living talk 2


Living talk 2

Of elemental needs, is the constant: that human existence is defined by the cost of being animals as a majority. As animals do: the herd is gathered, because they consider themselves to be a prey/ and that is true, as proven by the human predators which feed on them.

The cost of that is simply: like other animal species, once threatened or panicked into movement: other than the leaders, the only view you get is the ass of someone in front. The cost is: a herd exists, because its members exclaim “they can’t get us all”/ and the demand to be: “middle ground”/ screams I will be last. The cost is: every member of the herd MUST be alike, and think alike, and even look alike; so that mistakes are not made, and the predators starve instead of eat. The cost of that is grouping; and the removal of all those that cause the rest to trip, and be lost; even though no intent existed.

The cost of that is government, and government exists primarily because of the predators/ but as every government knows: it is the predators who want to lead. Their value does not exist. So different elements of governing arise; but all are dependent upon “the leaders”/ which humanity as a herd insists they must have: because they are a prey, and cannot defend themselves. The end result of it is: a reality that never succeeds in the hope for which it was raised as our solution.

TO BE, humans being ALIVE: instead of animals. The cost of government is law rules, not people. By installing the laws which we write, and thereby we own by our vote: we become rulers of ourselves, as a nation or world or state. Where the laws are simple and true: they survive and gain acceptance, as “our way”. Where the laws are not enforced; corruption will enter in, and the curse of predators will search for a way to deny life, the sanctity of peace, harmony, equality, and more.

In america, the failure to enforce the constitutional laws already in place; has led to the dismantling of democracy/ the corruption of government/ the conspiracy of media manipulation/ the collusion of destruction, let the nation die; the curse of university as leads throughout the demise of life and truth in government. The disease of superiority decides not our law/ the rotting corpse of university knows/ the mutilation and gambling of university is god/ the constant enslavement of the people by debts, temptations to discard freedom for debt, the curse of everything, as is resource devastation. The vile contempt that is economic sacrifice, and thereby dependency upon other nations; complete with murdering the future, by choices made. And more, all hidden under the cloak of “university is a cult; obey the cult as is Satan on earth”. America leading the world cult, by university controls; and injects chaos with covid, as their means to force fear on you.

What is vital to understand; or you die. Is the fact that government, media, university, healthcare, ALL OF LEADERSHIP/ hides under the blanket of superiority; by calling itself “a title” instead of a human being. Every form of government, is nothing more or less than another citizen whose job it is, to “do things” as the constitution provides/ a reality in america; proven discarded in the trash. Every form of media; hides while it propagates, manipulates, tempts, and controls the herd who as herds do: claims to know all it needs to know; by staring in the ass of the animal in front. Every form of university claims superiority, instead of human; by claiming “we are the ones/ we know”; but 99% of what they know is based upon fantasy, delusion, or imagination rules. So the media is used to enforce “we are gods”: BELIEVE damn you believe; instead. As is the life of those hired actors and liars/ traitors and thieves, who live among any who attempt a degree of truth. Healthcare is the reality: “i fear/ I need/ I want: give me what I want”/ but that is a caustic reality, because those who fear, don’t want information or evidence: they want “god, the university; to heal them”/ and they don’t want, to believe anything less than “god, the university; will save me”. DON’T tell me nothing/ I BELIEVE, because anything less is a fear that cannot be survived; I want, what I want: so LIE, IF you must. And they do; claiming far more than they know. Letting money make the decision.

To remove the blanket covering it all/ is to expose the reality of fear that can be generated by the fact: NO, not gods/ NO not superior/ NO, not the best we can be. Just a herd, following one ass, to another.

To escape the herd: requires law. Because law removes the predator, and thereby allows for the herd to become human instead. To achieve that requires “less than one hundred, one page laws; which describe what we can understand/ and need to control for ourselves”. Thereby we escape the lawyers, and may defend for ourselves: we made the law/ we know what it means. Thereby we escape the courtroom of lawyers, who have been removing our democracy one tiny piece at a time: to install “university knows” instead. WE ENFORCE OUR LAW; by removing the judge for ourselves, whenever they are found inferior to our law, our purpose as a democracy, to decide for ourselves.

The order of society, a requirement that will not go away. War proves that!

The unfortunate disgrace that is the judiciary of this USA “as a majority”/ reminds us all, that when confronted with groups, and their intent to control everything and everyone they can for the purpose of attaining more for themselves:  power and pride are the enemy. That does not contend with a much more basic reality of, “we built this/ and you can’t just take it for yourselves”.

