life talk 5

life talk 5

Life talk #5

Among the lessons most needed by human life in time, is: that love never causes pain, nor heartbreak. Love gives life meaning, and creates the treasury of value that shapes the desire for life, by bringing happiness into our lives; as we share the expressions and experience of being alive; with joy.

However, because people love, and then experience or express heartbreak and pain: they believe it was love which caused it to be so. But that is not true/ and it is not what love brought into their lives as valued. Want/ pride/ power, are the three enemies of life; and it is these which describe “liar/ hater/ thief/ cheater/ coward/ traitor/ terrorist/ abuser/ corrupt/ conspiracy/ collusion/ and many more which extend from want (the basis of all lies)/ pride (turning life into a game, to become winner/ or loser)/ and power (the decision to make someone cry/ to take because you can); that turns love into tragedy.

But love is never tragic, not even when the one you love dies. Because life grants the value we shared (measured by the loss of what no longer exists), as evidence this statement is true. While it is true, if you have no love/ you experience no heartbreak. That critically means: it is love, that gives you “a heart to break”/ and a heart sharing the values and joy of living, “with you”; that grants the desire and hope to live.

Within the reality of my own life: love is, and has always been, a blessing; nothing less makes life truly worth living. Because complete isolation, cherishes nothing of importance lives here, with me. But there has been heartbreak; as the reality of sharing love/ gives away that love you owned, as the treasury of your life, to someone else. “you GAVE it to them/ and now they own it, and can take it away; if they refuse to share it back. Because they failed to care enough/ and took what was valued, to be their own: abandoning you. So yes love has a price: to be vulnerable makes you subject to the cost of cowardice, liar, or thief. The lesson learned is: only truth decides, only the evidence of discipline owns the order sufficient to gain trust; because order comes with discipline, and life shapes order through discipline by truth: therefrom trust arises, as life proves itself to be governed by the realities upon which law exists. Values shape our lives, but disciplines, based upon truths/ not beliefs: run our living as the expression and experience we then choose to share. By shaping the way we care.

A coward cannot give you their love: they run away, afraid of not wanting what they want/ not being as the herd of people is; because love is not a game. The consequences, values, truth, and more; are real. A liar does not have love, they own only want; and all want ends with the game of winner (I am the superior one/ not equal) or loser (I want revenge, to prove you will cry not me). Etcetera.

The critical conception of truth, understands that value has a reason/ or more distinctly, the law identifies the limits and boundaries of what divides love from hate. We give to love and hate then, an essence that travels throughout everything alive. Truth aids or denies only what matters to life, beyond life, there is only time, or the lack of it by the disappearance of movement. So time is a measurement of movement; just as death is the realization, no movement will come. What moves us, is then constructed by what divides love from hate.

Hate is a form of chaos, and its blanket conception is: any movement will befall you with tragedy. Or, in its alternative the lack of movement will make you dead.

Love is a form of law, a reality constructed by truth, which sustains the order, discipline, and balance of respect, that gives to those who accept life; is at its core value, a home (I feel safe here)/ life gives me pause here. And family (I feel, free enough to be me, here) to conceive of, the expressions of me. The experience of “I am ALIVE”. Without the threat, of failure. Therefrom hope arises, and time becomes the treasury of why I live.

Truth accomplishes that with an illumination: of what does have value/ and what does not to life. NOTHING in the history of this earth is more certain of the reality: than the biblical story of JESUS ! Who did in fact create with absolute certainty, a description in fact of what love, life, disciplines, law, balance, order, hope, respect, and value literally mean. While those who killed him, and wanted him dead; proved as is the tragedy and disgrace of hate; the chaos formed by violence against life.

Want is a liar; and the reality is the Jews who demanded JESUS must die; did so after costing them money by dumping their tables of money in the temple/ “for selling him”: for trinkets, toys, and trophies. Belittling his work.

So the cost of love is the acceptance of truth decides. While the cost of hate is: want, wants what it wants/ and pride thirsts for gold beyond life/ and power is the death of life in time; because of who, the masses truly are. A cult of “want/ pride/ and power”: worshipers, easily transformed into a mob. EVEN, when the reality of their decision: ENDS a value in healthcare, never seen before or since.

