living talk 1

living talk 1

The living talk  #1

In the reality of male and female: the most consist conception of our time is, that male basically lives by floating in a river. That flow enables his life to encounter numerous things, but to get rest from the work, he must fight his way to the bank. If he works hard at the right times, he will have rest. But if he does not, there are rapids and rocks and waterfalls ahead. While if successful he can walk around these obstacles so as to avoid them with knowledge and understanding/ if he fails that, the crash and bruising of failure or fool; will teach him to do better with his life.

Female “seems to me”; to never get in that flow, but lives on the bank “putting the parts and pieces of male back together for her own purposes”/ and will inherit the benefits of whatever male brought with him to that bank; either as a gift, or something she scavenged for herself, as lost by male.

Each of these very different views of life, work to the benefit of the other; because a crash is unavoidable, and that makes male in need of female. Whereas female needs male to benefit her life, in very different ways. When they find within themselves a value to be shared rather than used or abused: the element of caring arises, and the value of life is enhanced by love.

Sexuality is a descendant of time, rather than life: without it time as a human being does not go on. Therefore it is a participant in each life, whether used as intended, or not. LIFE is an environmental dimension associated with energy, and shaped by thought to become the identity we share with our own truth. Thereby truth is a descendant of life, and life uses or abuses that truth as a participation in living. The critical construction is: when living separates from time/ does existence leave without a body? The answer is: since life is an independent environment associated with energy (energy can be transformed)/ and thought (the existence of dimensional awareness)/ the reality of participation in that energy of life shaped by thought; remains as a distinction of its truth. That is determined by direction or substance of desire based upon hope. The direction of life is EITHER: to love or hate/ what is neither of substance, is lost. The truth of LOVE searches for Creation, and enters the flow of energy (the essence of living) back to its Creator: a one time only experience at the moment of death. Hate goes into chaos, and never returns to life/ only death. Those “in the middle” dissipate and dissolve into nothing left.

As to sex in eternity, it is not: but the reality of ecstasy is not governed by body. Rather it is directly linked to the construction of time (I caused this) in you. Or more distinctly the intensity of living, by sharing and caring and kindness with respect, within the values of love itself, reaches out to become our participation in each other for joy. That joy is ecstasy (we found each other as one life joined happily, forever), when you balance it with the gender differences of life, as depicted in living.

As to realities of existence; both male and female experience “the tragedy of each other”/ in these battles to form a partnership when reality does not allow it to be so. The most common war is sex; because with sex female maintains a grip or chain on male; as this is “too good to leave behind”. But female is not patient, and male is not formed by “just one thing”; so both manipulate the other into decisions that are unkind. One of the most severe is: “I am pregnant”/ especially if untrue, and you know it. That is a drama, and it comes with severe consequences that are not easily dealt with. Women do want sex, and are very unhappy with you if you refuse. But that comes with the participation of “I can become pregnant”; and you cannot escape that. But the evidence will prove what is true, and reality will then decide how much value truth really has. “too many times” WILL close the door; to intimate relations/ as a threat I can no longer accept. Even if you are someone else, and don’t deserve the truth of that mistrust. The end result is: we do balance each other with love/ and we do tear each other apart with lies, threats, and manipulation; which does form into mistrust of you and even your gender. People discard the opposite gender here; but that is truly unwise, and will never function as true love can be. Love waits, or love begins again: because we cannot force our lives, hopes, living, etc upon another; that is unfair. Even more unfair is: people turn to animals, as men shout “all I want is your body/ and women shout, all I want is your possessions”. Hate even goes so far as to shout, “I want your life, to be mine”. Making sex a game, with lies and heartbreak that can last a lifetime. Making abuse a threat that comes with judgment; or the decision “I can do anything I want, with you”; even murder.

We should touch on desire versus want: whereby desire is the fabric of life/ and want represents every lie found in life. Hope entertains in both; while hope lets desire ascend into love/ hope also allows the hope of lies, whereby truth is hidden with the intent its too late now. The consequence being: that you must be aware of which direction your hope will turn; as love lifts the heart into soul/ but the hope to deceive, deny, disrespect, damage, or destroy beings on chaos with it. Chaos is the seed of hate. Love is the seed of life. Therefore it represents a true choice.

The fabric of life is found only in eternity; whereby those who achieve it are capable of creating their own individual worlds, with the balance of two or more lives in love shape their own destiny. That is a function of freedom, and the energy to control for yourself; time beyond human. Time means an action or reaction exists. Therefore time represents how we interconnect with the fabric that signals we are here too. So the question is: if eternity exists, because there is no action or reaction to the energies we control as life has been freed: what does the fabric of our desire truly mean? What then does living beyond the realm of time construct, as our own decision to create? Critical to this distinction is the dimension of existence itself: how we shape our identity with truth. Truth allows for “whatever the laws will allow”/ therefore truth is not stagnant or lost, it is the vibration of our environment; as we begin the journey past time into the laws of life. Here fabric is the translation of that motion, into reshaped desire: as it assembles the path most defined by our truth. The critical construction is: at the very core of energy expression is,    GOD of our existence.    LAW controls this with absolute purity, and your only means of entering into that world apart; is through the motion created in the desire of our truth.

