living talk 4

living talk 4

Living talk  #4

Marriage forces the question: are you willing to share this life/ or will you try to own me, and our lives together? The constant claim of an animal is: “its mine/ all mine; do, and believe, what I say”. Same as the constant animal who claims: to know everything they need to know, “I AM the god in charge”/ and you do everything I say, because I know it all. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, if something fails, “it is all YOUR fault”. Because you didn’t make me listen. Such is the tragedy of most. The failure of too many.

MARRIAGE (I share with you my hope, my future, my love): does not exist as a war, or battle for superiority and control. Marriage does NOT manipulate, tempt, plot or plan to take charge. Marriage does NOT extend to ownership or the possession of another life or body. Marriage is the value we place within each other, by the respect we share/ and the relationships of our passage in time, by the evidence, of how we care for each other.

Given these limits and boundaries; the search for freedom, is a battle within the desire for the safety that is home. Or more distinctly; the reality of happiness cannot be achieved without freedoms to explore life, time, and truth. However, the reality of sadness can explode into the consequences of failed lives, when we turn away from truth, and let want, pride, or power decide.

Discipline is the individual path we create for our lives: and it does detail the existence of a future we might share; as truth reveals in discipline the order used to attain a direction, distance, and desire. Those without discipline shape their lives into a “wandering road”; always in participation with the herd, because predators are assumed to be near. Leaders choose the direction & distance; want chooses the acceptance to follow: “I know what I want”/ pride forms the games to be played: “I will get MORE”/ and power creates the mob: whose only thought is, “I know what I don’t want/ lets hate them”. SO THE CHOICE of being human; is to participate as a herd/ OR, the individual choice, to assert and find, what life itself has to offer; as love finds a way.

The herd needs no thought/ it chooses only to believe: because you CAN, believe anything you want.

The human, being alive: must think, in order to choose for him or herself, a direction that conforms with the truth of my own decision. Where there is love, we build a future based upon truth. But where there is hate; chaos will follow/ and jealousy will erupt, because these, have cannibalized their own life. And now live by consuming you. Thereby be certain: predators do exist.

So the critical question is then: HOW do we become safe, within life; beyond a herd? The fundamental answer is: we must let truth and reality decide the path we can and will take. Truth lets us survive/ reality shows the path we can take beyond the chaos, into peace and harmony; where happiness can grow.

Marriage is a microcosm of these realities; proving when individuals find their direction, is to share love as equals, respecting happiness as the value they create within each other. The foundation of their lives will become: the path truth and reality will create. Fantasies are for fools/ delusions are for failures/ imagination seeks to escape the laws that give us life; and cult worship leads to extinction at best. CHOOSE VALUE, the treasury of love decides, by the honesty truth will create. Having done so, trust will blossom, and the intensity of love will create “as if one; out of two”.

But make no mistake: courage is required, and if it fails, the march back into the herd; by one or both/ will have consequences, that struggle to survive. Even so: UNDERSTAND THIS, that you both chose to participate together/ and that means the direction you chose to take, even under the reality of lies; was instigated, or allowed to extend into our truth; by your choice too. As is, when truth does not decide/ death crawls in. “walk together as if only one”/ it is the only way past being “two”.

The critical element called trust, identifies a wide variety of very important qualities or betrayal. Trust builds a home between lives, wherein “I/you” are welcomed here without a test. Or it is betrayal of that trust, which initiates war, anger, dissolving society, and all the basic elements of tragedy coming, for one or more.

We begin with qualities:  TRUST produces faith. Faith is the essence of truth itself, as this is the construction of a home, wherein truth becomes the vessel, that I accept will never confuse, destroy, or let me down. Truth is then the ultimate reality of trust, as truth by its own definition cannot be changed. The consequence of that is:  when looking for life, as an essence clearly defined by thought;  it is in truth we must search. Not a book (written by men), but life and energy  revealed by reality. What men gather through time, as is written in books:  suggest the path, but can never be separated from the fact we are all human/ including those who interpret.

Marriage, lives or dies in the compilation of what we do, or fail to do, or fail to forgive. Trust lives in the values we create for each other, which is especially determined by the quality time we do spend with each other:  in the freedom to realize what does have value to you and me. Where we live in life itself, is determined by want:  because what you want drives you down the road to attain whatever it is society has convinced you has value. Want is a human thing, not to be confused with desire:  as desire illustrates the value contributed by one soul to another. Desire lives in thought, and thought lives in destiny:  which means, where does your heart find its purpose, as a life? Want contributes:  “everybody else believes this is valuable; so should you”.  As such things like gold become worshiped “practically as a god” for some/ because it is traded or it is sought by the others (they compete):  which makes it a prize or trophy to be had. Like all human things, if the masses of humanity suddenly decide they don’t want gold anymore/ then it loses its status as a trophy, which makes you “not a winner anymore”;  and suddenly that becomes worthless. Women are sought after by men who want a trophy, because the other men are competing; and they want to win.  Which means every attempt by men to sway that woman is actually built upon a lie (not you, but your trophy body; etc). If the trophy fails among other men/ then want fails too, and abuse/ use/ abandonment/ or violence does erupt.

