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LOVE, is a delicate embrace, that never settles for a lack of respect. Kindness exists, because the fire which kindles our desire to participate in harmony and peace, will never be replaced with pride. Hope, is the decision, that practices the values we accept as our destiny. While distance is never measured without the meaning we apply to love. Therefore love means:  I have become the elegant dimension which invites the values of your heart, to expand my universe, and know the essence of my truth.

These are the distinctions, of why life on earth exists! To gather that which has love provided by truth;  disciplined by respect;  ordered by destiny; and conceived by heart:  to become the children of   GOD. For the universe “has space”, and every treasure of love, “has a room”.

That our CREATOR EXISTS, is without question or excuse. The engineering and architecture of every life on earth;  as is evident in absolute miracles of thought exhibited.  A reality of this earth, in contrast too:  a consequence of human intellect so diseased and dysfunctional of purpose, that it accepts evolution/ without any proof at all. A lie so obvious it states:  built without thought, by chaos, one piece at a time. As if you didn’t need “hearts and lungs and kidneys and livers and muscles and brains and a billion more realities of our existence:  JUST TO SURVIVE a minute or a day”. A human intellect so pitiful, massive numbers of people must, and do lie to avoid the truth; so they can play/ pretend being god with life on earth.

That we are not alone in this universe, is evident by the existence of miracles: which prove the reality of thought, the disciplines of order, the values of balance, and the purposes of grace, truth, and life through respect are obvious.  GOD EXISTS, and all that HE provides is true.  JESUS IS LOVE, and along with every miracle of reality that exists beyond the limits of what it could be; IS AN  EVIDENCE OF LOVE given to life here as well. We are not alone, which asks the question:  HOW?

Discipline understands, that destiny is shaped through what we own. Our own distinct individual truth, as is consistent with our decisions; will decide that! Order constructs the value we hold, without a price:  as the distance we shall achieve, given that chance. Balance identifies both purpose and desire, as the deliberate density we give to life. The composition then becomes, whatsoever that life can be. Density is the difference between courage and fear/ life needs courage. Courage is the acceptance:  of a price, to be true to yourself/ even more so, than to time, and its existence.

So we ask of time:  what is your truth? The answer being: in the eloquent dimension, there is freedom to perceive with a hopeful heart, all that life can be. But in the complications of reality:  truth alone will determine the outcome of your choice. Therefore time allows for the intricate lacing, of what will become your eternity.

We ask of eternity why? The answer is, “because we can”/ the alternative is not life:  so the question is simply either life or death!

We ask of eternity what? The answer is, because only truth can survive/ there must be truth. There must be a purity to that truth, or it will fail, in the breech between what can survive/ and what cannot.

We   ask of eternity how? The answer is only thought exists without boundaries that we place upon our development. The more deliberate meaning applied by that is:  we shall search with thought, to become all that we can be. Thought is not the development of a human brain/ but consists of a deliberate interaction with truth itself. This is a relationship called soul.

We ask of eternity when? The obvious answer is at   death/ but that is not completely true; as we have no means of attaining that eternity on our own. So the depository of time, awaits the dimensional creation of mercy or judgment;  to achieve what only   GOD   can do.

We ask of eternity who can enter “as life”? The correct answer is:  only those who have attained respect, significant purity in truth, love, and the disciplines required to learn what does or does not have value.

We ask of eternity why?  Given life, your choice is to find value and respect/ or not! For those who find value and respect, granting an identity to themselves through truth, and living within the definitions of love:  time is a distinction of self. Thereby self becomes the living example of why! Whereas beneath self becomes the living example of why not! The universe has room for those who become the essence that is transferable, as a participation in freedoms of truth; without boundaries other than love.


As to those who claim to know, “eternity cannot exist”!  The elemental question is:  if a miracle (which is all of life) brought you here! As is the evidence: “something beyond all human understanding/  other than the fact, a life greater than ours exists”.  Even your own “gods of science” agree:  by asserting the composition of a human life in “bits of knowledge like computer code”;  would encompass the reality of  “a one, followed by 90-100 zeros” to identify just one human being. All aligned in perfect harmony, so that the body itself can live”. Without harmony, everything fails. Without peace, everything is at war.

Therefore reality states: why would you doubt OUR CREATOR is not capable of;  even more than you;  is possible? The question called “biblical JESUS” removes the statement:  “came and left”.

As to those who claim life cannot exist beyond this earth:  because the physical body has needs! Fails to understand, only thought constructs the identity of life, and its freedoms, desires, purposes, love, and time. What more do you need? The answer is energy.

So the cause and the distinction of environment becomes dedicated to the realities of energy upon which our lives must be built. How do we join, what gave us life in our beginning, here in time?

The answer to that resides in the truth of energy itself:  not kinetic nor potential nor atomic energy, as is the existence of a physical threat. But energy at its critical function, to bind/ or to reject. The quest is then to understand:  where “the door” exists.


The question “of me” is simply this:  I have searched/ I have chosen, this world and all its life are more important than me. Therefore I work, to keep this world alive, from the tragedies of “university, and their men”.  Men lead/ the university decides/ their followers do not even question.  The consequence of being wrong, as is so clearly the university disease of arrogance:  is a DEAD EARTH.

Love is the gift we give to each other. That said, I have simply NOT had the time, could not spare the experience or expressions of a life dedicated to love:  because this earth is in jeopardy of extinction. If it was not so/ then I would have lived a very different existence.

Unfortunately for us all; the tragedy of believing in the university “knows”:  brings HELL. Simple as that. so the message I have spent my life to bring is simple as well:   CHANGE, LIVE BY TRUTH, & RESPECT THIS LIFE, “we have literally been given” AND THIS WORLD/ OR DIE!  No second chances, this is it:  CHOOSE your fate.


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Jim Osterbur

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