“we are, the best we can be; when truth declares I did do, the best I could”. Regardless of, anyone who believes they could have done better.

In America, the constant curse is; “a university diploma in charge/ having been indoctrinated into the cult of university worship; created by THIS IS WHERE THE MONEY IS”. The cost of that delusion is: the cult mice and cancerous rats of propaganda coupled with the puppets of government/ have overthrown this USA. You are not the nation that was/ you are the nation they created by counterfeiting your currency with assets that do not exist; and debts that can never be paid; not even with all the resources of this entire earth. YOU have been cursed; by building their toys, playing their games, believing their attempts to play god, fearing what you are told to fear, obeying the claim “they are your saviors”; when in fact, by the evidence; they are, proven to be your enemies. But throughout this nation; for the last forty years and more: “the angry herd” screamed back, WE DON’T CARE/ WE ARE MAKING MONEY AND BUYING TROPHIES, TOYS, AND TRINKETS: LET THE CHILDREN PAY, “not in my lifetime”/ LEAVE US ALONE. So you earned your chaos, and spent your securities to demand WE, will pay gods too! And America is not alone, as the infection of the worst disease (university is god) in history; spread throughout the world. Believing/ obeying/ fearing/ paying/ sacrificing whatever the universities demanded: in pure homage to them; as slaves must do.

So we enter the cost of your cult, and consider the consequences of your deceit, and delusions; that extend, even to yourselves.

  1. University puppets of government; have ransacked the nation, and produced nothing in return but chaos; the trophies of their imagination, that are enemies to life.
  2. Endless bribery of the poor, immigrant, and so on; to create an army who has been manipulated by media to believe they have the right: to attack you with civil war/ and as every insurgent army insists; thereby take all your stuff.
  3. Injecting chaos into all of nature produces Armageddon: nothing left/ its all dead or dying.
  4. Poisoning the water, produces the Apocalypse: nothing left to drink/ no one will share, not enough for us. A war to end all wars; because the bloodshed of knowing you will die; if you don’t get their water in two days; is a war conceived, without consequences. Dead, either way.
  5. Igniting a nuclear fire, so to avoid all limits and boundaries of this earth, as did give us life/ is SATAN on earth. As their ignition of the same fire as is on the sun/ WILL NOT extinguish itself, and thereby this earth WILL become a sun. YOU BURN.
  6. Global warming: who gives a damn/ let the children die. Is the result of university experts/ and media manipulation; who deny reality to claim “you can’t prove world destruction yet”/ until its too late; we won’t care.
  7. Extinction of all species, as human devastation by overpopulation of humanity; demands everything, and leaves nothing for a future.
  8. Ocean life exterminated; because you refuse to care.
  9. Every form of food removed from the protections of nature did this/ to universities are now in control. Thereby removing every form of protection/ and opening the door to complete annihilation of species; forever.
  10. Weapons of mass destruction, which includes: just one major biological weapon released is the end of life. Covid is just the start, as even the claim of your money runs out; and power demands more; FROM YOU. Genocide begins.
  11. The end of resource; “we will just go get more”/ end for all species of life; as every chain needed for our existence is damaged or destroyed.
  12. Super diseases take control; as the cost of your decisions creates a “new world” of horrors.

Passions make life valuable/ realities prove, that passions may or may not be enough. The difference is whatever truth itself will allow. By the evidence we make decisions; if want doesn’t intervene. By the evidence we determine a future that can survive, as best we can/ because thought can predict a future in terms that truth will not deny; unless pride intervenes. By the evidence, our understanding of a world predicts the value we shall become to society;  unless power refuses to obey the command of life itself. Each of those things with value, is not determined by judgment/ but by reality. Each of those things which defy the evidence are corrupted by the decisions which are formed by lies. All lies die. All truth survives! The critical relationship between what we choose, and why we choose it: becomes our identity. Because that choice defines our freedoms. That choice predicts our destiny or fate. Therefore the quest for survival on this planet of SO MANY PEOPLE; begins with understanding what is true. You CAN’T “dip your cup of knowledge” in the ocean and declare you know everything you need to know;  it just AIN’T true!  We can’t understand the vast reality of miracles, “not even a little bit” without respect! What we can do, is investigate the reality which faces life as a direct threat, and therefrom begin to achieve whatever knowledge is available, and make a decision when we must: based upon the consequences of being wrong.  As is with a nuclear fire:  TO BE WRONG, means this world dies, and even the solar system itself is dramatically changed.  That reality proves:  NOT EVEN A LITTLE RISK, IS ACCEPTABLE!  Therefrom the destiny of choices that will become our world renewed; understands, the quest for knowledge CANNOT be based upon theory, an assertion of knowledge that is “university”, or a desire for the hoped for outcome, when the cost of being wrong is so high.  Same is true for genetic mutilation of nature, and the LONG LIST OF THREATS, which came from a university diploma. As is the evidence of what freedom without restraints of law and order and rights;  can do! The tragedy we face, demands change; both dramatic and real:  that is what the evidence will prove. This fact identifies a path that must be followed when determining a new future for life on earth. I provide the message, but  I cannot be your savior; or even the “presenter of passions” for life.  They were surrendered, because you chose to hide or run away from your duty; and I cannot “save a world”. Neither can you: and we need the entire world to participate for life on earth or we die. That means one life at a time, becomes our world answer; as united if just one,  either for or against.  Threats which define EXTERMINATION OF OUR WORLD AND ALL ITS LIFE, do demand that will be so! NO GOING BACK.  Believe it or not; we all go together to the fate or destiny we will choose, as if only one.  LIKE IT or not is absolutely irrelevant as only truth will decide what our true decision is going to be.