So, let us ascend into desire;  which means the intensity of life itself, has been shaped by the definitions of our chosen destiny. Intensity magnifies truth as an experience, and builds its expression by the honesty of our purpose. That translates life, as the interrelationships called spirit. Spirit is the developmental transition from “simply human” into the potential called soul. Spirit relies upon truth as its home. There is nothing about spirit that is not true, and there is nothing about soul that is not home. BUT as there is a journey between humanity and its companion journey in spiritual recognition of soul/ then there is also, the realities of want which will interfere in that journey, from time:  into eternity. Only what is true, shall survive in you. Therefrom purpose is an elemental discipline, that uses law to identify order, and by balancing discipline with order through an identity;  life becomes inheritable as an eternity.

As always, humanity will bark and complain:  HOW, do we know this is true/ as the coffin does NOT reveal ANY evidence of life! The reality is clear and certain:  the body cannot come into eternity/ it is only built for time. Simple as that! As to life itself, the question is not chemical/ the question of life, is thought!  To understand eternity is to go beyond time. Beyond time means: to attain a reality of motion that is so extreme, no action or reaction can be attached to it. To achieve this, only energy beyond what is constructed as time must exist. Here the reliance on reality becomes a transition between what we know, and what we understand. Thought translates the ability to achieve wisdom within soul, as a spiritual awakening given birth by honoring trust in truth.

So what is true, about energy that we cannot participate in as time? What is true, about the development of thought, as our residence for life?

Humanity has developed and conceived of “the big bang event” wherein the universe was forever changed in a single instant of time; so extreme, that it cannot be understood because of the violence. That big bang event is substantially proven true, and allows for the acceptance of energies that are clearly beyond what time represents. Energies related to the burning of atoms on the sun, as the fire we know that heats this earth; are also indicative of energies outside the realm of an action or reaction based upon the amount of time it takes to achieve a change. Or more simply:  energies more extreme than the time we are associated with, literally are known to exist. Therefore the question is, WHAT can an energy be, that makes the possibility of life exist? Time is an action or reaction based upon energy;  therefore these things are a reflection of that energy as an action or reaction:  but NOT as a reality of its beginning. The beginning of energy is what causes force to exist/ WHERE does life assemble/ and WHY would life that can be conceived of as energy, ever exist as time?

We begin with time:  the slowing down of energy to achieve a relationship with mass. Or more distinctly, in the occurrence of the most destructive event in the history of this universe/ the reality that immediately ensued is:  NO mass existed, beyond its most elemental state. Or everything had to reassembled, and therefrom renewed to become time established by mass. Without mass, the assertion of energy lacks a fundamental:  there is no mass, means there is nothing to push or pull, eliminating force. Because force is the push or pull onto a mass. Therein energy “lived, in a state of flux”/ a rhythm of realities designed by freedom. Discussion ends here!

Thought assembles;  your ability to conceive is determined by your own level of truth. The connection of life through energy, as thought:  gives us the freedom to control motion of mass by force. That force makes our bodies move, even though they are limited by distance as time. What is critical to “dimension-ary (an array of levels, with doors connecting)”  thinking:  is the removal of body, as your definition in life. This eliminates the grave.

What is fundamental to the essence of life:  ARE MIRACLES!  Realities so far beyond our understanding or conception of thought, that they can only be explained by:  THIS, as is every living body of life/ HAD TO BE DONE,    by   GOD  !      A reality of thought so far beyond our own, that we cannot begin to understand:  IT IS THEN  “our gift”, to be used as best we can.

The question is WHY, if you are not happy, with who you are/ or the gift you have been given? Unhappy people find within themselves “something less” than the rest, and complain:  GOD my creator/ DIDN’T treat me the same, therefore I am UNHAPPY; and that continues with “I have a right”!  which becomes no trust. Reality however returns us to freedoms, and recognizes that the choices of people themselves, determine what your characteristics shall be as an individual human. Freedom is freedom/ even if it’s wrong, it’s still freedom exercised by you. The child resulting is built upon NATURE, and its presentment of differences, so that we can be “individual and unique lives on earth”. The complaint is then null and void.

Happy people (I got it all), usually become arrogant, as in I am the winner here/ everyone should want to be me! And when they don’t, or do;  the desire to play god overwhelms; and the power to create violence erupts. So the question begins again as WHY, CAN WE corrupt ourselves, with the very simple realities of being human? The answer is answered because we can!

That brings us to the realities of eternity, and the question:  given the gift of eternal life, WHAT, would YOU do with it? Chaos is not accepted in any eternal home, it cannot be trusted. Therefore to establish truth in you, and protect eternity itself:  time is allotted to prove, what your individual soul shall choose.

  The spiritual world requires, that I add in:  the levels of trust include what you do not understand/ directions that you will not be able to explain. It is not belief/ but faith that allows for participation. Faith means:  whatever truth itself shall choose/   that, can never be identified as want! A more deliberate representation of that fact, is me. While reality states, that at the very pinnacle of what “a man can be”:  I realized nothing in men would save this earth from the extinction planned and committed to: by university leadership. Therefore I searched for “spiritual woman”; and found that dimension. “Just to ask the question: WHAT would you do differently”! As we are in this together. Opening that door altered my world; as woman did not reply, but invaded; and sucked me into their world. A place where nothing is the same as male:  I CAN’T understand, there is no basis of information/ we are truly different.