Value is the difference between what is, and what could have been. Nothing more clearly represents that level of reality than sickness. Because while healthy, and everything is normal; we DO become complacent about life and body. When confronted with “this is not working properly anymore”/ our existence, through body or mind;  can be very different indeed. A reality that refutes everything the university teaches about evolution and so much more.

Unfortunately, you have become less than sheep:  sheep can and do at least complain when confronted with a threat/ you don’t, not even when confronted with the extermination of life, or the complete destruction of nature through genetic mutilation, not even the loss or resources, which will bring you cannibalism:  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!  No sir, the universities will eat you alive, and do their best to insure you feel like a fool:  so be very quiet, as you have no mind “zombies” congratulations. Alas though, if not sheep/ then you have passed beyond the gate which divides the living from the dead;  establishing “the living dead” instead of human or life. It is a place of worms.

But not to worry, “your university gods (believe everything you are told)” will save you;  ain’t that right? Why igniting atoms on fire, or exterminating the sanctity of life, or discarding every discipline and order of the living that keeps life and planet alive:  is just fine with you. As is the evidence of your life/ your own ways/ and your own future. Not a peep, from more than a tiny handful. So you, the masses; are discarded/ and the few are to be found. That is the choice you made;  go cry to your university gods, they are always happy to enslave, and insure “you have no brain;  cause they are SO smart”. How could that not be so, “terrorists, fools, and traitors are the best”/ ain’t that right. Reality knows: so say you, as there are no greater existence of both throughout all of history, than what the horrors of “genetic mutilation in both body and mind” are producing in a university.

Be happy, HELL can’t be that bad:  right?

Nonetheless, I search for the few:  the people who do still have a brain. Not to fight with a world, as that is all but over. Rather to prepare for a life without time/ as soon there shall be no more. After all, nothing is more certain of that:  than the ignition of an atomic fire, “just like the sun”/ here on earth. Every believer knows, “the university can’t be wrong”!  right?

So, let us play just a bit: by asking what do we lose when time disappears for each individual existence, that can survive beyond time itself?

We begin with time itself, as a flow distinguishing the elemental display of dimensional life: moment by moment, reality changes; because flow does not stay where it was. Even so, as with memories:  that moment contains its own character, its own life and place and experience or expression/ and that gives to the development of definitions “a boundary, an environment, and its limits”. Or more distinctly the essence of what can be manipulated by thought. Dreams, the relationships elevated to include happiness as a partition of sleep, are decisions in destiny. Nightmares, the realities of fear that invade sleep to produce chaos in you/ do represent the definitions of fate, that your road in time, travels. They are different elevations of the same flow in individual time. One sees hope/ the other sees death.

The question is then:  HOW do I, or they, develop the certainty called hope/ and pass beyond all that fate would reveal? WHERE is the proof this occurs? WHY does it exist? WHEN is it too late for me? WHO decides?

We begin with where is the proof in fate:  as two examples are current we use them due to broadcast news. The murderer in las Vegas & the murderer in the small church, are both examples of what nightmares can do. To appease the nightmare, and its controller; the lost human being does whatever the nightmare shows/ attempting to enter in, and thereby get control. But lies are lies, and believing whatever you believe has no answer in it:  the cost is a cult. The reality is: whosoever controls the cult, owns your life, when you refuse to question the cost of being wrong/ as all cult members do. The reality of fate is then:  by simply becoming afraid of the answer, control over your life is won, by that which you fear. A tragedy to you, and many times to others as well because of you.

So we look at the cult itself, understanding these are all built upon the same types of foundation as religion/ they are housed in the same types of developmental knowledge as is religion/ they use the same tactics to construct a lasso, and control the “educated” as every religious cult does. But they are different than honest or true religion:  the cult plays god/ and keeps its believers in tow, by insuring they don’t feel adequate to make their own decision. OR question their leaders, because just believing is much easier than actually earning an education with truth.

Actual Religion is:  the search for life itself, as guided through the understanding, “all these miracles” CANNOT be an accident. Cannot be the result of humanity, and that opens the door in knowledge, to a wide and varied comprehension called    OUR CREATOR.

