living talk 3


Living talk 3

The foundation of global awareness, as is absolutely necessary in any struggle to survive; even though you do not/ by media rhetoric that allows you to believe “the university will save you”. Is essentially a trial as a world: to conceive of, and identify the realities of what our future as a world will be. What is the cost of being wrong, and how can we the people of this earth understand: the cost of change, so that all will then choose for themselves; as is absolutely necessary for each to do.

As was the lesson of my life, roughly 40 years ago: EVEN THOUGH people understood, “we will all, have to pay for all these decisions later”. They would just walk away, and it was plain they did not care. Until I finally, “demanded an answer”/ from a man: who while shaking from fear, plainly stated: I DON’T CARE/ for the first time in my life I am making good money/ and don’t you do nothing to change that”. Nothing has changed, except the reality of your debts to life, planet, society, oceans, everything; including your own children: has come to the tipping point. And your apathy, greed, and selfishness will make you extinct: unless you change now.

When examining the cost: it includes all the resources you simply threw away/ thereby forcing your child into extinction.

When examining the realities of university plays god: as they are busy mutilating all of nature, by injecting chaos into life. While they are busy trying to ignite a nuclear fire; thereby creating HADES for themselves. While each prides him or herself upon the knowledge that makes them “gods”/ the cult worship that makes them “sons and daughters of university Satan: let’s destroy this world”. The cost of that is no mercy at all.

Therefore we do review your choices: within the following realities. YOU CHOSE, to accept evolution as your god; even though only a fool is so stupid and without a brain/ as is proven by the steadfast refusal to support your claim with evidence beyond ‘this looks like that”. YOU CHOSE extinction; by cursing life itself/ thereby crucifying the body of your own existence; and even a world; by university playing god.

YOU CHOSE, to accept the conclusions of people plainly by the evidence trying to ignite a nuclear fire “lets burn atoms”. And their fantasy of “not enough gravity here so the fire will extinguish itself”/ wrong is earth is a sun. YOU CHOSE to believe the delusions of their claims, which include “magic, and elements which do not exist”. YOU CHOSE to let them attack nuclear stability with CERN. YOU CHOSE extinction by terrors made by university fools.

YOU CHOSE to destroy, and choose extinction: instead of a respect for life and living and planet. To your shame.

We begin with the essence of both male and female human behavior, which is:  “I want to be free”! The unfortunate reality of that is: freedom without the discipline, thought, and order that functions to determine what the future will be/ is just the beginning of chaos instead.

       So the reality of most human behavior is:  “I wanted to be free/ but became this instead”. To alleviate the sorrow that comes with failure;  many choose drugs, or depression, or suicide, or hate, or criminal consequences, or pride (I can make you the loser instead of me), or power (we can make them pay for our mistakes, instead of us)!

Altering human composition of facts, and its relationship to life and society, REQUIRES:  that the values of freedom must be identified with the order and disciplines, which allow for balancing the future with your choices made today. Freedom is not a game/ it has consequences! Therefore the foundation of a better world seeks the communication of what YOUR every choice can or will bring to life on earth/ NOT just you.

Freedom, is the decision to participate because you can. Participation requires the understanding:  YOU are not doing this alone/ which includes using your own body, for things so dangerous, that it may die; be mutilated; or damaged to the degree nothing can remain as it was. A decision is your responsibility identified by your participation in whatever freedom has been established as desired. Your decision is to participate with knowledge and understanding; thereby choosing a destiny for that purpose or desire. OR, your decision is to use the ability to make changes, and influence the future by fate:  which is to assume “nothing can go wrong”/ or simply I don’t care.

True freedom, which is a participation that does not need your decision, because the intensity of integration into this passage of life, has been formed by truth. That truth then decides the destiny you will encounter. We begin with “the critical path”.

Desire is:  constructing the formation of what will become your own true identity.  Purpose is:  presenting the order that you intend to follow, “much like a path”/ to achieve that destiny which you have created by desire. To ascend beyond the simple ingredients of freedom or failure, requires discipline to achieve the critical difference between what can become a value/ instead of turning into a chaos, that then becomes fate. Love balances both purpose and desire, as the background of a life worth living. Hate destroys that background, to achieve voices inside:  “I have a right”/ even if the law proves I don’t. The difference being:  with love there is a destiny/ with hate, you get to believe whatever you want to believe;  failure then applies, and the reality of living with a liar does take its toll, to become hate in you!

The biblical definition of human behavior is:  the one who walks alone, carefully picking his or her path along the destiny of love, will inherit eternal life. Those who walk along the road, arm in arm so as to believe “by our herd” we can pick what we want life to be/ end in death, or even eternal death:  because life is an individual reality, NOT a group endeavor. Humanity says:  I CAN BELIEVE WHATEVER I WANT/ and they prove that is true.  Unfortunately however, what you believe is irrelevant/ what is true shall decide what any destiny can be. Simple as that, because you “are not god”.

We then sort the main framework of a human life as:  LOVE/ HATE/ OR WANT!

We begin the search for understanding with love:  beyond the intensity that is an individual life defined by the desires we share, as miracles respecting this chance to become whatever destiny will choose. Love grants that beyond ourselves, what life itself can be:  lives or dies in the relationships we are free to create from within ourselves as desire, and a purpose to be fair. That fair play, assembles justice. From justice, we grant peace and harmony to our world.

