life talk 6


The life talk #6   Disciplines in the examination of truth.

At the opposite end of love is hate/ they are divided by death: the separation of purposes, that applies to judgment. Those judged: hate! Those who receive mercy are allowed by their love, to survive the consequences of being wrong. Those who did not measure up, as a value to life or the living; are separated from judgment, until the dissipate, and are gone. Those who do not enter within the energy of life as it leaves your dead body; become ghosts, chained to what they desired more than life, without the power to achieve it; until nothing is left. Those who hate enough to destroy GOD’S CREATION; are given punishment equal to what they did do, and that does include a war against any and all forms of life: such as those deliberately igniting forest fires. Those who go beyond Creation to attack “the living children of GOD/ who would join HIM in eternity”; are given punishment in HADES (eternal terrors, that will not end). However based upon the damage you did do; where a “life child” survives; you might be allowed to die forever. IF YOU CHOSE to kill a child that would have spent eternity with GOD , by your choices: THEN ETERNITY will chose to lock you in terrors beyond your imagination; an eternity for an eternity.

In the construction of hate; others play a distinct part/ which means even if you do not functionally hate. YOUR CHOICES led another, or allowed another to choose hate; even though they could have been saved for life beyond time. That is a grievous offense, and will enter into your judgment. The foundation for horrendous acts; such as killing children is based upon: YOU killed me/ you destroyed my future, and what was important to me/ you gave me no chance to be angry and submit to values instead; as you walked by, treating me as a living ghost who had no value or power to be alive. All these things and more influence those who “lose their mind”. They will pay for their own decisions; but so will you. As a life lost, by apathy, disrespect, and a failure to honor the truth; we are “all equal”/ even if not the same. Learn that lesson.

Value exists as the single definition which relays the importance of a reality as is distinguished by its relationship to what is true. Value thereby comes to mean:  I have confronted prejudice, to find what is beyond the simple human things which society has taught me to believe.

Value constructs truth, by sorting through an ordered relationship; as respect demands. Or more simply:  respect initiates the attainment of balance, by examining the creator of this moment, mass, thought, or thing. Truth then binds the discipline of reality, to the consequences which align with what happens because this exists/ OR,  if this did not exist. The summary of that reality issues what then becomes one, with the value of life itself.

Truth is an elementary ladder, by which one step, or each level:  is achieved in the essence of thought;  at a time, or beyond time as the case may be. Therein the purpose of an individual truth is learned, as we climb into the existence of what exists beyond the values or relationship;  we have with our humanity. There is the potential to participate in thought. More distinctly truth is a universal element of eternity, thereby it does exist beyond the dimensional limits and boundaries of what is called time. Because thought is not a relationship with the human body, but a reality dependent upon thought itself. Thought is a transitional element, between energy and life.

So let’s assert: there are elements to eternity we can understand, by assembling what we do know or can learn about truth. What is true cannot be changed (even if it can be covered up, for a time). Truth is truth, thereby it can never be considered or defined as anything other than truth. It is, what it is/ and that makes it a definable, contained, environment. The fact that any or every truth is in fact “eternal” in concept; constructs the basis of what lives or dies.

The question is: what part or piece of thought do “I, the individual” possess? We do not possess our lives other than through body/ or we would not die, unless we desired it truly. Thereby humanity is not a possession, but a gift. In contrast to that, the composition of an individuality that defines “just you”; is in fact a possession, created by your elements of participation in thought. The translation of your own purposes and desires in the freedoms released to your soul. Soul is, the interrelationship between humanity and thought, as is the passions of life which give you time. Passion means: to confront the freedom of our soul, and ask; HOW can this bring happiness to me? What you cultivate and own as your chosen desire, as determined by the direction of your own decisions:  establishes your individual boundaries and limits to what freedom in you, or as you released from fear; shall be. These are possessions.

Soul (the essence of life itself), where the elements of an individual life possession originate and reside;  operate to identify its creator (as is you). That means either you “bless soul with your love”/ or you contaminate it, with your hate or lack of caring, sharing, and all that is the failure to love or respect. The consequence of what happens to you within soul, is determined by the owner of life itself: perhaps you have an inkling!

We now construct the development of what can or cannot be eternal:  by assembling whether or not the participation within energy can remain contained; as is necessary for life to survive. We ask the more simple question:  can energy really construct the elements and essence of thought/ which then give credence to the validity of life (I own a freedom to exist) itself? These are bound within an environmental awareness; as is necessary to contain the whole by limits; as is the introduction of discipline, order, balance, respect, and law.

We know that energy can be contained in mass, without question “to the limits of whatever time can be; as is mass itself”. Mass determines time, because the only way to measure reality is to define what happens in a mass during that time, or as a result of its action or reaction with energy. time is then a reaction/ while energy constitutes an action itself. They are not fully related. Even so, we have attained a critical link which begins as energy can in fact be considered eternal, insofar as any human being needs to conceive. Participation in that energy is also a composition that gives rise to an education:  your computers begin to show the potential to arrive at a conclusion without life/ but by energy. Consequently whether energy and thought can be combined, does in fact begin to take shape;  ask anyone who believes in artificial intelligence/ and they will insist “we can play god and make this happen”. So the second part is achieved through your universities; and as we all know the university gods cannot be questioned;  they have to be correct/ cause they are god; to you! End of story.

Even so the essence of life itself:  requires the journey of “a million miles more”/ and I will NOT be providing it. Consider the possibilities for yourselves, and understand or begin to understand:  WHAT IT MEANS, to BE WRONG.  Because life and death have consequences; and they are not in any way shape or form, determined by what you believe. Truth decides, and truth is not dependent upon you:  UNLESS it is your own individual life.


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