living talk 9


The living talk # 9

The most eloquent thing, that I can write is: within this world of miracles, the sanctity of life is purely this, “with RESPECT for our CREATOR”; the value of an existence is determined by its love, acceptance of its truth, ascension of its thought, and perfection of trust; as life becomes the path to our GOD !

The most valueless drivel of university existence is: “they claim to be gods/ who know, they can change this world into whatever they want it to be”.

The difference is: whosoever you believe; has no truth, it is whatever you want, want to be.

The difference is: what truth will support, as the foundation of our living world. Thereby explaining what only thought can prove. NO brain “the essence of existence, required for life”: no life in time. While university evolution demands: life is chaos, nothing but an accident, without a brain can create.

Love is a delicate thing, a reality based upon trust, that can never be underestimated by a life worth living. The creation of love, lives in the intensity of what we value most within ourselves or our lives; as the treasury we literally give ourselves to sustain. Love is the distinction:  “I have become more, with you”. Love is the passion: “everything I am, is yours”/ by the essence of both justice and desire. Love defines our destiny by the moments we cannot escape, the realities of our choice for each other. Love holds the heart, as its own true home:  it can never be mine, nor can it be yours; because it is only “ours”.

It is in the living, that love begins to break; for those who do not hold on tight. That decision is inherently tied, to what we choose to be first within our own lives. Love or life, is never a game/ and it always contains consequences, many of which will never heal. Therefrom we separate a little, or draw together as best we can: because the price of love, is to belong to each other. Truth separates the soul, from its own heart: if you give it away, for a lie. Theft steals from the heart, and you won’t own that anymore; because it’s gone. GOD is first, because without an anchor; tragedy is overwhelming. Therefore we choose the grace that will belong to our existence, in the tiny moments of our own creation. Value defends us from the reality of this world. Life defines us, by the discipline within our own decision.

So the question is:  what does love mean to you? Can you hear within the footsteps, of another living human/ even another living life; the essence and realities claimed by the evidence of a true miracle? Can you feel inside the dimensions of your own breathe; the expansion of a life beyond self? Is your heart, more than a measurement called time? Everything we are is a gift, because nothing is proven more true (regardless of fools, liars, and thieves)/ than the fact we did not build ourselves. Nothing is more complex, than a human being:  which means without the slightest doubt, this is NO accident or other excuse not to accept the need to be RESPECTFUL to life and GOD.

Love is the distance we place between what we want, and what is true beyond pride! Life is not a game, as is pride/ life is not “something more”/ life is not measured by time, but it is the relationship we cherish between love, and the life we share with that love. Distance fails love, because caring proves I must remain close. The essence of that fundamental reveals, nothing (other than GOD) is more important to me, than you. These are the simple things of time…..the treasury that sustains itself into eternity is more.

JESUS as written in the Bible; represents love throughout eternity by presenting us with his own gift:  a life sacrificed, to prove what love is/ and what it is not. To prove that GOD exists, and has not simply left us alone. To honor that reality, relationships are formed: based upon what we accept as true to life itself, by our own love. Love is always a gift, because it can never be owned/ it cannot be owed/ nor can it be purchased by anyone. Love is “my gift to you”/ when love becomes true, that then becomes “your gift to me”. It is a decision based within what is true of your heart, and soul.

Heart lives in every moment of a human life/ but happiness lives only in the presence of love. Therefore the delicate nature of what it means:  to be more than simply time, to someone else; is determined by those moments. Did you remember me, did you know being ALIVE needs you too. Did you see in me, the essence of “love blooming, a fragrance to strong to resist”? Was there, an eloquence beyond words in your touch, and mine? The value of a life is not measured, it is earned. The value of a soul is granted by grace; but  grace exists through mercy, and mercy lives within truth. Thereby truth returns to become the quiet distance, the elemental task:  to bridge our lives as one; as we both so choose it to be.

Soul lives with  GOD  , and can never be defined by any other means; the relationship you share with your CREATOR, is elemental to your life. It is in fact, the very foundation of your life in time. As death proves “no more”:   Life proves, “back to the essence of truth itself”/ where love was in fact, our beginning.

Value is the destiny we choose, the reality of what our lives did become. Without that we are lost.

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