Of all things human, the realities of living require some clear and simple understanding.

  1. That love is above all else, our opportunity to share life, because we cared; and proved that within respect. When there is love, a purpose for love will be granted, and a desire for love will be expressed as real, and without doubt. The substance of desire is: “a destiny formed without want”. Whereas want by its own standard of truth, CANNOT be less than, what life would not otherwise allow. Want is not desire, because it casts aside truth. Truth is not a want, because what is real formed by the essence of life itself, can be achieved.
  2. Respect lives or dies within your heart, therefore by the respect that is evident and true/ rather than a lie pretending: forms the basis of trust. Trust creates a bond/ bonds create a marriage, and the opportunities that achieve “things we desire”.
  3. The heart sings, or the heart hides; the difference is, “how much pain do I expect”! Where there is a rhythm, there is a song. Where there is a song of life defined by value, there is a courage. Every heart elevates life, when it lives for life: love exists for me. Every heart dies a little, when it hides from reality; because “I can’t stand the pain, anymore”. That is the knife, people complain about when “heartbroken”.  These are all decisions within which you participate.
  4. The discipline of life is truth/ the foundation of life is order. Those who displace either one with fantasies and delusions, create chaos within their own world of living. You cannot live a lie; because one way or the other, its purpose is to kill you. That, will leave you empty inside, because there is no room for the values of love. Love is a truth, and it does not share a home with lies/liars/ or the failure to accept “truth must decide the path”/ just like law must identify the limits and boundaries of where our lives may go.
  5. Freedom represents participation in one of two ways: either with respect for truth and law/ OR, in contrast to that, an intent to live by want, serving whatever possibility presents itself as without cost, or by lies the avoidance of cost. Want will never succeed for long, it dies along with your lies. Failure then erupts, delusions collapse in depression, and the opportunities you stole become the evidence to convict.
  6. Forgiveness lives or dies, dependent upon repentance. Repentance means: I understand my decision was wrong for life/ and I WILL NEVER seek to do so again. Therein the possibilities of respect begin to emerge once more; so long as that purpose remains true. Without repentance “the lies have won”/ and life needs no second chances.
  7. Every form of dating NEEDS BALANCE. Without balance, there is no possibility of fair play: the essence of, I never chose to hurt you! Balance is the opportunity to learn from each other, what can and cannot be our lives together in this time. There are many realities which interfere with true love, what is true has more to do with life and living, than love! Because survival comes first.
  8. Every form of sex requires truth, or it will fail you! Chemicals are not enough, to belong to each other as love/ they simply make it possible to avoid all true questions or desires: opening the door to heartache (I never desired this)! What is required of each one is simple:  unless truly forced, this is a decision we both made together. Even if it is not what we or I expected/ this is what we chose. Beyond the initial decision some cannot control themselves, particularly “boys, with toys”. Which means rape: more correctly the failure of discipline (want controls), has MANY CATEGORIES;  including some that women do.
  9. Religion forms the basis of escape, or the decision to be more disciplined in life and the structure of your own claims in freedom. Escape is hiding in someone else, so you can blame them for what you did do/ not true, you chose to follow!
  10. Rules are the righteous man or woman’s god! YOU crossed our line/ NOW, we own your life, and may do with it whatever we please.. there is no room for forgiveness, “after all, they are god”!
  11. The law is: what truth defines as permanent to life, a boundary, path or limit, that will not be denied. Consequently any attempt to discard that law will be met with tragedy, because the law rules here. That is a universal saying, and it goes beyond what humanity can conceive of.
  12. The critical human relationships we share, are ultimately the cause and consequence of who we are; as is proven by our choices. Identity forms around truth. Truth forms around the consequences produced by what causes the decision to be made. Value, is the structural integrity of a life that has been enhanced, shared, or proven true by care.
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