CHANGE or die


Our world CANNOT survive as it has been/ there are NO resources that will allow any further continual attacks by men:  so that they may simply discard the future, and take whatever they can or wish to take!


That fact, leaves us with the clear and distinct construction of a new society which can survive: this flood of humanity/ assuming, true population control stops the catastrophe, here and now. Without that recognition and reality of human beings:  to understand and then protect our earth/ this creation from ourselves. There is no future!

The list of threats from university led men is long and tiring; a blatant reality of “we, the leaders of men, DON’T care/ just give us what we want”; and to HELL with this world. I want what I want, and nothing else.  The delusions/ the fantasies/ the failures/ the liars, traitors, terrorists, and fools of university leadership is without equal:  nothing in the history of this world, has ever been so blind;  so determined to end life on earth, by any and every method;  as are these!

Therefore we face a simple choice:  to discard the cult of university worship, as is “they know everything and cannot be questioned about anything”. So that reality can come, truth can be identified, disciplines in government can be erected, and the order arising from justice and hope be resurrected for life and society. None of these things exist today:  as is proven by the threats we face, and the corruption of cult led government, and the propaganda of a university expert alone, decides.

In addition to that reality of choice, is the fact that men did bring us to this moment in our time on earth:  a reality of extermination facing every living thing. The armies of men thereby without standing, in the face of extinction. While many men will argue, “we are doing just fine”/ leave us alone. In true contrast to that statement is their decision to build and operate, for university delusions:  machines that are deliberately trying to ignite sun fire here. We cannot survive the same fire as is on the sun:  take another look at that fire, and understand what it means when their university delusion is proven wrong.  We cannot survive mutilating nature/ nothing is so certain of that ignorance, as is the claims of evolution:  you CANNOT build a body of life “one piece at a time”/ you need it all, “in perfect working order”{or you can’t survive}. Shall we take out your heart/ or drain your blood;  try thinking for yourselves!

We cannot survive “a thousand things” university leadership is doing, and has led humanity itself to do. Including consuming all the oxygen we need to survive with fire.  Or overheating this earth, so that everything dies;  “or a thousand more extinction choices” that literally cannot go on. We cannot survive a human population that continues to grow, not even at a little percentage;  it must decline.

The foundation of this human society and every human society throughout all of history is male domination decides! That has brought us to this moment:  where we are, looking extinction in the face, so to speak! Without change, and dramatic understanding INSTEAD OF, “just believe whatever you are told”:  we will die a horrifying death. Either by fire, or mutilated life, or cannibalism, or hell on earth as is consistent with:  THERE IS NO MORE WATER TO DRINK/ which means immediate and intense WAR or migration, and then war;  because we          don’t have enough/ and our world is failing life itself!  That is only a tiny part of our truth, as human life on earth:  the critical part, which brought chaos to this creation. By your choices!

True change encompasses new leadership and new ways. That foundation of change cannot be brought by men:  as it is true, thousands of years in history CAN’T be wrong.  “same/ same/ same: just different weapons”!

New leadership is women.  New ways are NO MORE LEADERS, rather women in particular shall gather together and create the laws to be voted upon by all of human society. Those one hundred or less laws, as short and simple as possible:  shall then control our nation or world. With only one hundred simple laws:  WE THE PEOPLE, become able to control and justify our world. BECAUSE IF WE KNOW THE LAW, for ourselves/ then we can defend the law, and our rights, in a court, or a community, or a world. Nothing is more important to society, than its law.  Nothing is more essential to governing ourselves:  THAN UNDERSTANDING THE LAW, that we choose for ourselves.  Changing that law, requires a greater percentage of people voting for that change, than did create it. In other words:  if 70% of the people create the law (and it should be so if possible)/ then it takes 71% of the electorate to change that law, at a later time.  Or, once the law of life is in place and proven to work for peace, harmony, and happiness on this planet:  it need never be changed. That work is then done.


In contrast, the work to clean up and restore everything the universities and men have destroyed, or attempted to destroy and curse with their ways:  demands a great  deal of work, and a true sense of purpose to get that work done. NATURE IS CORRECT, and must be returned to its honest and true ways;  unless we absolutely have no choice. NATURE BROUGHT US LIFE, and has created all life on earth by its own design. Take a good hard look at men and their universities:  NOTHING BUT DISASTER, GRIEF, DISRESPECT, LIES, COUNTERFEITING, HORRORS, AND DISGRACE.  As it has always been. Individual lives are exempt from that statement, as they choose for themselves. It is the group, and their intent to create armies;  so they can march as a herd to trample life in their way. That is not exempt. Whether with weapons or words/ lies or cheating/ theft or delusions; the end result of men in charge is the same. They cannot create a different world, than what they already have. There is always a traitor, a terrorist, or a thief hiding in the background waiting for a chance to destroy what the others would build.

So it is time to let women try!  NOT as men rule the world, by making rules/ but with law, and truth, and justice. Combining freedom into values, defining justice into life, conceiving of truth, and living for love as best we can through equality.  Those decisions do not allow “for the delusions of wealth”/ rather they ascend from the disciplines of order, by accepting realistic and honest behavior. Understanding mercy has its place/ whereas hate does not. Work cannot be granted to whoever can take the most! Work must be granted to all who will participate, with honesty and grace for life. That means literally everyone has a right to work/ and society owes them a job;  as best it can, with a fair wage.  NOT welfare, but reality decides for us all. NOT same for all/ that is not fair, but with limited capitalism, there will be realistic truth, for life.

        If you fail/ this world shall die!  Because that, is our reality!

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Jim Osterbur

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