living talk 7


Living talk #7

I suppose, we must talk within the boundaries of time versus thought. And accept the limitations of what that can encompass, by expressing the nature of time versus the eternity of thought.

Time shapes nature, by measuring its existence, before death. Thought shapes eternity, by conceiving of existence beyond measurements. Therefore the end of measurement is the end of time/ versus the conception of existence as is the beginning of life: constructs the potential, that is a freedom beyond restraints. Energy has laws which govern it/ thought does not. Therefore we express life as a freedom, which lives within the environment of law: to serve its needs.

The animal lives only in time; as it has no relationship with thought.

The question of thought: begins with “WHAT can our relationship be”/ when conceiving of a life beyond body, that shapes itself with energy, but owns only the destiny of itself? Or, more distinctly: what does owning your own destiny truly mean/ and how or why should we achieve that basic participation, and WHERE could it be: that happiness, the treasury of love; conforms around “I/ or WE”?

Elemental to construction is the foundation upon what we build as our home. Therefore love or hate is the definition of your life/ survival merely points to animal. LOVE BUILDS/ hate destroys: simple as that. Therefore the journey beyond time is for love/ whereas chaos is led by hate.

Once the foundation is laid: where only love matters. The decision that is to become your journey into eternity; is shaped by the limits and boundaries of laws which do govern energy. We are NOT “GOD”/ energy is our only hope for environmental freedom. So the question is: WHAT will shape our existence, and how does that conform to a life and essence of body, that will be assigned to me?

The first question is: HOW, does thought exist? The elemental answer, will not be given.

The second question is: WHAT designates life, and HOW is a body related to the living experience of thought? We turn to expression, as our most valued tool to prove what is living: a destiny shaped by choice. Therefore life is the freedom expressed within that choice. Whereas a body is used to experience those choices, and identify how it relates to our own identity as a choice we made for ourselves.

The third question is: explain what our future could be? The critical answer is: thought exists to search, to define and create love, to expand boundaries, to let the law decide our limits, to conceive of a future beyond self, to acknowledge acceptance of GOD ! giving that substance as the secondary turn to our eternity, the element of love appears as participation within the family of GOD . So the search, into Creation appears; as it holds the courage granted to miracles, and without courage, you cannot achieve eternity.

The fourth question appears: explain the depth and dimension of miracles, as they are the evidence of our Creation? An image, as represented in time; contains both length and width; as the demonstration of what we see confronting us as time expressed. The shadows present in that image, construct depth, and it is depth that represents life. But the question of dimensions is: WHAT exists, when no shadow is present? Here, the elements of light construct a different view/ and in order to visit the environment, we must obtain the invitation to “go inside”. Thereby searching within the limits and boundaries which conform to this life. Going inside, REQUIRES BALANCE, to achieve the courage of trust, and its companion as is truth.

I end here.

The critical rise or fall, of a human life.

The unfortunate reality of every human being is:  that within our existence are all the things which either choose for love, value, courage, respect, and everything that is in fact filled with the hope and happiness of what life can be.  BUT in contrast to that, everything that is in fact filled with death, destruction, betrayal, violence, and all that human decisions can bring:  are also contained as a choice.

The majority of people “love (this is happiness) the middle ground (I WANT both love and hate)”/ it is a place for fools. Because the only true choice, beyond survival is:  either love or hate, and they are distinctly opposite, and cannot live together without lies. Want is the creator of lies, because if you don’t want something/ or want to hide something; you won’t lie, there is no cause! Hate is the same as choosing for death, its road (many live here) to destruction is all that hate can be. These cause all the    trouble in human existence/ that is not functionally the result of nature. Nature has boundaries and limits:  want and freedom try to ignore these realities of life. The consequence is:  those who can tempt or manipulate or control the others, so they can send them into the chaos of want and freedoms without boundaries; to prove what will happen, instead of themselves. While this is the subject of endless books, it has no real basis in life other than catastrophe.

So we turn to love as value, and seek for life, that which can be “living in hope, happiness, truth, and trust”.

