life talk , 1


My world, is governed by the realities: don’t believe (that is want imagined)/ instead search for truth, accept the evidence will determine your decision; as is faith. Don’t trust (opening the door to your heart)/ until truth itself has identified what the future will become; only love has value, but love must confront fears, and fears, or even less; sometimes win. Discover value, in every miracle; as each proves your life here is truly, a gift. Beware of what you do trust: as every form of hate and evil, tries to sneak through that door; protect your love, and trust only GOD first. Live as if you are always being watched; because truth cannot be erased. Repent honestly, or not at all; as that is deception. Search for life, it is the ascension beyond an animal. Search for love, it is the passage beyond self, required for eternity. Search for truth, because only truth survives. Happiness exists only where love finds the courage to trust. Joy only exists, when soul meets soul, in the value of our lives united as one. Justice seeks the heart, because fair play requires participation. Shape your life into the creation of what you have chosen to be, “self”; the discovery of a home, by your own design. Share life and living equally with all, the blessing is “we care”. Passion brings purpose home, where desire lifts it, into “another world” proving what has value to you. We do have a responsibility to life and world and self: nobody is excused. We do have a responsibility to every child; as the world we leave them, identifies who we are. We do have a responsibility to every living thing that is nature itself, sharing this world with us: NOT LIKE the universities, who mutilate, kill, destroy, sacrifice, crucify, brutalize, curse, DAMN everything to hell; and build only Armageddon (nature in chaos) as their contribution to HADES (humanity shouting we are at war, “with GOD”; answered with truth).

Your values shape your decision/ your hopes determine the desire of your direction/ your love conceives of happiness/ and your truth defines the path that you will take, in support of your life and living. These are elemental to the construction of “an identity”/ the individual reality, called life.

This world, should understand: that every relationship is based upon an equal respect for each other/ without that you are friends at best. Men beyond youth, search for a woman who will match the basic purpose of their desire and passions for life. Or more simply “will you fit in”, with the choices I have made. Because if not, there will be strife. Boys who never grew up, look only for sex, toys, and trophies.  “slam/ bam/ thank you ma’am: quickly becomes a locked bedroom door”.

Young women want to control; and in doing that they sacrifice control, so as to participate in ways you want them to be; until they feel confident enough, to test your commitment to them. They want someone who will make them feel “pretty”, and accepted for who they are, even when not as pretty as they can be. They want, security and friendship, and a future. Women want a future, security, and friendship. With sex that is NOT simply male playing with his penis.

Young people believe; if they are like you/ then you will like them; but that is rarely true, and often ends with conflict and even heartache. As is rejection at the core of it. Because if you are not you/ then why should you be liked? Be yourself, be kind to yourself, even when others are not. Never surrender truth, it is your forever friend; even if others fail you. The young test their toys; particularly when they believe they can control the outcome; even though they cannot. Unfortunately for all: young women believe they can control sex/ then lose themselves in the fear of pregnancy/ then face real world consequences for lies and other things that occur after that. Young men; easily become addicted to sexual chemicals; and like any other kind of addict can lose themselves, in the search for those chemicals. To the point of tragedy, for all around. Never judge, it brings about those tragedies, some can never be undone. Instead of chemical addiction; work on critical disciplines, functioning order, and balanced truth regarding the intimacy of sex. With these, and the honesty of “loving your woman/ instead of your penis”; the bedroom door is always open, and you are welcome. If not, the bedroom door will close, and you will be forgotten. Trust truth, live through respect, identify with disciplines, and conceive of order by the value we shape together with balance; in our passion to hope for life through love. Unfortunately: there really is no such thing as “romance without commitment”/ because the end result of it is, if you truly must leave: real heartbreak will replace you. That is unkind; every life must find its future; so if you cannot stay, you cannot take away their time for you; as that would be stealing. When you know, our time will end. Female is truly different than male, in so many ways, respect them as the miracle they are. Respect male by female too; as you don’t understand either; and both are delicate flowers when in bloom. If you destroy either one/ they may never bloom again; only life itself, knows for certain. Be fair: male does not own female/ nor does female own male; you are equals.

The human constant, under the leadership of men is: want controls everything, until reality sets in and all the lies collapse into economic depression or war. War removes the fantasy and lies, making life more valued again; and thereby reality is corrected for a time. But because there is ALWAYS a liar, traitor, and fraud hiding “in the woodwork” so to speak; history repeats itself time and time and time again. So the critical truth about our future if change were to occur is: to remove the hiding places, and observe whatever is going on, from the prospective of a humanity that is about to go to war. The result of every fantasy, lie, and betrayal; whether it is as a nation or between husband and wife. In other words, to fail life and the living of “our humanity” itself; cannot be tolerated!

To avoid that reality of evidence, as history proves is indisputable:  requires a complete revamping of what is government. That begins with the least amount of power in the hands of the most available people, that can function as a government.

