In light of the following evidence, the necessity for you to make your own decision is consistent with my duty to:   make certain you can’t blame me.

“crash”; the methods of men fail!

Or more distinctly, the resource values of this earth cease to provide endless opportunities to do something else/ move somewhere else/ or be someone else. Because “it’s all used up”.

Every resource is under attack/ every water source is being poisoned/ the food supply is dangerously close to extinction/ the earth itself is being changed/ and the human population bomb predicted in the sixties is exploding: which means there is no way out of this. Without true and dramatic change; IF WE are “lucky”.

The alternative to “as men have always done:  which is to attack some other group, when they fail themselves with war”;  now stands as the ultimate answer of men and their weapons of mass destruction/ as nothing less will evaporate enough people from this earth. But alas, they end life with that war, and even a few are not likely to live for long; with what they are prepared to do. No answer exists in men as they are; that is plainly and simply true. History proves what their answer will be: without resources there will be war/ without ease, the intent to create slaves expands.

The alternative is then to let women try; as we don’t know for certain what they would do/ it is at least not doomed from the start.

The reality of few resources left, and too many people to feed:  is simply to share, and care until the bitter end; or initiate war and make the people go away “by the billions”/ which will breed pestilence and disease beyond comprehension. One way or the other, is literally all that is left to choose. War is the end of life on earth; but then so is everything else the “university elite; their threats, their desire for slaves, and their intent, to play god” chose for our world.

So even if women try, their common choice must be to share and to care about life and living and earth and everything that used to exist for our living to be pleasant and peaceful/ hopeful and happy. The day of accumulation, as is the constant battle to prove superiority; is over/ even for those who won’t accept;  our world has changed. Because 8 billion people and rising at over 100 million more mouths to feed every year; now controls the earth and its future. You wanted to play god, & now you must. There are decisions to be made, and you won’t like many. Even so, if you fail to be wise, our entire planet fails with those decisions. Such is the truth of our reality; even if you say, “we are doing great”; the future is, extremely bleak; because you stole that future from your children and your world; to play games.

When asking women: WHAT WOULD sharing and caring about the future of all life “look like” under your control? The answer is:  “something they must provide”/ and men must accept. To do that justice must reign supreme over this earth; and that cannot be done without world law and the removal of weapons of mass destruction. That cannot exist without limited capitalism; so as to control the hate and its power over life. That cannot continue unless we make our own laws and enforce them with a courtroom under our direct control. Which means “we know the law”/ and we monitor the court to insure that law is not corrupted. To know the law as a society, requires us to make the law, and then teach the law to every child, and every citizen. To understand the value of life, requires us to disembowel the disease ridden university knows religion/ remove its cult; and return to a life that acknowledges “this world and all its nature is sacred, a miracle, and without the curse of men (we want more FOR ME, including slaves) or their universities (WE WILL play god with life and anything we want) upon it”. Fail to remove that, and time is very short indeed.

As to what could bring happiness, thereby peace upon this world:  only true love can actually do that. Therefore what brings love to life must be carefully nurtured with value. To sustain that value and accept the price of peace:  those who hate must be separated and removed forever. Let them endure themselves. The price of not participating with honest respect for each other is distance from those who do/ which means there shall be several levels of life on this earth. The reality of men has always been: those who can’t or didn’t, attack those who did do much better/ with murder, rape, and horror. So the reality of women must be:  to insure these don’t gain any power again. That is carefully begun with limited capitalism:  because it is the money (expectation of more), that grants an army. It is the lack of options that creates a gang. When we control the money, by limiting its influence to something personal, but not influential against society itself/ we remove all but the governmental armies; which must be controlled by law, and through their own “bill of rights”. So they can’t be manipulated into doing what must not be done.

