the glass coffin


The “glass coffin”

Reality says:  that people contain themselves in what appears to be a small glass environment;  which means simply that they prefer a little space in which they believe they control the world. Instead of the world controlling them. In contrast to that is the simple existence:  when contained in nothing more than what you can control/ life becomes small!

FEAR establishes this desire:  it is wide ranging and covers a variety of causes/ from little things, to far greater developments of threat. Even so, all fear pushes you into a “little box” so that the desire for safety can be attained. Which means life has value only when the order you create seems best. That leads to endless variations of behavior patterns all susceptible to whatever you fear; and it becomes pronounced upon those who live with as your own disciplines or delusions to live life, with your own brand of safety.

Who would argue? Because as every form of  prey knows or learns/ the cost of being wrong, is your life/ and the grave is unappealing. As it turns out however, I am one of those who would argue, as are some others. Because a life lived in fears, is a life lost to the beauty and wonder of this world. So the question is:  HOW do we destroy, or limit fear from ourselves?

Elementally there is only one method of doing so:  simply accept death, by whatever means, as a fact of life and living, which it is!  We cannot avoid reality! While the others all say:   “days and minutes matter”.  The quest for true life, as is exhibited by a freedom that is disciplined enough to avoid being the prey/ but not aggressive enough to be the predator:  initiates the value of thought. Within thought we create options, destinies, purposes, passions, truth, love, and a life worth living. Because thought escalates our rise beyond what is called “animal”; thereby making ourselves into “the children of   GOD  “.

We look then for happiness, and the essence of faith:  as both of these create the disciplines necessary to belong beyond this world/ an existence which searches within the places, where measurements cannot be grasped.  The spiritual essence of life itself transforms time, into truth. Truth then knows only:  WHAT is your decision/ because truth cannot do your thinking! Therein the essence of spirituality resides in whatever you decide is your honest and true passion for life:  the fundamental is quite simple. Either love or hate! But even so, the realities of your own decision lead yourself into the cause and consequences of what you yourself have chosen. It is the unfortunate discipline of truth, that unlike this earth and our current humanity:  truth only knows what you chose/ there is no turning back. Unless you can understand that truth in its entirety, and then begin your own journey beyond where you have been.

Spirit lives or dies, dependent upon you, because spirit means:  the truth you have entered, the destiny or fate you have chosen. As a consequence to that, the relationship we share with truth is elemental to our “eternal survival”. What is not true, CANNOT survive without time; even here, it will not last. However, for those who search diligently, the spiritual world can open to you. Which means:  if you do well in your decisions, it is possible to travel beyond space and time, to encounter the laws which control development, of where and what you can become in time or as the truth you create. Fear enters most by far, because they are unwilling to be “outside the glass coffin”/ that is tragic, because there are no small enclosures beyond time. The end result is psychological damage, because this cannot be reversed, and only you can control your fears. Others fail entirely, and become dissolved by hate, to do whatever hate now bids them to do. While others who have abandoned their own fears, accept the cost of being within the spiritual world, as a value established by love;  to be learned.

Discipline says:  passion lives only in love, therefore the ability to conceive of destiny, and search into life itself comes from respect. Respect is the eloquent expression of acceptance, a reality built upon the understanding of what does or does not have value. Our lives are a miracle, without the slightest doubt,  it is “unanimous, among all elements of thought”. Which leads us to understand that evolution is without thought, and forms only as the sewage of a human brain:  that lives with disrespect as its “heart”.

Heart designs our soul, because we must first merit the existence of a relationship with our Creator!  Even though we exist only as that relationship, because life itself is not determined by chemicals. Life is an energy controlled/ while thought is a relationship with that same development of energy, formed from truth.  Heart becomes our “knocking at the door” to eternity. Value accepted, determines if it will be opened unto you!

Distance equals the passion you bring within your own version of love/ love is a freedom unleashed:  therefore it searches for you, only when fear can be abated.  Love has MANY  versions of its own truth. Love lifts the law, so that we can enter within the essence of “life joined”. Love builds the creation of your soul, so that your life can be joined to your CREATOR. Hate cannot.

So we ask of life itself:  WHY is it necessary, to define the spiritual world, by such intimate personal realities? WHY, can we not just have everything we want/ as do the religions all preach?

The answer is:  because freedom is necessary for happiness/ and happiness is necessary for an eternal life!  Religion justifies its existence and remains a choice of humanity:  only because it “gives humans, what they want”. Without that people search for safety or happiness elsewhere. Some of the common choices are want, pride, sex, trophies, hate, and so on. Because the value of a life MUST have happiness, in some form or other/ and when you cannot find love inside yourself, games will be played to prove:  “I am happy enough”. Chemicals will be found, because they alter the current state of mind; so as to forget, “I am unhappy”!

