than men.


  • You must protect this earth, and all its life, all its nature, and the future for every child. Simple as that, or there shall soon be “no tomorrow”. As all the evidence does prove true.
  • You must remove the potential for weapons of mass destruction; and dissolve all large armies so that peace can come.
  • You must control the resources of this planet, with law; or tomorrow will be HELL.
  • You must remove the threats against every fresh water supply, or the predicted apocalypse (blood as high as a horse’s bridle) will arrive. With no water, we have only three days to live (a gun, and a fire; in every hand). And its opposition: you CAN’T have ours, we won’t have enough.
  • You must respect the chains of life, that make nature possible, and create your own food supplies. That means you will make hard decisions, that you don’t want to make/ because you must; or all life dies.
  • You must stop university delusions about playing god in all conceivable ways. You will take their power, and their tools away, to make these decisions and kill the implementation of all their possible catastrophe’s as they do, to destroy life itself with chaos.
  • You must change the power of men, to the power of law, that is governed through we the people by our own personal vote on the law itself.


  • You must present justice to this world, with the balance of freedom through respect for each other as the means.
  • You must limit the power of money, by employing “limited capitalism”. Which simply means: by our vote, we will determine just how rich any & all persons or other can be.
  1. You must take control over government, by removing their ability to control the currency or create debts or create wars.
  2. You must establish harmony, by creating the elemental rise in friendship, that is associated with male and female participation and value.
  3. You must remove hate from among you; so that no cause for the consequences of their violence shall rise again.


I remind you of these things again; because there is no future beyond the resolution: we must save our world, and rebuild for life to survive. The spiritual woman in me agrees, or I would not be able to include it. I have already created substantial information on how to do that on these web sites. If you actually begin, for the sake of life on earth: then I can help you address and resolve every situation as it arises. Assuming I am still alive. You should note this; although I can be made to change my mind, controlled by the spiritual woman inside. That I do intend if there is not enough interest in keeping these sites open; to support the $200.00 a month they cost, through donation. Then I surrender it as a lost cause. November first is the closing date if you do not. if more than is needed should be donated: a group of women will be allowed to decide what to do with that money/ not me.

That being set aside, we begin within the framework that is human behaviors. Please bear in mind: that my own mind does not work in “from a woman’s point of view” without aligning the elements first, which then become that kind of possibility.

We must first deal with the major behavioral issues of our day.

  • Men believe they must be the rulers, because they are stronger and can enforce their rules by violence.
  1. IN CONTRAST TO THAT: Is the development of law, by democratic authority. Or more distinctly a ruler gets his power, over all the people; by making rules (this is about you__) or creating armies for war (we will kill you). The law removes the power of a few, and gives it through democratic vote to all the people. Thereby we the people rule over rulers, by making the law that governs them. By creating our own armies, to bring those rulers to a courtroom; and examine what is true. a rule is about controlling individuals, for the benefit of the rulers (make this simple). A law is about controlling all of society, for the benefit of every individual. That is the difference. The foundation for women then is:  if you control the words, and the vote/ that creates the law. Then you rule the nation or world.  It is not money that rules the world, but law; as the law, can in fact take that money away.
  2. The backlash is: those hungry for power, will rebel. So the question they present is: DID YOU MAKE JUSTICE FOR ALL, AND EQUAL RIGHTS FOR THE MASSES/ the reason this nation or this world will fight for you? Because it is, for them as well!
  3. FROM A WOMAN’S POINT OF VIEW! When you remove the power of violence/ you remove the force of evil. Evil is: the creation of fear/ the attack of a predator; that is man against man or woman. Without power OR VIOLENCE to force their own decision: man and woman become equals.



The elemental fact of life is: women face pregnancy, and childbirth/ men do not. but they do face the truth without support and value accepted: both woman and child will have difficulty just to survive.

  • OUR WORLD CRISIS includes: without human population control, throughout this world/ there is no future beyond HORRORS AND HELL. With cannibalism and all forms of terror coming.
  • Deliberate decisions must be made, or there is no tomorrow of value. Those decisions are entirely built: on a woman’s decision/ as all women decide what they can or will do. Accepting blame/ or accepting a reward/ or accepting a duty. Only women get to decide what is fair. You are however cautioned: do not use a vasectomy (fight for life/ not against male, or they abandon you), as it destroys the chemicals men use to desire sex with you. Ending that reality, by removing its most elemental force.
  • FROM A WOMAN’S POINT OF VIEW: should there not be a deliberate reward from men to women: for making the correct (as we describe) sacrifice that is, my body cannot have children anymore? One such reward is: I shall not be forced outside the limits of childcare for the first six years, for my decision: one child only.