Controlling the gang, is much harder: because they want what they want/ and they don’t want what they can have. Therefore they align themselves, to take yours, as best they can. Even if it is only, to prove fear in you. There are three elements to the invasion of a gang:  change or be condemned to the reality of hate we remove you too forever/  accept this path forward which is a clear and certain path to a better future, without hate if you can/ or find love, and thereby rise above yourself to become a child of  GOD.  Anything less will fail, because wanting power is the seed of all corruption/ conspiracy/ and collusion to bind together for war.

The values of women, are different than the realities of men. To assemble differences into one cohesive value of life, respect is absolutely required. Without respect there is no future, which means you will achieve respect for each other or die. Respect does NOT accept measuring each other; because that is judgment, and it will cause horrors to begin. Respect does require forgiveness; because that enables life to find hope, and within hope there is a future to be desired. Respect enables love to begin; because as equals, I can be free, to be “me”: from that moment on, where trust will build, a life shared exists. The reality of men is:  “we live, on the edge of what life can become; some way beyond safety”; which means a reality of distance from the things we love/ but a greater passion born, when we return.  The reality of women is:  “they live at the middle, where safety defines life”; which means a passionate embrace, never expected to let go. From these two vantage points, the basic reality of human sexuality comes into view. The consequence of what we can conceive of for each other begins. The quest for binding as male and female together as one; is in fact spiritual, and cannot be compromised as less. The critical glue of a union is trust, and that builds over time with truth. The critical relationship of surfaces matched for a lifetime, is the elemental value of a freedom you did not steal from me. Or more distinctly:  MY DECISION belongs only to me (don’t steal my heart)/ MY POSSESSION, is mine until I release it to you (don’t steal my rights)/ MY LIFE as well as my body, is forever mine; unless our souls unite. Never believe our lives together, is less.

You cannot force acceptance/ bribes just delay with lies:  choose with truth. You should not ask for sex, nor play games with body: they are sacred, and the cost of being wrong can be horrific. Remember the future, before making any decision for this day;  because the future itself is dependent upon those decisions for us all. Be fair, and we the world,  could live “for another thousand years”, maybe more.

This regards the stock market, other elements.

The most critical period has pasted now: interrupted by the claim of president Trump that “we will spend 1.5 trillion dollars on infrastructure”/ which equates to a much larger money transfer throughout society. Greed worships greed/ and it is a big bribe. However reality states, IF they don’t come up with that expenditure in America; the collapse of the economies worldwide will follow, “we don’t believe you anymore”. That is just reality, as there is no real money to be spent. Just a game! What is not a game is the fact: if there is a true collapse/ it may be impossible to resurrect; and the world ends in war. “lies, all lies”! That gives the human population its only chance to prepare; because either this world will end due to nuclear fire/ or “there will be hell to pay”. Because of what the universities and people in general have done

It takes no genius to recognize: the stock market goes up and down periodically. It takes no genius to understand: the reason it does that is to “collect money for the rich man in charge of the casino using business and resources to pretend it is not. it takes no great amount of research to understand: the reality of the numbers involved have no real relationship to the business and industry being used to proclaim wealth. Because the numbers are “a thousand times” greater than the value of the business or industry; they are not real, merely numbers in a game of “you can have free money too”. But like all casino’s the losers are many, and the winners are few. It takes no great genius to understand:  a fourteen percent decrease in tax is an incentive not to sell until you get that tax relief. Additionally a two percent reduction in taxes for personal income is significant/ and that does not even include all the new loopholes to “take our money and run away, without doing anything in exchange”. Or more simply the large investor does get free money; and it is all yours, that they get. With tax relief in hand/ at the start of this year 2018 there is no reason to wait any longer to collect their winnings. Which means the price of every stock is going down soon. What goes with that however is the potential to lose all control over the stock market, and let it crash; because too many lose too much. That pin hole in international finance WILL make the entire fraud fail; and take us all as a world with them; because nothing is real in money or currency; so the end will come. It is a guarantee, because all lies do end. Can’t believe it? Well remember this:  that investors with a trillion dollars to spend, CAN IN FACT move the market any way they please/ as nothing else matters in the stock market. Computers know more about you, than you would believe. The idea you can get out is foolish; nothing in the past indicates this would be true. With a quadrillion dollars in derivatives (fantasy money) worldwide: we are literally all in the same ship, even the lifeboats will be sucked in. So war or reality/ peace or hatred:  “is our choice to make”. There is no middle ground;  fix this for real or die because your fantasies killed the future/ simple as that. Stop the games, and accept truth must rule.  Oh, I know:  Waa/ Waa/ Waa;  “you just want what you want;  PERIOD.”   Well that brought you here, and it didn’t work for life.

