Your money, has nothing to do with me. Your interest in the financial future of a nation or world, has nothing to do with what I say or believe. However it does have to do with what is or is not true!

As to the reality of stocks:  lets suppose the New York Stock exchange; in particular the dow, grew by twenty percent over the last year. Expanded to all stocks, that would mean: 25 trillion dollars then became 30 trillion dollars, or a five trillion dollar increase. Since all money is either a resource/ or a human time and labor:  JUST, the money created as an increase entitles the holder at “one hundred dollars per hour” to 5 billion hours (208+ million days) of worker time; minus the necessary resources, or you have no job.  But earth has 8 billion people, “so its great right”?

Well according to the current accounting for derivatives (money based upon asset  fantasies) world wide at 1.2 quadrillion dollars plus 73 trillion dollars in stock world wide= 1.273 quadrillion dollars.  MINUS the actual value of stock which could be considered roughly 5 trillion dollars world wide= 1.268 trillion dollars. Or at one hundred dollars an hour its 68 trillion hours of human labor plus the resources needed. and that does not include the debts which are well over 150 trillion in just America/ nor the governmental currency that has been manipulated to cover over “its just numbers”; no reality attached!  Alas few make even one hundred dollars per hour, which means humanity is enslaved, and paid only with fantasies and delusions, created and controlled by a tiny few. Who use their control to buy any fantasy they wish.

Even so, excessive numbers allow for debt creation; given to be roughly 215 trillion by the example used. Credit card debt runs between 18 and 30 percent commonly:  so now if the stock market falls by twenty percent just in America that means 5 trillion dollars ($50,000.00 per each of one hundred million people) has just left the bank account of investors.  Just to return to last years accounting! The “winners” always buy, banks having no or little relationship to reality lent; and that means a wide portion now owe more than they can pay (bankrupt). Banks lend, because they intend to foreclose; and get rich on your losses.

Not to worry in America, “let the government pay”.  Alas, while it has never been reported exactly what healthcare costs in America including insurance costs/ military costs/ social security/ etc:  we do know it is yearly reported to be, at over 3.2 trillion dollars. Which is $32 thousand dollars per each of every one, of one hundred million paid workers. Did you pay your $32,000.00 on top of taxes today? While there is considerable debate at just how many workers are working in America:  the stable number has been at about one hundred million full time workers. Not including military, as they are considered a separate entity; and only spend money. They are not recorded same, other than taxes. never worry about being dispossessed like Palestine; after all, what could be hidden behind closed doors? Really what could be wrong, with a government, or wealth;  that exists only because of lies!

The university delusion, and critical insurgency against this nation called America/ and those around the world, who fell prey to their fantasies;  such as “debts don’t matter”. Well not unless YOU owe ME. Found a way to rule without reality. It is simply “you can have as many numbers as you like in your bank account; feeling safe, and like a winner”. The only problem that exists is:  just don’t try to spend them for something real. Because in every pyramid scheme, only the few at the top get to enjoy, and spend your money (which is accumulated labors). YOU get numbers (like a trophy, can’t sell it for nothing), and by surrendering them to the casino;  YOU get to play a game that only a tiny few can win, in reality.

The foundation of every society is resource and stability in the very elements that make our world survivable. Resources are being thrown away at a rate which truly means:  in far less than fifty years there will be absolutely nothing (completely barren), for a current child to use. But alas, you don’t have fifty years; because the toxic reality of everything the universities have done are absolutely certain to surrender this entire planet to chaos; in the very near future. Because that, is what you chose.

Your numbers are meaningless, which means:  they don’t matter, to the consequences of what can or cannot be true/ apart from the future lost due to actions taken by those who truly didn’t care.

Nonetheless, the only thing between straightening the mess of a university diploma playing god; in human terms is:  whether you will choose to be fair, and realistic about what your true options actually are. The earth is finite. The population cannot be allowed to grow. Reality is reality, and that includes the statement:  “with no ice left to cool the planet in summer”/ the temperature will rise, and desertification (the extinction of everything) will multiply.  Until you have no home called earth; left to live on! Simple and plain, it’s a choice.

MORE SIMPLY:  money does absolutely nothing for life/ other than, to divide the reward for your labor, and determine who gets the resource thereby.

That means: if you divide the work fairly, and accept that humanity makes each one equal. Then the only difference is in who contributes more to the well-being of the whole. With realistic purposes, and honest desire:  society becomes at peace, and will live in harmony, until the resources are gone. It is a deliberate choice. Which includes:  hate and love do not live together/ they are opposites. Which includes, like predator and prey:  without death, there is no balance for the rest/ and all die instead.

And the world says:  “money is everything/ UNLESS you are about to die, or your body is trashed”! THEN, it is life or death/ because we must hire someone else to SAVE MY LIFE; even if you risk all life on earth.

So the question is:  WHY, is money everything to you? Answer: because it makes people do, what you want them to do! WHEN, you give them enough!


The question then is:  HOW would we change this world, to improve our reality; to become,  “life (for the planet) comes first”? Without our world as devised by GOD (as nature intended if you prefer), we literally have nothing but death forever.

The answer returns as:  money has a grip on society only when society accepts it as the ruler, which then determines if you live or die/ if you can be happy, by sharing in the existence as intended for all. So the decision about what money can or cannot do: is determined by you.

What can we do? The answer begins with limited capitalism: to reward those who do more and punish those who refuse to work. NO welfare, etcetera. That removes the excess, and refuses to let the individual rule over much.

The second part is: change the money into three categories.  Money which can ONLY be used for food. Money that can only be used for other survival purposes. And money that is for freedom and your own purposes. While this may seem small. What it does do is simple:  the food supply is shared equally, unless those who are poor wish to exchange their food money for something else. You can limit the resources used individually, within the second category. You can borrow against your own freedoms, if you wish/ but not enough to endanger society itself.

The third part is:  when we make the laws ourselves, LIMITING THEM to clear and distinct “one page” definitions of what can or cannot be allowed. With not more than one hundred so EVERYBODY KNOWS what those laws are.  Then we rule ourselves as a nation or world. Making certain to remember the future NEEDS resources/ nature as intended;  too. Once you get the laws corrected by public vote;  they need not be changed forever. All done.

Leaving government itself to be three things.  Those hired by vote to oversee, what we have chosen to be our laws of this society: ARE BEING KEPT.  A courtroom we open up to judge for ourselves:  by judging the judge, lawyers, and the outcome as consistent with our law. The purpose of a jury is:  to insure this verdict is consistent with the society we have chosen by our law. And with regard to all work:  everything will be contracted out for recurrent bid, with not over 12 years as the rule.

As to the militaries of all nations:  world law replaces a large army/etcetera. The rule of law by what we the people of this world have agreed upon:  that our leaders SHALL obey.  Is then the primary force over nations. But to control them, NONE shall remain in this force past 12 years. All shall be chosen by society, as someone who can be trusted to do what is “life comes first; as we have constructed by law”. All weapons of mass destruction SHALL THEN BE SURRENDERED, and none shall produce them again. Need I say more?


Answer, yes. The educational system must be changed to “one third life/ one third justice/ and one third work, as is consistent with survival”. Or more simply you WILL teach them to compete/ prepare them for life itself/ and construct an educational reliance on truth, as prepared by the evidence of reality.

NOT the current:  keep them trapped, and teach them very little more than “without the enslavement of college debts/ you get nothing”.

Medicine as is consistent with:  “nobody dies, or is assaulted by little things we can repair”.  But nobody gets extreme medicine/ which does impact life, & endanger the living and environment;  so you die, it’s a fact of life. A complete change is required.

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