Sex is a game, not to be taken seriously/ it is merely a toy, that proves I am superior to you: because I can get the ones, the sex, I want.

  • There is unfortunately, a long list of realities that must be addressed to properly alter this failed assertion, and assemble the respect each gender needs to rebuild romance and grace in their decisions to participate with each other. I am not going to address it; you don’t have the time to fix it. Unless you save this earth first.
  • FROM A WOMAN’S POINT OF VIEW: it is the competition that forms the aggressive behaviors. The reality of what I must do, in order to obtain the attention I require to find a mate for my life and future. Therefore this is not only a problem designed by men/ but a reality assembled by women as well. Women control the majority response of all good behaviors in men: thereby when women stop being their own competition/ and form better ways of searching for a man among themselves. This world will change.
  • The foundation for truly changing society, and the relationships between men and women: DO revolve around the opportunity for a fair and reasonable job, so as NOT to be dependent upon the other one. Democratic authority gives the opportunity for that to a vote. The powerful will laugh and jeer: you can’t. But the certainty of democratic authority is: if we share, we can. If we care, we will.

There is clearly no great purpose in going beyond this point, unless I am joined by truly honest women who are intent upon fighting for this world with law and democratic authority. So, I intend to stop here/ unless forced to continue, by the spiritual woman inside of me. I am NOT the question here, so I care very little about what you believe or don’t believe about me. Your question is:  will you let this earth die/ or not?

Life or death for this world shall be decided by women: because they are “the biggest block of voters” that can organize themselves; thereby leading men with justice. To create a new world with laws that are “we the people”. Men cannot defeat themselves, and this is the best men did do: because this is what they choose. Women are different/ therefore whatever it is they will choose will be different; and different or changed is, “our only hope”. Believe it or not, that is the truth.

It does need to be said: that I am not so simple, as to believe women are able to correct this world, just because they are different. They cannot, simple as that. I am however complex enough to understand:  by working together WITH RESPECT, instead of competing with each other; all of us as we the people hold a valid authority, by which we can conceive of and create a new world. The difference between making that happen, and letting this world collapse into extinction: is as simple as, the constant of human history, as has built these threats;  which is “a male dominated world”; must be changed! There is only one other choice. I am not the leader of male or female humanity/ I am merely the messenger, delivering the possibilities for a new, rather than dead, WORLD of life. My education, has little to do with “men” or women: it is built from life. Your education is built from men or women, who have led you to the true edge of our world, going extinct. Such is the simple minded reality of, “the university is god”. Find respect/ value truth/ or die. It is not complex, just  search the evidence!

If it is not completely clear, as it should be: I will add, this is in NO way, an attempt to lure women into some kind of trap. That does not exist. Neither is this some kind of weird attempt to attract women for any other kind of reason or purpose. That too, does not exist. My education/ my life/ my reality is, “a little different”; and it simply shows through this work. If you are trying to disprove that, there are “ten thousand pages” of text, from which you may try. It will not be rewarding, as I am consistent with simply “for the sake of this world, and ALL its life”. Neither is this work for sex, or any other aspect or delusion; love is not a game, and neither is sex. It is a value of the heart, that can only be defined when the soul is shared. The question of trust, must be clearly identified first.

Of interesting things is: I have finally begun to conceive of some type or kind of recognition to “tits” (for lack of a better word). While there is nothing truly that men would understand; they can understand this. That my experience, whenever they grow; would be similar to being thrown in a washing machine, with 10-100 feelings on the agitation cycle. Or more simply, the feelings/ drama/ emotions/ and more than are displayed by female; do come honestly, as a part of the “package deal”. Feelings are the middle area between pleasure and pain. Whereas men deal with life and body as “black and white/ pain or pleasure”; women do not experience body or life in the same way, “they have feelings” instead. It is of some use to understand, the basic element of man is: survival/ and what must or must not be done in order to control the boundary area, so that real damage cannot be done to life. Because of that in particular, the realities of men engaging in feelings of any kind; are not considered wise or “happy”. Which does then leave open, “all those things” for women to provide. This is only one tiny little element of the differences between men and women. There are many more!

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