Every spiritual door is the same:  in that you shall not exist this place, unless you do understand the truth of it. Leaving me like “the bottom of the barrel/ HOW did that get in there”; element of life to be dealt with. You can’t imagine. Nonetheless, my desire remains true, that life or death for this entire Creation of existence;  is truly far more important than anything which can or would happen to me. Slowly life begins to comprehend. I simply trust, that on some strange level of discipline, or direction beyond my comprehension:  this will lead to at least the opportunity, of life on earth surviving its human population. If not, I “without my own intention, to enter this particular dimension” did do, everything I realistically could do for you, this world, and its future.  You’re response, “pennies from you;  are too much to ask”. It is your fate/ reality has proven to me time and again:  I CAN’T save a single life on earth. The consequence of that is:  you must save yourselves. Your decisions are what makes, your direction called extinction: real.   NOT your savior/ but I have turned to be your teacher. What you do with truth is your decision.

True teacher means:  I have given you the information that can change the direction of your lives. But I cannot make you learn it/ I cannot make you accept it as a fact/ I cannot change you, not even to save this entire planet:  which means, your fate or destiny is entirely up to you. The message of my purpose is simple:  if humanity does not change/ this entire world shall be lost;  very soon. Whether you believe that or not is irrelevant:  because truth itself shall decide.

Your truth is:  people have built machines to ignite atoms on fire/ which upon ignition will cause this planet to become a sun.  People have set out to deliberately cause chaos in nature/ which upon a single instant, shall become a horror you truly cannot even imagine. People have identified themselves with “the university is, our god”. Becoming a cult to insure the university diploma cannot be questioned/ therefore WRONG, continues to grow, and extinction is absolutely certain shortly. People have raped/ ransacked/ threatened/ endangered/ altered/ terrorized/ betrayed/ and utterly disrespected everything about this world and its survival:  based upon university direction. Insuring that the end of life here shall be by terrors released.

The biblical illustration of that is a beast:  a living creature, that chooses not to be disciplined or orderly/ causing chaos to erupt. As you consider the paragraph above:  ask yourselves if this is not “that beast predicted”;  from a time when none of this could have been foreseen without the aid of “what we don’t understand”.  As you bark “the university is our god”;  consider the foundation evidence against them, and against you:  as absolutely proven true. YOU DO UNDERSTAND THE COST OF, “you’re cult”:  BEING WRONG, and so do they! YOU KNOW FIRE, and you have seen atomic energy released.  Their intent to ignite a nuclear fire by machine:  I suggest ITER  shall succeed. Is life or death for your own world. They gamble with everything, by a ten million degree fire that burns atoms, and will eject your entire atmosphere/ burning up your oceans:  on its way to destroying this solar system. A fire said by the universities:  to be one million mile long flames (4 times the distance of earth to its moon)/ with solar flares up to 12 million miles long.  Ask them:  if the reality of what they do is not:  to ignite the same fire as is on the sun. and remember:  THERE IS NO GOING BACK!  Ask them, WHAT their plan is:  IF THE FIRE DOES NOT EXTINGUISH ITSELF?  This is your life/ your future/ your planet/ your child, and every living thing forever on earth:  is that not cause enough to investigate?  And determine for yourselves if THE CULT can risk EVERYTHING!  How are they not:   INSANE?  NO, excuse will be allowed for you either.  STOP the insane, or die!

               Reality reminds me:  that as strictly male, I had given up on men/ THIS IS, literally the best they did do, or would do; as does history prove true!  Analyzing the consequences of “going to war (I WON’T let this world die without a fight)”, by demanding a force to be recognized. The result: A failure from its beginning. So, the only option left, was to ask “what would women do”? While the result of that, was WAY beyond expectation. The reality of that, has produced the work that has been done over these last 12+ years. Individually a catastrophe to male/ but as truth explains:  it is a work, that builds the possibility of life remaining on this earth. Therefore, at my core;  grateful to women, by the cause and facts of spiritual truth. As in, “may this world of creation survive”; it is enough for me. Male and female are equals in, or as life! Simple as that, although I would never have guessed, my reality would change. Your reality is:  change or die; because your world demands:  nothing less will keep you alive. In essence, that was my reality too;  as male could not survive, ALL OF LIFE BEING EXTERMINATED by a university driven cult.  It literally did, take female in me, to find a balance;  that then kept a male battle for life, from becoming a war:  “to end this, one way or the other”.  It is woman that teaches, and remains capable “of letting humanity itself, choose life or death for this entire CREATION”.  I can’t do it anymore; as strictly male. It is my truth/ the price of your failure, is too high.         DON’T BLAME GOD,  

every decision that truly threatens you:  IS MAN-MADE; BY A UNIVERSITY “god(can’t question me, I don’t have to answer/ just believe)”, or a male decision.  ARE MEN not in control!

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