  1. The stock market is at an all-time high/ which means it is ready to fall. The reality of it is simple: the rich, who control the rise and fall of the stock price/ by simply using extreme withdrawal of their funds: to make your investments go down. Have been waiting for their expected 15% tax break before collecting your money by a stock market fall. That tax break will be coming soon, and with it the barrier that has allowed the stock price to be exposed to   greater risk than it can withstand; will be over.
  2. An excessive reduction in the stock pricing, WILL cause immediate panic/ which will cause a stock crash. Because people have been burned in 2008; and they don’t want that to happen again/ although it will. Nonetheless, the wealthy who will expect to collect great bargains; will find themselves losing as well; as is consistent with 1929.
  3. That leaves us all with an impending run on the banks; and its result which is the federal reserve corporation CANNOT protect you. Credit and debit cards will fail/ the net result will be a run on the grocery store to empty the shelves; and reality asserts because this is likely to happen in January of this year 2018. Hardship will erupt, because this state of IL will instantly go bankrupt.
  4. We add to that   2016 american household credit card debt studyCredit cards    784 billionMortgages 8.69 trillionAuto loans 1.19 trillionStudent loans  1.34 trillion

One trillion dollars is ten thousand dollars per each one of one hundred million workers/ ONLY workers pay debts.

  1. We add to that

Which means, MANY  will not be able to afford health insurance/ and will stop buying; going bankrupt.  And many who  try to pay will go bankrupt as well, because they can’t pay it.

  1. While the federal reserve information, which is a summary of all accounts (as was table L.5.) That is required by constitutional decree has been illegally removed.  that summary gives a reality way beyond anything you are willing to believe in dollars held by the world. This is just “citizen information” in billions to give you a hint.

Current numbers:  73.2539 trillion dollars held by the public. Divided equally by 320 million people equals  $228,918.43 per each of 320 million people, “babies and all” of assets claimed.  THAT IS HOW MANY DOLLARS,  are in America alone/ and the world HOLDS MANY MORE.  DO YOU think that is true; your government says it is? In other words, without even seeing the over 200 trillion dollars claimed years ago:  in American dollars that have been used to inflate this economy.  You do get the picture, “this ain’t reality”! Hidden inflation, by both government official is counterfeiting. Deliberate denial and cover up by media:  is treason. Too late now, but just remember this:  SOMEBODY in government, NOT including us, HAS BEEN SPENDING “OUR LIVES”!  With every expectation that YOU, and your children:  should be their slaves! With dollars that can never be exchanged for reality.  “Because numbers, are the biggest liars of all”!

  1. What you do with that information is entirely your own decision and concern, it is not mine/ I accept no responsibility for telling you what the evidence is. GO SEARCH FOR YOURSELVES!
  2. Understand, WE CAN control US bankruptcy ourselves, with 1st amendment redress of grievances.   BECAUSE IT’S THE LAW!
  3. Limited capitalism: is the people voting for themselves;  to limit the maximum income/  maximum property; and by voting to limit the minimum yearly income per citizen: we prove,  SO THAT WE ALL have an opportunity in capitalism/ NOT JUST A FEW.


It is necessary to understand, that in a potential depression, when a stock market crashes:  that we must use something to continue on until reality can be adjusted. That means the dollar will be king for a short time/ but as soon as possible completely destroyed. Because there are so many dollars counterfeited and circulated around the world; that we will be overrun with our own currency if you do not.

