living talk 5


Living talk 5

It is, at the core of life, our reality is not beyond an illustration of the atom; as the basis of time, or existence. Mass proves existence/ whereas time proves movement exists. The atom does consist of two distinct dimensional environments, which do never mix/ but because they are elementally connected, they share the same existence as “an atom balanced by force”. Gender follows that path, to achieve existence within force.

The atom consists of a proton (the kinetic, push force: produced by spin of the proton)/ and the neutron (the dark force of pull, which balances push, and holds it as the potential called mass), that dimension completes and holds mass within its grasp: and can be sustained for “extreme measures of time”. But as reality proves; a functioning outward force either as action or reaction; cannot be held together: UNLESS an equal or opposite and slightly larger force holds it together, thereby balancing this energy combination, as a unit of “our existence”. Kinetic force released, as would be consistent with an atomic bomb: dissipates into nothing is left. Whereas a dark force overrunning movement; becomes a dark hole from which nothing escapes: until it has no choice. The differences between male and female are not inconsistent with this reality.

In this you do see the value of “gender identity”, in the relationships which form the balance of our existence. Those who claim “to hell with the opposite sex; or I will become the opposite sex”/ deny balance, and prove to be unstable at best.

Even so: LIFE is the blending of force, by the interaction of dimensions which cannot achieve balance: until the creation of energy does not exist. Or more distinctly: the curse of “university plays god” is so vile and corrupt, that extinction is inevitable, as the result of their ways. Dig your head out of their ass; clean up, and begin again.

The realities of life. As each one proceeds through life, healthcare becomes an issue/ because we are those who will fail to need it for themselves or someone they care about. That leaves us vulnerable to all those who offer to assist. Criminal extortion arises/ people who care nothing about price (they don’t intend to pay, or are wealthy) start screaming, “leave our doctors alone”/ people who are afraid of death start worshiping ANY form of experimentation, because they believe “might benefit me” (no one else matters). Government gets involved, “who else can pay”. Counterfeiting arises:  can’t say no/ can’t pay:  MUST lie! So the children are attacked, and their future is sold into slavery.  All because criminal extortion CAN make you pay: it’s your life, or body, or someone close. The crime spree never ends until the nation is destroyed, “you can’t just shut me out/ OTHERS got theirs”! Then as always the medical now wealthy criminals take over government/ hire armies to control the rest/ and “fly away” to where they won’t be bothered anymore. So let’s review: totaling all healthcare dollars received by all parts and partitions in the industry. Doctor/ hospital/ pharmacy/ dentists/ chiropractor/ drug maker/ university educators/ military health expenditure/ insurance/ imprisonment/ addiction/mental health/ disability/ social security/ childcare/ and banking (we will foreclose, etc). And of course the future, as is the debt, inflation, and interest on the money NOT paid;  handed to every child! Once we get that information:  only workers pay for anything/ which means only workers count in the reality of who has to pay, and what will they pay.  “go ahead” find out if this is reality, and thereby justified. Reality is reality, is it not?

The only alternative is reality, and reality won’t insist by itself:  that life, work, and society must be fair. That is a job for democracy. Democracy means:  WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS, and we decide for ourselves, what shall or shall not happen in this nation. As always, that is never done with representatives: because they can be bought. As always the criminals buy rules, so they can become rulers too/ or hire those, “like an army”. The rulers become arrogant, because they are too powerful to be told what to do. And the courts become corrupt, as in protect our stuff; or be thrown away. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Even so:  constitutional law is the law of the land. The constitution is our agreement to unite as one nation:  under these definitions and directions created by our constitutional contract with each other. So with law in hand, a law that cannot be defeated for any cause in a courtroom:  we the people own the right to intervene. The question is how? The answer is in the US first amendment:  redress of grievances!  Which means literally:  we the people shall call to order a trial to determine for ourselves if those employees we have hired/ and did so swear to adhere to the constitution with complete dedication:  have or have not kept their oath of office. Thereby sustaining their job, as hired by us/ OR BY BETRAYAL, selling our lives and our property to whores, traitors, terrorists, liars, cheats, and thieves. We are the judge/ as redress proves democracy by creating the truth:  THIS IS OUR NATION, not yours as in, “the employee”.

