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Life talk #2

DESTINY, is a decision created by your purpose in living; conceived by the desire of your heart; and constructed through the grace of your soul joined to life itself, through Creation. Therefore destiny must be built/ while fate is merely the end result of consequences, you chose to pursue. Apathy is the fall of hope, and thereby becomes the grave of desire. What is left identifies purpose, by assessing love lives; or has died. Where love survives, the heart will renew itself, in the peaks and valleys that will illuminate your own rise and fall through the decisions which grant love to return, as a new life of hope, in you. Where love has died; the fall of a human life has descended into hate; and will not be put back together, unless mercy itself will save you. In order for that to happen: time must prove, you are worth the price.

The boundary between life and death is humanity. Therefore the question is:  why does humanity exist? The answer, without question is:  the single most valuable resource in this universe, is love/ because it is in such short supply. Love is not a discipline, nor is it the intangible fantasies of a person living in fear:  thereby needing help. Love is the distinction called respect, freed to accept “within these limits” love is whatever you are truly willing to let that be. The limits of love are quite simple:  be kind/ be caring/ accept your decision to share honestly/ find courage/ be gentle, whenever that is right/ forgive/ define yourself by truth/ understand the law of life is your friend/ know the value of life, and live it with your own value as a contribution/ be wise enough to participate/ be strong enough, to surrender body when truth demands it. The mind favors want; but want is a liar/ pride is a thief/ power is commonly a traitor/ and the basis of life itself is lost, when you focus on self.

This discussion is then approaching what can or cannot be love, as the distinction necessary to gain eternal life.

We begin with fears:  the belief that isolates self, by trying to convince you, “nothing is important, but your body or mind”. Consumption is the primary entity responsible for fears; because it is consistent with prey and predation/ the reality “we can be consumed” by the realities among which we live. Accidents can happen, along with disease, and then comes death: which none can escape! All of which consume, either part or whole of an individual body/ fear itself, consumes the mind; and hides that person from existence as the means to protect a body from life. So the beginning of all elements beyond self, are constructed from learning to accept:  we can only do the best we can/ we can only live honestly, if we are willing to accept, life has limits; and the best  we will ever do. Is to accept truth decides, as honest and substantial courage allows! No great distance between life or death, because we are human:  that fact travels with us each one, in the journey that is our time. Therefore courage asserts, “moments will never matter more than eternity itself”. Simple as that!

Love gives us life! There are endless miracles here, to prove that is so:  love created us, each one; along with this planet, and everything we hold as value on earth. Humanity defiled and disgraced endlessly, altering that creation to serve itself with all the things they focus upon as want, pride, selfishness, or power.  Greed is simply “I want yours too”! Which makes it a combination of the four primary, or elementary curses of man: what he did to himself! Sex is an alteration of miracles, into the compilation that is human behaviors. Therefore it holds both a true value/ and what can become a true curse, because of human decisions based in those four elements of human behavior, that then becomes cancer to life (this grows, changes, and threatens;  without permission).  They are force (I will change you), violence (I will hate you), manipulation (I will control you), and temptation (I will “lie, cheat, and steal from you”).

Nonetheless we honor love, with respect! We admire love, and bask in its eternal truth, by freedoms. We live for love, with love, or as love;  by the decisions that we intentionally make! We grow beyond ourselves, when we learn:  life has a value that is beyond our own/ a relationship formed, where caring and sharing of everything we can be is earned. These simple things compete with the reality of men and women, because of want, pride, power, and selfishness; along with their consequences. LOVE does not compete, it is the acceptance “of a home; as in I/ we, belong here with each other”. LOVE devoted to one life shared with mine, as male to female beyond the scope of what any other can be to me or you:  is a sexual revelation. The path inside of soul, becomes an open door/ to the few who earn it. What is ultimately shared by man and woman in love sexually: is the truth, given substance by their decision “to let GOD  see”! That is not body or mind, but spirit revealed. Even so, both body and mind will know the intensity, and the reality of being invited to share these moments with   GOD .   love is a passage between our hearts. Soul is a dimension beyond our lives in time; very few enter and live (definable purity is required)/ until death forces that truth upon them.

