living talk 11


The living talk  #11

Living, is a foundation dedicated to peace and harmony; as that is its price. Therefore the best, of all we can become, is based upon the lessons and realities of love, respect, value, and hope. Love gives each, the freedom of happiness, the essence of all that sharing and caring can be. Respect forms the basis of every foundation, every claim of a right, every justified relationship governed by the disciplines of order, that are balanced by the equality of me and you. Value is the framework or structure of a life building a home, shaped by the decisions which define who and what we are, or will become by the expressions of our own truth, validated by the consequences of what we choose. Hope stands on the balance of what we value, to ascend beyond time, as our relationship with life grows into the creation of our own thought achieves “home”; the values which ascend into soul, as our gift back to life.

In the constant of human life, is the need for money to exchange our work and potential resource/ for what we need that somewhat else might provide. Without the gain of property possession, in this world as it is today:  there is no going to someplace new, because everything is essentially claimed by someone already there. That is the crisis of overpopulation.

Therefore we must talk and consider what can be done to neutralize the competition of overpopulation, and gain control over the planet as one people, rather than a few rulers in charge of everything. To begin that discussion, requires us all to recognize the most critical liar in our world is “numbers”! Not because they can measure things that exist/ but because they can be used to create fantasies, which do not exist. Such as currency. The extreme delusion of American currency is one such example.

We must examine history to conceive of what is the constant, that continues to go wrong under the direction and guidance of men? The answer is simple:  whenever resources are not plentiful/ whenever some men find themselves without, what they want/ whenever the cold or laziness or illness arise, and they just don’t want to work. They then attack the other men to take whatever it is, the other one had gained; whether women or money or property or whatever. That led to war, as populations rose.

History then places governments to control the raiders, so larger armies of men must be gathered to take whatever war can bring. That requires a bribe, and money erupts as the value upon which men will risk their lives/ or build weapons;  to capture a prize for someone else. The more money you can offer, the greater the army you will raise. In today’s world, N. Korea has a large army by force: “we will kill you”/ as is the constant of war on life. So the second critical question is how do we then destroy that threat/ thief (stealing lives)?

The third development is more basic:  governments exist because of excess money; the wealthy exist, because the mass of humanity will confiscate and destroy every resource without mercy. Therefore the wealthy exist to control the resources, so that only a few can be horrific to the environment of this world. That means power over the people themselves MUST accompany any terms of change that will provide peace and harmony.


So, let us begin!

We start with the obvious:  so many threats of extinction for us all exist that must be dealt with/ or nothing else matters whatsoever. Consequently look at my sites which begin with to get a view of at least the worst. Then understand:  fix them NOW, or die, is our literal ONLY option.

DISCARDING THAT, we assemble conclusions for the far less threat of economic chaos, and powerful governments by understanding:  IT IS THE EXCESS MONEY, OR, an extreme need/ want; that makes people powerful enough to organize armies against the rest. Therefore by removing the excess money, we also remove the power to organize or maintain a major army. Fear is the placement of power over the rest by weapons and a desire to use them to kill/ maim/ or imprison. Without excess money, or the ability to control critical resources:  there is no real power, and participation under the terms of “together we decide” as in democracy occurs.  LIMITED CAPITALISM deters and destroys the excess money, and control over resources/ by limiting the ability to collect it again, through our own power as WE THE PEOPLE; through our vote.

Three things make that possible:   we vote only for ourselves/ NOT, for someone to vote for me! That is simply the playground for “lies/ traitors/ thieves/ and tyranny”; it is NO real vote. We vote on the maximum income any individual can earn in a year/ and also the minimum income any worker shall be paid:  the law is divided into three variables:  the constitutional preamble (the right of law)/ first amendment redress of grievances (our right to demand a legal accounting, from our employees/ and eminent domain (nation first).  We must vote periodically so as to protect ourselves, from the intellectual parasite. We must vote on the laws that govern our society ourselves, and make NOT more than one hundred “simple as possible” laws that do cover everything. The ten commandments is an example/ as are the constitutional amendments. OUR INDIVIDUAL VOTE on the power that controls our nation, then gives us OUR POWER, over those who rule. Because they are only citizens like us; and they are subject to our laws. WE ARE THE ARMY, ETC! therefore the substance of that truth is:  WE WILL decide for ourselves who has the power. OUR OWN LAWS, OUR OWN DECISIONS/ or those who want power, and threaten torture, poverty, and mayhem over us.

BY CHOOSING limited capitalism we choose to control and limit the numbers of our society to conceive of what is true, for our reality. In that way we take over, and become our government as we the people! To accomplish that:  THERE MUST BE A TRUE ACCOUNTING, hidden from no one! THERE MUST BE a currency supply that is tied to the population count;  “so many numbers per citizen”. There must be an international currency that is tied to something real; such as gold. Being careful to prosecute those who allow, what is now counterfeiting gold & silver currency in public view; so as to remove their value and keep their fantasy of numbers/ they’re power control and enslave us,  from view.

IT IS AGAIN,  WORLD LAW, that provides the solution to destroy immense armies and their extreme weapons. By creating the laws as we the people of this world, OVER OUR LEADERS; simple and plain. We take their threat away, and define our world with our own version of justice and truth instead. World law means:  when we the people of this world gather as one and demand “our rulers” SHALL, OR SHALL NOT; be allowed to do these very things. We then have created the power of law over our world. To enforce that law, there must be an elite team of soldiers that are formed from every nation on earth into one army; so as to control the rulers themselves. That law will be limited to enforcement on rulers, and it will include the critical truths required to sustain and protect ALL life on earth.

