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The living talk  #10

The struggle of marriage, is ultimately the difference between male and female: a reality intensified by the demand “to get someone/ before they are gone”. The common curse is sex: the male animal becomes addicted to the chemicals of sex, and may turn to be aggressive and without concern for damage done to get that chemical. This becomes rape, abuse, or used. The female animal: wants, to “buy someone”; so as to solidify her life and future, by having a male “go get what I want”. The end result is: a compromise, that ends in divorce.

Secondary is; the chemical saturation which begins as an “accepted business deal: I gave you what you wanted/ NOW, you give me what I want; and the deal is fair. This too is animal lust, providing the basis or foundation of being used by both; which again ends in divorce. While initially: “to get what you want”/ sex is used. The reality of it is, the female feels abused; “you only wanted to use my body for your sex”/ while the male believes, “I paid for this/ you owe me; for all the work I did for you”. The critical cost is the relationship fails; because animal sex is not enough to achieve a value between our lives. To go beyond animal: REQUIRES male to stop being “in love” with your penis/ and accept the respect that cherishes the woman you grants, a value within her life. REQUIRES female to stop being in love with manipulation or possession or temptations; and understand the value of man, is the love you do inspire; by sharing and caring for his life and world, with honest work and dignity of being heard. REQUIRES male to construct: happiness comes with the freedom, “to feel hope”/ and express it as trust. Whereas that is the same, for both male and female; which grants we do make love, when we do cherish the home we build as one; as equals on a journey beyond ourselves.

The very essence of life is truth, but the reality of that truth is without substance unless trust exists to participate in the values that ascend from a beginning, through the construction of definitions and development, so that dimensional stability may arise. Or more simply, unless you accept the truth you claim to be a foundation in law/ there is no trust in that truth or its laws. Which leaves you without substance, to withstand the variations that energy will bring into life. An anchor in life relies upon what cannot be moved. Therefore an anchor in life itself, defines what cannot be changed as, the acceptance of   GOD (CREATOR)  , as truth!

In this talk, the definitions of reality begin our ascension beyond the simply animalistic dimensions of survival on earth: by assembling knowledge. Knowledge without respect is merely the impetus for hatred. All true knowledge develops from respect/ and all true respect for life understands the construction of our lives, our bodies, and our world; as an elemental and true miracle of existence. So far beyond our abilities, that there can be no doubt:  “we were created/ through the existence of thought”:  that was clearly NOT our own. This first elemental law of truth does not seek subservience/ it demands simple respect. The difference is knowledge produces law, and law defines truth, and truth “illuminates  GOD “ !

We then consider the possibilities of finding GOD through our own elevation of life itself.

So let us review:  miracles are the evidence of truth without the descent into lies. Trust is the acceptance of that truth shall lead, and within the destiny it creates is  GOD. Knowledge gives respect to all who have even a tiny bit of wisdom in their soul/ and yet every soul has wisdom: which means it is the humanity in you/ or the animal (only survival in time, matters) that refuses to accept truth beyond self.

Trust is both a horrendous thing, where lies exist/ and a great and wonderful creation which we bring into ourselves, as a gift in return for life.

Trusting in lies, as is the constant of a university religion and its cult:  has brought us all into the consequences of extinction, an extermination due to fools. Nonetheless you should trust your universities in the following ways.


  1. A fire just like on the sun, gambling every life on the assumption “not enough gravity here/ so the fire which obviously burns atoms for fuel” will just put itself out. Clearly a lie.

THAT is their promise to you, and they will achieve it soon: ending life on earth.

  1. They will be gods, creating new life on earth by destroying nature itself/ ending the order, disciplines, balance, and all respect for what gave us NATURE ITSELF. Thereby they can be your god, and you will worship them;  because with the ability to destroy everything which makes us happy/ you literally have:  nothing left to live for.

THAT is their promise to you, and they will achieve the destruction of nature soon: ending life on earth. Even as they promise drying every tear/ because after an ocean of crying, you won’t want life anymore.