That leaves us with the certainty:  to remove this situation from us/ as quickly as possible all “accounting” must be frozen in place: so as to prove or disprove what is correct and substantiated. Limited capitalism will determine the maximum, any will get to claim!  Reality of debt will be adjusted. And to bridge the gap current debit cards shall be granted the same level of sustained living to each one who works; and that includes those who are given “government jobs” such as recycling/ replanting/ rebuilding/ and so on. WHEN the reality of our situation has been given a solution: we will vote/ that solution must be accepted by the majority, with realistic expectations: and then life returns to simple, TRUTH AND REALITY.  NO CREDIT, and NO debt/ NO interest;  is to be given or collected during this time.  However accounting for the future shall respect these realities and present a realistic conclusion for your vote.  This gives you time to adjust to your new circumstances in life and nation. This eliminates depression as in the “whole nation is affected”/ and provides the alternative: this nation must work together, and re-unite to become one nation again, as we the people.

You get started by focusing on the courthouse, rallying in front of it, and demanding:  the trial called first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES;  our right to decide as a nation/  SHALL OCCUR.  File lawsuits demanding your guaranteed first amendment right; and don’t let your lawmakers walk away to hide:  FORCE THEM by standing outside their homes etcetera, and making them understand.  REDRESS IS OUR LEGAL RIGHT;  only traitors can deny it!

Your alternative is to give the nation to a tiny few, who will then completely enslave you/ and foreign nations, who will throw you from your homes; taking all possibilities away.  Because you chose to take “the bribes” instead of fighting to retain reality in government and life. Because you worshiped, and refused to question “the university knows; the university decides religion”/ literally becoming their cult.

Reality states:  IT IS NOT the knowledge that destroys/ IT IS THE DECISIONS; that use knowledge to betray and then threaten to exterminate all life, that is your enemy. The extreme arrogance and greed, which drove this nation to the brink of chaos. This world, to its moment of life or death forever.

I remind you, that in terms of the immediate monetary threat;  in a collapse, MANY people will become without the means to help themselves. That includes your child/ parents/ self/ neighbor/ workers/ church/ etc!  Which means you must account for what happens IF THIS goes wrong, and decide to forewarn them:  so they can prepare. Which will work for you, as they can then take care of themselves. The question: what happens next, is yours.  Do you want to go down with the ship, or have a lifeboat? What is the worst that will happen, if you take a precaution?

DON’T take a sizable amount of cash home with you/ it can      easily be stolen/ found by children and so on. DON’T bury it, not usually a good plan. Do place it in bank security boxes, as a realistic possibility; as there are honestly few options. If we don’t fix this quickly, whatever you have stowed away won’t be enough. If we do fix this, as a nation we get to decide what happens next with the money, including yours IF it is accounted for.

What moves the stock market up or down is money. When numerous funds hold a trillion dollars or so of liquid assets, they can in fact make any stock they choose to target go up or down. That means the control the stock market/ and with computers they know exactly when YOU, your computer, and others;  are willing to sell/ or buy.

In continuance of this prediction:  those who believe a tax break will cause a massive increase in corporate profits, and therefore the stock market HAS to go up. But reality proves;  whatever the actual business does or does not do with regard to profits/ the majority of the time it has no real relationship to the stock price itself; only as a selling tool. The numbers are to be found in the fantasy of an endless delusion, “we too, can get free money”. Every pyramid scheme, which means no foundation in reality to provide stability:  proves the fairy tale will die!  I will even predict, the most likely scenario is, stock market collapse will occur in the last two weeks of January/ or the very beginning of February.  Because the believers WILL invest more, for a couple of weeks, and then it is only a matter of ignition. Just like those trying to ignite a nuclear fire; which means atoms on fire:  as is true for what happens on our sun. the difference is, instead of world war with weapons of mass destruction/ our planet burns, with a fire that will never be put out.  “all praise the university: right/ ha, ha”; whose education system has created this cult.  No it does not please me to even consider being right;  do I not die too! Extreme arrogance always fails life.

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