living talk 8


Living talk #8

The living corpse of university is Satan; looks like life/ but defecates only death, with very few exceptions. Media shouts, “university is god, and will wipe away every tear”/ but the reality of that is: their decisions will make you weep, until every tear is gone, and your life, your world, your future, your child; is dead as well. That is their contribution, as defined and created by the evidence of this world; and what they are doing to this living Creation, planet, and destiny. To your shame: the world of humanity shouts, “I WANT; I,I,I,I,I,…….IWANT”; and offers nothing more than I don’t want, “to pay nothing”/ let the children die.

You are the greatest generation of fools (you believe in university), failures (you believe in media), liars (you believe in genetics), thieves (you believe in fantasies), cheats (you believe in delusions(, terrorists (you accept the horror of university plays god), and traitors (you sacrificed the lives of your own children) ever to live on this earth. A reality proven by the evidence of what you do/ what you allowed to be done/ and the curse you inflicted on every child; to pave the way “to your garbage mountains”. As you threw it all away; screaming MORE! Why, should you not be allowed to go extinct? WHY should the GOD you turn too only when faced with death, and the violence that is the abortion of your own lives: stop what you chose to do?

The foundation of life is truth, and you hate that. The foundation of survival is reality decides; and you hate that. The foundation of respect, is an acceptance of the evidence decides; and you hate that. The foundation of any chance for a future is; not sacrificing the present; and you do that, with a vengeance; as taught by university expertise. The foundation of eternity is, the purity of love; but you choose want instead. The foundation of peace is a world court, by our own laws; but you choose weapons of mass destruction, and wait for extinction. The foundation of nature is genetics; but you choose to violate all of nature; turning life into the predicted Armageddon. The foundation of living is based upon water; but you poison that. The foundation of feeding this world; requires the chain of life throughout this entire planet and its oceans: but you destroy that. The foundation of balance, that keeps the maximum of life living on this planet; is a game to you, where nothing matters but want. The foundation of energy; is cause to live “like Satan”/ and ignite atomic chaos. The foundation of government is law; but the parasites have taken control; and you continue to worship university as god. The elemental truth of life is “thought built this”/ but you choose the university SATAN; who guides you into sewage for a brain as is evolution; proving the cult has no soul. And so much more, it is a septic tank of stupidity, that describes your lives.

Yes I know you can attack me as a mob; because you want what you want/ and disrespect life as if it had no meaning whatsoever. But until reality proves you have a brain/ your sewage for thinking, will not focus on me: as that might tilt the last remaining “bits and pieces” of a brain; into questioning if extinction is what you truly want. SHAME ON YOU. The failures, who killed a world; with apathy, disrespect, and disgrace. The mob, “of Satan”.

In witness to all of that: the living dead shout “today”; this one killed a tiny few children/ and media screams “how awful/ government screams, “we must do something”/ policing and the courts complain “we don’t have enough power”/ and society says, “this must stop”. Yet as all believers do: the universities shout, “YES WE CAN”/ and just like the shooter who kills, the universities focus on our entire planet and all its life. And humanity says: “YES we can”/ in homage and worship of the university is our god: let us praise our killers. After all, every shooter is a believer; saying “YES I can”; just like you.

The development of work, and therefrom society itself; as a relationship to life and living. is based upon truth/ your aversion to truth is your extinction.

This discussion involves realities that will not be thrown away; unless you are willing to go extinct. No second chances, simple as that. What you believe is your failure, because want is not enough; to keep this earth alive; with more human animals, than this world can support. War, cannibalism, and extinction; are coming. And humanity screams: YOU, can’t make us believe anything/ WE BELIEVE THE UNIVERSITY is god/ our savior. But as the evidence will prove true: they are your god, but your god is Satan; and the only thing they can save you from; is happiness.

So, let’s discuss what is or is not critical!