  1. They are the greatest leaders in history; just as they have proven to be. Destroying EVERY RESOURCE/ destroying every economy with counterfeiting and debts that can never be paid/ assassinating the children by destroying EVERYTHING they need to survive/ creating weapons of mass destruction so none can escape/ crucifying every chain of life required for survival/ destroying the drinking water supplies/ insuring the earth overheats/ releasing the atmosphere from the planet by destroying habitat, and in particular trees/ turning every food supply into a tragedy/ redistributing weight on earth, so as to bring volcanos and earthquakes beyond anything before/ liberating every military to completely annihilate your buildings and your opportunities to live:  just to name a few.

THAT IS what they did do, and are doing to both this life and this earth. Proving they are by far, the greatest element of hate this earth has ever seen. Even though they only know it as ARROGANCE and a complete lack of respect.

  1. But not to worry, you trust and accept the universities will be god, with this world (they will do it)/ your children (obviously who gives a damn)/ your future (sure the weapons of mass destruction are our saviors)/ and your life (it’s just a grave beyond here. Even though that is unsupported);  because they are god to you (we can’t question god/ you just have to believe).  Some call it “satan worship”; and they are correct.

In contrast to the horror of your blatant refusal to accept LIFE MUST COME FIRST, particularly for this planet and its nature.  Are the realities that bring value to life which you, the majority;  basically refuse to accept.

  1. RESPECT GOD! And all the people say, absolutely not.
  2. RESPECT LIFE! And all the people say, WE WANT MORE FOR OURSELVES/ let life itself be damned:  GIVE ME, what I want.
  3. RESPECT THE CHILDREN! And all the people say:  NOT, if it costs me more than one penny.
  4. RESPECT THE NEED AND PROTECT OUR OPPORTUNITIES TO SURVIVE! And all the people say:  I WILL take everything I can get NOW/ because one day, I have to die. Who cares about me then!
  5. RESPECT THE PLANET! And all the people say;  “I want what I want/ and I AIN’T giving nothing back”. In fact, I WANT MORE FOR ME. To hell with anything else.
  6. RESPECT THE WATER! And all the people say;  our gods at the university are our saviors/ we don’t have to worry about NOTHING.
  7. RESPECT THE FOOD! And all the people say;  mutilate, “what else, are gods for”.
  8. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera…………..etcetera!

Ain’t you grand? Of course you are, “you have a book of rules (it’s,  god)”. And in case there aren’t enough rules to insure tyranny (let them be WORTHLESS slaves; we are the righteous);  “you can make more”.

And all the people say:    GOD WON’T let nothing bad happen to this world/ cause I know, that is true.  After all “its’ his world”.

But alas:  the freedom to choose, has proven otherwise. Every threat, even including CERN, which is currently doing its best to create “the chainsaw massacre of atomic stability and order”;   clearly says.  MEN (the leaders of, all this reality) ARE FOOLS.  That fact don’t make women better/ it just remembers they are different!  Like it or not, WE MUST have different/ OR we all die, along with this world.

Liars live by demanding “fear”. Or think about what will happen if the truth comes out, both to you and to me. Pride fights to keep the game alive, rather than themselves; because without a game, reality is only what truth can be. Power with rare exception is a traitor; inevitably it becomes “I/we, don’t need you anymore”. Within these things are the ways of men. The lies about money keep society in line, because they fear the consequences of truth. Lies about keeping you alive, give the universities the power to mutilate life, and discover how best to make you fear. The newest addition “we will steal your body, for transplanting with our head”. [never fear, with the right amount of money: you can be declared dead. Go ahead, take whatever you want.] What is more prideful (more fearful), than claiming to be god enough “to mutilate nature/ or bring the same fire here, as is on the sun. The power to hide truth as is the job of media, thereby letting every possibility for this world to survive; is more than propaganda, it is the words of,  “satan unleashed”.  Or more simply:  their job, INSURE NONE can stand in our way. A reality that invaded and destroyed the courtroom as well. Not to worry though, “cause the university is god”/ now ain’t that right!

And religion says:  “we belong to the university”.  Because we want to play god, and care about nothing “but me”, too!

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