Every life is equal, because it is life. Every moment of time, is just as important to me, as it is to you:  thereby work by the hour, represents fair time spent/ plus realistic costs involved. What we get in birth, is a gift/ NOT an indication of thievery. The true thieves all begin at the university:  demanding decades to teach worthless information, that will never be used. To insure every penny possible can be gained from the slaves who want their certificate:  as in “yes they memorized what they were told”. Beyond that doctors can be submitted to incarceration at a hospital, to wear them down:  so they make no demands, and do whatever they are told.  End result is:  an extremely high cost to the individual to insure slavery/ an extremely long time lost in schooling/ to insure debt: which has no substance or value other than for crime against society and student. The cult wins again:  by deliberately controlling the competition for their job/ thereby lifting the price as high as they want it to go. Limiting enrollment, to insure:  fight with me, and I let you die.  A reality that must be dealt with:  fail to care properly, and you will never escape prison!

The horrors and hell, that a university diploma has created/ enforced/ and uses to seek our eternal extermination of all life on earth:  MUST BE REVIEWED, IN REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  Examining the facts, to determine traitor/ terrorist/ thief/ liar/ cheat/ failure/ devil/ or satan himself? The mutilation of life as is genetic nature:  becomes front and center in this review of our realities. Pandemic horror is coming/ drinking water lost is certain/ antibiotic loss, and its resultant tragedies/ ocean life dead by human practices/ food lost due to factory farm biologic contamination/ plant food lost, due to chemical alterations/ diversity lost, due to pollinator extinction/ habitat lost, and rampant extinction of every species/ planetary overheating, which kills everything/ wind acceleration, as the globe and its atmosphere no longer travel as one/ endless war and cannibalism “no choice”/ weapons of mass destruction “too bad”/ economic collapse (alas counterfeiting money did have consequences)/ and of COURSE;  WE THEN COME TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE, “just like the sun/ which burns your skin from 92 million miles away in summer”. Isn’t the university grand/ after all when they invaded and stole all forms of government:  THEY MADE EVERY CHOICE, cause they are so smart.  Just a tiny beginning!

Nonetheless, let’s go on a bit.  Why don’t the university elite, educate children for anything but college, or slavery? Answer is:  as is consistent with most college graduates over the decades/ they can’t feed or take care of themselves. That means the nation becomes entirely dependent on other nations/ because the vast majority of children and the public;  don’t know how to do anything but play video games, and create traps in an effort to control the rest. NO SKILL REMAINS/ NO TOOLS OR RESOURCE EITHER; and that means “third world nation”.  Why would they do that to us, “it’s your nation too”?  answer:  can’t play god, without the worthless to condemn;  “that is what makes the university elite SUPERIOR”.  All fall down, before you get your weapon/ which must be confiscated;  cause you don’t stand a chance!  At 8 billion people, with another billion per decade:  NOBODY NEEDS YOU/ & NOBODY WANTS YOU EITHER.  Now ain’t that so?

Or more simply:  your gods at the university have killed your future, and are going to kill this earth, along with all its life.  “hope your satisfied”/ but then cults can’t think, so I am certain you are.  Happy days;  well until according to biblical prophecy, “hell begins July 9, 2019”.  Not to worry, people who can make you believe in evolution (we built ourselves with chaos) can literally MAKE YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING!   Proven beyond a doubt.

Second page.

In order to see within the fire, that is university driven chaos;  it is absolutely necessary to quit believing anything you are told by media or university. Asking instead for truth! When confronted the university will with few exceptions “point to their fairy tale theories/ demand this is what their book says/ and expect complete obedience as all religions do”.  Media is much simpler:  they simply become zealots, demanding “the university knows all”/ cannot be wrong/ and cannot be questioned by facts.  Believers are believers because they want what they want, and won’t listen to NO DAMN FACTS, that don’t prove they WILL, get what they want. Nonetheless when dealing with people with brain abilities that rival a mosquito; as is the case among all who accept evolution/ you just have to keep interfering with the voices inside their head. Never important, unless as is the case of terrorists overrunning this world: as is the university elite/ we can’t let them continue in their delusions. Wrong means life is exterminated from this planet. NOTHING so plainly demonstrates that as is:  “let’s bring the same fire here as is on the sun”. A nuclear fire, that literally burns atoms for fuel! As that would prove WE, are gods!  So;  “I/you, must continue on”.

Let’s start with medicine, and what is fair!  Obviously nothing is fair in medicine today, proven by the endless dollars which are extorted by this criminal gangster organization. NOT an assertion of doctors:  but a reality of MONEY, and who collects/ causes it to be collected/ took over government currency to counterfeit payments/ and destroyed the economic future and more of this USA. The fundamental summary is:  “the university gets it, and controls the government with that counterfeited money”. Counterfeiting by government employees is:  the failure to report and identify, THIS IS INFLATION/ thereby just numbers, not realities.

Even so, the primary question is TRESPASS! As that indicates the boundaries and limits of:  whether you can do this to yourselves/ but not to us. The reality is simple:  every cult has its believers (I know everything with these rules/ this book). Every religion has its zealots (nothing matters but what I want). And every society has its congregation “that says amen (we agree, with this)”;  ITS EASY, cause we don’t want to pay FOR TRUTH.

