living talk 6


Living talk #6

The elemental truth of humanity is: all things animal are defined by love or hate/ all things behavior is defined by want, pride, or power/ all things sexual, exist as the chemistry wanted, or not at all. Therefore the search for “stuff”, is recognized as participation preformed for trophies, trinkets, or toys. The abandoning of life and miracles: for time is all there is; let the university be god. Clearly demonstrates a lack of respect for life, the plundering of this earth is a choice, and the pillaging of every child is a decision you made in selfishness. So the essence of being human today is as an animal; in search of a reward: as is proof, I am the superior one.

In contrast to everything being done in worship of university; we see the identity of life, in every miracle that is alive. The consequence of that is a witness against you; each and everyone; who fails respect for life/ which you nor the universities will ever match. Instead they mutilate/ inject chaos/ demand let what we do, change nature forever/ and assert, there is no soul, no heart, no value to sex, no purpose beyond want, no living beyond pride, and no proof of superiority unless there is power to make the others cry.

So your choices are: to abandon life/ choose extinction/ deny reality/ assert apathy when faced with destruction from being wrong/ sacrifice every child, by destroying the resources/ prepare for making this earth extinct as Satan on earth would do/ and deny the realities of thought, as the brainless wizards of evolution claim. To your shame. And all say: leave us alone, we want what we want/ and we don’t want: to pay for what we have done. LEAVE US ALONE.

But alas: destroying an entire world, is no game.

The value of life and living, is up to you!

The simple quest is for survival/ the complex journey that controls your destiny beyond time, is coupled to what you are willing or unwilling to choose, as your decision in this lifetime. There are only a few basic rules, known to all:  DON’T destroy/ DO respect/ DON’T hate/ DO love/ DON’T discard responsibility/ DO accept truth must decide, for life to succeed. Your individual success in life and living is tied to your individual identity:  YOU did, or YOU did not choose “this”.

So, let us look at the primary failures of this human race/ particularly in the nation called USA;  at this time:  “to see where the majority do stand” in their own quest for value in life and living.

