the march of humanity


The march of humanity, from cradle to grave.


We begin simple enough, “with a moment of freedom”/ expressed as the possibilities through a human body of life. Nothing is simple or accidental about that body, or the life it represents. Instead the complexity is literally so extreme, our ability to comprehend it, lacks all intellectual gain. So we rely upon the word miracle, and give its creation:  to “what is obviously superior in every detail to ourselves”/ commonly called    GOD  !  The reality is true, the evidence is certain and real:  even if the word lacks proper respect!

So the journey begins, as a participation with love:  without someone to love you enough, as an infant to keep you alive/ until it is possible to care for yourself. We die! Consequently within a WIDE variation of caring and sharing with parents and others; the reality of an individual existence is born. We arrive as life revealed/ but we are required to be born beyond that moment, as participants in a reality we did not choose or create. Born being:  the crisis of physical realities we must endure to remain alive.

Human Life;  is the distance we will endure, as a journey into time. True life is;  the individual creation of our own freedoms, rights, and responsibilities for the distinction and discovery of an identity.

The variations are immense, because the values of every human life are dependent upon your own decisions, and your own experience. The consequent expression of what you value, and what you don’t:  becomes the path you will travel into your life. The road most follow is simply “the herd of humanity” needs no identity, because when hidden nobody cares and nobody targets your own individuality. So fear plays a part, in nearly every life. That fear causes individual failure, and the herd arises instead of an identity formed with value through courage. A tragedy in all concerns/ because fear will never keep life alive. It is merely panic driven isolation; as in don’t find me!

Passion exhibits life without fear, or as best it can be! Because passions substantiate the value within that I possess, in exhibit to the relationship that I desire to create.  What we desire is our true decision revealed. Want discards that, by becoming the temptation which says:  “someone else has more”. While the essence of this statement can be true, the reality of that understanding does not exist as a value to you. What is true for you, is that value created in time. What you can or cannot do with your own truth, establishes the destiny that is constant with your life. Therefore accept truth as your guide, because only truth survives beyond time.

There are a wide variety of body types and mental abilities spread throughout human existence:  some do have more/ some do have less. It is a reality of human decisions that predetermined what can or cannot be your own options in life. More simply your parents and theirs, determined the genetic makeup that became you. Each successive decision has a consequence. You should remember that;  as freedom is freedom to make your own choices.

As a child grows, he or she learns two distinct things:  someone to play with is good/ without someone to play with is “bad”. The consequence of that begins the behaviors that are found in nearly every child. As is I WANT someone to play with me/ pay attention to me/ give me what I need, and so on. Want thereby comes early, and must be fought with to erase in most. To get what the child wants:  others are blocked out, ridiculed, treated with disrespect, or in other ways forced out to alleviate the competition for me to get what I want. Whatever works, is the road of choice. The battleground is simple as well:  if I succeed in getting whatever I wanted/ THEN I am the winner, and you are the loser!

Proceeding into early adulthood, comes with the parameters of sex:  “I have a new toy/ and it is powerful enough, to change my life”. And so it does, one life at a time!  This changes the realities of childhood, and different desires for play emerge as an overriding concern.  Even so, what is learned in childhood remains, and will participate in the avenues of who gets to have sex, when, and why. The reality of love as experienced through infancy also emerge, as values created in caring and sharing that produce an entirely different level of play, wherever sexuality exists. Love rises into the essence of wisdom:  which is life matters for each one.  Whereas sexuality without love, is simply the game being played:  which proves I am a winner/ or I am addicted to these chemicals, which I no longer fully control. A reality of violence then emerges;  because you have something I want/ and if you won’t give it to me, I am unhappy.

Adulthood is:  the understanding, I can and will fully take care of myself/ that I am personally responsible, for the decisions that I make. With adulthood is the assertion:  my sexuality is no longer a toy. Until you accept both parts fully, you remain a child. Whether by choice or not, the reality is “an unborn adult”.

Adulthood precedes the reality of possession:  as in I must create and identify, what will become “my home”. Possession means:  this is my right, this is my choice, this is my work, this is my reality. Or more distinctly:  within the variables of my environment/ based upon the competition with others, and the available resources, I do what I can or choose to do. To establish what keeps me alive, & to protect my own future. Herein possession is the contextual reality of playing the game of winner or loser, with other lives, for keeps. Adulthood composes your song of trial and triumph/ or loss. Because it is not a game, as the choices you make become an impact on life itself.

Parenting expresses the need to feel or believe “I am important”/ to someone. Even if you attain that elevation of life with a lover/ it is less than, the honesty of what a child will need. Consequently, both the values and the responsibilities of being a parent enlarge with time. Where, will the line between your need and mine, be drawn? Reality proves what choices will be made.

The disciplines of marriage/ the realities of sexuality; are no longer a game. They are facts of life, and the failure to respect that reality will always prove to have consequences; which include a “broken heart”.

Order states:  to love, is to experience with honesty, a reality of time does not matter when I am with you/ but seems forever, when I am not. Or more distinctly, to participate in love; is to understand the value of our relationship is more than anything else I own. I have become “home”/ and so have you!

The realities of sexuality are less simple:  needs arise, chemicals exist, realities of health, happiness, hope, truth, and fears all need to be attended too! In each other, which means you have now a duty, along with an honor, to participate as best you can. Sexuality means:  we own tools, which can affect each other for better/ or worse. Sexuality means:  aside from love, and in direct connection with love, the value of your life with mine is without measure. But even so:  this is a two way street, and you must do your own part for both life and love, as best you can/ just like me!