The first question is:  WHY do some people turn to love/ some turn to hate/ and the majority try to live with both love and hate as a choice in their lives? Answer:  love is the essence of happiness, truth, hope, and value through respect for truth! All of which enhance life, and gain the elemental path which ascends into thought.

People choose hate, because they want revenge:  I can/ you are/ they did/ you chose/ unfair/ and so on. People then plot, plan, manipulate, tempt, flatter, rape, abuse, use, control, ridicule, and so on to create if not an action or reaction;  at least the inside intent (I can think it) of gaining the upper hand. Even when completely wrong!

People choose the middle ground, because they want love and value in their lives/ but they also want to tempt, manipulate, control, plot, plan, etcetera in all the ways of hate just short of extreme violence:  to prove I AM superior, if not to you or them/ then at least superior to what I believe you “think of me”. So in this reality of humanity, “it is the other people who have control”/ and you become your own puppet master based upon the delusion that they actually care. Or you judge them, they judge you: life is a game/ as in pay attention to me. They don’t, unless you become a game, to be played for their amusement! BE YOURSELF:  how is that not better?

As love is the critical value to life itself, a reality that can in fact sustain an eternity of existence:  the question is WHY, do people not choose this for, or with their life? “Doesn’t take a genius”, to recognize better! We begin that journey with three distinct variables that do influence this reality:  “I loved, and I cried/  I trusted love, and I lost/  I found love, but could not make it mine”!

The journey of life in love is simple:  LIFE itself gives love/ but it takes living, to create time. The consequence of that is, “Love is not enough to remain stable or secured, in time”. Thereby choices must be made, even when they are not decisions that I desire to make. Which means the journey through living, is a path fixed with distinct decisions that will impact your own love; and the love and life, of those who you do love;  along the way. The consequence is:  love must be adjusted to realize truth and reality, come first/ or some form of cost or tragedy may ensue. That may or may not be recognized by those you love, as the same reality or truth to be dealt with:  which then becomes a decision you made in their eyes against them. You cared more, about this;  than me. Now measurements will be made, and realities will be changed to accommodate judgment. Every measurement is a purpose, or a possibility;  to judge. This is then the primary cause of a journey:  to make you decide, if you are a judge.

So we ask:  WHY, is it important if I judge other life or existence? The answer is:  in eternity, who and what is judged matters.   GOD IS GOD,   the failure to respect that causes disharmony and chaos. So it matters! Stability requires the assistance of truth/ reality demands the participation of values beyond what simple judgment will allow. Or in other words, “you ain’t  GOD”.

Reality asks:  WHY, did I love and lose/ I wanted life to be great, and I believed love, even if not perfect;  would give that to me?  For the majority, they add:  I believed GOD, or JESUS, or whatever religion you like/ and love failed, death came, etcetera;  so now I lean toward hate sometimes. NOT my fault!      Within that excuse is your answer:  you wanted what you wanted, and expected “your heaven” to be whatever you wanted/ and yet you are not  “GOD”.  Discipline and order are required for eternity.

LOVE IS, the ascension of life into a world called thought. That thought brings with it all that has value, because without thought (the essence of existence itself) there is no true freedom to be, or to seek, or to act within or without freedoms. Living in contrast to life itself, is based entirely in time; and cannot be or seek the same things as life;  “your body and mind are attached”, and they cannot come. Therefore all that is life, can seek love and live within its existence as thought. While all that is living, can only be what time will allow.

The question then is:  HOW are the passions of my living, the existence of my identity beyond time; and WHERE shall I find those I have loved in eternity?

Moments of value create dimensions of human experience and expression to be captured as memory, the place thought begins. A dimension is: the partition of two or more people, whose lives have intersected in ways that can be accepted with value. That partition is a memory/ that memory, is a “city along the path” to wherever thought will take you, as eternity makes us whole {it means able to survive the energies, by making the correct decision every time}. Tragic memories are about death, abuse, or violence;  and they shall not come. Truth with value, and love with trust;  decide eternity, everything else shall in fact be discarded.

We then seek the meaning of:  “I trusted love, and I lost”.