  1. The easiest transition in America, is to replace the IRS with local accounting groups: that bid every few years for the work. Thereby giving the people themselves the right to maintain control. With only a small group of individuals hired by federal authority, to investigate those accounting groups as needed. This eliminates MOST, of the power established by fools, liars, and thieves. Each locality will design their own forms to fill out/ and after a decade or so; a public organization shall decide by public vote which forms work the best for all.
  2. It is clear and certain: that NO GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL of any kind, shall be allowed to incur public or military debts or make changes to the currency. By constitutional law, the demand is HANDS OFF;  by our own vote, under the rules to be set into place as a constitutional authority; only by public vote shall this occur.
  3. The judiciary shall be judged in every court case, throughout every court room session, and there shall be no outside the hearing of the public alterations to any case whatsoever. Every lawyer SHALL be judged/ and every lawyer billing shall be subject to court review, and public oversight. NO BILLING, or verdict, or purpose of any kind shall be permitted outside the law of WE THE PEOPLE shall defend ourselves. WE SHALL KNOW what is true, in our courtroom, in our place/ our responsibility of duty for democracy; a duty and a right, to and for all.
  4. The education system will be: for the purposes and desires of constitutional principles, as defined by the preamble/ bill of rights/ and declaration of independence. Thereby law, democracy, reality, stability, security, responsibilities, duty, family, happiness, business, money, freedom, liberty, and EVERYTHING A LIFE NEEDS TO BE HAPPY AND SURVIVE in a world that is not threatened by university delusions requires or needs to know. That includes: a university degree is irrelevant to teaching what is valid and true for life. We begin teaching profession in all its variety and by honest development: from age 9!  Degrees shall be granted as work requires them, NOT by university authority:  WE WILL DECIDE, and determine what is needed.
  5. Healthcare is a reality of decision: what is fair, that we can or cannot do. That we should or should not do. And how shall this be applied to all, without risking the whole? These answer are simple; but the truth of it, will be less than desired. There is a day, when you have become “too expensive or a risk to the rest”.
  6. The police as well as the citizen MUST a bill of rights that is approved and accepted by both sides. Thereby relinquishing the assertion of “not fair”. To assist in that endeavor, there SHALL be a replacement of bullets for the police that provides and presents a NON-LETHAL charge. At least four bullets shall be so designated, and then kill bullets shall be used. But make no mistake, if the person being assaulted doesn’t have a gun: you better have a damn good reason. Let the public remember; every weapon is a threat, and as a consequence those who attempt to retain the peace have rights too. As to  hero:  last I looked, policing, firefighters, etc; were not at the top of the list in dangerous jobs/ so be realistic in your decisions.
  7. WHEN WE MAKE THE LAWS, that govern ourselves: short/ simple/ and plain as are the examples of constitutional amendments or the ten commandments; which remain viable throughout time {THIS NEEDS NO CHANGE}. THEN WE RULE OURSELVES. Once those laws are in place as “one hundred or less” one page documents. We become a true democracy of the people. EVERY LAW, will be taught in the schools: so that democracy will remain true to life. Every complaint shall go through a courtroom, for examination and investigation; presenting redress of grievances as the struggle for a better democracy to determine if this needs a vote by all the people as one.

With these few changes, our nation becomes new. Our world will then find a way!

Life talk #1

Time is not a battlefield, it is an environment created to allow for the conception of life, thought, movement, freedom, courage, development, and respect. Within these elements we find ourselves subject to the maze of disciplines which make out lives better or worse. The desire or disgrace of order, dependent upon what we accept. The foundations of balance, which are the grace and mercy for making decisions, and identifying the consequences;  that then become the framework upon which we build our lives. Time gives us the distinction of  life, which is to desire either:  love or hate/ because all else is survival. The essence of living provides a long list of excuses, which all begin in freedom:  explaining, when we measure “others, may have more”/ or in contrast to that, is the expression:  I want, more than I have. Courage explains:  we must live within our means, our distinct reality, and accept the consequences of my choices, are or should be, mine.

These are basic levels of development, that prove a purpose or desire does or does not exist in you. Passion is the expression of a heart, that has chosen its destiny, in either love or hate. Heart means;  without this, I cannot survive! Therefore to love or to hate is an acceptance of the value as in love/ or the judgment as in hate:  which gives to your life a reason for living. Everything else is again, merely survival.

Life conceives of choice as the eloquent displacement of time, with identity/ it is not less than that. Therefore rather than the environment of a possibility, life becomes the essence of your own desires! Desire lives within thought, and thought develops from the ability to accept knowledge/ identify understanding/ honor truth/ and live within respect for the values that are transient in living beyond the most simple form of life, which is self. Beyond self, the universe exists! Within self, there is nothing greater than self. Do you see the difference? Reality then suggests, the very first step into the realm of thought is to prove you can exist beyond yourself. That requires movement.