In contrast is a cult, where:   Only a fool/ a disease/ a tragedy/ or an enemy confuses that reality in truth. Only those who want to play god over your life, create the lies necessary to compete with what cannot be denied. Only the educated can accept delusion, fantasies, destruction, death, dismemberment (as is mutilation of genetics), and the endless development of threats to exterminate our world; as is university knows everything (worship them as gods)(can’t be questioned). So says every university placed leader in America and the world;  because they all worship at the same cult alter/ and they all fear the exact same things.  “WE MUST get control/ who better than a university god”! So they surrender life to fear/ hiding in the delusion that those who brought these threats, are somehow going to end these threats in anything but complete chaos and horror. They cannot; as the essence of every cult is a lie. The reality of every religious cult is a book built primarily of lies. The epidemic of human contamination by the disease of university has been spread throughout society and humanity by education and media.

So where is the fool:  when we face an endless list of threats that all suggest extinction is inevitable/ and humanity says, “WE GOT NOTHING ELSE (than university)”. Leave us alone!  But alas:  when it is the universities that brought all these threats into existence/ ONLY A FOOL, would believe they are the answer to removing those threats!  How is that not true? If their answers were in support of life, no threat should exist:  IS THAT NOT true? The evidence is absolutely clear:  we change as a world/ OR we die quickly and with horror surrounding all.

The disease of a university is:  that they engulf you with fairy tales, trinkets, colored lights, and toys. The list is long, and there is nothing worse on it than to make believe they know anything about the sun or its fire. That has been proven false on www.justtalking5.info; ;just look down the page a bit. The tragedy is then gambling with absolutely everything, even including the solar system itself:  by trying to ignite atoms on fire/ while claiming it is nothing more than combining hydrogen into helium. Which they have proven false in their own tests at Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco.  But as enemies do:  they still refuse to stop/ because they lose their power, pride, prestige, and purpose in controlling others. Making them in fact:   worse than failures to life. Very Little, more than SATAN “himself”.

Which brings us to the evolutionary character called satan:  evolution means to commit life to chaos/ and destroy its connection to life! Which is exactly what the fundamental definition of satan in biblical terms is!  So, “you have your satan”/ you made him out of fears?  OR, does this elemental mass of destruction actually exist in more intrinsic terms? “We die/ so we fear”: is it really that simple?

The question returns:  “CAN you make your own satan inside the decisions of your life”? The answer is both yes and no. You can create the need to destroy/ therefore you can become the essence of that fear. But you cannot establish anything beyond time other than its direction/ because you are not, nor will ever be “god”. The elemental mass of life is a human body, and it will decay into what can only be called chaos. That is the truth, and it takes little of seeing a dead body in what use to be life; to convince you this is so. Even so, the question is:  beyond this time, can that destruction exist for, or in:  what is energy as well? We again establish as a physical fact: that energy transforms itself, rather than “dying”/ unless it dissipates into nothing. Which is elementally wrong, because even with extreme dissolution, something is left somewhere. Death separates the energy from the mass; it is basically that simple. Energy in flux released from a life;  goes in the direction it achieves on its own. The energy of mass itself, slowly decades from that mass; but remains at least somewhat where it is. When considering mass of a human being/ truth, at the atomic level suggests, we are mostly “space” inside.

So, let us question space? Without conceivable boundaries or limits to its generation in time; space is an environmental question. The answer is:  can the flow of time end? A reality that needs to be answered because time is not, unless mass is involved:  something must decay/ something must be moved. So time has an ending dependent upon mass/ but space itself has no conceivable ending:  because for life to exist, nothing more than thought must be moved. Thought is not a physical destiny/ it is a spiritual journey, within the boundaries and limits of law. Time creates the path into spirit, by assembling from your own individual truth, the journey you will take. Therefrom the question is:  beyond life is your direction toward love and the building of life in this universe?  OR, is it toward satan, as is chaos and the destruction of life in this universe (which does include your own)?

Therefore we grant that inside your existence is the fundamental transition that becomes toward love:  which ascends in the creation of order, discipline, balance, and respect!  OR it is descending into hate; and that concludes by having your fears take control over everything. Upon death (the exit of time)/ your direction will be permanent.

Each should be grateful;  as this is like the human body on earth:  NOBODY wants that death to stay around. Nature provided the means inside and outside:  to dispose of it. This is just the same extension of that simple truth.

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