Broken hearts exist because:  I did my best, even if it was less than you desired. Because trust faded away in lies, and choices that did not honor life with you, or you with me. We cannot exist as friends without trust. We cannot maintain a relationship without respect. We cannot choose a lifetime together, unless we own the same goals for our time as a living example of who we are in truth. These things alter love, because the price can be too high. Love is an overwhelming respect for your participation in my life, time shared by me, because you proved to care and give my life the value called, its treasure. When the path between us is broken, by whatever cause:  the reality of my home is lost, the reality of my life is lessened, because the price of being with me has been refused. What then has changed?  Answer, truth no longer recognizes a destiny shared. Which always becomes, a need to separate/ a reality of choice, with eternal consequences. Either good or bad. The human commitment, is a human commitment:  which means we all error, and we all change at least a little. The “commitment to  GOD”  IS an entirely different truth. The consequence being:  neither life or eternity is a game/ be certain about what you do. Freedom is freedom, but it bears a cost/ that cost includes what happens to someone else.

Old age represents a need to accept the futility of believing life will go on/ understanding, it is time to solidify your own truth inside. Because only truth survives beyond time. What is consistent with your true desires for life and love, decide eternity. Because without   GOD,  there is nothing “but space”. A reality that cannot truly be imagined. The understanding of that, should enlarge your RESPECT FOR    GOD  ! life is life, but before it was completed, there had to be SEVERE TRIALS to endure. Nonetheless, your option is to enter within the possibilities of thought, love, and existence: to prove you have value/ or not.  It’s, your choice.

So we end at the grave:  body clearly lost forever!  Which presents us each one with a choice:  is there life, without a body? The answer:  NOT on earth! But the question does not expect, nor does it ask about life beyond this earth, and what that would be.

Being human is about being a body of life, in time; which has certain responsibilities to be met if you are going to choose for life to survive. Even so, the body is about living chemicals, that participate in ways inside that create and sustain peace and harmony for each individual element of our existence. There are many individual working parts, to every living body of life. So the question is:  HOW, did they all become as one? And WHY?

The functional answer is:  by design/ as nothing less than thought could arrange it. Simple as that. Consider your car:  it didn’t make itself/ now did it. Nor was it an accident! Nor did it come about through chaos (making all things complex, SIMPLE again). Evolution is for fools and idiots!

The fundamental answer is however more complex:  because life is a freedom indicated by thought. Without thought which begins as a recognition of life, there is no acceptance of body. Which means like a robot without software, it does nothing. Therefore thought and freedom to think through understanding, are all indicators of “where did life come from”? The answer being:  we are, the elemental essence of what can only be described as energy alive. Without energy we do not move or understand existence. Therefore controlled energy becomes the description of life itself. As is a law of physics:  energy merely transforms itself into something else/ unless it dissipates into nothing. So the question is:  can the energy which grants you life in motion be contained without a body/ or does it merely evaporate into “space”? the answer being:  we must first identify what energy truly is. That does not consist as the university suggests in einsteins theory energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Which is merely the equation for kinetic energy with speed as a constant. But within the truth that gives energy its nature, there is an environment subject to laws. Where there is law, there is order. Where there is order, the potential to build, and identify, exists.


`    Before we leave this discipline; the realities of mass movement throughout the herd needs a short discussion. Herd means:  we march together as one/ being led because we fear the results of making our own decision. Mass movements are described by fears. Fears are described by whatever can make you do or experience something you regret:  including your own decisions. So individuality is destroyed by fears/ and the road as is a mass of movement marching together, as if they were all one;  becomes the norm. fears are the evidence of a predator or a possibility of what can hurt us, being revealed. So the question of individuality lives or dies based upon what you are willing to fear. Fear is in one form or another:  a refusal to die. That reality governs fear. The consequent of it being a life within the herd; primarily hiding in the middle/ so we cannot be found by a predator. The herd has rules/ and everyone must obey or be thrown out/ because a herd does not survive without true unison in their movements.  Which means everyone here must think alike, look alike, and be alike for our safety. That is the price of a herd, and humanity is not exempt. Individuality requires thinking, and that requires differences to exist. So the question is:  does life in time become more valuable to you/ than life itself?  Only you can answer that question/ but do bear in mind death comes for us all/ and eternity itself follows that. which means minutes are unwise!

The individual reality of movement by the masses, is governed by isolation and the failure to participate. Loneliness affects us all/ because loneliness identifies the understanding “I am not welcomed here, nor accepted as I am”. That fact creates a division. That division undermines the value of your life as well as mine; as a consequence hate rises in very many. Every act has a consequence, because unlike grade school expectations:  every act has a price. Nothing has changed for the vast majority:  everything they did in grade school, they are inclined to do today; if given a chance. So there is policing, and with policing there are rules/ so that someone can go to prison, regardless of the offense. The courtroom is a place almost entirely devoted to keeping “the status quo” in place. Which means their rules, are all that matters in this society.

Into the darkness is another reality of mass migration:  because some fear the dark/ while others expect it to hide their decisions, and blanket their reality. While others simply know:  today, I am alone. Today, I am not loved even by those I have loved/ because the night will not leave you alone, unless you are too tired to “think”. The end result of this demand is: for most to judge, others measure, others plot and plan how to tempt or betray/ while the few search for meanings and understanding that leads them to life. Of this last group, there will be a few among them who find the door into a spiritual world, that has no use for lies or fear. If they fail that test/ they die, or become mentally unstable/ or must rise again, with a better understanding than all the rest (anything less will fail). Such is the rule for entering “spiritual truth”.

To march like an army, regardless of the cause: is to surrender individuality, which is the sign of your own identity/ thereby your own life. A failure! Religion as well CANNOT be conceived of, without an individual search, that is not dependent upon any religion or act. It is a discipline, which aids the foundational expectations that lead into spiritual life:  a place we all enter in death. Too late, is simply too late: you cannot pass beyond your own truth or identity as life.

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