value and grace

value and grace

Value and grace, the things lacking the most in human existence/ because you are lost in want, drowning in pride, and destroying existence on earth simply because you refuse to pay for life!  To your eternal shame. Life demands:  balance, dignity, truth, trust, discipline, courage, order, love, respect, acceptance of reality, participation without greed, thought, forgiveness, mercy, and honesty (we know this is true). All of which the universities have sought to destroy; and their cult has in fact succeeded in leading you into their abyss. The problem with a cult is:  “I can believe anything I want”/ truth literally does not matter! The problem with common religions is:  “we can believe anything we want, so long as we agree”. The difference is:  leadership, the university creates a god out of men:  the rest know NOTHING/ and DON’T question the leader. They can’t be wrong: so say the elite! While religion is forced back into the words written long ago; a reality that then continually gets reviewed, by the majority. The abyss of humanity is want:  because want, “can never truly be filled”/ not for long!

So, we ask why? The answer returns as:  “nothing is more important than you/ nothing is more important than what you want to be, or what you want to have/ nothing is more important than your life, without boundaries and restrictions, as are responsibilities, duty, and honor!  Simple as that.

We again ask why? The answer returns as:  “value has no meaning unless it is all directed at you”. Grace has no purpose, unless it gives you whatever you want. Existence is without purpose, unless you “can be first and most important to life itself; as is the assertion of playing god”.

We recognize:  without the value of all life, there is no true desire to live/ as it will fade away into oblivion. Life must be balanced to survive. Thereby grace presents us with balance, as is seen in nature/ where life has not been greatly disturbed by men. Men destroy balance, because want/ disrespect/ disaster/ and damage without end:  makes life simple. Men are simple/ because other men will take anything they leave behind! Consequently the earth, itself, and all this life dies;  unless men move away to attack somewhere else. Unfortunately there is no real places left for men to move; because these are area’s that have already been attacked, in one form or another. Making the inevitable storm of hatred (we have nothing; we will die) and war (it’s all you’re fault):  clearly coming soon! Nothing is so clear as:  drinking water supplies ending/ because of what men did do, in every conceivable way.

Are women not at fault? Well, reality states, “this is a man’s world”/ because they made all the decisions. Those decisions create our fate, like dominos you cannot knock down one, without a cascading effect! So, this is a man’s world/ and whatever women would have caused, or did cause; has no provable effect. While you can complain:  women created this overpopulation of humanity, which will be our extermination/        the more clear conception is, MEN are involved; many take control, regardless of the outcome/  and establish an influence! So the net effect is:  we don’t know what women would have done.

We then ask of men, WHY?  The basic challenge returns as communication:  if you don’t listen/ you cannot compromise. But even so, TRUTH has no need for compromise, and that means the humanity that does want whatever it wants instead; have created a disaster for the future;  when they get what they want. Truth does not care, which means:  either you accept its reality as your decision, participating with wisdom and courage, because you know the law which governs this truth/ or you fail life and environment. The cost of society with men is:  MANY want nothing to do with truth, as is most consistent with a university diploma/ they simply WANT, whatever they want. The vast majority of these truly want, “to be MORE, than the rest”. The consequence of that is a poverty of behaviors which erupt do to the imbalance and tragedies of pride. So the end result of life as governed by men controlling society is as it is:  threats everywhere, which will erupt into extinction for us all/ or change, which can only mean “let women try instead”.  Unfortunately, women who have gained individual power for themselves, are constantly becoming “like men” in their decisions. Whether influenced by men, because that is what it takes to gain power from men/ or a reality, that is women in power; cannot yet be determined. Because their influence is not enough to change anything men want done.

