life talk #3


Life talk  #3

The expression of life, is thought/ but the experience of living is by energy: each must contribute to identity an essence called life. So the building of our existence, is regulated by what we “think/ as is the function of desire”/ and what we do or cannot do: purpose. As are identified by the limits and boundaries of energy under our control. The question of desire, surrounds us with a choice: do we love or hate/ each individual must answer that demand. Everything “in the middle” is merely survival. The question of purpose, surrounds us the the choice: what do we value enough, to accept the consequences of an action or reaction to that decision? Because each decision represents our own truth, as a human being alive in the miracles of life: the valley of purpose, and the rise of desire; must delegate where the path shall be. The human animal wants, and every want allows for lies to take control of purpose and desire; thereby a road is exhibited, as their expression of truth: “wide and without, narrow restraints”; because a lie can be anything you want. So the elemental existence of time; shapes your experience into a narrow path of truth decides/ or a widening road of any lie is sufficient for a choice, thereby a direction, that you want.

This then constructs the direction or boundaries of your life, and the distinctions, that govern the limits and boundaries upon the essence of truth, that influences your life. Or more simply: because love or hate is your choice/ the critical question is: HOW MUCH is love or hate worth to you, then guides the direction of your existence. Love is a narrow path, disciplined and orderly, so as to balance the future by the values we cherish, that can be shared, because we care. Whereas hate is the consequence of lies, the cost of pride, and the inevitable curse of power, as it rips up love/ and chooses revenge. This is both direction and the boundary of what you will choose; so says your truth. The purposes which govern how far will you go within love or hate/ OR, how far you will not go, in love or hate: then signifies the measure of time, on the road you travel; shall prove the reality of who you are. Destiny expresses thought, as “heaven or hell”. Destiny constructs the elemental truth of your purpose, the elemental respect, that lives with you; created by the life you chose; as the cost of your own decisions.

We begin the discussion of thought, as an act of energy.

The most critical relationship we have, is with life! That life is governed by energy, and when the control over energy is lost/ then so is life. Consequent to that reality is the certainty, we must gain control by developing the creation of what can and cannot influence energy as a distinction called life. This unfortunately is more than you are allowed to know/ as the curse called university would use anything they can find for even more tragedy! The reality then is, we will discuss alternate methods in discipline, as will not give away significant detail. The only reason for discussion is:  you have pilfered away your opportunities to survive as a planet and its creation/ almost entirely. Therefore the possibilities of “finding the few”, who can live in eternity; are being sought. It is a grave mistake, to so deliberately “throw away a world”; consequently eternity will remember those who refused to give anything for life.

Nonetheless, for the few:  an intent to keep you alive!

In this endeavor, we must search for what is fair to provide. So we begin with the disciplines of energy itself:  contained by force, the reality is balance, as nothing less can keep it in place. Therefore balance is your first clue into the existence of life on earth. Without balance, truth declares nothing less than chaos can exist. Balance lives or dies by its boundaries and limits according to the laws, that control this physical universe. To understand balance is then crucial to the discovery of passages beyond self. Self is an enclosed environment, because it indicates one single identity. Beyond self is a state of consistent truth ONLY when it is governed by the truth which can and will hold it together. That is not for you to know. Instead, discipline states:  that energy will dissipate until captured. The reality of that experience is:  you must attain the acceptance “of another soul”/ so that your expression as an individual identity of love (I will never harm you), can in fact pass from “life to life”; and remain alive.

What begins life, as an opportunity; ends in death as need! The need is simple:  energy is escaping/ and your life cannot exist without it; only your spirit. So the question is:  WHAT is spirit, and HOW do we attain a relationship within that spiritual essence of life and death. Spirit is truth! That is the first law you must understand. Nothing less than truth can enter, and nothing less than the intent to become purity within the truth you enter shall be accepted. Every door (my life proved this) as is the constant of a human soul:  is given this opportunity, where does your choice take you? Your acceptance of thought, and the intent of your destiny towards life itself: then creates “the doors” which you may enter.  Those who created nothing consistent with their own truth/ are lost forever.

Death then subjects you, to your own decisions:  making the reality of your choice forever/ unless you achieve the purity required to participate in this freedom. While knowledge reigns in partnership with the spiritual world, enhancing thought. The foundation of our spiritual dimension is given to one single truth:  the one single desire you hold most dear in your own heart. What you choose for that purpose, becomes your fate. Destiny arises for those who can achieve purity, and therefrom freedom, as a participant in this truth. Unfortunately:  you are allowed only one choice. There is no “going back”/ just like death, it is forever:  accept your truth.

Here we begin the assertion of energy, as every truth is functionally “eternal (can’t be changed- even if it can be covered up by mercy)”.  So the critical element of human participation in soul is:  you must become the truth, that is capable of sustaining that energy called life. If truth is functionally eternal/ then it holds the keys. As a consequence:  when you become true, to the life you have entered into;  those keys are given to you. Therefore the environment that can be controlled is your own truth. That truth is then tied to you’re elemental desire/ and if that desire is substantively “eternal by its own nature through respect”:  then you can arise into life again, by spiritual essence.

Here we divide all human participation into those who loved as their desire/ those who hated as their desire/ and those who failed to find within themselves a truth worth living for, that became the essence of soul; or hate.  Hate descends into chaos, because that is where they will fall; as the spiritual world does not support ANY lies.

LOVE is the treasure of this universe, and mercy comes for all who have earned that label. The dimensional difference between love and hate is similar to this world:  hate and you will separate yourself by focusing on only you, discarding all other things, to become a chaos inside/ a violence outside.  Love exists inside and beyond self as the true participation in caring, sharing, kindness, gentleness, understanding, forgiveness, courage with wisdom, happiness with respect, discipline with law, order with mercy, truth with purpose, and desire by the grace of  GOD, that can and will achieve eternity:  through the decisions of your own heart.  JESUS aids this endeavor, by his teaching! NONE is a better teacher of love, than is HE.

The lost are the lost, discard them in the spiritual world from you; or they will “suck your life out”/ and you shall then join them forever. Truth is truth, your job (nor mine);  is NOT “to be, savior”.  Your job is to be acceptable to   GOD  ! nothing less will ever, “be eternal”.

Argument will arise, that this is not sufficiently engaged in energy control: as a physical description of how the human being can become “eternal”. You are correct, and that is on purpose.

In contrast:  the foundations for creation applied in you/ the distinctions of life that are necessary to abide in truth and accept the spiritual destinations that are apparent in energy:  do exist in sufficient detail, to enable all who desire such learning to begin their own search.  Your decision, for you/ not mine.

Argument will arise:  where is the dimensional environment that can sustain life eternally/ “they see it not”?  The answer is even more simple:  “you are not invited”, consequently it makes absolutely no difference at all, if I answer to your satisfaction.  The discussion of life substantively ends here.

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