  1. There are too many people, to simply walk away and continue as you are: we will ALL live together in peace/ or we will ALL war.  Because there is no other choice/ 8 billion people and rising at 100 million more per year +:  understands the beginning of why.
  2. There must be birth control, thereby NOT LESS THAN “no further population growth”. A vasectomy kills sex for men by removing the chemicals that make sex pleasurable; it is a fact/ even though the men and women who made that choice most often LIE. That leaves birth control in the hands of women. Although some advancement has been made in making sperm unable to swim/ which makes men infertile. Even so men do not produce babies/ and one fertile man can contribute to producing: “Millions”. Women are the key: their body/ their choice!  CAREFUL, HONEST, AND DELIBERATE CHOICES must be made!
  3. There must be ocean life to feed you. Period, nothing less will do. Which means STOP everything you are doing to kill the ocean itself/ and DO what the oceans need to survive. That would include feeding “the fish”. What you have to spare is “leftover food garbage” or dead human bodies shredded up to feed the fish: so the fish can feed you and the future. Too late for sympathy; although some room for small children. Not a game/ just do it as best you can.
  4. There must be pollinators, which means you will stop killing them throughout society and world. Reality is reality, fail and the world loses MUCH. Perhaps even YOUR life, because chains of food for the living are far more complex than you suppose.
  5. There must be drinking water, period: NO EXCUSES. That means every threat against the drinking water supplies for this world or this nation shall be removed; and the water, aquifers, lakes, etcetera SHALL BE PROTECTED, and tragedy removed as best we can.
  6. There must be food supplies: that means while breeding programs for seed plants have produced a wide variety of benefits/ genetic manipulation SHALL END. No more threats; as are each and every one of the genetic experiments that WILL end life on earth.
  7. There must be livestock supplies: that means the factory farm is ended. The reality of biological pandemic shall NOT be dismissed. Therefore the old ways of dividing the livestock and separating the possibilities of disease shall return.
  8. There must be habitat, there MUST be an end to the human devastation that attacks environment and resource, at every level of existence. NO MORE factory consumption of resources; “just to throw them away”. No more “lots of things”.
  9. There CANNOT BE a continued release of fossil fuel heat at these levels: ROUGHLY HALF, of what is released today could be sustainable. Great change must occur.
  10. There CANNOT BE a continued forest depletion: life will end in countless ways/ which includes the atmosphere becoming detached from the mass of this planet. WIND, will massively increase.
  11. There CANNOT REMAIN, weapons of mass destruction. Which means:  you must accept world law to govern the entire planet, its resources, and its future. World law is the law chosen by the people of this world:  to ENFORCE THEIR LAW, on their leaders. Bringing them to court whenever possible, and if not that: then whatever it takes, to remove those leaders from power without attacking the people themselves.
  12. WANT must be dissolved, so that life itself can find the means to be happy, and productive within the limits and boundaries which will sustain us all. To achieve that LIMITED CAPITALISM MUST be achieved.  Limited capitalism is:  letting the people decide by vote, what the upper and lower limits of income per every individual shall be per year. Choosing how much property or resource any group or individual shall be allowed to control: by vote. Controlling media, and removing the cancer that is “university knows religion”.

Failure means there is no possibility you will survive as a world!

STOP ALL EXTREME EXPERIMENTS, or nothing else will matter:  you, your children and your world;  are dead.  Just a fact/ not a game.

You can stop wanting, “just stop”. When you do, existence will turn back into life; and then the miracles of this world, and your own life and body itself, will become the reality “of more than we could ever imagine”. Because the value of everything this world is/ the realities of everything these bodies can do/ is nothing less than the evidence of truth and love.  Not an accident, an engineering and technical marvel FAR BEYOND anything man or woman can be/ or have ever been. Fraud says evolution/ liars say, “dirt to dirt”.  Reality says:  we know so little, only love can say eternity exists. Love is not a game, it is the purest form of treasure in our universe. Why should that be discarded?

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