the elements of men


The elements of man:  identifying the traits that keep life in society the same.


Functionally that would mean to isolate and define the substance, lies, disciplines, wants, betrayal, and various fundamentals that do not allow change.

We begin with the most simple of things:  men war, because what men want is more than the rest/ thereby “winner”, and champion. Or I am the best! To achieve this, men play games. To establish this as   MINE; men choose power, and create war. So the critical substance of all human male behavior as a society (not simply the individual), is their relationship with want, and how that interrelates with “I want more”. Once they have taken too much, the others revolt, and violence erupts.

Even so, this is a reality that has no substance, unless a leader can arise. Every herd or pack of predators needs a leader/ because in a panic situation, or a reality of hunger:  the group wants to be “as wise as possible” for us! In the essence of society, rather than war:  the leaders create rules, so as to rule the others completely. So long as no great difficulty in this arises from the public:  they just keep making more rules, so as to control the rest with absolute power. To achieve absolute power in society, there must be a cult formed. Cult means:  “simply believe, DO NOT question the leaders”. When you have a cult, then every rule is considered as if “god created it”/ until the reality of failure as is in every cult takes the leaders down, and destroys the cult itself. Damage done, is simply damage done. The lesson:  rules make it possible, for humanity to remain a herd/ or a pack of predators as the case may be. Without rules, there is no line to cross:  THEREFORE NOW, we have the right, to take power over you.

Without the law, which is the value of truth identified and created as our best intent to recognize what life will teach us:  there is no boundary, and the desire for freedom overruns discipline to create anarchy. So rules, the demand of one man or woman to create a prison for the others, is by its decision a betrayal of life and freedom.  While a law, which is the blessing of humanity in society, by its purpose called justice in every decision we make/ is the entire opposite of a rule: and gives each individual his or her life with value.

Lies erupt with want/ because every want is a trial; and every trial wherein lies erupt, because truth will not allow this:  is a corruption of the court. To corrupt means:  to use a rule to get what you cannot otherwise have/ and that is constant throughout the hierarchy of government, the poor, the rich, the religious, and nearly all the rest as well. People want more, so they lie to get more:  regardless of the price, that will be extracted from our existence as life on earth. They simply want more, and most will throw nearly every other human being away; just to get something more that will then end in the garbage. Because it is only the trophy (yes he or she is great), that they truly want. Therein we understand, apart from true needs that arise from survival:  every lie is simply about becoming something more in the eyes of others! Because the vast majority want to be “the better one” (look at me/ pay attention to me/ play with me/ do whatever I say, and so on).

Betrayal means:  trust and truth are not enough for you, because you want to make someone else, to be LESS! Therefrom, the reality involved is simple:  you shall not be equal/ you shall not have more than me/ you shall not have freedoms equal to mine/ you shall not, participate; because I have made you less. Injustice is a weapon, that arises from the possibilities of a secret war. A war, that will not be recognized with intent:  until it is too late/ as all predators try for.

The foundation of male leadership in society is:  together, we are an army that can or will take whatever it wants. Since you cannot do this alone, men gather to prove they can take what they want. While others gather together to prove no you cannot. There are three basic fundamentals of war:  “we are in need/ they have more, and we want it/ we must defend ourselves, and since this costs “money”; we want to be paid; by you”. The reality simply is:  when an environment cannot support the whole of humanity, someone MUST LOSE.  Governments are formed to control those who are losing; so they cannot take what the richer people are gathering for themselves. When the numbers become overwhelming, and reality pushes against the wealthy:  “government” hires the losers, to become an army. Thereby controlling the rest/ OR YOU will join them, and be in fear, hunger, and without options yourself.  This functions to control society, until the army becomes too large. Option A:  then becomes a takeover of your own society by the military, and they rule by force.  Option B:  then becomes let us attack those others that are close to us, and take their stuff, by killing them.  Option C:  somebody has to lose, therefore the rich are now in jeopardy, because the majority has arisen in slavery, and want it no more.


So the simplified version of male dominance is:  whenever the environment fails to keep men satisfied in their wants/ which never lasts long.  Because no matter where you look, there is a group of men in society that are failing their environment. Overpopulation forces them too as well! When that happens women demand:  GET US SOMETHING, so we can survive. The reality then surfaces, “either you, or me”.

Whenever the environment can provide for the men and their wants;  basic peace exists until the environment which is always raped/ ravaged/ ruined/ and destroyed, can no longer provide enough. Religion then occurs as an alternative for war. Religion is a discipline, and the discipline is:  leave the environment to be what it needs to be; and believe in “bigger things” to accomplish your desire for greatness.  Since that is ultimately “NOT a physical resource”/ the value of religion to society clearly is:  we can live within the realities and boundaries set before us, “if we care”. That is a fundamental decision, based in truth;  and it is required of all groups, or there can be no peace. Everyone gets tired of war, so they capitulate; try to form justice so men can live together as a group/ and women become far more valuable, as the reality of life without war will prove.


Value is a treasury of truth, the essence of what love can be, and the grace to accept what we choose to build, shall in fact become the destiny we seek, by the wisdom we trust.

In absolute contrast to that statement, is the constant of men without war/ who do indeed want war:  because then the law, nor society can touch them, for taking whatever they want. These create the delusions of peace which do commonly begin with counterfeiting (hidden theft)/ so they can steal without being caught. These create the delusions of government by transforming law into rules/ thereby gaining control over the reality of lies as they see fit to create. These become the rich, because slaves cannot fight for themselves;  and betrayal is easy for every liar, “it’ what they do”.  Corruption erupts in every courtroom, as the reality of:  DO WHAT WE SAY, or we take your power and wealth away/ becomes the operating principles of the rulers.  Democracy is killed, because you cannot have “power to the people”/ thereby the constitution is dead, and the court becomes a traitor. The leaders must have the power to confuse and control:  what better way to divide and conquer, than create propaganda through media. What better way to delude the masses, than to portray the university as a god; who cannot be questioned:  “because they are the experts” regardless what they do. Even to the point of exterminating life on earth, as is their goal. The rampage of university driven leadership against EVERY single “LIFE NEED” ON EARTH/ every single creature, plant, or planet itself is clear. The purpose of destroying even the possibility of life with war, by massively distributing counterfeit money across this planet, building weapons of mass destruction, and in all ways preparing to exterminate life on earth. IS, Proven by the terrorist acts: of mutilating nature/ gambling and then destroying every life on earth by bringing sun fire here/ refusing reality/ destroying resources/ and in every possible way:  making certain, there is no future for a single life, not a single child: on this entire planet.  As is what they do, with government supervision and by its counterfeiting of money. Controlling the court, hiring the idol worshipers of media, dividing to conquer all people on earth:  with chaos. As is with certainty, their goal:  certainly our fate, without true, and dramatic change.  Simple as that, not a game:  investigate and accept the price of life. Which is change to MAKE EVERY DECISION:    based entirely on LIFE MUST COME FIRST, for this planet, and its future. Society MUST be at peace; therefore all purposes of government shall be justified with truth, and a discipline worthy  of life itself!

The primary solution:   is redress of grievances in America. It is constitutional law. Redress means:  we will investigate our leaders, and their direction. We will understand what it means when they are proven wrong. And we will protect ourselves, by building a future, instead of a grave as is their way. We will thereby take the power away from rulers and their rules/ by enforcing  WE THE PEOPLE,   OWN THIS NATION. We will decide, if you the leaders did or did not obey constitutional law and purpose, as was and is your only job. We will choose our destiny, for ourselves:  by vote.  A vote for the law WE MAKE/ NOT, a vote for someone to vote for me instead.

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