The net result of our time on earth is simple:  lies, and liars rule/ thieves have surfaced everywhere/ failures lead with fantasy/ terrorists have found their money in counterfeiting/ and traitors refuse truth. Religion adds in:  “we want what we want/ and will not change; go away”. Regardless of life on earth facing extinction:  as is proven by all the evidence/ and nothing more dramatic than the universities gathered together to ignite sun fire on earth. A fire said to be one million miles long/ which means upon ignition of atoms on fire/ the pillar of fire that creates will extend beyond the moon, and in fact cause the moon itself to crash into this earth. Not that it matters at that point.  Alas, the cult cannot be questioned/ because the powers that be, “DON’T WANT NOTHING, TO CHANGE”. The cult has its god, and their god is their god:  therefore even the clear propaganda that is hiding intent to produce a nuclear fire/ cannot be heard.  Their god is never wrong/ but alas, their liar god, is never right. No going back/ no second chances/ the earth itself destroyed:  and humanity itself hides, because they just want what they want:  EVEN when faced with horrifying results of that want. Fool is not a big enough word, for a humanity in such delusion;  so you literally,   have become “the cult of SATAN”. Religion and all! Which literally means:  destroyer of worlds!  But hey, “you got your pride”/ what else could be important:  now ain’t that so?

Biblical prophecy gives us until July 9, 2019 by my calculation:  add it up for yourself, Daniel 12 presents us with the countdown. The great abomination arises:  which cannot be anything other than the first machine to actually be able to ignite sun fire on earth. Its first experiment was “April fools day 2012”. The prophecy then gives us 1290, by which the law can save us (already gone)/ and 1335 days by which mercy, which means you have changed or are trying to do so:  before hell arises, and the end is absolutely certain. Which means life will be exterminated from this earth. Even the planet itself will be destroyed, to remove the disgrace of life without meaning. Because you chose to throw this living planet into your garbage, as if it meant nothing at all. Shame on you/ eternity will not forget.

Change means:  LIFE FOR THIS EARTH, AND ALL ITS CREATION;  LITERALLY COMES FIRST!  To accomplish that want must die, pride must be suffocated out, and reality must determine the future by truth.  Nothing less will save you. Once you cannot deny that fact, terrors have begun/ there is absolutely no hope of changing the outcome to our world: YOU ARE DEATH, to life. It is over!  Your current situation is like a raindrop/ before the tsunami.  You have been told. Alas you are deaf, dumb, and without a brain “for life”/ as your universities have made you be. To your shame.  But hey, you can “shake your ass/ or continue worshiping the universities”  because after all, a nuclear 10 million degree fire (that burns atoms), can be put out “with just a keystroke”. Now ain’t that right!  You bet your world on it/ they gamble with every living thing, every future living thing:  with the very end of life on earth:  when ignition occurs!  To bad WRONG cannot be undone;  so says reality itself.   But you don’t care;  ain’t that so?  After all, it’s not up to you/ YOU, DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING;   so you’re safe.  RIGHT!  Oh wait let us not forget religion:  GOD will stop them, WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING!  Even though it is you, who must be stopped:  from believing in the gods you made (they are our saviors) at university.  Well, as all religion indicates:  you worship false gods/ you earn their truth. Now ain’t that so?

The constant of course is:  “he ain’t one of us/ so we don’t have to listen to nothing he says”. So say the belligerent:  because they will not be questioned/ as they have no true answers.

The reality however is VERY SIMPLE:  I am not your savior/ not your god/ not your anything, which means nothing I write or say matters; to anyone who refuses it.  In contrast however:  WHAT IS TRUE DOES MATTER/ because it determines the future for us all/ and it is not open for compromise anymore. Reality is true identified. Our truth is we face certain extinction without change. I did not create that/ I cannot change that alone, nor can you:  we face our truth as a world. Nothing less than a world participating in change will save a single life on this earth;  including yours or mine.

So you can listen to fools, who point to me and say “not god”.  Completely true!

OR, you can investigate the evidence, and determine the cost of being wrong:  which is all I do for you!  Summarized, it is to say:  unless you change, HORROR BEYOND IMAGINATION, will come soon. Because unlike your leaders and their propaganda machines of media:  TRUTH DOES NOT LIE.

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