The realities of hate are quite simple:  nothing has value but “me”/ therefore you are an enemy, even if I need you for this moment. Enemies can be used, abused, violated, or destroyed; so long as it doesn’t cost me anything I refuse to lose.

Want searches through life as belief! That belief then becomes the road determined by the majority:  “as the right things for me, to do”. From this we get all mass movements in human behavior;  which includes morality, religion, ethics, crime, war, rape, ravaging life and earth. Or more distinctly whatsoever grants a momentary survival with a momentary relief from grief “I am going to die/ I WANT EVERYTHING, right now”.  I WANT, is assumed to be “a right”/ therefore I need no other reason or excuse.

Discipline proves want is not enough by the evidence of our combined realities. Order in society is represented by law, where the law is justified life is good (until the resources run out, because of want). Where law is unjustified and wrong:  society descends until those who live in that society declare by the evidence of their own ways/  “the lawless, stop here”. Unfortunately, wherever that exists:  the righteous arise to prove they will control the others, “with a line”.  Because they are RIGHT, so says the book or whatever/ as that proves “they can’t be wrong”! The consequence being, “NOW, we can be god over you”; because you crossed our line in the sand. That of course builds hatred, and hatred consumes justice. So the righteous fight against all freedom/ and the criminal fights against all righteousness:  because they both want to play god. Saying “they caused this”.

The law is what truth never waivers to prove this,  as true. The law of man is:  whosoever has the power makes the rules. Whosoever has the weapon over the others/ shall decide what justice is. The law of man is “a gun, or the money”. The rules he creates are:  whatever we want, shall be done for us/ let the others be our slave.

The law of women cannot be determined, because they have never had the power or weapon to enforce their decisions. Whatever that would be, it is certain because of the true differences in male and female:  their law cannot be the same. So the question is:  would the laws of women be better, for life and earth? It is an answer that cannot be defined, until they are given that chance.

So, let’s review:  human behaviors are caused by one of three distinct decisions or demands. Love builds society and creates a “life with value”. Hate destroys society, causing harm wherever it goes. Want displays and distributes human behavior itself. Because love is a value defined by its truth/ as is hate. While want is a belief:  “that I can attain anything I want, so long as I plot and plan and use whatsoever I have to make that come true for me/ regardless of the lies or consequences that will result. Want is the basis of every lie, the consequence of that is, it is also the basis of every human behavior and decision, that is not created by love, or displayed as hate. Obviously that makes want itself, the fundamental reality shaping human life, business, and society:  except for love or hate.

The question is:  WHY, does humanity WANT to change itself into something more? Or, more specifically why is truth not enough, when love exists as an option for your existence?

The answer turns dramatically on the basis of whether you believe love is an option for you. If so, then the summary of that love depends upon those options, and your own desire or purpose in life and living. Hate is just hate, and needs no further explanation. IN CONTRAST to that is the reality of not believing love is an option for you. If so, then the summary of your love amounts to nothing tangible for life or living. That presents each one with the decision WHAT can I/ or can I not do;  to attain love, or more love for me? That answer rests upon the others, as love itself by its own definition “beyond self”; is absolutely dependent upon having a love to share with another life. To attain this love, some accept that animals “are my only true friend”/ while others lose themselves in work to avoid the reality of “no love for me”/ while others search in a variety of different ways.  Resulting in what can be done, within the boundaries and limits I, or others have created for my life. In review:  that means for the majority, “I am dependent upon other people liking me”/ as love seems too distant to expect. Which makes manipulation/ temptation/ forgiveness/ and other definitions of behavior fundamentally human.

The discovery of religion adds an opportunity to adjust your expectation of love “to   GOD”/ AS YOU, describe and define him or her to be. Unfortunately that is not limited by truth, so want decides and creates belief.

The soul:  described as a relationship with   YOUR CREATOR/  because without soul “the essence of life” you don’t exist! This expression of thought identifies whether or not you can accept the love of your CREATOR!  To achieve that relationship as the development in truth, by your life being shared beyond what you simply want:  the value of your creation, as in I RESPECT   my   CREATOR.  Will then challenge what you do or do not believe. Belief has three distinct dimensional qualities. Want is by far the most common: since want relies upon “less than ten percent truth” it has no real place in this discussion. Where what you are willing to believe is based upon the evidence that will or will not prove a discovery of intelligence;  the reliance here is about fifty percent truth must exist, which then becomes modulated, to fit your beliefs. Beyond a “70%” reliance upon what the law itself will pronounce as truth, without your distinct decision involved, is the third dimension; as discipline in knowledge now relies upon “depth”. Depth is the distinction, that what I can see within the future of law, is open to a very limited expectation:  truth itself must decide:  Soul lives here.

IF you find your soul, by searching for what is true/ NOT what you believe, but what the law (can’t be denied, without true cost) will prove. Then you do have the opportunity to share your love within   “your creation of a value that includes  GOD  “!  Within that realm of possibilities, reality defines this presence of love shared, as the distance you have preserved between “GOD and you”.  Distance means:  I KNOW, that this is not as it can become. but here in this place, and at this time:  I can “live and breathe in the certainty” I am not alone. This in turn challenges life to say and recognize the truth that is governed as:   I AM ALIVE!   A reality beyond existence, that becomes home inside, shared with creation itself.

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