Alas every trespass requires a rule to enforce it/ or deny it;  and when you want what you want, and deny whatever you don’t want:  that becomes corruption of everything that could make life happy and justice a relationship within ourselves. The rule, creates the ruler! Without a rule, you only get to be criminals. But with a rule, regardless of how meaningless and void of truth these can be:  you get to play god. And a great many people believe they want to play god;  until reality proves catastrophe is their fault! They then must make you fear/ or lose their latch on power; and that means violence! The quest for violence through tyranny is then as simple as letting the rest play god too! By giving little powers over to “the others”, so they can interfere and control or manipulate the rest;  power blooms in its constant relationship with puss (the contaminated ooze of an infected sore). By using rules to destroy unity, separate realities by division, and demand anger takes over by removing all that keeps society sane:  the tyrant gets control.  Because society grows ever more agitated with their own truths, beginning to blame each other, and violate the laws which do bind us together as one.

So let’s examine this USA, for tyranny?  The most obvious of all efforts to divide and separate is:  drumroll please “destroy the single language which keeps us communicating with each other/ by demanding diversity is better, lets have more languages, in that way:  armies can form, and we know our enemies”. THEY SPEAK the other language;  so the universities (this is great) are trying to create civil war, hiding intent with the delusion called diversity;  so they can create true separations in the nation itself/ thereby war. War is the greatest tool of a tyrant:  NO, THEY CAN’T fight against us now. Because we made them an enemy of these others. They can’t understand the threat:  because as all good religious soldiers are, “completely deluded” by a book. Or, our book is god/ or its interpreters “the priests of media/ the gods of university” would never choose to harm us!  “we worship them”.

The second effort is:  take away EVERY means of employment or work/ destroy all connections with resources, so they must beg. Enslave the young with debts, by making them believe “the university” is their only salvation. To accomplish that with counterfeited currency, is very simple:  “we can buy it all”/ because nobody can compete, when we just add more numbers to our own bank account (somebody gets to spend the inflation). But even that ends, when the foreigners say:  WE WANT something other than your numbers! So business is attacked, and sold off by using the stock market as a weapon.  Resources are separated from the nation by sale. Every major form of human need is controlled or enlarged to produce a corporation that now owns every form of job. Education is limited to nothing;  UNLESS you memorize what the religion called university knows, now dictates to you. Raw materials as in such methods used by the board of trade and government agencies:  manipulate the price, so as to control the production, “let it rise: means debts are incurred”.  Let it fall means debts now stand to consume the participants:  and all the individual businesses must now beg to survive. Media is used to betray “everything is good/ fear the individual terrorist, or a nation so we can make more weapons of mass destruction. And let us not forget, “if there was just a power source capable” THEN there would be an endless sea of robotic warriors, to keep you “in the slaughter house”.

      Page three

      We examine what it means to be wrong:  when applying biblical prophecy onto our lives! When separating out the religious cult, from true religion and its basic development:  the only requirement is to determine, “what rules you”.  If the book rules you/ then you belong to the cult; because reality nor truth matter more than the rules. If the rule gives you the power of god so to speak;  “so that now you can determine, who lives/ dies/ goes to prison/ can’t be forgiven/ etcetera”:  then in essence you “have decided with this rule, I am god too”. Or as the religious like to say “a child of god (going to get mine)”. Cults cannot question leaders, realities, consequences, or rules, there is no space:  the matter is closed. True Religion however does question everything, because the true purpose of any religion is “to find  GOD “ within life, planet, and self! Therefore the ascension of knowledge, in things that identify life, and construct the value of our existence:  cannot be denied. The critical assembly in understanding, that allows for each one to become an individual seeking the different values in heart, and mind;  whether through a body or not:  is elementary in the search for knowledge. The sanctity of wisdom has no equal, when determining:  that a destiny can be chosen, whereby we inherit “the best we can be” within ourselves. A cult worshiper wants none of that, because it is not easy/ and they must commit themselves to making decisions that determine their own fate. Easy is letting someone else make those decisions/ so you can then blame them, for anything that goes wrong, for you or others.

We will then examine the one prophecy that truly matters:  Daniel 12, “the countdown, to the end of life on earth”. It suggests:  when the true abomination rises/ there will be 1298 days until the first death, and then another 1335 days until the second death. Third death, end of life and planet.  So the critical question is:  WHAT is the great abomination? The answer CANNOT be anything less than the university attempts to ignite sun fire on earth:  because WRONG means, this earth becomes a sun/ destroying everything/ even the solar system itself. That is the great abomination. Its first appearance as a deliberate threat by men to destroy life on earth:  was 4/ 1/ 2012. You may do the math yourself. First death is the end of “law can save us”.  Second death is the end of mercy could save us, if we change. Final death is: the fire ignited, consumes us all. NO second chances; atoms on fire!