  1. More than anything else: the universities are your god! So let us review:  the universities destroy as much as they can at all times (they want to be god “I am superior”). Nothing is so clearly in evidence of that, as their attempts to create extreme energy on earth: atoms on fire and more! The universities completely disrespect life:  genetically mutilating nature, in every capacity they can. The universities have produced hate throughout the world:  as nothing is more in evidence of this than weapons of mass destruction. The universities never love:  their purpose is control, fantasy, delusion, temptation, and manipulation;  as is seen in media and government throughout. The universities hate responsibility (the demand to do what life needs/ rather than what you want):  their decision is to discard constitutional law, and invade with endless rules to control. The university religion (can’t be proven) is evolution:  their purpose is to discard reality, despise truth, evict knowledge about life and survival;  to pretend chaos “is god of everything”. The sum total is extinction, because nothing they do: consists of or for life or living. And society worships them, “cause we want healthcare/ and believe weapons of mass destruction are your saviors; as the propaganda of media (our leaders mouth) has portrayed and demanded.
  2. So let’s look at healthcare. It is true the entire population of this planet has doubled to 8 billion people in roughly 70 years;  ain’t that great?  Well, reality states the planet itself cannot survive “its humanity”/ so no It is not. Extinction looms for everything, because this is a finite world; and human beings are the most destructive reality on it. Alas, we kill ourselves/ taking this whole world of life along. We look to chemicals, and find our entire nation flooded with toxic and dangerous chemicals in agriculture:  the effects of which are leeching other chemicals into the water/ as those pesticides are working toward the water supplies;  ending our drinking supply. Along with a long list of horrendous other disasters just waiting to unleash and insure an apocalypse. “Instant war/ give us water:  HELL NO, we won’t have enough for ourselves”. We look to antibiotics:  finding them almost lost. But with an entire livestock factory farming industry highly dependent; which means nearly everything can die in less than a year (no more meat, etc). we look to the seed industry, and find everything we use for plant food has been genetically modified/ and with one single mutilation as a result;  it will be lost to poison or other tragic concerns ending life.  But not to worry right:  after all there is diversity in plant life/ but unfortunately these need pollination/ and agriculture and urban blight (we want what we want too) has destroyed the pollinators, and the food supply for a wide variety of other living things:  by destroying insects. The rivers are polluted/ major lakes are in danger of complete collapse;  absolutely nothing is sacred by university standards. As a result life is not sacred either:  and sits on the precipice of extermination by a wide variety of university decisions.  They claim all superiority, therefore declare every decision and purpose in the nation and world:  they get their foundation reward, “YES it is your fault”.
  3. WHY, because as men have always done: I am going to take yours too/ mine is not enough for me:  therefore YOU need to be my slave. The university (we are superior) just makes this simpler by presenting methods for controlling humanity through media, television, mind games, manipulation of markets, counterfeiting of money, taking over government and religions, destroying the election process, and absolutely everything they can find to insure NOBODY has a right, to make a decision;  except them. As in we are gods here, SHUT UP or be destroyed.
  4. And the majority say: “leave us alone, CAN’T YOU SEE what will happen if we don’t go along”!  everything will die, because we are surrounded with tragedies/ we are bankrupt. AND WE ABSOLUTELY DON’T want to pay for what has happened to us through this leadership we endure.  SO WE TAKE THE BRIBES/ AND SACRIFICE THE CHILDREN;  hoping upon hope, none of this bad stuff will happen in our lifetime.  Praying “don’t let this happen to me”/ as in TO HELL WITH THE WORLD, just listen to me, just save me; after all, “I only did what I wanted to do”! how could that be wrong, “freedom is freedom”!!!!
  5. Indeed it is, but freedom has a price: choose well get a reward/ choose badly, and you get the results of what you chose, or worse. So, let’s review:  you chose to release as much fossil fuels as possible/ so you know enormous amounts of oxygen are being “consumed”. Simple as that, so much so: humanity uses more oxygen than the planet releases/ and we cannot survive on less than a percentage “not far away”.  All of that heat is causing the planet to overheat/ which means there WILL BE a wide variety of consequences; that are enough to destroy life on earth; beyond the point of no return. But hey you want what you want/ and ain’t nobody going to take that away. Right?
  6. The solution of men is simple: “kill them, and we won’t ever have to deal with them again”.  But alas, today its “kill a billion people” and in less than a decade another billion will have replaced their numbers.  Which means today, you must kill at least one hundred million people per year:  to sustain this level of human population on earth. Not to worry “lots of biological warfare” is waiting/ along with nuclear bombs/ chemical terrorists/ and more than a billion guns, fire, bombs, poisons, and so forth.  Now don’t the future look grand?
  7. The solution of women is, whatever it is: they never say, because they prefer to blame men. They want to be hidden (can’t blame me). Got it good “most say”/ men go get what I want, and I don’t have to do much work. Of course that is changing everyday;  as university guidance has led to “women are the same”. Which means:  kill them like men/ use or abuse them like men/ don’t respect them like men/ and basically make them the same as men.  Even though little girls CANNOT compete with men in war. So every attempt to say women are warriors, is in fact the demand:  DON’T think of women as women anymore, kill them easy; nobody cares.
  8. The children are of course dead (so chose the adults); all that remain is cannibalism or burying them; as the descent into hell (no one doubts/ this cannot be reversed) begins. And of course, those responsible for destroying an entire world of CREATION:  shall receive their reward as well.
  9. Religion worships the universities, it’s what they do. Of course that is partially because the universities teach the religious priests what to memorize, believe, and think: puppets are plentiful, is that not so?
  10. Government is the place where liars, traitors, thieves, and cheat form: so they can produce the terrorists, and traitors now endangering our world. Counterfeiting is great, after all there is no government without “hidden inflation”.
  11. The military is the military/ as it has always been.  Give us a cause, and we will murder anybody;  because after all, “Just one man decides” now ain’t that right?  World law as a solution for the planet:  which is to control the leaders instead of the populations/ “is just too much to ask”.  It ain’t’ no fun!
  12. We return to truth, acknowledging every miracle proves GOD exists! Absolutely nothing but a fool, can find chaos in life. Although people can choose chaos for themselves. In that grace, religious humanity DEMANDS, SCREAMING “  GOD  “ will never let this world die:  So we don’t have to do NOTHING. Do you hear me:   NOTHING!  But alas, WITH FREEDOM;   people become murderers/ people do horrendous things/ people even build machines to bring the same fire as is on the sun here to this earth. A reality of fire that burns your skin in summer:  “FROM 91 MILLION MILES AWAY”.  Here on earth. A reality of energy that cannot be less than a nuclear fire:  which means it burns the bond in atoms. In a very similar way to burning the molecular bond in elements, to create a chemical fire here on earth.   And as the great and wonderful religious people you are:  with open arms you say to your true god “the university” ;   how could they be wrong!  Even though all the evidence formed in truth, and by reality;  declares they are.  So live or die as a world:   IS YOUR HUMAN DECISION.   It is, what you chose.

I offer you this example, for your own consideration. In the fifty plus years that I have lived in the very same place;  time reveals this.  there used to be flocks of birds that overwintered, more in spring and summer. Now none, and few in spring and summer (no insect/ no food). There used to be reptiles, amphibians, small fish in the permanent pond at the ditch:  I did see one frog for the year. The pond is gone, which means no new fish in the river from here/ nor old, because without the young there are no old; not for the lakes either. There used to be small mammals of various kinds;  I did see one possum for the year/ no road kill of any kind. There used to be insects, only a tiny few left. There used to be butterflies and moths and “Interesting things”/  I did see one butterfly, and a few moths farmers are desperately trying to make extinct. There used to be a variety of plants, no more; unless the chemicals aren’t used correctly. People did use to stop for water to drink here, because it was excellent/ today barely drinkable; and yet all the people say “well the chemicals haven’t destroyed the water supply YET”. We do have coyotes now; but the end result is:  “a silent spring (other than humanity)” surely will be next. So as to value, in life and living:  you traded that for ease, and counterfeit money. Congratulations “smart, like a college degree”! be aware, although it is very easy to blame agriculture for these problems:  the shelves are full of chemicals sold to home owners and business in the city. The reality of it is:  city dwellers or their habits (such as golfing) dump more chemicals per acre/ do more damage per citizen, who uses chemicals:  than do many farmers who are actually trying to create food. But not to worry, just like the rest:  all will soon say, “we didn’t need that life anyway”/ now isn’t that so?  “Chain of life my ass”; right!

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