The glass coffin will be erected:  to keep unhappiness out. Yet it keeps life and love at bay as well! So even though reality says better exists on the outside, a great percentage of humanity lives on the inside;  and alters the various forms of depression with the clutter of want, pride, or possession.

The more critical purpose is:  to keep GOD out as well!  Because if all there is to life is a coming death, a grave where everything of time descends into chaos. Then fear of that keeps people alive, and suicides at bay. So we must ask the question:  is there an eternity awaiting human lives? Because people fear the answer:  either way, they functionally avoid the answer, by becoming believers or unbelievers.  A believer CAN and does believe anything they wish to be true. Simple as that!

Truth however has no room for belief, and neither does eternity! The consequence of that is:  the believer is an infant, struggling to be fed. Unfortunately “the mothers milk of religion” is insufficient to grow. Instead, freedom demands that you must search beyond the limits of whatever you want/ and encounter, or experience:  the world itself. To which people respond:  I HAVE encountered this world/ and THAT is why I have locked myself into this “glass coffin”: where I can only visually recognize life.  Or more simply put, the essence of most human existence is from “whatever they can see”. The eyes have limits! To which people respond:  “I loved”/ and I was heartbroken, because of that love”. WHY would I ever do so again?

Here we turn to both initiating religions, because they created the reality:  by establishing two basic truths.  One, that all life and planet are miracles.  Two, that JESUS did love humanity, and his love was not crushed by being bodily broken. The question involved is:  can our creator, who clearly loved us by the miracles which we know exist as evidence of that truth/ still remain in our lives?  While the answer of Christianity is:  yes HE does, as is proven by the story of JESUS/ which illuminates and informs:  we are not forgotten, as life on earth.

The university brain which brings you evolution/ mutilates all life/ tries to ignite sun fire on earth/ and literally destroys nearly everything they touch:  shout no, it cannot be. But even they must concede that is it  “nature itself” that provides nearly all their own elements of intelligence. Their own corruption fails them. Regardless what is true NEVER is determined by what people think or want/ but by what reality will prove. That reality of life is:  extreme complexity, engineering, and values beyond the scope of human existence;  WILL PROVE  “miracles”!  As to JESUS, whom I do accept as “savior of this world, and me”/ because love alters everything, and gives even the least, their own respect. But more distinctly:  Love built our world of miracles/ therefore love exhibits the reality of evidence that is the same by concept and reality,  which proves,   our Creator.

As to more physical evidence of eternal life, the concepts are really quite simple:  energy in a balanced state loses nothing of itself as is conceptualized in an atom. While some state the atom eventually dies/ others argue the energy within never does. So then because life is built upon an energy controlled:  as is the evidence of your own body, and the motion you deliberately control. Life can be eternal as energy. So the question simply becomes instead:  does energy have an identity/ does life have the ability to be thought within an environment not contained by the boundaries we know/ does happiness form, where a body does not?

We begin with identity, and its assertion, “that I am I”.  Or in the same reference as energy, I or you, as a life;  am something which cannot be discarded simply. Energy changes into something else once released from its current boundaries;  a law of your own physics.

Life cannot exist without thought, because without a reference to identity, or its promise of freedom as is the essence of life itself, we are just mass.  Mass is not life, as a rock does prove! So then the question is reduced to much more simple variables:  can life be contained in an energy, without mass? This question asks:  WHAT, is a rule? The fundamental states:  “whatever I say it is”/ because rules are not laws, but exist as the manipulation of men over other men. Stated more clearly, your interpretation of boundaries does not exist beyond time; therefore entirely irrelevant. We then search energy to define the existence of force when in motion/ the reality of balanced participation when the reality of mass is achieved and sustained. Wherever there is balance, there is order and discipline. Wherever there is force, the possibilities of change do arise. As a consequence without opposition force can be balanced of its own accord. Because without something to push or pull against, it simply exists as in entity unto itself. The definitions of that force do describe the ultimate boundary of its influence. We have achieved a balanced state, and it exists within different dimensional zones. The climb begins, to erect order within that force so as to control it. That climb ascends within discipline to prove what can or cannot be done. The essence of life is freedom, therefore what is free can be happy. However what is happiness, revolves around the opportunity to share this creation, because I care “about you”. That describes the need to participate within the energy of another living creation.

The question is:  can we share, the same energy? Ultimately the answer is no, because that would invade and alter the identity of you or me. But we can share small portions of the same energy, as a passage between ourselves:  which then can belong to one, same as the other.


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