life talk 4


Life talk #4

The spirit inside “bids me, to go a little further”.

The passage between life and death, is littered with the fallen. The animals say; that don’t matter/ as death is the end of our time, to be alive. BUT a human life, beyond the existence of body; is measured by the love or hate you accepted as your own. So the concept of an existence within the peaks and valleys of your own thoughts/ instead of your chemical body which is abandoned in death: is at its core essence, the relationship of miracles that gave you life. So the question is: WHAT is a miracle? The reality is: the composition of every living body of life, we call nature is as a miracle of evidence which proves: NOTHING in this world can do that/ can build that/ can conceive of all that is constructed in the realities of what can or cannot be a life on earth. Therefore your grasp of anything beyond “miracle”/ is without substance, and does not exist beyond a fool and their lies (evolution).

But that is only the beginning of life itself, as is evidenced by the body of life we do inhabit. What we know is true, is a relationship with energy we did not create as our own; or we would not die. Instead we govern the energy which moves our bodies, as if it were our own; but exists as a decision to use, what we have been given as our own. That is called freedom, and it grants the expression and experiences which then define who we are. So the question is: WHY, would “the truth of I”/ be of any importance, and to WHO? Here we confront the distinction of life by thought, and assemble: WHAT has value, and why is that important? The critical construction is: LIFE, has value; but it is limited by the realities of isolation, to become only a true value when we add within those boundaries of our existence, a relationship governed by love based within the guidelines of truth. An eternity alone, is not greatly valued: therefore the assembly of love is essential to make it a treasury of all that life can be. But life alone, as freedom allows: then creates an identity, governed by the decision of “love OR hate”? Love does not live with hate, they are opposites. Love does not express or experience the removal of hate, without suffering a loss. Therefore the human experience is constructed to be: decide for yourself, in this time given for freedom/ where your true heart resides.

We then turn to construct: the essence of thought is soul. But the barrier to soul, is an intellectual gradient which refuses to accept truth is more important than you. Consequently the value of thought is an acceptance, rather than a value measured by “men”. The essence of body or more distinctly, the control over energy; is NOT based upon chemical compositions; but is given by the construction of what does give physical energy its force. While kinetic energy pushes to reveal “the male side”/ and its balancing force pulls, to reveal “the female side”: the end result is, a physical force is not enough to sustain a living body of life; or you would not die. Instead the elemental rise of force, as does influence and create energy itself: is the basis and foundation of life itself on earth. Within that “living mass” we gain our freedom/ until it returns to its own Creator. “with, or without you”; is your decision at the time of death; fail to go with it/ and you are left behind, without power: as a ghost dissipating into nothing, forever lost.

Critical to the understanding that is life or death, are the elements of what constructs life. Somewhat like the periodic table of elements in chemistry/ life itself has elements, formed through identity, that then makeup the various combinations of possibilities which become the essence of more complex things. Rather like the difference between a base element atomic existence/ as opposed to molecular combinations of elements which then create this world of life, and more deliberate potential.

So the question is:  WHAT are the elements of life/ HOW are they formed/ WHEN are they displayed with the potential for more complex arrangements/ WHERE do they exist/ and WHY, is this necessary?

We begin with what, and establish the formation of time. Time consists of energy, as a relationship to mass. Mass consists of energy, as a relationship to order through fundamental disciplines. Order and discipline exist, because of universal law, as constructed by its truth. Therefore the beginning of life itself is WHY, does energy exist? The optimal answer shall NEVER be discussed;  you are insane, with only few exceptions/ a reality of stupidity you can’t accept. Your universities are terrorists, with only few exceptions/ NEVER choosing for life first:   NEVER considering the balance of what it is that they are doing, and what those consequences will bring. You are insane believers:  “I want what I want/ and nothing can stop me from wanting what I want; regardless of the consequences:  because you don’t care enough. Simple as that”. So, we are done with many things!  Nonetheless, energy itself is explained by what causes force to exist/ NOT the relationship of what force does. Force does create time, as an action or reaction. The cause of force, establishes everything!   End of story.