ONCE the world army is established:  they will bring any ruler that is deemed outside the law/ BACK to our courtroom, where the law we made will judge them. Death is not precluded/ and neither is assassination where it proves to difficult or dangerous to collect that leader from ANY NATION on earth.

This army shall be located on ships, and as needed throughout the world/ but its numbers shall be limited; and there SHALL BE an entire repopulation of that army, leaders and all:  not less than every twelve years. Munitions and the like, shall in fact be divided among nations, so that NO threat will emanate from our own army.  With this truth in place:  ALL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION shall be surrendered, each proving it is so as “fair and disciplined prove it is so”. Failure to respect that ultimatum, will result in your torture, and death!  This method is the elimination of power over us/ by the laws which will control our world.


We require governments, because the big things require all of us to participate with realistic equality. That means they won’t go away. But they need not, because justice doesn’t mean simple freedom! The only complete freedom ANY PERSON has, is to destroy yourself; without endangering excessively, the others! LIBERTY IS:  the right to define and accept as the rule of our law, the realities we must all live by; and that includes NOT destroying the future, or gambling with our lives. As to resources provided by this earth:  they are, as much yours as mine/ BUT IF YOUR RUIN THEM, you are assassinating every child, because we literally have none to spare. Due to the population explosion of humanity:  we must protect our world, and that means you CAN’T have anything or everything you want. The garbage dump is absolute proof! And neither can anyone else. So there will be rules, and laws to govern every resource properly, and with a clear decision to protect every child:  because without resources, we have only cannibalism, war, and death awaiting.


With regard to how are these things done? The reality is very simple:  we take control over our government by creating our own law/ through our vote.  REMOVING THEIR LAW, their collusion and conspiracy against us.  Assigning we the people as the power over OUR government. . Using the three documents that formed this nation: the constitution/ the bill of rights “Virginia edition”/ and the declaration of independence. We remove their currency/ and create our own:  or you fail! Because the numbers of dollars in circulation are so large: foreigners will own our land, and we will have the same fate as Palestine. To remove currency requires first amendment redress of grievances, and nothing less will initiate that process. So take control over your government as a democracy and enforce constitutional law; as is first amendment redress of grievances. By peaceful assembly! , we are the owners here, by law! A gun will only serve to destroy/ it will not build justice, unless it is absolutely necessary; and everybody knows it:  because you did everything else you could do, according to the law that is a constitutional guaranteed right.  The two constitutional redress cases I have provided 08-1339 & 11-100 will help you sought out the details; more on  THEY ARE docketed cases:  WHICH LITERALLY DOES MEAN, “only a judge can now remove them”.  With treason apparent, the secretary of the court removed them:  because behind closed doors, “the law doesn’t count”. Even so, they still exist:  and legally can be enforced, and forced into the US supreme court.  To begin again, the process of what is true in this democracy and for life.

       TO sustain justice:  the courtroom must be opened and visible to all. The judge must be graded upon his or her acceptance and ruling based upon CONSTITUTIONAL RULES, not his or her opinion or betrayal. ALL PARTIES shall have a vote/ and all votes shall be tabulated to become a clear representation of what does in fact happen in this court. To poor a grade and the judge is evicted or imprisoned. The lawyers shall also be judged by the jury, and participants:  to poor a grade and they lose their license to practice law. NO person shall run for legal, or policing office, UNLESS they have been graded to assess and determine their value to this society. EVERY case shall be reviewed in the schools as a curriculum/ and by all who care to participate: to determine if something more must be done/ because incarceration, and penalty is no game.

The religion of evolution shall be removed from government. The religion and cult of “university knows” shall be removed from government:  because they have threatened us with extermination. The reality of LAW shall be the government, and all participants not being required to be elected SHALL obtain their job by intermittent (no more than ten year) contract. Whereupon the people shall vote again, for you/ or someone else. That will be particularly true for the IRS.

The rich man does not give you a job! He controls the resources, thereby he forces you to beg or work for what you need to survive. By controlling the resources as a nation, through our own vote: we begin the journey to what can be “a new world”.  That would include people hired by our vote, shall no longer be “lawmakers”/ they shall be law investigators, hired to insure what we the people have chosen for our society, IS IN FACT being done.

There is no government anywhere in this world, apart from law. The enforcement of that law, and the means to do that enforcing comprise all that is government: NOT the people employed, as they are merely citizens like you and me. Therefore you must understand: in America the government is the constitution, because this is the foundation of ALL our laws. Those who deny it are traitors. Those who refuse to accept it as the government in our employment by oath;  are traitors. Those who refuse to enforce it through a courtroom or other, are an insurgency deliberately trying to overtake and destroy the constitution itself: by making it mute, or moot. So what matters to this future is: that we return to the laws and purposes of a constitution that was and is our agreement as people united in one nation/ that this is what we stand for. This is what we work for. This is what we fight for, and will not be denied any further. The values listed in constitutional documents;  particularly the three that matter most are the constitution itself/ bill of rights/ and declaration of independence. The reality of our situation in American life today is    CLEARLY IDENTIFIED in the trials that are provided as evidence:  by James Frank Osterbur. And most are established on these web sites linked to

OUR GOVERNMENT, is the law we allow or create for ourselves as we the people. The enforcement of that law is determined by our own decision to vote on the realities of law, that then determine our society and our future for ourselves. A vote for someone to vote for me: IS AS NOTHING/ you have no control.  Defining the law we live under/ work under/ protect each other with: is literally everything democracy can be.  Like the ten commandments, “a few short and clear words” can last a lifetime/ and need no further assistance;  although unless you get over 90% acceptance by vote; “you ain’t quite done”.


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