So, let’s talk justice as the means of order in society, and what justice requires to destroy both power and pride from the law. The simple truth is:  every judge must be judged in every trial/ NO CLOSED doors, all lights on; broadcast to all! You want the law to work for you/ then there are no secrets;  other than for a child, when necessary. The purpose here is:  you can’t control a judge if you don’t know what they are doing!

EVERY decision by a judge MUST be defined by the law:  which in America begins with constitutional law! That is the foundation of democracy, “what we the people chose to be the functioning foundation of our direction, & our way”. There are NO LAWS, these are lies, if they do not firmly adhere to constitutional purposes and intent. Rules are not laws, they are the intent of some to control the others; and that is not freedom, which is declared a constitutional guarantee to all. Rules however must exist where order requires them:  such as in driving on the roads (as in everybody on the right side forward). What liberty will allow, by a distinct majority vote/ within constitutional guidelines:  is the basis of every rule. NONE, are allowed that do not exist as public chosen, by their own vote.

The enforcement of law is:  what we know to be true, substantially correct, and proven by the evidence as valid to be enforced! To attain such knowledge, requires that the law shall be simple as possible/ as few as required to understand/ and as deliberate as necessary so that all of society KNOWS what is true, of their own laws.  NO LAWMAKER is allowed/ that is a defecation onto society itself; as is proven by the endless words, and critical tragedy of failure that they have already done. Those employed by our government SHALL NOT decide for us. Rather they shall enforce what we decide for ourselves; and those elected shall become investigators, to insure our laws, as determined by society itself;  are kept.

When we choose the law/ we know the law; and a lawyer need not be present for most things. When we choose the law, we find our own justice as a nation/ rather than depending upon those who cheat us, and can be bribed to betray.  When we choose the law, it is our own; thereby we can enforce it for ourselves, because we know what that law is! Democracy itself, is nothing less than controlling and enforcing the laws of the people as they see fit to create. Employing employees to function as our interpreters of direction/ our purposes in freedom/ or our rights, as valued members of society:  is sanctified by the values created in REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  When our employees have failed us/ or our nation is deemed in trouble and needs a new direction:  REDRESS is the right of the people to take their government employees to court/ and demand a true accounting by the evidence. Redress proves democracy, because it is the power of the people themselves to control their employees and prove:  NONE shall have power to control us/ NONE shall own the pride to choose for us;  “we are alive, in ownership and control”.  Because redress is the power of the people:  OVER their employees in government/ every single one, including the supreme court/ president/ war/ etc!

ORDER is the disciplines set forth, which honor the displacement of the present, in a step by appropriate step:  toward what will become our new beginning in both law and society! The decisions are simple:

  1. Define the law, and throw away all the rest/ our nation, not yours! The employee shall NOT decide for this democracy. We the people shall!
  2. Determine when shall there be war/ and for no other cause, unless so determined by the people themselves.
  3. Define the money, and create control without interference by any employee.
  4. Discard the IRS; and return that control to “city government/ by independent accounting firms hired by short contract.
  6. Let the people and the police have a bill of rights: which defines exactly, what can and cannot be done by either side.
  7. Defend the future, and save the children: REMEMBERING CLEARLY, overpopulation of humanity, kills EVERYTHING.
  8. Determine the cost of being wrong/ the consequences, for failing to prepare: and fight for survival for this entire planet and all its life.
  9. Identify freedom, create happiness, assemble peace through justice, and assert that harmony is the result of removing all “liars/ cheats/ thieves/ traitors/ failures/ fools/ whores/ bastards/ cancers/ university rule/ and other major diseases which have plagued life and planet on earth, and this nation itself.
  10. REMEMBER the future has needs too/ or you kill every child!
  11. No more whimpering/ no more crying “just for me, or us”/ no more ransacking and raping the others with your plague of superiority or intent to enslave.
  12. NO MORE CULTS, particularly “university knows (never let these gods be questioned)”/ they are god. As this specific group of devils, whose arrogance knows no end:  have betrayed the world itself, and every people, every life, every nation, and even the solar system itself. Purposely trying to destroy our world, by igniting atoms on fire/ and pretending it is not. Deliberately mutilating life so we can’t survive:  the future horrified. Destroying the future with every cause or purpose as proven by the evidence. Designing destitution and poverty for all:  so as to declare themselves gods over us. Demanding the apocalypse MUST occur; by allowing the water supplies to be consumed or destroyed:  which is ALL OUT WAR, beyond comprehension. And so much more of everything bad, it is worthless to continue.
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