Without regard for atomic elements, as this is about life elements:  the shape of our existence is determined by the disciplines and order of our individual truth. Thereby the spiritual dimension is:  the development of those life shapes and kinds of order, by its individual truth assembled with participation in realities involved. Or more simply in order to survive “eternal energy”/ you must achieve a purity that will not die. To do that, all that is keeping you from being pure enough of purpose or desire to achieve independence must be removed. The spiritual world is separated into individual truths:  your option is to choose the truth you desire most. While there are doors, which hold many individual truths other than life elements to be visited (if you learn how)/ there will be only one door, for you to enter:  that then becomes your home. The desire most true in you, decides which one that will be! My own desire was,  “this whole Creation of life on earth, even this solar system being attacked by university:  MUST survive”! You refuse, nothing is more insane than that. But then you are believers in “university knows”/ even though all the evidence proves they exist, and are working diligently;  to exterminate YOU! A believer cannot be stopped, because truth, nor reality matters:  they live for want, and they even die for that want; because only want (the basis of every lie) matters. The best you can do for a believer is:  to punch holes in the windows of their house/ because they protect the doors; and hear nothing unless it comes from behind. Fear allows hate, and hate blockades the door. Therefore hate appears as a friend, but in fact is the worst of all enemies; because it leads you to believe in lies!

Regardless of that, formations of truth when found, create the possibilities of life earned with value. That value transforms the environment, and creates a force of life that will then identify itself:  as being here on earth. As to why is it necessary to form life elements out of our own truth? The answer is simple:  “unless you are, what you are”/ you cannot be eternally happy. Without happiness life has no purpose or desire. To allow that failure into eternity is to invite what you would call “a disease”. It is not allowed. Therein you must be able and willing to participate beyond the limits of what would change you into something not true for you.

In alternate considerations, the value of energy as human life takes on two distinct realities in our existence:  either it identifies itself by energy expended/ or it isolates itself into what is focused “like a rock (nothing here but me)”. The critical question is then:  between these extremes, what is life?

We begin with male; as I have lived male, the reality of searching between the extremes of life itself;  does identify what can or cannot be male, more distinctly than does any other form of existence. This is a fundamental of humanity. In contrast to that, the search for keeping this world alive (not saving it)/ the search to help humanity understand and choose for themselves better.  Led me to ask at the door of female spirituality, when it became apparent:  man/ men CANNOT save this planet, they are what they have always been. This is the best they did do, as a reality of societies, led by men/ their decision as is the catastrophe of “let the universities decide”.  This world will die, that is the choice you made;  biblically you have until July 9,2019 to find mercy!  As for me, since no evidence exists to the contrary;  today, the only thing that can save you or this planet or its life, OR even this solar system/ is a TRUE MIRACLE.  Since those are extremely rare, I find it unlikely. You are what you are, and refuse to change or even identify such a simple truth as:   THEY ARE TRYING TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE/ JUST LIKE THE SUN, here on this earth. A fire that will consume life, planet, and alter or destroy the solar system itself. A reality of university knows, whose only statement to what happens if you’re wrong is:  “there isn’t enough gravity here” so the fire will just “go away”/ SO;  we need NOT care.  The dead lead, the living have become “zombies” (you have no brain left).  Such is the reality of this earth under men! So women were asked first, and refused/ then searched, as a spiritual truth.  “its complicated”!

Even so, what has been learned without exception is:  that different, is NOT a big enough word/ for the realities that separate male from female. You might consider it “like the difference between night and day/ wherein the nighttime does have some moonlight to indicate similar”; the reality cannot be known by either side. NO frame of reference.  One indicator of that is:  what is female does NOT live at, or search within any extreme. They live instead “in the middle, circling the realities and relationships of life”. The differences get even bigger beyond those environmental lines.

We then ask:  if male forms a zigzag pattern of energy displacement/ and female forms a circular pattern to energy usage, WHAT then is the element which holds them together in a bond? The answer is freedom. Because when energy is released, rather than focused inside; the resultant expression is: neither can sustain that freedom without the other. The interlaced patterns of their different expressions, formed because of male and female experiences tie into a bond, that then allows for a life beyond simply self. That freedom “is good”/ and the value of it is apparent. In contrast, the individual lives that are focused only on the inside, those who hide from life, or fear it:  find themselves increasingly demanding “I WANT”. Want is the abyss that cannot be filled, and it leads to imprisonment; rather like being placed inside a rock, with no way out but the assumed violence. Another lie, because violence then forces you even further “inside the hole of death”.


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