Movement means:  I have become intertwined within the reality of body and life; they are connected together, so I can move. That movement is associated with time, because time is a transition from one state into another “step by step”. So the question becomes:  in your state of existence as is human, ARE you moving forward (life is good) or backward (life is bad)/ and ARE you ascending into life itself, by its value:  or descending into the maze that is want, and the struggle that is power or pride? The discipline required for steps to participate in your life, is simple:  you must participate! If you refuse, the reality of survival will confront you with depression/ suicide/ loneliness/ and the loss of direction as is a purpose or desire.

Freedom lives or dies in the reality of our heart! Consequently, everything that makes you happy, is a heartbeat (life is a blessing to me). Or, everything that makes you unhappy is a curse (life makes me live, I have no choice)! The critical element becomes:  where did freedom lead you to be? The answer presents us with your future, and why this exists as so! Freedom without discipline, is a coming tragedy;  “big or little” depends upon you. If you will not accept instruction, as is consistent with limits and boundaries created by truth gleaned from reality/ then you will fail yourself. Because the future is littered with mistakes relating to the values you pursue. When they have “built a mountain” of despair, freedom will fail you; and unhappiness will begin. Here lies many lives, because the death of freedom is the rise of hatred; as in, “someone else has to be responsible”. Those who accept their decision, even if led;  was still their decision/ do have the opportunity to find their own way back. Those who refuse to accept their own responsibilities and their own decisions were involved:  continue on into the depths of want, as an abyss which will not let go. In that scenario, “what is called devil” reigns first. Devil means:  you have descended into chaos within yourself/ and will accept any form of delusion or assertion that leads to what you believe “is an exit”. That always includes an enemy;  which exists because if your enemy is at fault, and you kill your enemy in one way or another:  THEN you get your life back. “So the delusion goes”! Those who are still fragmentally alive inside, will know the tragedy of what they have done/ and     try desperately to repent.  Those who have failed their lives inside, and remain certain “they can be god”/ are lost forever. Tragedy compounded with disgrace.

Courage is the decision:  that I will live as best I can, being responsible for my own decisions, because they are mine/ and accept the end of life is, “whatever the end of my life will be”!  Not a choice, means my only decision is to accept the reality of life, has an end that is justified/ even if it is not “fair” by my conception of fate. Therefore we begin the question of fate with: WHY, cannot all life be fair, justified, friendly, and with a clear understanding of what our ending in this time will be? The answer becomes:  we are the essence of everything we build that is fair/ we are the writers and enforcers of law, that is or is not justified/ we are not our own Creator;  therefore we have no design rights, as to the ending. A gift, is a gift/ and all of Creation, including you is a miracle of design, balance, order, internal disciplines, CLEAR THOUGHT, and freedoms.  As is proof of the essence called love participating in our time!

Love is the opposite of hate, they have NO connection between them:  which means the direction and purposes of your life are either to love/  OR, to hate. There is no participation between these groups. Humanity however likes “to love and to hate”:  which divides them inside. Wherever purity lives there will be peace, therefore love is peace. Whereas wherever hate exists, the abyss of want has invaded their lives, to make them do what they do/ because there is no peace.  Peace then exhibits more than a value of the heart/ it is a rhythm to the soul.  In contrast hate has no rhythm, because the freedom to create, or even identify what is their own life;  has died.

Rhythm is the value of an opportunity shared. The distance by which our own version of caring surfaces to become recognized as the contribution of “my own heart” shared with you. When accepted this dance of souls, allows the fundamental sound of our hearts beating as one. Love is the door, that opens into this hope! Soul adds in, the creation of an environment “of our own”/ separate from the rest, because we built the heart that lives beyond time. So the question is, “what has value, beyond time”?  Since clearly the body is not welcomed, and cannot attend as existence.

Our search begins with existence, or “what is life”?

Discipline states:  the value of our existence is the recognition of life itself/ we then add into that, the freedom to understand we are ALIVE.

Order replies:  the reality of life is, without thought we are nothing/ as in existence does not matter, because there is no identity, cause, or purpose.

Balance offers:  the distance between who we are, and what we will become, is human! The reality of human is, “I have a choice”. The consequence of that choice is:  I will live by truth for the purpose of love/ or you will not. IT IS, “your choice”.

Life then, is the question:  given a choice, to exist for love or hate or to discard either, and wallow in self pity/ WHAT will you choose!

As to the essence of eternity itself, asking can we exist beyond time:  the question answers itself with energy, and your own recognized physical laws. Energy transforms itself into something else/ or if not contained by a boundary, will eventually,  dissipate into nothing at all. Life is an energy contained, which we then control as a participant in that energy. It is not a chemical reaction, as that contains no thought! Thought, no matter how limited:  proves life! Thought exists without the boundaries of time, therefore it lives in truth/ because lies will never survive for long. Truth and law are equals, even though different by concept. Truth determines everything that can be/ law determines everything that will be. Do you see the difference?              GOD,   OUR CREATOR;           defines life forever.  Simple as that!


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