life talk 7


Life talk #7

The cost of life is: food, water, habitat, health, choices, reality, respect, law, and LOVE, or hate. To achieve all these things, the competition is real/ the reality is some have more and some less/ the cost of letting another compete with you is, you may not have enough/ the cost of killing that life is, love dies in you “at least a little”; replaced by hate.

So the elemental construction of life is: other than survival, which is no game/ the decision of living is for love or hate. By sharing what we can: the competition increases. By caring the best we can; the competition increases. By hating: you kill yourself, either a little, or a lot.

So, life is a choice: until the day when the competition is so severe, the reality becomes one of us “has to move or die”/ because there is not enough for us all to survive. Making this earth a place of final choices. The law is: either you will choose better/ or face this reality. The truth is: like it or not, there shall be limits and boundaries which you dare not cross, without severe consequences. Such as: human overpopulation is now, the basis of all extinction on this planet; as competition takes away their food and water supplies/ their habitat and ability to survive; in all forms of life. Ending with humanity cannibalizing itself; because there is now nothing else to eat. Extreme wars, because there is now nothing else to drink. Ending life on earth, by playing games/ and letting the most vile creation of history: “the universities, play god”.

Beyond hate, is the most critical of all elemental realities of destruction: the essence of what it means to be truly alone, isolated beyond recognition of life. While hate presents and enemy/ as participation; a curse but a reality proving existence. The finite realm of the living, exists in a sea of space, that is beyond comprehension. The consequence of that is: if alive/ you can be forever lost.

Therefore with certainty, belonging to a family of life, is essential; to the desire for living. That means: UNLIKE all the universities demand, along with their media priests to control the cult herd: it is extremely unwise to abandon people, and isolate them from your existence/ or even their own. Mental breakdowns exist; because no balance can be found. Mental addictions exist: because the chemicals have replaced the value of life. Mental collapse into hate is chosen; because you grant no relief from isolation/ but that is altered by the decision for violence, into death of a soul.

With clear certainty, a family of life remembers to include each other; to give participation where it is needed, and to accept the limits and boundaries which complete our lives by discipline (I have a duty), and order (there are things I am needed to do). The value of gender differences explain balance as “together we may acknowledge our future, as a view from both sides; so that with truth, we choose the proper path for peace and harmony; thereby happiness for all”. Without the balance of gender differences; there is only a one sided view of life or living, that ends with “falling off the ledge we create for ourselves/ as the dividing line, between peace and war”. Consequently, separated from sex: the value of gender, is a greater intensity of family, rather than isolation. With sex, by the disciplines of happiness is at its core, our relationship as one, instead of two. Friends exist only when we share a value we each accept as appreciated with truth. Relationships exist only when we share a respect for each other that is proven by care. A sexual elevation or ascension beyond time, where the essence of life itself, joins our existence; as male and female discovered in destiny: seeks GOD through soul revealed in each other.

The cost of university knows is: the disease of fear, is spread far and wide/ ending in the pandemic of “believe all are enemies”/ and the obedience, that is teach your children to fear: instead of respect life, is life. EVERY LIFE needs to understand life makes us equal/ even though decisions do not. EVERY LIFE needs to learn: BY RESPECTING each other, we will generally walk past trouble, and leave it for someone else. EVERY LIFE needs to learn: predators do lurk among us/ and it is extremely unwise to grant them access, as prey. But if you are human, you can learn what is “the best we can do, for life”; before you, a person experiencing trouble, will fall. Do not be stupid! Work with others, work in public places, with a clear picture of what you can and cannot do/ HAVE A backup plan (or 3-4), in the extremely rare event you might need one. But understand: the primary threat is not from those who “look like a bum”/ but those who have turned themselves into predators, “whether best dressed” or not. Hate is a liar and a fraud; use these to determine who can be honestly helped. NOT all can. LET “the life inside” direct you: because the end result is, not every form of helping is desirable; as you might be interfering in what someone else will do better. Do your best, that is the duty of life and living as humans, being alive.

The value of life, is a relationship with love. Nothing else will do! Yet the reality of love is, “that this alone, will not keep you alive”. Thereby we learn simply, that truth is the greatest of all relationships that we can share. NOT because truth alone is sufficient to keep you alive/ because it is not long-term. But because without truth, there is no life to live.

We then ask: HOW, is it possible, that truth is the essence of survival? The answer, simply:  when we do not let truth decide the future/ then that future will fail, that failure CAN destroy our lives, our world, our resources to survive, and even our will to live.

The will to live, is then a partition; which divides those who have a passion for life (I am happy here)/ from those who do not. The critical quest to determine who can and who cannot achieve eternity: is not found in those who surrender easily. Consequently, destiny is constructed for those who complete the journey toward a life worth living;  by accepting the value of love shall follow truth.

Discipline states:  that things to easily attained, do not own the reality of what is or is not to be truly valued. Thereby value is earned, as respect allows and dictates. Respect is an earned trust; and it is trust that forms the path beyond ourselves into an eternity ordered by love.

So the question erupts:  is eternal life only for those who love? The answer is complex; because humanity is loved, but humanity is largely NOT owned by love:  they want possessions/ trophies/ pride/ power/ selfishness/ hate/ and so on. Causing undue harm to each other from a wide variety of causes that are “strictly human”/ not life. Even so, mercy is allotted to some; because reactions to cause do not attain the reality of a clear choice that begets an action. Therefore levels are created in eternity, that allow for mercy to unfold, as your reward for the love you did choose, and the reality of good for life, you personally did create.

The question:  WHY, should anyone believe this writing, “that I, the writer; create for you”? the answer:  wherever there is truth, for life;   there is GOD  as well. The consequence of that is simple: if the writing “rings true, as life in love”;  for you/ then the influence and education establishing that writing comes from   GOD   .  Not a reality greater than you/ simply an education beyond what is common:  as the method chosen by “biblical evidence” as the means used by OUR CREATOR, when confronting or comforting  HIS PEOPLE.  The reality is “never trust the messenger (it is entirely unnecessary)/ but always trust the truth”. Let love decide, if this is “for life”:  NOT hate.

Liars and thieves are everywhere: as in you are acquainted! Therefore search always for lies/ and never accept any form of theft as the potential called teaching. To use the testimony of others as is “common biblical teaching”; is not stealing/ it is merely relaying the message through you. To find evidence, and discuss the validity of that reality is NECESSARY, in the search for wisdom. To understand value, is to reach beyond yourself; and form a chain, into destiny so that others may follow as well.

Truth elevates life into the destiny we chose. Lies and every other form of hate;  is destructive to the foundations and fabric that keeps life itself together,  as joined in the creation of hope; that is peace and harmony together.

Distance equals the time we share on this earth. In that distance we learn what and how peace, harmony, and hope will provide through respect. Those who grant: this is the life I will lead, these are the values of my destiny, as love fills my hope;  establish, my choice for the future of me. Find eternity through   GOD  , by trust.

The value of your heartbeat is “life or death”. The value of your soul is, “love for those who live/ or hate for those who   create and earn; the terrors, of their own fate”. All who live between “In the middle ground wanting both; love and hate” shall not survive. They simply dissipate into nothing, as is the life they lived. Love and hate are opposites, and shall never live beyond human time as one. Choose, and live that choice: or fail your own life too! Let the law decide, when judgment must occur. But make certain the law that is used, is true to life and the certainty called JUSTICE through fair play. Watch over the court, or it will always fail. The righteous “will infect it” with disgrace and tragedy; because they want to play god. Simple as that.


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