The value of our existence, gives us courage/ the reality of our love, gives us the desire to expand beyond ourselves, whether by helping others, or grasping for the possibility of true happiness with you. When you trust, you have identified a truth that is ultimately the most important part of your life:  because trust allows, that I am stable and secured from fear. Consequently others desire that trust to become a part of their own lives, and seek to obtain it by participating in yours. Just as I, or you, seek to participate with   GOD  OUR CREATOR  . Remembering we ain’t perfect either, is just a reality. So, when it is possible to see a reality of love entering into someone else’s life who is participating with you/ then it is also possible to believe, they will never turn away from something so precious as is truth and love in their own heart. Even if it is foreign to them. Unfortunately, that is not true; as the foundation element of human “survival of the heart”:  rests upon the distinction that;  I HAVE made my choice/ and I will or will not ever “do this”. Not for an entire world. Without a distinct and very personal choice, that creates the boundaries, limits, and levels of a personal identity:  nothing is permanently secured, until you do. The consequence of that is:  that although love and trust go hand in hand;  there will be those who cannot sustain it. Both will lose, although the one who gave love the most, will also cry the most. Never believe you “might save someone for eternity”/  JESUS already did that (not your job), by creating a path which illuminates both love and life “for you too”. The foundation necessary to learn is:  that you both accepted the relationship you chose. You both choose to do the things you did do, even if led by the other, you chose/ unless there was no true choice. You went as far as you did, good or bad: because that is what you chose. Therefore forgiveness begins with accepting your own responsibility, and refusing to judge the other. Sometimes the living just won’t share these moments/ something else means more. I was married two years: but could not commit truly, “life or death for this planet meant more”.  Sometimes, you just need to let go: love demands, life is bigger than self. Hate will always choose for self.

We then ask:  WHY? “I found love/ but could not make it mine”.

The elements involved are:  life and love are not the same things as love and living. The reality of existence is:  even though many would choose the same exact one “to love”/ that cannot be, and adjustments will be made, in you. Or more simply in this example of truth:  just like everyone basically believes they want:  the prettiest one, “etcetera” / they are only one. Consequently look beyond! Want precedes every form of trouble, other than what nature including earth provides. Thereby when you believe “I found”, it often means: you chose, without waiting for a reply that said, “I will come”. The realities of life also include, shared love is an expression in caring; and we can care, both honestly and truly;  about more than those we live with. Realities of life also include to love by the essence of living, which then presents respect for all you do for me, is only one aspect of love. To expand beyond the living, sharing requires you to participate in that living: so as to remember the one you chose to love, must also choose you. To make his or her living better, is a prime example of what can bind us to each other. To bind, means to trust. To trust means:  you have earned this distinction in my life, by its living. To accept truth must lead:  is to acknowledge, each life is free; and must make an individual decision. That does not grant you “everything you might want”. But it does grant you the very same freedoms, and the very same individual decisions as is the right belonging to the other. We are not property/ we are life. Therefore I cannot be “owned as marriage suggests”/ but I can give the value of my heart, so that it never occurs in you, that I would leave or cause you harm; without true cause. Do you see the difference?  GOD  must always come first!

It is noted:  that all true happiness begins with the removal of want/ so that what can be true comes into the path that will create your destiny. Destiny means:  I have become, “the value of my heart”. Having done so, happiness will follow. So the question is:  what is your heart, by the descriptions of your own values? The critical reality:  if love chooses you/ do you accept it, or “want” more! More asserts, “I want to play god too”. That cannot equal truth.

As to realities of this time, humanity is in crisis from all sides; even though fear keeps them from admitting “their university gods” can be wrong. One reality is, loneliness; even in a world filled with 8 billion people/ because trust fails, and people are distracted with toys and trinkets; selfishness and greed. Lonely:  partners with want, to create depressions/ suicides/ and so on. To pass beyond this, simply requires that you abandon want; and accept reality as it is, or as you honestly will work to change, as best you can. The best anyone can do, is in fact the best anyone can do:  which means, there is no substantive fault in you. Accept the fact:  you cannot change anyone, but yourself! Nor should you try. It is not a right/ the right to be whosoever they choose to be: is sacred (not for you to decide or change). Identify truth, live accordingly:  be at peace.


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