to grow a soul


To grow a soul;  is the duty of every human life!


Some would argue, this is impossible, or this is hypocrisy, or religious, or whatever; because they want to believe soul means, “without responsibilities/ a gift without cost”. Not true, because soul does mean:  the opportunity to form a relationship with your Creator.

The gift is your life, and your life is the opportunity to accept your own responsibility to respect your life enough:  to wander and search, for why you exist! Time is the transient portion of our humanity, which simply means:  both time and humanity will end together.

Death is the development, which proves what you did create, with time, and humanity;  on your own;  from the inside. The quest of every life is then to assemble, what can or cannot become true, in you.

Here we divide:  into those who believe life is worth the price of a destiny (something we create for ourselves)/ and those who believe life is to be lived for free, by gathering whatever you can find, and taking advantage of everything you can use or abuse. The critical composition is simplified as “for love/ or as hate”.  Love being where value becomes the design of where we would seek to live.  Whereas hate belittles life, to prove “nothing has value, but me”.

Destiny is the word disciplined by respect. Respect is the elegant understanding;  value means “life building destiny, was here”. Without value we literally don’t exist, because we need the cause to live! So let’s examine truth, to understand cause as a description of balanced order. The essence of balance is peace/ while the realities of order is by design we become what we chose to be. Unfortunately, humanity rarely becomes what they design, as a decision. Because like the universities of today:  NO thought is given to the outcome of what you decide to do. Thought is a relationship with truth, truth is a value accepted through  the understanding of law. So why does humanity as a majority mass, hate truth? The answer of course is as simply as:  “I WANT, what I want/ and I don’t want NOTHING I don’t want”; & make me rich! Both are realities without the use for whatever is going to happen next, or as a result!

So we must question human existence, to understand:  WHY, are people so commonly “this way”? The answer returns as:  someone has more of what I want! So, my version of equal is:  NOW, I should have more of what they want, and they should now envy me! Some go so far as to add, “fair is fair”. But they are foolish, and blind:  because life is more than accumulating anything. Life is:  nothing less than a true miracle/ even if you never realize it! Consider a rock, and ask:  why not you?  Life is a fascinating study in “wow”:  which will always end as, thought did this. Therefore a CREATOR does exist!

The question then becomes:  if life is indeed so fascinating, then WHY are people so depressed and unhappy much of the time? The answer becomes:  without the cause to believe and accept the destinies of value, there is only time; and time will end. So the next portion of most human journey’s is:  to take as much value from life, in time;  as time will allow. Or, let the others pay!

The question is then:  WHY do we have to pay/ if we were given life as a miracle, then surely we are or were loved. If we are loved/ THEN WHY is life not free? Is not spending your life in some type of slavery defined by “we must survive”:   the lack of love?

Elementally reality says:  without learning the disciplines necessary to maintain order, and create respect for this world/ your own future cannot be free! Because without the development of boundaries, the understanding of a price:  eternity has no place for you.

Argument erupts:  how can we know for sure, that eternity will come?  Where is your proof!

Value asserts:  where-so-ever there is thought, the reality of life can survive. Therefore the question to eternity begins with the definition of soul:  is an identity formed in energy, translated by thought, and encompassed by the boundaries that are consistent with decision removed from want. Truth alone decides.

Given that substance of discipline, the order that can be achieved by soul, becomes a destiny.


As to the question of; does human    achieve or acquire eternity/ and how, because the grave proves this is not what “we desire”. The answer is:  humanity does not achieve or acquire eternity, because the body is human, and it cannot be eternal. Therefore the question is rearranged as:  can the soul, which is the life born into a human body, become separate, yet remain whole? The answer arises in three parts:  an identity must be formed from truth/ a relationship with your CREATOR must exist, so that you do have a place to enter within, that is eternal value (I desire this)/ and the essence of thought, which is to participate in energy by accepting and acquiring what it means “to be truly free”. The failure to learn is the end of life.

Therefore the essence of our human experience, is to understand all freedom comes with a price, that will not be denied. While the elemental truth of our human expression is to participate beyond self; so that you can inherit the disciplines and order necessary to attain peace, harmony, and happiness;  where love exists in abundance, and life lives by truth.

Some will continue to say:  “dead is dead”/ nothing matters, but this time! In contrast to that description is the reality of your own body:  miracles matter/ it is no accident! Given that truth, our CREATOR has been proven true. Thereby with love, as is the evidence of life on earth by design, rather than human interference:  we look to love. To find, that with true love, there is even more happiness to be found. Which makes love, the single most important treasure in this universe.  “Without a cause to live, eternity has no value”.


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