So then let us conceive of eternity in more simple terms:  what is love, that life can sustain it, without body? To conceive means:  we must accept the order, disciplines, balance, and courage to become a true living thing. We begin with order:  placed between life and death, the existence of our humanity is governed by the realities we need to survive. Without resources, the substance that is body along with all its operational capabilities will end. Therefore life says, the development of what we can or cannot be is directly tied to the resources at hand:  even without a body or mind. The resource fundamentally required for life is energy/ the foundation utterly necessary for life to exist is thought.  Therefore if we can sustain energy and thought within the value of life/ or it’s hate;  we have become entitled to move beyond a body or its mind. Entitled means:  to have taken possession by inheritance, or a decision other than your own. To possess energy, it must be controlled by boundaries. To encounter and participate within thought, you must possess truth.  Love and hate, are both truths in their greater forms. But they do not occupy the same places in life. They are as opposite, by basic composition;  as night or day! They live together ONLY in time. Hate is irrelevant, and without substance/ it is as nothing valued, and needs no further discussion.

LOVE however is the essence of life itself, the reality that asserts in every miracle:  “beyond these moments, are realities in law and truth”;  you cannot imagine! So, let us begin the journey into disciplines:  what does the law demand of “I”/ because no one enters eternity without self, identified by truth. That identity, does mean:  it is a job, only you can do. Discipline is: living within the definable limits and boundaries that law imposes on life/ a reality that will not be displaced or denied:  where only truth can survive. The functional development here is:  that although freedom is conceived by the idea of complete anonymity from penalty/ it Is NOT so! Truth and law create time and life, and they cannot be avoided or changed! Consequently if you will not live you freedom within the realities of truth, which keep life living/ then a second death awaits. There are great freedoms to be found/ but great tragedies for disgrace and the failure to abide in truth, by its own limits.  Next comes balance:  wherein the possibilities are endless/ the realities are not, because the value of every or any experience or expression:  is not without end. Consequently what you choose to participate in, becomes the world you have created for yourself, and that is, or is not  “joyous and happy”; by your own decision. Unlike this world, there is no competition:  love is a giving thing, and with all eternity to participate within, time does not exist/ so there is room for you too. Courage lives in your heart (the purpose of your identifiable soul). Soul is the living within you, the reality of existence by knowledge; its connection with understanding; and your ability to become wise. Courage asks of purpose:  WHY? Purpose answers in love:  that I have found the treasure, I most desire, and its name is love. From that simple beginning, truth arises to point the way. In our education of what can be considered as true, through history:  NONE measure up to the example of what love is, or can be:  other than  JESUS, as was called the CHRIST.  That teaching is not religious/ it is reality.

We then begin the development of critical definition:  divided by time, the environments of life or  death arise from the distinctions of order defined by thought and chaos derived from violence! Thought builds through knowledge, understanding, and wisdom;  which is the foundation of life through freedoms by truth.  Chaos destroys and consumes everything complex, so as to return it to the most simple state of elemental existence that is possible/ there is no freedom:  which means locked in prison.

The question is:  HOW does time interrelate with these two opposite realities/ WHERE does the evidence exist/ WHEN does this happen/ and WHY WILL the consequence of these chosen directions, become “who”?

Time passes between what chaos has or will destroy/ and what life and thought can, has, or will build. The differences between destruction and life are obvious, and need no great discussion. Thereby we have identified the extremes/ but ask for the evidence of why life exists in time; as the end result of Creation? Thought begins every decision to build, with identifying what it is that will be built/ the same is true for you, is it not! Because thought recognizes a reality, by law, that gives order its discipline. Without that, nothing survives. Every form of extreme order by discipline: is the potential for life/ but more than that, extreme order is recognized as thought provided/ and extreme discipline is recognized as the laws which govern this pattern of direction. CREATION adds in life, by containing the energy that then forms its own individual freedoms, as a body allowed. That energy combined with that element of thought assisted by freedoms through a body; are recognized as human time. So the question is:  if freedom allows you to choose chaos by the deliberate decision “NOT to value life enough”. Then should that decision, NOT share the consequence of its own truth? In the same way, freedom allows you to individual choose to build the values of your heart: so as to attain the elemental grace, of recognizing and living through respect for the love that was given to you in this time “as a life allowed choice”. Then should you not share in the consequence of your own chosen truth; by committing to love/ and depending upon your Creator? The answer is yours! The reality is determined by the laws you have developed, to determine the decision, of  you’re own ways.


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