In terms of more “illusive prophecy, as is Revelation”; once you understand what can and will happen when this world is on fire by the ignition of atoms (just like the sun)/ that prophecy becomes “knowledgeable”; and then makes sense. I have produced a video on revelation, with the intentional purpose of trying NOT to make you afraid. You can find it through my websites as is this one

When asking, WHY WOULD ANYONE make the decision to gamble with all life and world? The answer becomes either one of two scenarios’:  either they hate us, thereby lying to exterminate us all, to play god.  OR, they are cult members, whose only real choice was to believe “in the book”. Because the book is god! The decision is much more simple:  they want “free energy”; and so they discard the consequences to believe “we CAN play god”. Cause we are “soo smart”.  In contrast however: None in the history of this world, have ever been so stupid, nor so blind, as are these;  simple but true!  But let’s not forget all the fools who deliberately mutilate life, etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera!  As in “satan (we can destroy this world)/ has friends”.

There is another element to this of course:  WHY WOULD, society itself NEVER QUESTION the validity of what goes wrong/ if their theories are just a fantasy? The answer of course is:  “you as a vast majority, WANT the university to be your god”. EVEN when the cost of being wrong is every living thing lost, forever. An entire CREATION OF   GOD  ; gambled away, by men and women who simply did not care enough:  to even ask WHY NOT. I will then ask you:  “are you the devils Hench maid” so to speak.  Can’t be men/ men would war, to stop their own executioner. Is that not so? Certainly true for me.

Even so, war will not save this earth; because even if you stop these terrorists:  there are literally PLENTY MORE. With threats extending throughout the world, all of which can produce our extinction. Together we fight for life/ or together we die, because you didn’t care enough to understand anything of value or life;  “just didn’t care”. Cause that, is what YOU chose!

Page four

      The question of life or death to this planet, and the whole creation which depends upon it:  can be as simple as whether you believe the university fantasy CAN’T be wrong/ or whether the realities in existence, as identified by truth I present could be right. As is evidenced by the reality of fire on the sun as is seen every day:  there are literally NO SECOND CHANCES, for the university to be wrong. “down the page a little” has sufficient detail to warrant a reality investigation before the world/ as failure is death to every living thing forever.

Even so, I will add a bit more. Although it requires you to think, and is obvious of all who chose to gamble with this entire world:  they cannot. So I continue to search, no matter where that takes us all:  poverty/ prison/ religion/ teaching/ sports, it literally doesn’t matter, the search is for those who can THINK for themselves. Is that you? Then you are lucky (you are important) and unlucky (this requires your life, no more games) at the same time.  Reality confronts you with the single most important decision humanity has ever made/  to let the university you want to be your gods, gamble with, and establish the end of this world.  Or run away and hide, fearing everything; doing nothing. It is a choice, and there will be consequences either way.

Let us question ignition of a fire that burns the bond in atoms to release all that energy CLEARLY contained therein. CAN IT INSTANTANEOUSLY engulf the entire planet/ or like fire does, will it slowly engulf, as the fuel is “prepared to burn”. The latter is true. Which means a pillar of fire will rise from the planet, and as the planet earth turns, will in fact create a planar effect. Which is how the planets which revolve around the sun, came to be. It is the fire itself that produces solar gravity. Which means each planet in our solar system was captured, when the sun first ignited in open space.  As each planet was captured, that pendulum effect of the planet itself pulling on the sun;  made the sun revolve. That action:  produced the periodic cycles that became “our year”. The question:  did capturing these planets produce a tow, that then moved the sun into another place of the solar system? Probably so, I remind you:  all you see of the sun is its fire. Because the fuel is nuclear “one atom at a time” so to speak: the size of the sun then and now is far less than your universities allow. The question becomes did the planets all need to be within a very limited plane;  or could they have been gathered? Answer “big ones” needed to be in the right place and time. The question HOW LONG would that atomic fire ignited on earth take to consume this planet/ HOW LONG, before the atmosphere was ejected into space/ HOW LONG before the intense depressions caused by oceans:  caused this world to explode in one big bang?  The bible suggests:  it could be 666 days, before every life is gone.  I personally know not, as the fuel source, in terms of consumption, for atomic fire:   is completely unknown on earth. What we do know about the sun is:  compared to mass, the burning of atoms is relatively slow.


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